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Wednesday, March 30, 2011


I’m sorry but I just got off the floor. Dennis Kucinich has just referred to Obama’s invasion of Libya as un-Constitutional. Oh my, my cheeks ache, my sides are splitting, I think I blew some grape juice out my nose.

Now that stains gonna be hard to get out.

Oh, I hear it at least 5 times a day right now. This is unconstitutional, that’s unconstitutional, everything is unconstitutional.

Guess what, good ole democrat James Clyburn said it best, “we just about make up everything we do”. Well now, that’s the most clear and honest assessment I’ve heard from anyone on the Hill…..ever.

Apparently most of the mouthpieces up there forget that much if not most of what they do is basically unconstitutional, but as long as they do it without confrontation, it’s okay. For instance, redistributing wealth is unconstitutional, but it hasn’t stopped Congress, hasn’t even slowed them down.

In fact, any number of government agencies are actively engaged in unconstitutional activities every day: Medicare, Medicaid, the Dept of Education, Dept. of Energy and HHS are all unconstitutional, because they overlap and overshadow similar Depts. within individual states. But who’s complaining? In fact every federal government agency that duplicates their mirror state agency is unconstitutional.

So the next time Anthony Weiner, James Clyburn or even John McCain says something is unconstitutional, don’t let it bother you. Because little else they do is either. It’s just their way of letting you know how little they know about the Constitution.

But you can rest assured that no amount of unconstitutional activity will be challenged until it involves unions, environmentalists or cross-dressing, bi-sexual, transvestite, cab driving, ex-convict pedophiles on crack. Then, by God, someone’s gonna hear a lot about the Constitution. And what you will be hearing will be from the ACLU, Alan Dershowitz, the NAACP or Gloria Alred. We are so screwed

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Shut Her Down

Okay, now I’ve had enough. How many times do we have to hear some Media inquisitor ask a Conservative politician if he would risk “shutting down government“, to make political points. Then follows a long and wandering oration softening the implication of such an act, to the extent that even suggesting it would be a radical notion. (Wimps)

Well, Dumbplumber has an idea, ‘Shut the Sucker Down’ until some sanity comes to Congress (Ok, maybe that’s unrealistic). Shut Her Down until we agree to stop paying $600 million a day just for interest on our debt; Shut Her Down until we agree to stop borrowing 40 cents of every dollar we spend; Shut Her Down until we stop padding the health and pension benefits for 12% of the population, at the expense of the remaining 88%; Shut Her Down until we agree to stop placing administrative barriers between the nation’s businesses and success. Yes, Shut Her Down.

No one can argue that government has recognized that success of its private sector is the key to increasing taxes. However, what they fail to recognize is that by maintaining and adding to the morass of regulation already on the books is like tying a bowling ball to an Olympic swimmer, then expect them to bring home the Gold. Hell, our resident Nobel Peace Prize-Winner-in-Chief can’t even bring the Olympics to the U.S., so how do we expect him to adopt anything that smacks of ‘the ability to succeed’ in our business community?

Additionally, the Community Organizer-in-Chief thinks giving $4 billion to Brazil ($2.3 billion of which we borrowed from China) to explore for oil there, is an answer to America’s energy problem. He thinks that partnering with GE (who builds or buys solar and wind components from their operations overseas) is his key to imposing alternative energy on the U.S.. (Especially, interesting is that GE nets over $3 billion here, but doesn’t pay any income taxes here). He demands that Government Motors (GM) and Chrysler build electric cars, that only 5% of the nation wants, but now all taxpayers subsidize, then makes no plans for the grid and infrastructure to support a performance model that the cars will never meet.

He ’steamrolled’ Congress, under Pelosi and Reed, into cramming through Obamacare, in the dead of night and unread, which allows the government takeover of 6% of the nation’s economy, then enlists an army of mouthpieces to travel the nation and networks hawking the legislation that is un-Constitutional at best. He then double downs on irresponsibility by inserting his Justice Dept to delay legal challenges until implementation is well beyond the point of no return. (Which is right after his re-election, where he plans to blow the last of his ice cream, sprinkles and whipped cream with a cherry on top, “So help me, Me”.

Blocked Constitutionally from borrowing any more money, his Treasury Dept. sells bonds to the Federal Reserve to raise yet more money for which taxpayers are obligated, then encourages the Fed into selling yet more bonds to cash strapped states that cannot repay, due to pension and benefit obligations, to union employees that refuse to be denied representation.

Then facing certain bankruptcy with unsustainable debt, our Lawn Jockey-in-Chief decides to invade ‘another’ Muslim country, without consent of Congress, hurling billions in exploding assets at one of the few solvent dictators on the planet. Apparently, the last ‘solvent’ nations are drilling and selling their own oil, while simultaneously skimming U.S. foreign aid to not launch rockets at either the U.S. or Israel. (Nice work if you can get it)

And finally, facing a debt that is approaching over 100% of our annual GDP, the Spender-in-Chief realizes that America is growing weary of the charade, so it’s time for some austerity. (Yeah right, just before the 2012 campaign) Meanwhile, every dime spent from the Federal treasury will go to sustaining the government status quo and union jobs in the private sector.

So given the obvious outcome of these policies, Dumbplumber definitely supports “Shutting Her Down”. Because if we don’t, the Liberals and RHINOS will just keep on keep’n on.

America is on a collision course with a Socialist take over. It is a possibility still if we Shut Her Down. But it is a certainty if we don’t.

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Plumber Shorts: 6

On Drudge Report 3-25-11: Sky News: U.S. may supply Libyan rebels with weapons then, right below:

Libyan Rebel commander admits that his fighters have al-Qaeda links

Dumbplumber: What could possibly go wrong?
More on Drudge 3-26-11: Obama: “We are succeeding in our mission”

“NATO to take full control of Libya mission”

“NATO NOT to take full control”

“Obama to explain Monday”

Dumbplumber: I see clarity just around the corner. I know, Monday is the day after Sunday. Any questions?
Drudge: “Jimmy Carter to Cuba”

Dumbplumber: Good, it’s taken decades, but maybe he’ll stay there.
Ann Althouse: Geraldine Ferraro, RIP. …Remember when Geraldine said, “Obama is sexist and the Media was in the tank for him”?

Dumbplumber: “Even a blind hog finds an acorn once in awhile”, Dumbplumber’s Dad.

Friday, March 25, 2011

The Penta-goon

The Pentagon
Less than 72 hours ago

Reporter: Sir, Colonel Qaddafi has been advancing on Libyan cities for two weeks now, killing civilians, bombarding rebels, with fighter jets and bombs, and the U.S. has set by and watched the slaughter and dithered. Will President Obama finally act and protect the rebels from this senseless attack?

The Pentagon
1 hour ago

Reporter: Sir, NATO forces have been bombarding Qaddafi forces now for 24 hours. Reports are that Coalition forces have killed 24 civilians and injured as many as 160, during the strikes. When are NATO forces going to stop killing innocent women and children with Cruise missiles, fighter jets and bombs?

The Pentagon
Tomorrow morning if Dumbplumber were in charge
“Ladies and gentlemen of the Press, listen up you panty wearing pussies, because today I’m going to talk and you’re going to listen. Just a few days ago a well known madman, who has a history of killing his own people (sound familiar), as well as attacking the U.S. in any number of nefarious ways, not the least of which was ordering the bombing of a U.S. airliner over Lockerbie, Scotland.

Since then he has began developing his own nuclear weapons program (sound more familiar), which he does not dispute and you maggots just set their on your 24 volt powered dildos and watched him do it without so much as a whimper.

Now, today, he has crossed the line and is getting his ass handed to him and he will be lucky if he evades capture to hang out in a cave like Osama bin Laden, who you apparently admire. Now go back to your cubicles maggots and find something else to do, since the adults are in the middle of handling your complaints, one at a time. DISMISSED. “

Let’s Get Crazy

How crazy is our debt. We are well over $14 trillion in the hole and going in further at over $4 billion a DAY! But according to a choir of Liberals, “we can’t abandon the children, the helpless, the widows and the orphans, nor the police and firemen“. Hookay. Looks like we can’t abandon the mid-level bureaucrats, entitlement junkies, millionaire NPR executives nor cowboy poets either!

I mean the little things like, Medicare admitting that they lose between $100 and $200 billion a year in waste, fraud and mismanagement. But we can’t cut that because we want to continue the waste, fraud and mismanagement! (Don’t get tired of those exclamation marks, I’m just getting started)

If cutting $6 billion a year is like pulling hen’s teeth, just think of the squawking if we cut the entire $1.3 trillion of this year’s deficit. Nevermind that implementing Obamacare starts with a $23 billion dollar hidey hole, our esteemed Rhinos can‘t cut a dollar of that, even though several federal judges have deemed it unconstitutional. That’s right, we can’t stop ‘unconstitutional’ spending. So what are our chances of stopping bloated, underhanded, double dealing dollars going out to slackers, stooges and union goons?!!!!

And we should not forget the widows and orphans of the Agriculture Dept. We can’t possibly stop the tens, if not hundreds, of billions going out to the millionaire farmers, who are getting paid to NOT farm. Yes, you heard it here first. We are in the midst of a food crisis around the world and we are paying farmers to NOT grow food. Probably because we are paying them billions more to grow corn to turn into fuel! No, I did not make that up.

Then lest we forget more billions we give to corporations like Exxon/Mobil and Chevron. They made profits in the tens of billions, but we gave them more, so they could make more! Not to forget Katrina, the 3 disasters ago disaster, that we are in to over 60 billion and still counting.

Who would want to deny the orphans and widows of PBS? NO employee of a government subsidized entity should make more than the President of the United States. The CEO of PBS makes over $900k a year, over double of that of the President. And the Dems are kicking and scratching to keep the $250 million a year flowing into that Black Hole of liberalism.

How about the widow and orphan Public Employee Pension System? Apparently the top priority of our U.S. government is to backfill union pension plans, that haven’t been audited since before Jimmy Hoffa was born. And we all know how honest ole’ Jimmy was. The bad news for ‘Barry’ was that he could only shove about $1 trillion into the system that is still over $2.5 trillion out of round. I’d love to see that balance sheet.

But not to worry, he will have another term to catch up! Right after he promised everyone ice cream, one more time.

And we couldn’t neglect our Social Security System, adopted in the late 30’s. It was an honorable jesture to grant the elderly a safety net, after years of hard work and deductions taken from paychecks to provide a minimal monthly stipend in the declining years.

Then, in the early 70’s Liberals thought it was a good idea to extend Social Security payments under SSI benefits to anyone, orphan, widow or not, who either couldn’t or wouldn’t work because of such maladies, as ADD, Dyslexia, ADHD or an even the uncontrollable urge to drink beer instead of work. Yeah, that’s responsible spending!!! What could possibly go wrong? Nooo, we can’t deprive them either.

And to not let a Rhino go unscathed, George Bush thought it was a great idea to add a “Prescription Drug” benefit to Medicare, so now we have the privilege of insuring that guys with erectile dysfunction can screw. It’s almost like government in a jar, so we can’t deny them of that!!

No my friends, now that we have had a peek behind the Liberal Curtain, it can be safe to say that, “WE ARE SO SCREWED”. And with Viagra supplied by the taxpayers, if they screw us over four hours at a time, they get to see a doctor, also at our expense.

Who Starts the Wars?

Now this isn’t a hard question, but I suspect there are many who think they have the answer…..However, they would be wrong.

Most will say that the Pentagon start wars. Many others would say that reckless politicians start the wars (and they would be partly right, but for the wrong reasons). Yet many others would guess that despots, bloody dictators and tyrants start the wars when they massacre their own people. And again, they would be partly right---with reservations.

And to throw another wrench into the mix, many will answer that Western countries, thirsty for oil, start wars to keep the spigots flowing. But this is only one ingredient in the formula.

No my friends, none of the above start wars even though they all will play a roll in one way or another in most wars.

Dumbplumber is convinced that the Media is what starts wars, television, with the 24/7 cycles of cable news, and to a lesser extent, radio and newspapers capitalizing on the sensationalism of their video brethren.

Even going back to Vietnam the television scenes of the ruthless killing of innocent civilians haunted freedom loving Americans until political pressure sent the first ‘advisors’ in to document and assist the organized resistance in the south. And as they say, we saw how that worked out.

You give me a rogue dictator (probably receiving U.S. aid), a valuable resource (oil, mineral or vegetable), violent attacks on civilians and throw in Cable News and I will give you a war. Because no politician wants to be blamed for genocide.

Now, give me 3 days of a war and I will give you footage of the U.S. military being blamed for civilian casualties. Here’s a hint, keep reporters out of these countries and the Media won’t churn the feelings of our politicians, who won’t seek intervention and ergo, the military won’t harm civilians, because that’s what happens during war. Get over it.

Dumbplumber Shorts

Dumbplumber Shorts

News reports say that China and Russia are encouraging a cease fire in Libya, so that claims can be investigated that civilians are being killed. Now let me get this straight, Russia and China are concerned about civilians in Libya. Whew, that was a close one. I was thinking that they meant civilians in their own countries.

Col. Muammar Kaddafi has been out foxing western countries for over 40 years. From downing of a jetliner over Scotland, to his bombings of nightclubs and Embassies he has baffled administration after administration.

However, recently he has exhibited behavior far in excess of anything seen before. From his designer sunglasses, to his multiple, exotic, flowing robes, to his numerous extravagant headdresses, it appears that he would be more comfortable shopping at ’Mood’, the famous fabric store in New York, than Home Depot.

And those of us who are fans of reality television think Muammar is far less equipped to lead a war against NATO and far more prepared for the ‘final four’ on Project Runway.

Political Ignorance isn’t just in D.C.. Recently, I had the displeasure of attending a Board of Supervisors meeting in Redding. Sticking around for round 2 on the agenda, I had the opportunity of witnessing some serious butt-kissing by the county Economic Development director, who spent 8 minutes blowing ice cream and sprinkles up my boxers, justifying whatever pay check he receives. I haven’t heard so much “rollout”, “next month” and “in the future” since I stopped looking for the pot-of-gold at the end of the Shamwow rainbow.

But the real eye-opener came at the end of the presentation when my District’s Supervisor, Glenn Hawes, exclaimed the “all this (economic) hysteria is in ‘their’ heads”. He would be far better informed about California’s economic state if he started getting his news from something other than the paid hacks spouting sparkles and unicorns to justify their salaries. For Christ’s sake Glenn, even MSNBC acknowledges that California’s finances are in the dumper.

The Demented Robin of Spring

Don’t we all have our favorite memories of the arrival of Spring? The first shoots of daffodils, the final disappearance of piles of dirty snow, small buds appearing on lilac trees, oh, and the return of the demented robin. Yes, you read it right. For the last three years our household has been visited, patrolled and haunted by what can only be described as the maniacal, winged, seed of Chuckie.

Two years ago, we began noticing the rascal robin, as he (we think it is a he) began circling our house and peering in windows, apparently looking for our cat. Perhaps we are getting at the source of the scorn.

You see our cat isn’t exactly picky as to her banquet bundles. She has been known to drag home the typical mouse or vole, but she has also been spotted with small squirrels, observed blowing quail feathers from her jowls and seen throwing guilty backwards glances when running away from the fresh pickings of a recently fallen nest. Dare I speculate a robin’s nest, but hard to say when the occupants are (or were) just bald blobs with beaks Just sayin’.

Perhaps this is evolutionary evidence that robins have very long memories and very little patience for famished felines. But returning every year, from far flung winter havens to perch outside the same windows is just creepy. Of course we have no idea how long the furious featherhead has been back, but it is painfully obvious, he, she, it is looking to settle some old scores, due to the fact that it often flings itself against our office window, not once or twice, but several times. Now that is beyond creepy.

Meanwhile the cat goes about her daily routine, barely noticing from within, what awaits her on the outside. Eventually, she will seek refuge under an eve, a bush or one of our cars to await a gap in the ongoing perimeter patrol, to claw at window sills or door mats demanding entrance to safe harbor.

No, kitty calendars neglected to mention that returning robins is an annual event. And not unlike our Halloween, this return has moments of outright evolutionary evil, that at least one freaked out feline is about to discover is the unintended consequences of spontaneous nest diving.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Obama’s Top Priorities

During the ‘08 campaign, Obama had a list of “top priorities”. They were, not in order of importance: Stabilize the financial markets, create jobs, rescue the U.S. auto industry and, in his spare time, save the world.

But today, having done all that (halt for blowing chocolate milk through nose), while simultaneously putting us $4 trillion further into debt and backfilling hundreds of billions in union shortfalls (at the expense of the rest of us) he began implementing the multi-trillion dollar Obamacare, where every taxpaying American will be forced to buy health insurance.

But this just wasn’t enough for the Obaminator. Now that he has done ‘his’ job (cut for a seizure of hysteria), the rest of the world seems to be coming apart at the seams.

The European Union is in meltdown as a result of the same practices that Obama is just now implementing; the Mideast is going up in flames because of a combination of Islamic fundamentalism putting pressure on Kings, Dictators and other hand-picked Despots of U.S. leaders; and meanwhile mother nature is making wimps of world powers through earthquakes, tsunamis, floods and wildfires. So it looks like all is going to plan.

What is an elitist, intellectual Socialist to do, when he has completed his campaign promises? Well here is the new list of ‘Things to Do’:

1) Keep a seat warm for Richard Trumka’s weekly visits…. Check.

2) Fill out March Madness picks….Check.

3) Wedge in a few rounds of golf…Check.

4) Coach daughter’s basketball team…Check.

5) Plan fun vacation with family to Rio…Check.

Gee, this whole President thing almost runs itself.

Friday, March 18, 2011

Dumplumber's Shorts

In Japan it came without notice. There was no prediction, no suspicion, no foresight nor hunch. It devastated buildings, airports, streets, vehicles, ships, and yes, people.

The folks in America and especially Pearl Harbor, Hawaii just want to know, “How Does It Feel“?

GOP contenders tip toes in water: Larry (Romney) and Moe (Gingrich) have come out of hiding to be the first two of the Stooges to stick their heads up in what is going to be a hoot of an election season for the 2012 campaign for President. They still await their Curly, who has yet to be announced. But it really won’t matter, since the rest of the Keystone Cops are running around trying to chew gum and tie their shoes at the same time.

Funny how the Media Circus that is the MSM, MSNBC and CNN are just ho-humming over these possibilities. Laugh if you must, but they know that none of these pseudo-Conservatives pose any real threat to the greatest threat this nation has ever witnessed, the siding-salesman of Socialism himself.

No, not until the likes of the political 800 lb gorillas Chris Christie or Sarah Palin steps into the fray, will the above media giants so much as raise a fuss. Then out will come the knives, cannons and professional hypocrites to once again hypnotize America into a political frenzy.

Picking Winners

Now, not to steal “Winning” from Charlie Sheen, but the day I look forward to Liberals or Rhinos or elitist Republicans to pick the Republican winner in future presidential elections is the day I stop drooling oatmeal on my bib in the rocker. For it will never be a Conservative for them to pick. And it will only be a Conservative working with Conservatives that can heal, repeal and resurrect this country back into the greatness it once was.

George Will crawled out from under his rock to declare that yet another Rhino will be the only candidate to beat Obama. His latest dictate is that Michelle Bachman, “is not a serious contender in 2012”. Going on he elucidated that, “We know who settles presidential elections, they are independent voters. Independent voters are not inflamed, and not inflamed in the way of the marginal Republican candidates.”

Now I don’t want to go out on a limb here, but if ‘independent voters’ are not inflamed, I don’t know who is, other than Tea Party voters, Republican voters, and the jilted far Left voters. But they wouldn’t let a Conservative piss on them if their hair was on fire.

With Palin, there are two things that cannot be disputed: First, while Dems and the elitist Republicans contend that she is just not sophisticated nor educated enough to be president, it was the Ivy League sophisticates that brought us to where we are today. And second, If you’re lost in a dark mineshaft, you really don’t care how smart the guy is that has the flashlight.

Making Wimps

Radio host, Leslie Marshall, doing her schtick on Fox Business’ Freedom Watch, was just giddy with orgasmic quivers when she trumpeted, that Barack Obama could not be beat in 2012, because, “Democrats have utilized the age old plan of divide and conquer“, to bust up the voting power of Republicans. She went on to allude(with a self satisfied smirk)that there is no Ronald Reagan for Republicans to vote for in November of ‘12.

Well duh Leslie, there is NO Reagan, because left wing loons figured out after Reagan that they needed to reduce, to dust, the image of anyone that threatens the loony Democrats. And they vowed to do it early and often. The shadow of Palin’s approval ratings is living proof of that.

And if anyone wants to see Chris Christie reduced to a 98lb wimp, just let him announce his candidacy. I actually look forward to this little exercise. Not because Chris needs to lose a few pounds, but simply because it would be a perfect example of what I just pointed out. It will clearly illustrate that we now have half of our population, fully represented by folks that believe in socialism and big government and will do anything to buy the votes to keep it that way.

Look for the 2012 campaigns to be a high water mark in registration and voter fraud, vote buying, campaign finance violations, voter intimidation and ballot stuffing. Forget enforcement of laws pertaining to any of the above. They haven’t started investigating all the violations of the last campaign. They aren’t investigating ANY of the constitutional violations since Obama took office and I don’t see any appetite any time soon for any. That is unless they catch a Republican jaywalking someplace, then it’s Katy bar the door.

Because if politicians are anything, they’re hypocrites, a characteristic that is painfully obvious in D.C. Meanwhile all us ‘Little People’ try to live in the shadows, cracks and crevices of America, that hasn’t been made illegal, regulated or taxed into oblivion. We’re so screwed.

Sunday, March 06, 2011

Erection Elections

Say, if you were confronted by a con man, who says he wants your money for a “perpetual motion” machine, would you give it to him? Okay, I’ll answer it for you….NO! But that is precisely what many State governments are doing. And in the case of Wisconsin, the political perpetual motion machine has been exposed and it’s not going down well with the beneficiaries, especially the corrupt, greedy union leaders

You see, unions figured out, early on, if they give their Democrat politician millions in campaign contributions and he wins the election, their hand picked political ‘punk’ gets to sit on the other side of the table when “collective bargaining” happens. Then, guess what? Sprinkles, Ice Cream and Viagra happens, that’s what. Unfortunately, it’s been happening a lot in too many states for way too long.

Somewhere along the line, the parasites forgot that you must NOT kill the host. So when Governor Walker was faced with balancing his budget, he took a hard look at his costs and discovered, low and behold, that his union employees were making far more in pay and benefits than his private sector taxpayers. Oops, someone forgot to tell the newly minted Republican Governor that he was supposed to keep his lips zipped and just keep raising taxes on the citizens and keep everything quiet.

However, the recent dust-up with the unions over the $700,000 the State was paying for union prescriptions for Viagra, sort of let the cat out of the bag. And getting down into-the-weeds of the benefits revealed a history of union abuse just going from bad to worse, four hour erection jokes notwithstanding.

So, if Madison hadn’t happened, and the Viagra kerfluffle hadn‘t happened non-union taxpayers would have eventually discovered that their Governor had no clue how to run a state anyway, much less than how to cover-up waste and greed. Fortunately though, it did happen, and now is when the healing begins and the Viagra ends.

A Cancer among Us

In the 50’s and early 60s my father owned a logging company in Arcata, California. He had a truck shop there, where the drivers would arrive early each workday (4-5 AM) and start the diesels. While the engines warmed (15- 20 minutes) the drivers would congregate around the coffee pot, (provided by the company) and chew the fat.

This routine had gone on for years, until one day a union organizer talked the drivers into ‘organizing’ and demanding that the company pay for all those 15 minute coffee klatches, built up over years. Nevermind that the company had paid for the coffee and occasional donuts, while they waited.

Well, long story/short was that the company had to pony up more than $50,000 dollars, not an inconsiderable sum in 1961. And the big payoff was that one year later the company closed and assets auctioned off. And even though I was only eleven at the time, that event has never been forgotten.

In later years, I had the acquaintance of a gentleman who owned a lumber mill in Redding. He not only paid his employees well, but also provided them benefits comparable to the larger union operations. Again, his employees were seduced by promises of big paydays and bloated benefits, even though the owner promised that he would shut the plant down if it went union. And it did.

The next day, the owner shut down the main power switch and within a few weeks the mill had been reduced to a concrete slab. Of course threats of criminal charges and lawsuits followed, as did plenty of rebuttal showing that pending pay and benefit concessions would bankrupt HIS company.

What these two micro-examples demonstrate is that unions, in their zeal to enrich themselves, think nothing of destroying both businesses and jobs. Unions seldom if ever “organize” companies in the beginning, but rather patiently wait, like a cancer, until the Host is developed and healthy before striking. And just like any leech, they don’t disappear with the demise of the Host, but rather reappear on another healthy Host once they have destroyed the last.

But in case of public employee unions, the zeal is unrestrained, while the symptoms are masked with budget surpluses, tax increases, fees, taxes, duties, permits, assessments, levies, fines, tariffs, tithes and tolls where none had been imposed before. As we all know, a transparent government is the perfect place to hid greed, mismanagement and waste.

However, as in any Ponzi scheme there will always be a ‘Reckoning‘. And unlike New Jersey, Florida, New York and California, who are so far in the hole they can‘t see daylight, a Reckoning has come to Madison, Wisconsin.

You see, Madison did the unthinkable, they elected a Conservative (you’ll notice I didn’t confuse it with Republican, where the Washington D.C. version is just a Liberal in wuss’ clothing) who ran on “cutting the budget” and damn if he isn’t.

Of course you wouldn’t recognize the ‘Madness in Madison’ if you watched the MSM or MSNBC or CNN or listened to NPR or PBS. Because they will spin it like the pot of gold is just over the hill and there is no problem with the budget until June. UNTIL JUNE!! Well Hell, that’s light years in Liberal Speak. That’s like a welfare junkie thinks that preparing for a famine is getting a rent-subsidized apartment next to a Burger King.

So here is Governor Walker planning for a fiscal doomsday and Liberals know that he is missing some dryer lint somewhere. Their minute-by-minute mantra is that the ‘collective bargaining RIGHT’, (which, by the way is precisely why they are, where they are) cannot be taken away. That’s like telling an alcoholic that he can’t tend bar or a pedophile he can’t work at a day care center. THE INHUMANITY! IT’S UNCONSTITUTIONAL! IT’S IN THE BIBLE!!

No my friends, the Madness in Madison isn’t a “Right” it’s a symptom. The Cancer that is unfettered ’collective bargaining’, that has been spreading within the Host for quite some time, is the disease. Only now both the prognosis and the diagnosis is in plain view for all to see.

Thursday, March 03, 2011

Presidental Dopefuls

Presidential Dopefuls
Few things are more entertaining than watching Liberals make complete fools of themselves. This happened recently when Democrats, from Wisconsin, who continue to accuse Sarah Palin of “quitting” her governorship, headed off to Illinois, when they discovered that they couldn’t win in Madison. That would be quitting AND collecting a check… NO?

Moreover, the ongoing children-in-the-sandbox mentality is spreading to Indiana, Illinois, New Jersey and beyond, where Unions, Liberals and other blood sucking leaches are discovering that the “Jig” is up, the Gravy Train is off the rails and the ‘Chickens’ are bailing from their roost.

Meanwhile, the Libs are reloading their ‘Hate Palin Mantra Machine‘, ignoring completely that Palin has NOTHING, I mean NOTHING, to do with Wisconsin, New Jersey or Illinois. Those governors, have figured out the “cupboard is bare”, thank you, without the help of Sarah. And now that B. Hussein Obama has NO clothes, the folks paying taxes in those states have come to the realization that “Hope and Change” doesn’t mean what they thought it meant.

But never underestimating how low Libs will go to destroy those they fear, or how high they will reach to pick their opponents, we need to look no further than the New York Times, the L.A. Times or Salon magazine to see who their pick for the Republicans should be. So far, they are clearly looking forward to banging heads with Mitt, Mike or the Newtster. What, did they forget the perennial losers Ron Paul and Alan Keyes?

No, they are picking the 2012 losers now, so as to not recognize the one person they claim has NOT the snowball’s chance of winning, as if SHE has already been dismissed by the Republicans. What? If you are going to pick the winning loser, shouldn’t your fresh road-kill be on top of the list?

And to reveal just how perverted their efforts are, one poll revealed there is NO one on the horizon that could beat Palin in the Primaries, but that she could not beat Obama in the General Election. Say Again! Then back it up with a poll that puts ANY Republican(apparently except for Palin) an “even” chance of beating Obama in the General. Now I don’t want to go out on a limb here, but this line of reasoning should make Freud roll over in his grave.

Perhaps it would be useful, at this juncture, to stack up the former Alaskan Governor to the few top contenders of 2012.

Against the Ken Doll himself: Palin hasn’t a prayer of funding her own campaign like Mr. Romney. But she doesn’t have to. Her connection with middle America and the Tea Party will not just give her the votes of about 40% of America, but a jump start of 2 to3 hundred million bucks to get her message out.

Now I know that this won’t compare with the $1 billion in the Obama war chest. But what does it cost to abandon “Hope and Change” for whatever empty message comes next? Memo to voters: We all know what comes next is just as promising as what came before. Get over it. We all know there is no more ice cream.

Against Huckabuster: Nevermind that both Palin and Huckabee have fat contracts with Fox News, but only Palin can line up $100,000 speaking fees into infinity and beyond. Huckabee’s only hope is that he can lay off the biscuits and gravy long enough to lose the first Primary. Then it is BBQ and playing Bass with every has-been musician that comes into his studio. Now don’t get me wrong. I like Mike Huckabee, but he has surpassed the pinnacle of his abilities, in both music and politics.

Against Newt: Ahh, of all the really great orators, thinkers and pontificators, Newt is the most qualified and least electible of them all. His extra-marital affair (while in office espousing family values), will be hung around his neck like a nuclear albatross, and headlined everywhere until Nov. 2012. Good Luck with that Newt. The barracuda from Wasilla will bury you in family values, while holding her own in the speech dept. Question for Newt: How many $100,000 speeches do you have in the pipeline?

No my friends, while the “Lame Stream Media” has already written off Palin as a serious contender, don’t think for a minute that they have stopped driving over, backing up and driving over and over her political corpse. Palin is the one and only one they fear. And their hypocritical hatred for her is all the proof you need for confirmation.

I’m Fat and You’re Stupid: Why I Like Chris Christie

There’s an old saying: “I’m Fat and You’re Stupid, But I Can Lose Weight”. This pretty well sums up why I like Chris Christie. He tells it like it is, come hell or high water. He treats people like adults. It’s up to the listener to decide if they are.

That seems to be the winning combination in New Jersey, where the 400lb tough guy is growing his fan base with a “pair” like no other. He is simply stating the obvious, then sticking to his guns. And the combination is hitting home, while many are losing theirs. Time has long passed when Hope and Change will salve the savage beast or union thugs.

If Christie knows anything, he knows that with only 10 to 12 percent of our work force being union, America, saddled with unsustainable pay and benefits, is sinking under the weight of the union model. So what if 70 or 80 or 90 percent were unionized? Oh yeah, that’d work.

But while New Jersey, Florida, Wisconsin and Ohio struggle with the reality that they are in deep doo doo, California looks to balance their books with tax increases and steep cuts in public services. Apparently the Rolls Royce health and pension plans, which are the ‘Third Rail’ of California public employee issues, aren’t being considered as part of the state bailout.

This brings us to where the upside down state and federal governments are going, to reverse our financial misfortunes. Whether it be cutting $61 billion from a $1.5 trillion dollar deficit or raising tax on beer and cigarettes in California has just about the same affect. I don’t want to go out on a limb here, but taking the Sprinkles off your 150lb. birthday cake won’t do much to lighten your “Carb Load”.

Let’s face it folks, with politicians more concerned with their re-elections than the future of America, with unions (supported by the MSM) more inclined to protect their control than consider the long term consequences, with voters being distracted by Charlie Sheen, Dancing with the Stars and delusional, prattling leaders espousing revisionist history, Dumbplumber has but one conclusion. WE ARE SO SCREWED. Dumbplumber