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Sunday, January 27, 2013

News You Can Use

Has anyone else noticed the irony of an administration who wants to limit American’s access to guns, while sending F16 fighter jets and Abrams tanks to the Muslim Brotherhood, in Egypt, who have sworn to Sharia Law and the destruction of Western civilization.


We learn that Hillary was wearing ‘Fresnel’ prism lenses in her glasses during the recent hearings on Bengazi. Fresnel lenses are to deal with double vision. Well, double vision for a double dealing, double talking, double-speak bureaucrat. Why the confusion?


In the past gun control advocates swore that one day “Only Criminals will have Guns“. Today they say, “Only Criminals and Professional Body Guards will have Guns“.


Just learned that Reince Prebius has been re-elected RNC National Chairman. Let me think….what do they call people that keep doing the same thing over and over, expecting a different outcome?


By all accounts Hillary buried the Bengazi Debacle so deep, you will have to send it sunlight with a backhoe. All’s left is her and Obummer on 60 Minutes citing the eulogy.


Memo to Reince Prebius and the RNC: You can start with Smaller Government, Lower Taxes, Fewer Regulations and Personal Responsibility.

The rest will write itself.


And finally: Many schools are Fed up with the new guidelines for meals in their schools. Wow, hooda thunk it. If kids won’t eat broccoli at home, what makes anyone think they will eat it in a cafeteria full of other kids that hate broccoli?

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Grilling Hillary

Hillary’s Bengazi Hearings….Bad questions, Worse answers. But remember, she's grooming herself to be president!

Add the dead bodies in Bengazi to those that have followed Hillary all the way from Little Rock. Not a woman to piss off, ask Vince Foster. Memo to Rand Paul: Watch your back and stay off park benches.

What was missing from the hearings on Bengazi today were the elephants, not in the room, the survivors. They are MIA. They are being held, away from reporters, away from investigators, away from Congressional hearings. Put one of these 800 lb. gorillas in the room and watch Hillary pee all over herself.

Hillary’s moral outrage comes after many decades of being married to Bill. All she has to do is ‘project’ and the rest comes from memory and repetition.

For a woman that has just had brain surgery, has designs on 2016 and has far more answers than interrogators have questions, this is the perfect storm for the Rodham She-Devil.

It was a very busy day for Mrs. Clinton. She sought sympathy for her recent medical condition, cried for the benefit of victim’s family members, juggled fantasy and reality simultaneously, answered questions that weren’t asked, badgered Congressmen when cornered and manufactured moral outrage when all else failed.

Many folks are still shaking their heads that Hillary paid off the multi-million dollar debt from her 2008 campaign on the same week she sat before the Congressmen on Bengazi. Not to worry Hillary, if they won’t audit Obama’s campaign finances, they sure as Hell won’t look at yours.

Everyone can rest assured that the only casualty of this despicable event, besides those that died in Bengazi, will not be Hillary, but that poor schmuck that made the Muslim documentary.

And finally, once again, Hillary was helping the most powerful man in the world dodge accountability for scandalous behavior.

We are so screwed.

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Crossing Lotto

Yesterday, it was with some chagrin and a more than a little irritation that I read, yet another, story about an incredibly unlucky, homo sapien being run over by a speeding train. Exercising my 1st Amendment Right, I drafted and submitted my irritation as a response to the story in, the Record Searchlight for basement dwellers.

Today, much to my dismay, I saw that my response had been taken down, “Because the attending staff has that discretion, when there is an ‘objection’ to the post”, according to editor Bruce Ross.

Well, that was my fault. With the simpering, whimpering masses converging on, like crotch crickets in the Castro, I should have known that my practical, reasoned and comprehensive observations were going to crimp the tender sensibilities of those ignorant of the mathematical chances of this event happening. Let me explain.

At the South St. rail crossing in Anderson, Ca., the width of the rails at that crossing is exactly the same as every other crossing in America, a little over 4’. And with the width of the train, the exposure to an oncoming train is about 8’, give or take. Add to that, the total time the average 80 or 90 car train going through that spot is about 1 to 2 minutes, give or take. And I suspect there are about 6 or 8 trains, per day, taking up that spot, for that amount of time, give or take.

I will clarify again, for those wishing to protest my thesis, that this oncoming train cannot go left or right, up or down and cannot stop within the space that the train’s engineer first spots the intruder. I say intruder, because the train HAS the legal right of way. It is the duty of the crosser NOT to be there when the train is. They cannot both occupy the same space at the same time. Hey, it’s physics, I didn’t make this up.

Now, considering that very few crossers are both deaf and blind, that just leaves the stupid, drunk, drugged (aka stupid) and incredibly unlucky left as “Rail Road Kill”. But it gets better. Considering that each train only requires about 2 minutes max to pass, at no more than 8 trains a day, that’s only 16 minutes out of 24 hours that you cannot occupy the rail bed.

So what we have here are chances well beyond shark bites, lightning strikes and falling off Mt. Rushmore on a Brahma Bull as chances of death.

For Christ’s sake, we are entering the realm of winning the Lotto, as more likely than getting hit, much less killed, by a train. It certainly rates right up there with buying the first Batmobile for $1, then selling it for $4 million.

Of course the chattering masses, when not deleting my posts, were all twitterpated at the notion that it could have been suicide. Well duh, but what’s the point of pointing out the obvious? The guy won’t be doing it again and those that admire him for it, will not be stopped being a copy cat, unless either their parents smack them upside the noodle at an early age or they have a come-to-Jesus moment first. Forget them being discouraged by any new knee-jerk Law.

No sir, you really have to work at it to get run over by a train. You have to IGNORE the right of way, you have to IGNORE the train horn, you have to IGNORE the coming rumble, you have to IGNORE the crossing bars, lights and alarms, you have to IGNORE the surrounding citizens waving their arms and yelling obscenities, you have to IGNORE just about every sensory protection, including the common sense to get the Hell out of the way. YOU’RE IN THE WRONG PLACE AT THE WRONG TIME…STUPID. WAKE UP AND SMELL THE DIESEL.

I guess my misplaced frustration is with the victim and not those that wile away the hours grieving for him, when they should be grieving for the engineer.  Grief was foist upon him, through no fault of his own. This disaster, by definition, may not be his first. But you know it’s something that, unlike the self inflicted victim, he will have to live with this forever.








Thursday, January 17, 2013

Gun Control Response

This is a response to a local newspaper editor, who doesn't see any problems with President Obama's Commission on Gun Violence Recommendations:

Well Bruce, I have several objections. But first I must state that not ONE of these items came from our President, not one. He had a staff of Big Government types sit down and figure out how to further intrude into our lives, while law enforcement isn’t enforcing the laws on the books already.

Two: It is no business of a doctor to know if anyone possesses a gun. And it certainly isn’t their job to ’rat’ on anyone if they do….unless the doctor has intimate knowledge that the patient is about to hurt themselves or someone else. You might tell this president to leave the doctors alone, he has done them enough damage already.

Three: It is none of my business if my neighbor on the left wants to sell his legal weapons to the neighbor on my right. Furthermore, it’s none of the president’s business either. I prefer that both my neighbors have guns and will use them to protect me and my property, because law enforcement sure as Hell can’t.

Four: Please point out to me which of these proposals would have prevented Sandy Hook, the Aurora massacre, or any of the recent spate of killings that has the media apoplectic?

Five: If gun control works, why is the president’s home town of Chicago almost the gun murder capitol of America? It appears that gun control is anathema to reducing gun violence.

Six: With America going in the crapper, why is this clown even considering more gun control. What we need is the Media to STOP glorifying these random events on the 24/7 news cycle. Then we need them to STOP attaching these violent acts to the hundreds of millions of peace loving citizens that own guns. Show me one place where citizens are disarmed and there is peace. Forget Prisons. Enough already.

Seven: This president wants EVERY gun in America to be either confiscated or registered. That was the exact plan introduced by one whacko in Germany in the late 30’s and we saw how well that worked out. Get a clue Bruce, buy a vowel. This isn’t hard, it’s HISTORY.

And Eight: Not a word about putting out-of-work veterans to work protecting schools. Oh, no, no. What we're gonna do is hire more ""UNION"" cops for the job.

Way to go Bo-Bo.

Molon Lobe--Don’t Tread On Me.

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Obama Who?

One of the things I hate to do, when blogging or just writing, is to repeat myself. But with Obama, I find myself repeating, repeating and repeating the obvious, probably because America, on November 6th, demonstrated it is one of the dumbest countries on the planet. Let me explain.

I have often described Barack as a Communist/Socialist/Fascist. All true, not because he is all these things, but because he is a little of each, and then some. He is also a pathetic, narcissistic, double dealing, back stabbing, manipulative, double talking, divisive, Constitution hating, power hungry, crony capitalist, underhanded, union corrupted, sorry-assed example of American leadership. But then that also represents a good portion of our Congress, which is not a good combination, when the two are working together against America.

It has been our misfortune that the news of this combination has been suppressed by Big Media, who hasn’t just ignored these vile qualities, but has actively supported the policies, regulations and oppressive taxes foisted by Obama on America. This is REALLY not a good combination.

But like all bad things, eventually the rubber is going to meet the road. And in this case, the rubber has center punched the soft spot of America, the 2nd Amendment. Now you can argue that “America wants gun control”, but you can’t argue that America has more private gun ownership than the Chinese and India armies combined…..and are buying hundreds of thousands more each week.

You see, America had one incident where a monarch was attempting to disarm them and it didn’t work out well for the monarch. Too bad Obama missed that day of history class at Harvard. As well as he has overestimated his ability to seize America’s guns today. Because between the hundreds of millions of weapons already in the hands of our citizens, when the patriots of our military stands down in support of our Constitution, he won’t have a snowball in Hell’s chance of surviving the move.

Falling under--Careful What You Wish for Mr. President-- because your true colors are even being seen by those that have supported you AND posses guns.   Mark this decision in the sand because crossing it might just be your undoing.

It's the Spending Stupid

Washington, D.C. has a problem, a big problem. Conservatives, along with most RINOs will tell you it’s a spending problem. Liberals will tell you it’s a revenue problem. (shorthand for not enough taxes). Dumbplumber will tell you it’s a painful ignorance problem, because neither the Right or Left has the integrity to tell you they lack the moral authority to stop waste, fraud and corruption. In D.C. spending other people’s money is the rule, not the exception. Justifying where it went is NOT a job requirement.

And this isn’t a case of lack of evidence. Because whether it is Medicare, SSI, the EBT program, the Farm Bill or a host of other government give-aways, there exists a paper trail even Inspector Clousseau could follow. Which begs the question, why isn’t anyone tracking this waste down and cleaning it up?

From the Carnival Barker-in-Chief down to the lowliest bureaucrat, they will tell you that they have cut the waste to the bone. However, from the CBO to the last Inspector General, they will tell you that between SSI and Medicare, the fraud eclipses a half a trillion per year. And not to point out the obvious, but if you can’t cancel an EBT card used at a massage parlor, liquor store or Indian Casino, well then don’t apply for a position as a Wal-Mart greeter.

And the irony is the 24/7 news cycle has become a sideshow instead of an expose‘. The focus has become the struggle between Democrats and Republicans, like a WWF Smackdown, rather than anyone saying, “Where the Hell Is My Money going“? Neither side cares, nor is willing to act, but rather spend their time on the Congressional steps and Sunday news shows blathering on about each other.

Of course, the short and easy answer is to put a bounty on the waste and fraud. Let those lacking ‘power, control and getting re-elected’ genes receive a reward for shutting down the corruption that is bankrupting the nation. Nevermind that Medicare fraud alone could finance another three wars on top of the ones we have now.

There should be a 'time out' penalty for the Pin Heads, who still blame Bush for our fiscal nightmare, instead of a slot on the evening news cycle.

We Are So Screwed.

On Gun Free Zones

If “Gun Free Zones” worked they’d be around the White House and Capitol Hill. They don’t and they aren’t, end of story.

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Dot Connecting

There are those that couldn’t ‘connect the dots’ if the dots were tattooed on the backs of their hands. Take California’s notice of a drop in children at their schools. Myopic California, not unlike the elitist Northeast, are beginning to wake up to the possibility that there won’t be any young workers to bleed dry in a few years to pay for the bloated government and never ending welfare society, they have created.

California is even unhappy they are losing much of their immigrants (read illegal aliens), because while they breed like rats, they also are looking for a place to work.

Quite frankly, a 5 year old, given a picture of what California is doing, would pack their bags and move to Texas tomorrow. It’s just that simple. You go where work, a promise of opportunity and hope for prosperity exist, and it doesn’t exist here.

Oh that’s unless you’re a computer programmer or computer engineer. So if California is pinning its hopes on Palo Alto to suck it out of the ditch, think again. Palo Alto could easily move to Amarillo next week and Sacramento can’t. Let that be the shot across your bow.

This is not a phenomena, it’s an integral part of history. Today the Greeks and Spaniards are bailing out to greener pastures because their governments have failed them. At least the Vikings had a better reason to abandon Greenland, leaving behind the older generation….the cold.

Sacramento doubling down on Greece and Spain, is trying its best to prove, once and for all, that ‘you can’t stop stupid‘. Try as they might to tell us otherwise, there’s no way to sugar coat the reality…..big government, bigger taxes, more control over free enterprise is NOT a winning combination for pay-as-you-go government.

No my hopelessly na├»ve friends, if you believe California, with the environmentalists, socialist/Marxists/power hungry/big government politicians and Hollywood Liberals running the show can put together a winning plan, I’ve got a Dot Factory in Nowhere to sell you.

We are So Screwed

Wednesday, January 09, 2013

Mapping Tragedy

It's now all the craze to make fun of the maps being created showing where owners of ‘legal’ weapons live, including law enforcement officers. Nevermind that you can’t make a map of where ’ILLEGAL’ gun owners live. Nor can you make one of where legal owners used to live or where they will live a week from now.

The notion that you are going to ‘out’ the place where every owner of a legal weapon lives, to stem future mass murder, is ridiculous. And what’s the point? Only a scintilla of the gun murders are committed by ‘legal’ gun owners any way.

However, there’s apparently one concept that has missed the attention of the gun Nazis. The location of every person getting LEGALLY prescribed mind-altering narcotics, taken either alone or in tandem with another drugs, shown to produce aggressive, paranoid, delusional or otherwise psychotic behavior in patients. Remember, this information is readily available, but considered confidential.

Now overlay that map with the location of all males between 18 and 35 that are still living in mommy’s basement who survive on a diet of Jolt Cola and Cheetos, while spending otherwise productive hours playing violent video games, depicting the wholesale slaughter of perceived and fabricated animated enemies with automatic weapons, bombs and heavy artillery.

Then overlay that map with the location of all those that bow at the alter of the likes of Michael Moore, Piers Morgan, Sean Penn, Rosie O’Donnell, Nora O’Donnell, Lawrence O’Donnell (Hell, all the O’Donnells) or any of the loons on MSNBC, and you will have pretty much pinpointed the location of future mass murderers.

However, while the ACLU will ignore the rights of legal gun owners, they will fight tooth and nail to protect the privacy of those basement dwellers, who busy themselves with constructing, devising and executing mass killings, the rest of us will have to endure 24/7 on our news cycles for the two weeks following their assaults. And then the inevitable call for gun control after.

Our only reward is that the murderers usually take the easy way out with one shot to the twisted noodle, saving taxpayers tens of millions in investigation, prosecution and incarceration of the offenders. But not to worry, law enforcement will spend those tens of millions anyway.

We are So Screwed

Wednesday, January 02, 2013

Better Never than Late

Apparently the Senate--I’ll get to the House later--has learned nothing from the passing of Obamacare. You know, the 3,000 plus page monstrosity that most lawmakers STILL haven’t read and are just now feeling the sting from those that have.

Yes Pilgrims, from the best sources available, has gone and done it again. And they still haven’t read Obamacare.

It is becoming painfully obvious that any really bad Bill emanating from Liberals is being held off until the last minute, so that anyone voting NO will be lambasted in the media for hating America, nevermind that the Media hasn’t read it either. But then, the Media is never responsible. Like: What’s a Bengazi?

It has been a long time since anyone has demonstrated to me the meaning of ‘geometric progression’. I’m beginning to believe that Congress may be doing it now. You know, one bad idea becomes two, then four, then eight, then sixteen…..I think you have finally got it, Ollie!


Tuesday, January 01, 2013

Blaming Brinksmanship

A recent AP story in our local paper claims that Brinksmanship is tainting the fiscal cliff talks. I say, Brinksmanship? Brinksmanship! It’s such a screwed up word that the Thesaurus doesn’t have another word that describes how screwed up it is.

If this is how this Country is to be ran, it is time for either another revolution or for some very skilled Patriots to exercise their 2nd Amendment Rights. When we got down to whether or not Congress extorts more ransom from the taxpayers, because they have pledged over a trillion more each year than we give them now, it’s time for some adults to end the Parties.

The cry for more, More, MORE in taxes is drowning out any whimpers for less, Less, LESS in spending. It is so bad, that even asking for ending waste, fraud and corruption in SSI, Medicare and the Farm Bill isn’t even on the table. And that number could well eclipse over $500 billion a year. Or well over the cost of all the wars we are funding each year.

It doesn’t take a crystal ball to see that none of this is going to have a good ending. And with the president announcing that he is going to be coming after this nation’s private arsenals, the bad may well come long before the good.

There are many among us who haven’t just read between the lines, bur are actually reading the lines, and their deepest fears may well spark the action that our Congress lacks. And the resulting catastrophe isn’t about black and white, Left or Right, but between right and wrong. Too bad Congress didn’t see this coming.

I suspect the next big AP event will make Sandy Hook look like a day in the park.

What He Says

It is often said that you need to watch what Obama does and not what he says, to understand the man. I say, hogwash, humbug, horse hockey, bohunk, horse feathers, bull pucky. To understand this charlatan you need only to decifer what he means when he speaks, to understand what is about to be shoved up your sphincter.

For instance: When Obama says, “We need to Invest in Education”, that means he wants to shove another boatload of money into under-funded teacher pension plans, to pad the teacher union lackey’s salaries and hire more incompetent teachers to keep our kids dumbed-down. Nevermind that a huge chunk of this money ends up back in Obama’s campaign coffers (read retirement fund).

When Obama hypes his “Infrastructure Stimulus” spending, it’s shorthand for dumping hundreds of billions of taxpayer dollars into bloated, repetitive, redundant and often unnecessary ‘union’ construction projects. (Please note that NOT one penny of this stimulus goes directly to non-union construction companies. Which means that over 90% of working America never sees a dime of direct stimulus, even though those companies are just as qualified and a whole lot less expensive, when building roads, bridges and airports, than their union counterparts.) It's sort of 'trickle down' Obama style.  Unions get the cake, non-union gets the crumbs.

And when He says he wants to spend more billions on “science and technology”, you can bet he's funneling more billions to NASA, for their Muslim outreach projects. Or better yet, he wants to piss away more tax money on “green technology” that doesn’t meet the muster of his Green Energy Agenda.

Which brings us to the Green Energy boondoggle. Never Has so Much Been Spent on So Few to Produce So Little.  Tens of billions have been thrown at companies destined to fail before they received the first taxpayer dollar. Then to add injury to insult, taxpayers are hammered again, with the endless federal subsidies required to keep these inefficient, uncompetitive and impractical projects afloat.

No my friends, the Hustler-in-Chief has us by the ’short hairs’, feeding us dog food and telling us it's filet.  Meanwhile our representatives in Congress busy themselves with Congressional waivers and pay increases while professing that they feel our pain.  It's enough to make Putin blush.

We Are So Screwed.