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Friday, July 15, 2016

Keeping It Up

Wow, in less than a week we have a new and even more tragic slaughter of human beings.  A madman in Nice, France has mowed down dozens and dozens of innocent revelers at the Bastille Days celebrations. 

I don't think France has enough teddy bears, balloons and flowers to commemorate all the assassinations.  They do however have their 'white flag' factories running 24/7.  Obama has ordered flags all over the world to fly at half staff.  It's easier for us here in America, because ours are still down from the Dallas massacre.

Al Sharpton is now living on a 757, going from massacre to massacre raising money to compensate him and his fellow moochers for the inequities of slavery,  150 years ago.  Of course he will be taking a little 'taste' for expenses.  But he will be clearing the way for Obama to come in and stir up the natives, who rely upon these events to keep Americans on their heels.

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Home Grown Stupid

So, another week, another shooting, another announcement by the Preezy.  Nothing to see here, move along, workplace violence or a marginalized soul brother.  How many times can a politician claim they are “outraged”, “shocked” or “pixilated”(well maybe not pixilated), at an “unexpected” event or tragedy.  But we have become accustomed and numbed by a leader who can't understand the motives behind these shootings, even when the shooter spends minutes or hours reciting his reasons in painful detail.

America is becoming very good at sensationalizing and dramatizing mass shootings.  Especially the media.  Politicians are even getting into the fray with outright, naked displays of ignorance to solicit gun control laws and money to support the never ending re-elections. 

But it is the responses to these atrocities that we are getting good at.  

Americans, of all stripes, are getting good at displays of outrage.  They are getting better at the little shrines constructed to commemorate the event.  They are getting even better at post-event interviews, where they can re-play the moments up to, during and after the event, while holding their latest Marks-A-Lot sign.  I always enjoy the vibrant and colorful displays of hairdos not found in nature, or anywhere else rational people choose to travel.
The president is getting pretty good at speeches of outrage, followed closely by calls for gun control and lowering of all flags to half-staff.  Hell, why don’t we just leave them down there, because there’ll be another event in a day or two.

And we can’t forget the Teddy Bears, usually reserved for illegal alien children, these fluffy gnomes have inexplicably stampeded onto the scenes to capture the balloons and take them away to await the next mass shooting. 

And then there is the endless analysis, by those who have never been anywhere near a gun, much less than the neighborhoods where they are used the most against folks fighting over the same turf.   Unfortunately these same analysts will ignore the inevitable strike down of some innocent child or elderly person, who has done nothing more than thrilled at the antics of Sponge Bob Square Pants or binge watched Wheel of Fortune three weeks in a row.
And we can’t close until we acknowledge the candle-light vigils and the moments of silence, in which we should be cleaning and reloading, to thwart the next mindless drive-by or disgruntled Black Panther, who has determined that ‘whitey’ needs to die, but has used all his little gray cells to open up his AR15 in an all-black neighborhood. 

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Jeb Bush.... 0 for 12

Jeb Bush said in an interview recently that Donald Trump, "was NOT going to build a wall, that Mexico was NOT going to pay for it, and that Trump was NOT going to ban Muslims".

So let's review:  Bush also said that Trump was not going to be the nominee, that Trump was incapable of winning the Primary, and that Trump was a "jerk".

Well Jeb is right about one thing, Trump was a jerk to Bush.  But one man's jerk is another man's hope.

 Maybe The Donald will send Jeb a picture of the wall as a Christmas card in December of '17.

Tuesday, July 05, 2016

Clinton Eruptions

As many things do, it came to me in the middle of the night.  With Hillary Clinton, we don’t just get a two-faced, back-stabbing, double-talking weasel, like with most politicians, but with her we get a quick-draw personality that can switch from kindly grandmother to Attila the Hun in seconds. 

Her brand of personality is like an untethered pendulum, smiling and waving at ‘imagined’ friends in the crowd one second and slamming a table in righteous indignation and screaming, “At this point what difference does it make” the next. 

Hillary’s brand of leadership won’t just have staff and servants quivering in fear, but an entire nation shaking in their boots awaiting the next eruption.

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

To Protect and Defend

It has become painfully apparent that protecting our citizens, especially law abiding citizens, is extremely low on our priorities list.  The Orlando massacre is living proof that law enforcement has NO clue what to do about folks destined and determined to kill other citizens.
It first became apparent that actual lives didn’t matter when we learned that the Orlando swat team waited some 3 hours to storm the gay bar, scene of the killings.  Meanwhile armored, armed up and juiced up SWAT team members stroked their monkeys, while their superiors listened to random gun fire inside the nightclub.  Never mind that every shot must have ended a life, team members remained vigilant outside the club, surrounded by armed officers, munching on doughnuts and sipping lattes.   
When it became apparent that the gunman was neither out of bullets or targets, the sugar-coated SWAT team blew out an exterior wall and invited the shooter out so they could film the take down.  

Now I don’t want to go out on a limb here, but we are really good at placing Teddy Bears and flowers at make-shift shrines, we are even better at feeding blood donors, placing flags at half staff, saying, “Our Thoughts and Prayers” and flooding the 24hr news cycle with minutia about the killer, his victims and who the killer used to be married to, for days upon days.  We are even better at having our elected officials, surrounded by armed security, shouting in righteous indignation, the need for more gun laws and understanding for those that want us dead.
But given that this shooter was on a FBI watch list for over 13 months, and was interviewed three times and was employed as a security guard for a company that works for Homeland Security, and who had numerous employees either quit or got transfers because the shooter was way too radical in his thoughts and talk,
We sure as Hell are NO good at protecting our citizens.