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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Biting the Hand

You know, when you are in deep water and going down fast, and someone is there to throw you a life-ring, you don’t spend a lot of time carping about the savior‘s outfit, makeup or hairdo. You just reach out and grab the damn ring. On the other hand, in the case of Sarah Palin, there’s a lot of folks that are spending precious time bitching, moaning and complaining about her Tina Fey impersonations. Point being, never bite the hand that is throwing you a life saver.

Until John McCain introduced Palin to the world stage, in the run-up to the ‘08 elections, America was on an irreversible path into the abyss. Nobody at the controls was doing anything to right our course, much less Mr. McCain himself. But here comes a breath of fresh air, with some very revolutionary concepts, originally scribbled down in that seldom reviewed but often ridiculed U.S. Constitution, and suddenly Palin is in the crosshairs of “establishment” politicians, hair-brained Liberals and delusional Moonbats everywhere. So what’s the deal?

Palin walked onto the center stage in Ohio during the fall of 2008. Her opening salvo was a mixture of patriotism, honor and common sense that rocked the audience and rocketed her approval rating to almost 80%. This phenomenal opening night popularity has now dwindled to 40%, with an “unfavorable rating to over 50%. So, what’s changed?

Perhaps we should review what has taken place since September ‘08. The woman? No. She is the same Sarah Palin that walked onto that stage two years ago. She still hunts, fishes and land levels her political opponents wherever she goes.

The message? No. She still advocates adherence to the Constitution, smaller government, less regulation, lower taxes and developing our own energy resources. And this is perhaps where her train started heading off the tracks. Because when you advocate the exact opposite of what’s going on, you are unfortunately going to begin rubbing crossways those who worship at the alter of Big Government.

No, Mrs. Palin did the unthinkable. She advocated sanity in the midst of madness, order among chaos, and common sense to quell the self inflicted delirium that is Washington D.C.. And she did it with a smile, which just drove The Establishment, the Looney Left and Enviro-Nazis nuts. So it didn’t take long for Hollywood, the MSM and media maggots everywhere to dig into their bags of dirty tricks and begin the slow, methodical and flamboyant movement to grind Sarah into dust. And it’s working!

Thanks to the Nutroots, her ratings are in the tank. But the good news is, mass media has pulled the curtain back on their own political manipulations and bent towards seeing the USA turned into a Socialist/Elitist/Utopia, nevermind that history tells us that the Socialist Model always ends in abject failure. But that hasn’t stopped the Leftards from turning Sarah’s image into that of a gun totting, festering pustule irritating the backside of both Big Government and the Progressive bowel movement, all to the delight of Middle America, the Tea Party and all those that love America and what she stands for.

Specifically, the Left condemns Palin for hunting wolves from a helicopter, but doesn’t bat an eye at an abortionist stuffing surgical scissors into the brain of a partially born baby and pureeing the brains into something resembling the scrambled grey matter used by Chris Matthews and Keith Olbermann each night on the Maniac, Screwball, Nutbag, Blowhard and Carbuncle Network. Liberals think nothing of paying millions every month flying Nancy Pelosi back and forth to her home in San Francisco, but criticize Sarah for getting paid for a book that she actually wrote.

It has gotten so crazy that they actually blame Palin for her daughter getting pregnant, by her boyfriend. Like that doesn’t happen about a thousand times a day in America. You just can’t control teenage hormones, like you can’t control the K street lobbyists, greedy politicians and runaway cost overruns. Like anybody’s trying to control them. But by God, it’s Palin’s fault that she left her daughter to the whims of nature.

And how dare she take the Tea Party message of smaller government, lower taxes and personal responsibility on the road to support like minded candidates around the country. Isn’t she supposed to be home baking cookies and Moose stew, while monitoring the chastity belts on daughters. Willow and Piper (You know, you can’t start too young in the Palin family).

No America, Palin has become a punching bag not because she is an uneducated, unqualified hick from the sticks of Alaska, but because she is a sensible, sexy, sane, antidote to most of what’s wrong with Washington D.C. today. And if Liberals and the Establishment are to maintain the madness, they must destroy her, even though she has done nothing that isn’t muttered every day across America.

So people, it’s up to you to decide if you are going to leave your future to the likes of Barack Obama, Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid or even John (illegal alien loving, first Amendment hating) McCain, or grab a whole bunch of hope from a mother of five from Wasilla, who did it her way, the hard way, into the hearts of those that love America.