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Sunday, March 24, 2013


If any of you have been reading the news lately, you probably know that the RINO GOP is going the ‘Full Weeny’. They are ‘re-branding’ themselves to try an attract the Hispanic--Tran-sexual--Gay--Lesbian--functioning idiot--cross-dressing--Mad-as-Hell--taxi driver vote. Yessir, nothing quite says Grand Old Party like a Hippie bus full of buzzed-out, tattooed laden, smelly, tofu eating, dope smoking, flower wearing losers on their way to the voting booth.

Meanwhile, the MSM are touting the Republican’s efforts as a step into the 21st Century. Yeah, like equating Conservatism with unlimited spending, unending welfare and unemployment, then the inevitable disability claim from Hell, before dropping all pretense of following the Constitution, which clearly states that the federal government shall control all money, food, jobs, healthcare, transportation, firearms, energy, water, and most of all your attitude. In other words….“the beatings will continue until morale improves”.

Even Fox News is waffling on the seriousness of our plight. Apparently content to just report the oncoming train wreck than actually describing what is causing it. This leaves Glenn Beck, who has launched a network almost completely committed to telling the truth about what is going on. And to keep his moderates awake, he salt and peppers the schedule with incredible segments on history, inspiration and capitalism. He has even started his own ‘Dream Labs’ where entrepreneurs develop ideas into a working business. Way cool.


A recent headline reads, “Republicans plan to spend $10 million on outreach”.

My headline would read…TeaParty and Libertarians are spending $300 million on ammo”. Video at ll.


Sunday, March 10, 2013

Loving Dead Presidents

It is being reported that Hugo Chavez has amassed over $2 billion, in personal wealth, during his reign as Venezuela’s president.

It was also reported that deposed Egyptian president Hosni Mubarak had plundered over $500 billion during his time in office.

Of course we shouldn’t forget our old buddy Saddam Hussein of Iraq, whose wealth was reported at several billion, most of which was amassed from skimming oil sales and black market imports of banned goods.

However, many of us old crusters can’t forget Philippines President Ferdinand Marcos, who died in office with more than $60 billion in Swiss banks, taken from us because the only exports from Manila, besides pain and suffering is prostitutes.

And we should not forget old pineapple face, Manuel Noriega from Panama. He couldn’t steal enough from U.S. aid, so he invested heavily in the cocaine shipping business, which made him hundreds of millions. His commissary account in federal prison must be huge.

Meanwhile, the U.S. continues to cram taxpayer dollars into Muslim Brotherhood gangs, posing as freedom fighters. No telling how much of that is finding its way into terrorist coffers and unholy retirement funds for jihad leaders.

Nope if you can’t make it in an honest living, you might try moving to some third world dump and get on the U.S. Government dole. No strings, no audits, no supervision, no kidding.

Life is good, when you’re a corrupt dictator, receiving our aid and your country’s average annual income is $90 bucks.


Monday, March 04, 2013

Sequestration What?

Well the Sequester is here. So?

All the media is abuzz about the ‘fabricated’ catastrophes that lay ahead because the Congress and the President have failed to come to terms with out-of-control spending. And to hear the president tell it, the planes will fall from the sky, babies will starve in their mother’s arms, schools will close and Congress and the President will not get their annual pay raises…..well, er, maybe not the last one.

But up here in what we refer to as, “The Real Northern California”, things are pretty much as they’ve always been. In fact, on a day-to-day basis, you can’t tell the difference of today from yesterday or this day last week or last month.

 For instance:

They tell us the traffic lights will cease to work. Well, Fall River Mills doesn’t have any traffic lights and damned few stop signs either.

They say airport security will slow the boarding of airplanes. Ha, there is no security other than an eight foot cyclone fence and a gate that is never locked.

They say police will be slow to respond to 911 calls. Hell, it takes from 45 minutes to 4 hours to get an officer here now. How much slower can it get. In fact, if your call is to report a burglary, you have to travel 25 miles to file a report, if and when the station is open.

They say fire departments will be slow to respond. Yeah well, our department is all volunteer already and they get there a hell-of-a-lot faster than the sheriffs. Besides, if your double wide is on fire, after the first five minutes it doesn’t make much difference.

The mail will be delayed. Oh sure, they have never delivered on Saturdays, since I moved here in '86 and most of the mail is just junk anyway.

And the weakest of all threats, “The Forest Service will be cut back and face some furloughs”. Well, since all they do is drive around in new pickup trucks, carrying only clipboards, I guess counting a few less trees everyday won’t set us back much, since revenue from timber disappeared almost 20 years ago.

Yessir, that whole Sequestration thingy upsetting the president and his media goons doesn’t mean much up here. Dumbplumber