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Saturday, November 29, 2008

Obama's Brown Shirts

Seems like every day that I wake up since Nov. 4, 2008, I feel like I’m in a Rod Serling, parallel universe. Initially, I couldn’t believe that America had actually elected the “Puff of Smoke” to lead our nation. But once I got a glimpse of the sheeples that stampeded the polls to vote for “The One”, I understood immediately why we are so screwed.

An interesting cross section of Liberal voters revealed that many couldn’t tell Joe Biden from Joe Torres, Justice Ginsberg from Judge Judy or Ben Bernanke from Benny Hill. But by God, they knew it was great that Obama had picked Sarah Palin for VP, that he was supporting both wars and that he wanted Bill Ayers for Attorney General. Now THAT’S an informed electorate. So, now what?

Well two things have now reared their ugly heads. First the President elect has immediately disappointed the far Left, by picking many of the old “Clintonistas” to fill his cabinet positions. And second, he has committed himself to a “Civilian National Security Force“, which has raised the “Socialist detection” antennas on the Right.

Now it is easy to for Obama to “Bull S**t” his way around the Left (remember he conned them into voting for him), so he can weave any poetic platitudes as an excuse for hiring Hillary and company, and most likely get away with it-- think millions glued to Oprah and Jerry Springer, just waiting for their next stimulus check to arrive.

But just try and blow-by the notion of an American version of Hitler’s “Brownshirts” enforcing every petty assessment, tax, fee, levy, duty, tariff, toll and tithe. Then add to that, door to door enforcement of coming draconian codes, covenants, commandments, canons, ordinances, regulations, statutes and acts designed to contain the populous and extract the last farthing to finance the Socialist agenda.

Well folks, there are just two weaknesses to this plan. One, we still have the Second Amendment, and to a gun shop, Americans are exercising this right in record numbers. Second, unlike the Nazi Brown Shirts, Obama’s will have a very wide yellow stripe down the back, due to weakness #1. So, watch first for a concerted effort to eliminate that little obstacle.

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Sarah and the Media

So now, Sarah Palin is the talk of the town, instead of the butt of the joke. Fresh from her vice-presidential defeat, Palin is in high demand by most of the lowlifes of the entertainment industry. Leno, Letterman and Stewart, and that is just the night owls. Oprah, Stephanopoulos, Brokaw and Schieffer, they all want her. Guess they must have discovered some flesh still left on her bones.

It’s hard to get your head around the self-indulgent arrogance of the Media elite, when they can spend 2 months excoriating someone, then once they have achieved the desired effect (character assassination), they invite the victim back to have them “explain the pain” and just WHAT went wrong.
Oh, I don’t know, perhaps the media were so enamored with their own culpabilities, they just wanted everyone to know how efficient they are in reducing charm, character and principle into a bowl of moose chili, right before America’s eyes.

But try as they might, they failed miserably in proving that Palin was a drag on John McCain’s campaign. Oh, they said she was. Their colleagues said she was. Their echoes rippled through the character assassin’s sewer system, that is the Mainstream Media. But Media’s failure was to convince the rest of America, both Red and Blue. Red cheered, Blue feared.

You see, by every measure, McCain was on life support prior to Palin. Her appearance, stage left, resuscitated his stagnant campaign, because other than his tired assertions, there wasn’t a conservative bone in him.

Stepping off the well concealed flight from Anchorage, Palin did something, that Tim Pawlenty, Bobby Jindal and Mitt Romney combined couldn’t do. She struck fear in the hearts and minds of elitists, already armed with all the prejudice, bigotry and slander necessary to bury the predicted frontrunners.

Well, their mission was successful, McCain lost. But his fall was cushioned by a few million voters who came out, more for Palin than McCain. And now the snarkey snobs, who crow over their success, secretly shudder at the notion that a more seasoned and scarred Sarah lurks in the political wings

Friday, November 21, 2008

“O” Allrighty Then

America is all a-twitter that Obama hasn’t spoken to the nation about his plans to lead. Oh, I suggest that Obama’s cabinet picks are speaking much louder than a megaphone in an elevator. And while those stuck in “the cult of personality” frantically await the Messiah’s next utterance and marching orders, the 48% of America that knows the difference between Nancy Pelosi and Judge Judy, are packing their pantries, buying ammo and joining the NRA.

Meanwhile, the stock market is dropping like a boulder off a trestle, the auto industry is sinking like Mark Spitz wearing an anvil anklet and about the only silver lining is the glow off the hair-plugged pates of the former CEOs-- now Wal Mart greeters-- who held all their retirement in stock.

Oh yeah, Obama may not be talking, but America is listening. They’re listening to Barack drag out and recycle tanned, rested and ready Clintonistas. Now, there’s hope and change.

So the America that didn’t vote for The Messianic puff of smoke, is voting with their wallets. And suddenly the sound of pocketbooks slamming shut is trumping the whimpers of the early birds lining up at the Obama Entitlement Pay Window. Just wait till January 20, when the party faithful discover that they will be taking their promised bonanza in IOU’s and Just Trust Me’s.

Can’t wait to see how these work in the liquor stores, tattoo parlors and Seven Eleven’s.

Gonna go buy me some ear plugs, so I don’t have to endure wailing and gnashing of those so disillusioned that Oprah won’t be able to calm them down. Now that’s an “O” moment.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

The Obama of OZ

Has the world gone freeking nuts? A CD on Obama, books about Obama, Obama chotchkies, Obama bobblehead dolls, for Christ’s sake… an Obama Pez dispenser.

What’s next, Obama dingle balls, Obama Christmas tree ornaments, Obama oven mitts, Obama condoms (they say Xtra Large, but any pencil dick can wear them), Obama jockstraps, and maybe, someday Obama hoola hoops, but the “AMA” will make it a little lopsided.

The latest phrase attaching itself to Barack is, “cult of personality”. That is the code for, “the lemmings have fallen in love with the smoke and fire, instead of the Wizard“. And folks, I hate to tell you, but there is no balloon to take them back to Kansas. They have hooked their dreams to a myth . A myth that is about to disillusion them in a way they will not soon forget.

Not unlike the Elixir peddler/later knob-turning Wizard impersonator, Obama will be spinning every wheel he can grab, to blow the smoke and fire the flames, hopefully distracting his minions long enough to return the curtain back to where HE will not be responsible for anything. Hey Barack, good luck with that one.

However, I pity you once the slackers, deadbeats, the chemically dependant and the DNA-deprived discover that you have NO intention of keeping, not some, but any of your promises. I suggest that once the Liberal elite discover that their Upstate farm houses were blown away by bean farts, from a bad burrito, instead of a tornado, not even the MSM (Main Stream Media) will be able to bail you out.

No Barack, you may be riding the Horse of Many Colors right now, but America’s Liberal jackasses are going to kick your butt, when they emerge from their pharmaceutical induced haze to my grandmother’s old saying, “don’t bit off more than you can chew”. And Barack, you just bit off more than Rosie O’Donnell and Michael Moore’s love child could chew.

Sorry about the flight delay Barack, but the only one going back to Kansas anytime soon is Dorothy.

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Marahmallows and McMansions

As I sit here, I am witnessing the news reports of the latest wildfires near Montecito, Ca.. Seems that a whole bunch of multi millionaires, multi, multi, stinking multi-millionaires and a few billionaires are losing their houses to runaway fires. Oh, the devastation, the destruction, the ruin and loss…..Ok stop. This is horsehockey.

If you have suddenly developed sympathy for anyone or anything other than pets, houseplants or servant’s jobs lost in this inferno, you are about as dumb as the elitist goobers that own these places.

Now I don’t want to go on a rant here, but if these folks have learned nothing from, at least, the Oakland Hills fire, going forward to the perennial Malibu, L.A. Hills, San Bernardino, San Diego fires, well then, they are incapable of learning anything.

Second, while most devastating Southern California fires level developments owned by millionaires, who somehow can’t afford the basic protection measures to prevent losses, these Montecito stooges could afford a fire department for every house, but still can’t get it done.

Indeed, if you can afford 10, 20 or 30 mil for a house, you can afford a $20k compressed air foam system that would cover your home during a fire, like a big wet soapy condom. (Sorry about the analogy) And you could afford a qualified technician to run it and the mower and the pool cleaner and the sprinkler system. Hell, you might just hire some has-been tennis pro to do the whole thing and keep your young, high maintenance, trophy wife busy at the same time. Just sayin’.

Look folks, we can’t do much about arsonists, Santa Ana winds, dry brush or rolling inaccessible hills. But we sure as hell can do something besides gnash and squeal when a rolling inferno takes out a few dozen multi-million dollar McMansions, that could have been saved with a few thousand dollars worth of shaving cream.

So, go ahead and cry for the plants, goldfish and random cat, trapped in the holocaust. But don’t shed too many tears for the owners, who are most likely watching their 4th home go up in flames, from their third home in Telluride.

Presidential Knick Knacks

Jesus H. Christ, what is it with all this hero worship of Barack Obama? Bad enough that his election was a sham. Now we have to endure all the self flagellation by the Media over the one-sided coverage they gave to “The One”, right after they spent 18 months hand picking McCain to be his weakest challenger. Then they spent another 6 months ignoring Obama’s questionable relationships to known terrorists, terrorist sympathizers, and radical clergy, not to mention his lack of experience, other than making shady land deals with a known felon, when not organizing ner-do-wells to milk taxpayers for free goodies.

All this, to the point, that Obama would NOT be qualified to be an FBI agent, an air traffic controller or even a licensed day care provider, but now he is president of the United States. And I am supposed to drop all outrage over illegal campaign cash, voter fraud, voter intimidation, fabricated super stardom and mass hysteria to embrace the biggest Fraud of the 21st Century?

But now that this joke of a campaign has brought an inexplicable victory, we are all supposed to rally around the First Sambo, and engage in the fantasy that is Barack Hussein Obama, First Felon in Chief.

I don’t think so.

The latest sign of complete capitulation is the post election “Chachkies” being marketed like Shamwows. The latest is the Barack Obama Gold Coin which was observed on Cable T.V., in the wee hours--which is the best time to sell something that is worthless. This is where we get 30 seconds of dialog about why this is such a great deal. The first thing I noticed was that they are peddling something “valued at $29.95, for $9.95. Kind of gives you a sense of what they think of his worth doesn’t it?

Next they painfully describe the ingredients as a “Fourteen Carat Gold” clad $1 dollar coin, with a picture of Barack on one side and the Statue of Liberty on the other. Nice touch eh? But I suspect, like Barack, it is hollow inside. Just $9.95 plus shipping, handling, processing and tax which brings the total back to $29.95 is a good example of what we have in store with the man it represents.

Too Big to Fail

Has anyone but me noticed that Washington D.C., Wall Street and our biggest bankers are acting like it is 2005... rock on. While America languishes with an uncertain future, our biggest investment and insurance giants are all busy getting pedicures, sipping $19 lattes and suffering under the knowledge that it is all going to be picked up by taxpayers. Yes, life is good, when you’re too big to fail.

Of course, it is all being portrayed as morale boosting sales conferences, where executives are trying to bullshit producers into believing that the light at the end of the tunnel isn’t a locomotive.

No, it isn’t a locomotive, it’s the headlight on a submersible. Because the only ones that “party down” in this financial environment are too stupid to know they are under water.

Time to hand Big Bankers, Big Insurance executives and Big Auto, buckets. Time for them to bail themselves out, scuttle the luxuries, shed the ball and chain-- that is the predatory unions, abandon the self-delusion that they are not expendable. And for those who are trying to bailout an institution that is already submerged, remember, “If you are have dug yourself into a hole, STOP digging”.

For America to go forward, we have to stop letting the inmates run the asylum. Most of Congress has deluded themselves into believing THEY are the ones to do something to get us out of this mess. Yet not one of them has admitted that they are the ones responsible for getting us into IT.

And what did America do, just a few days ago? They returned the same Shitwads back to Congress that flew this plane into the ground. And they hired a clown to pilot this wreck, that is more suited for parking Yugos than leading the Ship of State. They will soon learn that “disappointment” is a lagging indicator.

Can’t wait for the reality to set in that Obama-mania is a disease rather than a cure.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Bail Out O'Rama

Well, it’s the Bailout-O-Rama (kind of rhymes with Obama, doesn’t it?) and now the Auto Giants want a piece of the action. Or, at least their Unions do anyway. Not that we haven’t thrown away too much money already!

Seems that as the share prices of the Detroit Big Three drop to historic lows, Union leaders want American workers-- most of whom are not union-- to pony up and guarantee the outrageous packages they extorted from these corporations, causing this situation. (Think Pan Am, TWA, Eastern Airlines and a host of other corporations suffocated to death by Unions). Kind of like an armed robber demanding you give him more bullets, during the heist.

Somewhere down the food chain, unions forgot how to be symbiotic. The successful parasite doesn’t kill its host, it just sucks enough life to exist and, in a perfect world, actually provide a benefit, which is NOT what the UAW does. Remember, the UAW is not a participant in the successful “Detroit South” auto industry. “Detroit South” is the emergence of the Nissan, Subaru, Toyota, Mazda, etc. factories that dot the Southeastern section of our country.

You see, while the UAW was strangling and smothering the Big Three in the north, some very cagey Orientals were quietly building an auto empire down south. They had a more temperate climate and a ready and willing workforce more than happy to toil for wages far exceeding their neighbors, but not so high as to thwart the host’s profits. They didn’t threaten strikes or shutdowns in return for unsustainable and outrageous health or pension plans. They just built cars, took home great pay and enjoyed the American Dream, while Detroit tried to swim along, with the Unions shackled on them like a ball and chain.

So now, Unions want ALL of America to guarantee them the cushy deals that is bankrupting entire cities like Vallejo and San Bruno, in California, deals that are unsustainable, punitive and suicidal.

People, these pay and benefit plans will bankrupt the Nation if we don’t get them turned around. The Gravy Train is over. We either get rid of the parasites or at least find some we can live with.

Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Grifter in Chief

With the victories of Barack Obama, William “Cold Cash” Jefferson, smear merchant--John Murtha and maybe even Home Improvement King--Ted Stevens, how can law enforcement ever look down upon common citizens and charge them with lying, cheating or stealing, ever again. The laws broken during this election cycle didn’t just set records they were so many and flagrant as to make Al Capone blush.

The Genie is definitely out of the bottle, when it comes to convicting common criminals for fraud, extortion or conspiracy, when we now have the First Grifter in Chief. Just try to convince a jury that someone scammed a few thousand from some corporation or government agency, when we just witnessed a “Sting” of unparalleled proportions, on America.

It is just unclear whether Obama voters and supporters were bought, hypnotized or are just plain “stuuupid“. But what is not unclear is that tens or hundreds of millions of illegal contributions flooded into Obama coffers with not so much as a whimper. Nor was it unclear that the future “Marxist in Chief” plans to re-distribute the wealth. And if you read carefully between the lines, things are going to get a lot better for the Have-Nots at the expense of the Haves, whether they work or not.

So while Barack is trying to figure out how he is going to pay for all his promises, without raising taxes on 95% of working Americans, he can keep himself busy pardoning all those that committed felonies putting him in office.

I suspect it will be a busy first 100 days.

Tuesday, November 04, 2008

The Buck Stops There

We are often reminded that there is a plaque on the Oval Office desk that says, “The Buck Stops Here”. Well, we won’t be seeing it there if Obama is president. He will have Fed Ex’d it down to Crawford, where the “Buck” will continue to stop for some quite some time to come.

You see, Obama isn’t much about accepting blame. He is all about assigning it. Obama will be primed and ready to accept any victories or successes, but not so much about blame. It has been his entire political and campaign career.

He didn’t accept any responsibility for Rev. Wright, Louis Farrakhan, Father Flager, Bill Ayers, deaths of botched live abortion babies, hundreds of thousands of fraudulent voter registrations, tens of thousands of illegal votes, hundreds of thousands of uncounted military votes, hundreds of millions in illegal campaign contributions (much of which comes from Muslim countries), non-secret Union voting, The Mortgage Meltdown and the subsequent extortion of American taxpayer’s money for the Bailout.

No, Obama hasn’t taken responsibility for any of it. In fact, he condemns it all publicly at a comfortable “arms length” distance from direct complicity. In politics it is referred to as “plausible deniability”. In fact, the “Buck” NEVER gets anywhere near him.

So, when he takes office and brings all the troops home, he won’t be responsible for the subsequent genocide of U.S. sympathizers in either Iraq or Afghanistan, nor the pending destruction of Israel. He will have nothing to do with the worsening of the economy, the increase in taxes to everyone under $250k, the expansion and inevitable creation of new taxes on everything that moves, lives, breaths and exists above and below the ground, all in the name of progress.

Unfortunately, that plaque will be lodged in Crawford for quite some time to come, most likely about as long as Barack is lodged in the Oval Office.