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Sunday, September 21, 2008

Rangle's Wrangles

An American with Disabilities

Well Congressman Charlie Rangel, while trying to put out his own fires, has labeled Sarah Palin as “disabled” when it comes to her vice presidential candidacy. It is Congressman Rangel’s considered opinion that while Mrs. Palin enjoys considerable public support, she lacks necessary foreign experience.

So to get this straight congressman Rangel, who is the Chairman of the House Ways and Means Committee and is in the unique position to control our taxation policy, himself can’t understand that he is delinquent in his payments to Caesar.

No, what Charlie is really trying to say is that Sarah doesn’t understand the secret handshakes, the unholy networks, the addresses of the smoky back rooms. What he is really saying is that Sarah lacks the logistical “know how” to conspire, consult and connive to bamboozle, not just her own constituents but all of America, to her advantage. In essence, she isn’t one of the good ole boys.

Well, isn’t that the point of Palin? It is Mr. Rangel and his fellow “colleagues” that have the smell of fear about them. It is Mr. Rangel that will be lucky if he just gets to resign and not make the “Perp Walk” in cuffs, on the 6 o‘clock news.

Now that’s “disabled”.

Friday, September 19, 2008

Patriotism and Taxes

“It’s patriotic to pay more taxes”. Now what Bozo thought that was a good thing to say?

Well, Biden for one. The other one was the guy or gal who wrote it for him and put it on the prompter. And the last ones were those who spent yesterday, and most likely the rest of next week, cleaning up this verbal do-do.

How about it’s patriotic to ask, “What the hell did you do with the money I already gave you?”, or “What are you going to do about the hundreds of billions being wasted, squandered, stolen or mismanaged?”. How about this BEFORE I send you one penny more?

Now I know that it is presently fashionable for the political elites to spout off any boneheaded comment, to the adulation of the Koolaid drinking masses. But please, I’m begging you Joe, just run some of these comments through ANYONE from small town America, before you spew this garbage into a live microphone. It just adds fuel to the fire and makes you look like the bobblehead idealogue you are.

Better yet, just take the next few weeks off and you might just hang on to the lead you have. For the more you say, just adds to the list of dozens of things you are already wrong about.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

A few thoughts about Sarah Palin/John McCain

Neither John or Sarah are lawyers. Both Barack and Biden “ARE” lawyers.
Today, proctologists all over Washington D.C. are busier than $2 dollar hookers on bowling night.

You see, both McCain and Palin are reformers, but Palin has actually “done” something as a governor of Alaska. She took on the corrupt politicians and oil company “machine” in Alaska and beat them like rented mules. Now teamed with McCain, she can set her 12x spotting scope on D.C.

So you see where this is going. We have two non-lawyers converging on D.C. with the stated goal of reforming our government--something always talked about but little done. So while lawyer/politicians are the only ones capable of drafting legislation with loopholes only they and their minions can drive a semi through, they have witnessed the dismantling, dispatching and disembowelment of the good ole boy network in Alaska.

Yes, my fellow Americans, the fear of a McCain/Palin ticket is palpable. The establishment inside the beltway is experiencing an epidemic of sphincter puckering unmatched in our time. Graft, corruption, vote buying and shady lobbying is all in the crosshairs…and that is just the Republicans.

In the meantime, Liberals are throwing all the feces they can against the wall hoping something will stick. By launching all the flagrant mis-information now, buys the Wingnuts and NBC time to fabricate real distortions later, which will include a sliver of truth wrapped in a ton of slime. In the mean time, word has it that Wikipedia has removed “responsible”, “truth”, “fairness” and “unbiased” from their electronic scribe.

So, getting an appointment with a proctologist in D.C. before election day will be about as likely as Bill Clinton divulging his Library contributor list, Obama releasing his college thesis or Joe Biden finishing his hair transplant.

The Other Black Tuesday

The Dems must be cheering this morning. That is the ones that don’t have a nickel in the Market. You see, there has been a “redistribution of wealth” for the past few years and now payback is happening. Lehman Brothers is in bankruptcy, B of A has taken over Merrill Lynch and AIG is looking for a suitor. But not to worry, Barack will make it all better, once he is President.

And what happened to a few hundred billion dollars? Well, it got trickled down in the form of bad loans to people, some who had neither the means nor others any intention of paying them back. The real estate bubble generated huge amounts of cash that trickled down to mortgage brokers, RV and car dealerships, jewelry stores, furniture stores, liquor stores, South American drug lords and yes…Wal Mart.

Money was extracted during refinancing that went just about any place you can imagine except back into paying the mortgages. And when the bottom fell out of the market, there was really no good reason to make payments on a property that was not worth anywhere near the mortgage. This could be euphemistically referred to as a “correction“.

And who’s to blame? Well, you could blame Herr Greenspan, who kept the prime interest rate low, low, low for far too long. Also, cheap money fueled a housing boom that none but the na├»ve could imagine would be without end. And add to that, predatory practices that resemble fraud far more than any responsible lending behavior.

So for those who think “redistribution of wealth” is a good idea, take a close look at your 401k, your pension plan, your stock portfolio or the current worth of your uncle Bubba, who held most of your inheritance in Lehman Bros. If you want to imagine what an Obama give-a-way government would look like, think 100 times the hit’s the Market took today. Now let’s see how that “taxing the rich” is working for ya.