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Friday, April 15, 2016

Leaving election Hell

Having spent the last few months on a blogsite I felt was the best site for Donald Trump fans, I have now pulled the pin and deleted the blog from my “favorites” list.  Yes, I am still for Trump.  And yes, I still believe he can beat Hillary, if he lives long enough and if those that not-so-secretly are plotting against him, either stop the foolishness or are stopped from continuing the foolishness. 
You see, of all the folks that campaigned for this position, Trump is the only one (other than Fiorina) that wasn’t a politician, hadn’t taken the Oath of Office, and had actually accomplished something, other than getting elected and re-elected.   Trump is more of a “doer” and less of a “talker”.
However, of all the things he has done, uniting the Left and the Right against him is his most impressive and the most dangerous.  However, in doing so, Trump has simultaneously galvanized the blue collar, the fly-over people, the working class and patriotic people against the elite, snooty, controlling classes of both the Left and the Right.  And when you’re standing between Hillary or Cruz and the billions upon billions of dollars in unaccountable wealth and power, it is never a good thing.  In this respect, Bernie and Trump are just alike…..less the personal wealth and the yuuuge jet. But I digress.
You see, 99% of the media is against Trump, 100% of the permanent political class is against Trump and the tens of millions of the entitlement sucking, Obamaphone texting, dope smoking, gang banging losers that unfortunately inhabit this great land, are ALL against Trump.  So that just leave us “little people”, that pay the bills, rooting for the best thing that could happen to us in about 50 years, seeking truth and enlightenment.  Which in my case was the “Last Refuge” blog. 
However, it turned out that all good things must come to an end. And when I pointed out that some corporal punishment must be applied to those who were trying to hijack and election through fraud, deception, ballot theft and Convention collusion, I was “moderated” into election Hell, were anyone with a solution is treated like a scabbed covered, $2dollar hooker with Aids.  And it cannot go without comment, that my intentions were to save the greatest nation on earth, from those that would turn it into a third world hell-hole, by corrective measures that wouldn't be considered a misdemeanor in other countries.
No my friends, I have retreated to my other hobbies and left the Donald to try and wade passed the organized assault outside the bubble and the neutered, limp, wimps, accommodating the greatest hi-jacking ever inside.  

Good Luck Donald, you’re gonna need it.

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