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Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Good News Nov. 6th

There is some good news coming out after Nov. 6th. Well, er, uh, good news for your conscience anyway. No longer will you have to wrestle with that angel that was parked on your shoulder telling you to not do this or that. That angel got taken out with a 12 gauge by the Progressives and Liberals on Black Tuesday.

Given that America’s majority no longer believes that killing innocent citizens or law enforcement agents precludes qualification to be either Attorney General or President, taking out a bad guy or just someone that annoys the ever loving crap out of you will no longer keep you awake at night. That is if you are a loyal Democrat. Ditto on hiding or concealing evidence of a conspiracy among your brethren, as long as they are in as deep as you are.

No longer will you have to hide your assets from investigators, seeking compensation for bad investments, that lost your investors billions when you plundered segregated accounts like rats invading your grain silo. No sir, if you had the best of intentions and have already spent your commissions, revealing your multiple vacation homes and yachts and jets, parked around the world is no longer going to affect your digestion or appetite for the next deal, as long as you donated to Obama.

From Nov. 6th forward, murder, fraud, conspiracy, cover-ups, theft and mayhem will no longer be the exception, but the rule…if you’re a Democrat. For instance, if you owe the IRS $5000 right now, they will hound you to the hubs of hell, take your bank accounts, your income, even sell your home. But if you’re an illegal alien, you can count on tens of thousands in benefits being handed to you just for the asking. As if 63 million idiots isn't enough.

Now if this doesn’t suck, nothing does. We are So Screwed.

Chickens coming Home

I couldn’t help but notice, over the past few days, that the chickens are coming home to roost for Obama supporters. Why just today I see that unemployment benefits for about 55,000 Ohioans is coming to an end, just before Christmas. It also looks like those college deductions are going to be axed, not just for Republicans but for everyone. On top of that, those elitist, LearJet, Limousine Liberals are going to be slammed with higher taxes, as a big wet kiss for helping elect the most corrupt president in history. And that isn’t the end of the good news.

It is now being reported that dozens of liberal owned or controlled companies are laying off employees or moving operations overseas, as a result of Obamacare. And who in the Ivory Towers didn’t know this on November 5th ?

Yes Pilgrims, the effects of Obamacare and resulting regulations, taxes and negative impact on healthcare have been a well kept secret since Nancy Pelosi told the country, “ You have to vote for it, to see what’s in it”.

Even the outspoken politicians that keep a permanent soapbox on the Capital steps have been negligent in silence, while pretending moral outrage. Of course, they are exempt from compliance of the most egregious, outrageous assault on America since Pearl Harbor.

And adding to the confusion that is “Obamacare”, many states are now announcing that they will NOT be establishing ‘exchanges’ to accommodate just one of the many dictates of this legislation. The reason….because the states cannot afford the cost. Yep, just like the rest of the regulation landslide, Obamacare forces the states to upchuck more taxpayer money to do what Washington, D.C. doesn’t want to do….pay for their folly.

The ability for the population to absorb the tidal wave of regulation and taxes to support, not just Obamacare, but all the 60 new regulations per day being generated by this dictatorship, has been severely underestimated.

The recent and ongoing layoffs will NOT compensate for what is coming, so all you Lefties can get used to the bad news, because there is a lot more to come. Before, this is over the smart Libs will be Conservatives and the dumb ones will be just the hopeless Commis they’ve always been.

We’re So Screwed.

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Dumbplumber's Gift to You

It has been a long time since the Dumbplumber has cheered out loud for the possibilities of America and Conservatism. It’s been a very long time, so you can spare about 13 minutes of yours to watch this. Be sitting somewhere you can’t break anything with your flailing arms.

Dumbplumber’s gift to you on Thanksgiving


Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Suffering the Consequences

Having had a couple of weeks to digest the aftermath of Nov. 6, I have come to the conclusion that America is So Screwed.

Conservatives know what happened. It is the RINOs from Main Street to Madison Ave, that haven’t figured it out. They blame everyone and every thing but themselves. “It was a failure to reach out”, “We didn’t bring the youth, women and Hispanics into the tent”, or “We didn’t excite our base”.


How about you took your base for granted! How about you dismissed Conservatives, with the blanket slogan, “Who you gonna vote for…Obama?” How about you ignored and marginalized someone that garnered about 5 million votes you DIDN’T get….Sarah Palin. How about my neighbor’s dog has a better judgment of people than the GOP political machine!

No, Romney, the GOP Party leaders and all the RINO talking heads missed one of the most important elements of winning an election….they didn’t stand for anything, just more of the same.

When you have the likes of John Boehner--who lacks the will to stop smoking--as your last firewall against Harry Reid, Valarie Jarrett, Barack Obama and Republican governors who cannot clean up their own election systems, you are most certainly doomed.

Dumbplumber has adopted a new reality when it comes to elections. Conservatives will never again win in the ballot box, but rather in Kevlar. Those that vote for a living and those that cultivate them must suffer the consequences of their actions.

If anyone disagrees, they are welcome to show me ANOTHER way forward.


Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Deluding the Sheeples

This is a response to a bunch of pencil pushing, temporarily deluded, Palin supporters actually believing a pro Sarah article written in the L.A. Times.

Sorry to have missed a bunch of this thread, but I actually have to work for a living. I’m back for lunch and I’ve seen more serious and constructive conversation on how to keep a puppy from crapping on the floor. And I might add, more convincing.

Look people, the typical campaign for both the Primary and the General election are now forever changed. It is no longer the candidate that characterizes the situation with promises of logical and common sense solutions. It is now the one that “mischaracterizes” the situation then pulls solutions out their ass, which causes the least amount of pain to the voters that will win these elections. The world is NOW upside down. Isn’t anyone watching what’s taking place with the UN, with the Middle East or with our Debt and spending?

If you can’t get a headline on CNN or the MSM that reflects why our government hung four Americans out to dry in Bengazi, who among you is deluded enough to believe that Sarah Palin will get more than 5 minutes of biased, deranged and destructive coverage over the course of another campaign. They will treat her like a leper with the bubonic plague.

All I’m hearing is, “WE HAVE TO TRY”. Well, boo, hoo, hoo, I’m here to tell you that, Steers try, Bulls do.

I’ve said this before on other blogs: Our solutions in the future will not be in the voting booth, but in Kevlar. I’ll let you brain trusts figure that one out.

When and until someone makes those responsible for the most corrupt and fraudulent election in America’s history pay for their actions--in a very painful and public way-- the outcome of the next one will be no different.

Get over yourselves, as long as you remain a debating society, nothing is going to change. Or, in other words, if you’re not part of the solution, you’re part of the problem.

Thursday, November 15, 2012

An Affair to Remember

General David Petraeus announced that he is resigning due to an extramarital affair. He admitted that he had been back-dooring President Obama and would make every effort to comfort Michele during his period of atonement. Just kidding.

However, Petraeus is about to admit that resigning over an affair was easier than admitting that he failed to send aid to Ambassador Stevens when he (Stevens) was begging for his life. Believe me when I tell you that Bengazi was a day in the park next to a night with Mrs. Petraeus since this news broke.

Furthermore, since Petraeus no longer needs to protect his job, we might see some very interesting testimony at the upcoming Congressional hearings. It’s one thing to cover your ass, to protect your position, your agency and your president. It’s quite another to forever sully your reputation to protect a mad Marxist on his way to taking over our country, transforming our entire economy and burying our Constitution under the Communist Manifesto dustcovers…..forever.

And not to belabor the issue, but Gen. Petraeus has the one and only opportunity to turn the tables on THIS White House in front of hundreds of lawmakers, thousands of political lackeys and millions of viewers….but will he?

Hey Dave, time to fish or cut bait. Time to show what you are truly made of. Time for you to honor the “Oath of Office” you took in the military then again as CIA director. Time for you to do what no one else--charged with enforcing the Constitution--has the cojones to do.

No Dave, the time has long ago passed for you to do the right thing. It is now time for you to do the ONLY thing left to do to turn this country around. Never again--though you may write a book or two--will you have the opportunity to atone for your sins against America.

Suck it up Dave. Grow a pair. Man up. Do the right thing. Remember that your $100k plus a year retirement, complete with unlimited healthcare, is not only sacrosanct, but something that none of the rest of us could dream about. Remember, it is us, not you, that are so Screwed. Yeah, like this is going to happen.

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Making California Count

This is in response to a recent column from Tom Elias, printed in the Record Searchlight:

Well Tom, there are many ways to make California count. But none of them are what you have in mind, or were shared by your cadre of Lefties. Since the ballot box isn’t going to get’ur done, we are left with some interesting alternatives.

One: Shut off the electricity to every “Greenie” in California. Make ‘them’ live like they want the rest of us, on renewable energy ONLY… first.

Two: Make all the “Liberals” drive electric, hybrid or bean fart powered vehicles. That includes commercial vehicles, if any of them actually own a business.

Three: Have all the folks that registered as Democrats split the cost of the ‘High Speed Rail to Nowhere‘. We will soon learn how much they love throwing good money at a bad idea.

Four: Every time the unions in California get a raise or entitlement junkies get a cost of living increase, make it law to extend the raise to ‘every’ employed person in the state. We’ll soon see how much these fools like inflation.

Five: All pension and benefit plans for union workers shall be extended to every worker in the State. And in the case of the uber-wealthy Lefties, everyone they have employed in their factories, farms or businesses, where ever they are, gets paid the same as in California. Let’s see how much the Left likes it when everyone is on the same playing field.

Six: In the event that none of these alternatives interest those that have chosen to make California the ugly step child or laughing stock of the planet, perhaps an open season on left-wing nut bags. If you are proposing any policy, law, regulation or fee that is unsustainable in practice, you will be hunted down and dealt with by a very ugly old Italian lady with a hairy eyeball. In the alternative, you can just turn yourself in to any biker bar for the “Posterior kicking of your Life“.

There, that ought to make a difference.



Abandoned Us

It has been in stunned disbelief that I am reviewing the comments coming in from the Establishment GOP, their mouthpieces at the Weekly Standard, the National Review and other RINO outlets. Comments like, “We need to be more moderate”, “We need a bigger tent”, “We didn’t reach out to Blacks and Latinos”. It’s kind of like the old quote, I believe, from Groucho Marx, “I wouldn’t join any club that would have me”. And right now, that’s the GOP.

In the face of overwhelming evidence that Nov. 6th was stolen by the Left, there is an underwhelming movement to make it right. Even VP candidate Paul Ryan has announced that, “Obama beat us fair and square”. Nevermind that the evidence proves otherwise.

My point is that America’s political system has swam out beyond the bouys. And nowhere are there lifeguards willing to save it.

Caught in the crossfire are the Rightwing Conservatives like Glenn Beck, who is building a Conservative media network devoted to reason, common sense and the Constitution. The good news is that his TV, radio, print and all associated enterprises empire are designed to keep Conservatives entertained and hopeful until the next election.

The bad news is, by the time we have another meaningful election, the scandalous and uncorrected behavior of Nov. 6th, will like an often repeated lie, become part of accepted history and election policy. And unlike any popular Hollywood movie, the Bad guys won and are now dragging John Wayne’s body through the streets behind a Chevy Volt.

Unfortunately the answers do no lay in the voting booth…been there, done that. It also doesn’t exist with everyday, hard working, law-abiding citizens. We have hundreds, even thousands of current and retired Secret Service agents, tens of thousands of qualified snipers from the military, hundreds of thousands of armed law enforcement officers and hundreds of law makers, each of which swore to uphold our Constitution and none have moved to eliminate those that would harm us.

No sir, we are lost because those that could save us have abandon us.  Don't ask me to do the job they swore an oath to do.  We Are So Screwed.

Monday, November 12, 2012

Obama's Utopia

Well we can add Brooklyn and Rockaway to the Number One priority list for our “Inevitable” president. Up there with jobs, energy conservation, green energy, foreign relations, economic stimulation, printing money, saving the middle class, and playing golf while Coney Island burns has made it a little crowded on, “The Head of the Number One pin”. Although, all that ‘winning an election’ seemed to be paramount at a very ugly time indeed, what with Bengazi, Fast and Furious, Hurricane Sandy and rigging the vote. I mean a man can do just so much when dodging a mulligan.

Ah yes, the folks from Staten Island to Long Island are now the poster children for the rest of us in the second Obama administration. Shattered lives, lost homes, no power or water, little medical care, non-existent transportation, power struggles between entrenched unions and non-union relief personnel and that’ll be between disasters.

Yes, welcome to Obama’s Utopia. Where arrogant narcissism meets self inflicted ignorance. A place where promises outweigh action, intentions collide with performance and results elude Central Planning. A place where the stroke of a pen is the last action fulfilling a presidential command. And just like the “Jobs Counsel”, the Justice Dept. investigations and the State Department commissions, the only thing getting done is ‘time’ itself.

Welcome to a place and time where the Exalted Leader proclaims solutions for runaway problems that defy logic, reason or any stretch of a semi- intelligent imagination. All of which is accepted by 50% of an electorate that is either fundamentally illiterate, entitlement addicted, or are bathing in the Kool Aid provided daily by the media or tabloid personalities.

Meanwhile the rest of us are thunderstruck with the lunacy or shocked by patently contrived policies designed to expand government, backfill pension losses, prop up union bosses and funnel federal tax dollars to more union jobs, just somewhere south of 8% of our nation’s non-governmental work force. A small target being deluged with billions in non-refundable dollars.

Yessir, this next four years will be an obliteration of everything we have held dear for over 200 years. And no amount of ‘legal’ resistance will make a dent in the carnage. We are So Screwed.

Sunday, November 11, 2012

The Gouging Gods

Ah, ha, now we have a story that I can get my teeth into. Price gouging.

I don’t mean somebody raising prices 10, 20 or even 50% percent, when his closest competitor runs out of a product. I don’t mean when a hurricane devastates a region, leaving people without electricity, heat, food, water or shelter.  I’m not talking about folks without transportation because their cars are stacked, one upon another, the buses and taxies not navigating the streets for all the debris or when the subways are submerged with seawater. I don’t even mean when the dwellings are so damaged living there is out of the question.

No, I’m not talking about when life as we know it has ceased to exist and homo sapiens are relegated to foraging and scrounging the land for the necessities of life, just to get bye. And opportunists are milking every ounce of profit from dwindling resources, because some have more, to pay more for less, no matter the consequences to the have-nots. Nor am I talking about gougers denying the basics of life to those who cannot pay. 

What I’m talking about are The Super Bowl, The World Series and my personal pain-in-the-ass event, Hot August Nites in Reno, Nevada, the Gouging Gods

Now you can argue that nobody needs to go to the Super Bowl or the World Series. Nor do they have to endure more than one day of inflated room charges, ridiculous parking fees or outrageous admission for the privilege of sitting through 60 minutes of action and about 3 hours of ‘instant replays’, fouls, penalties, T.V. commercials and the ever dreaded ‘Half time Show’.

But if you’re ever unfortunate enough to break down, visit relatives, plan a wedding at the ‘Tunnel of Love Chapel’ or just happen to stumble into Reno, Sparks, Carson City, Lake Tahoe or Winnemucca, Nevada on the last weekend in July thru the first week in August, God help you.

You’d best have a fist full of cash, a bottomless credit card, or a rich uncle living near a Western Union if you’re going to exist for those 14 days. Those two weeks, beginning the week before, the weekend of and a few days after make hurricane Katrina plus hurricane Sandy together look like someone passing gas, in El Segundo, after a bad burrito.

Now you could argue that no one needs to go to Hot August Nites. That is true, but no one needs to go to Mecca, the Vatican, Nashville or Branson either, but it seems they do, just as lemmings to the sea. But while the Mecca through Branson are believed to be religious pilgrimages-- both Eastern and Western-- nothing quite compares to the homage given to the automobile in Northwestern Nevada.

Hence my irritation for the price gouging. You think doubling or tripling a hotel room rate irrational. How about multiplying it by 10 then adding injury to insult, forcing you to take Friday, Saturday and Sunday if you’re unlucky enough to need a room on Thursday. Nevermind the $3 and $4 mini-bottles of water, the $10 parking fees to watch a three hour cruise or inflated menu prices, just try to get on the normally free WiFi for less than $25 bucks.

The pirates in Reno and Sparks make hucksters in Long Island look like amateurs. At least in Long Island you can walk away from the disaster area in less than an hour, but you cannot drive away from the wholesale rip offs of Reno in the same time.

So the next time a tornado, hurricane or earthquake ravages someone’s home town, ignore the gouging. Whatever or wherever it is, it doesn’t hold a candle to the gouging in Northern Nevada every summer. And the absence of prosecution for these offenses is not lost on this Dumbplumber.




Thursday, November 08, 2012

Don't Blame Me

Can we please cut out all the post election crap! “Republicans didn’t have a ground game”, “They couldn’t get out the vote”, “the GOP couldn’t get the women or the young voters”, ….etc, etc. Horsehockey!

Hey, here’s a vowel or two and a few clues I will give you for free. You got your butts kicked because you wouldn’t listen. You wouldn’t listen to common sense, you wouldn’t listen to reason, you wouldn’t listen to those fully invested in saving America, not just saving the GOP status quo, which BTW is what you just lost anyway. You talked and talked, but you wouldn't listen.

Once you blow the wax out of your ears, once you pull your heads out of your posteriors, once your closest friends and family slap the ever loving crap out of you, you might consider that you are on the wrong side of both history and an election that you should have won in a cakewalk.

You lost for the same reason you continue to raise the Debt Ceiling. You lost for the same reason you let ObamaCare waltz through Congress, with a whimper instead of a brawl. You lost because you keep backfilling bad debt, bad decisions and bad union pensions with good taxpayer money. You lost because there isn’t a testicle among you, Congresswomen notwithstanding.

You lost because you have more interest in protecting your pay and benefits than protecting those that are paying for them. You lost because you squandered your T.V. facetime whimpering about the lack of bi-partisanship instead of calling out your Leftard colleagues for the Commi/Facsist bastards they are. You lost because you are far more comfortable making promises than keeping them.

So don’t start on me about poor turnout, don’t start on me about “not getting out your message”--I got your message, I didn’t believe it and I hung up on your campaign beggars, who wouldn’t do something as simple as taking me off your list or stop interrupting my dinners.

 Quite frankly I stopped listening to you after you trashed, mocked and dismissed your Primary competition and shut them out of your campaign. You piss on my friends, you piss on me. Now I’m pissing on you. So while you’re out here in your car elevator, licking your wounds, just remember unlike your elevator, ours goes all the way to the top. Dumbplumber

Wednesday, November 07, 2012

GOPs Folly

Well, it’s over, sort of. What 10 million said in 2008, only 3 million said in 2012, we are a nation of idiots. Voters have spoken, no doubt some three, five, maybe ten times. Hell, with 44 million on food stamps, eight million new disability claimants and over 23 million still on unemployment, these ‘entitled’ alone could have put the first Fascist President back in office.

Although a cynic like me still has a hard time swallowing the results. Over the past four years, Obamaniacs have been dropping like flies. Jilted Big Business partners dumb enough to buy into his rhetoric, after millions in losses, booted his cheerleading fundraisers in the caboose and out the door. Legions of disgruntled investors took him off speed dial and ripped up his Christmas cards. And that was before he began running for his second term.

Millions of dreamers caught up in the hysteria of Obamacare--the single largest Tax and Spend scam ever perpetrated upon a country--were brought out of their stupor, once someone actually read it. Millions more were displaced, when their non-union companies were completely ignored when it came time to dole out the hundreds of billions in Porkulus contracts. But that was just the beginning.

In the last two years, the crop failure of all that “government investment” in green energy was just beginning to come to no fruition. When the billions poured into the black hole of mother Gaia decided NOT to come back in the fruit salad as promised. Instead it was sucked up by bloated salaries, bonuses and union construction jobs that lasted longer than the companies they were building for.

Meanwhile the GOP in their imminent wisdom plucked the most successful ‘Ken" doll they could find to take down the Campaigner-in-Chief. Of course, to do this the Grand ole Party proceeded to steam roll all other up- and-comers, including the Tea Party supported favorites, dismissing anyone other than Old-Rich-White guys as unsuitable to run for this position.

Towards the end, tens of billions, the government extorted from all taxpayers added to trillions more borrowed from China and other suckers looking to buy into America, was used to prop up the failing auto industry, while they, the Big Two, shed anything that smelled of non-union. The net affect was billions were lost by innocent investors and workers in an illegal bankruptcy, that will never be rectified by an Eric Holder Justice Dept.

Adding to this disgrace, Fast and Furious and the more recent Benghazi Massacre were treated like misspelled words in a term paper, by the Left Wing MSM. A few dead bodies are just acceptable losses in a war against common sense and reason.

But from the beginning, Executive Orders kept everyone on the Right off balance, as the tsunami of directives and regulations from Federal agencies and the growing roster of Czars flooded America with distractions, too numerous to mention, much less than highlight in the evening news cycle.

It cannot be ignored that Conservatives were never part of the equation. Because between the arrogance and dismissiveness of the GOP, combined with a steady drumbeat of “stupid Tea Baggers” from the Left, those with cooler heads were never in the game.

In the final days, the polls had it exactly wrong. Wonderstruck with the dozens of newspaper turnarounds and withdrawn support of former Democrat allies, hundreds of Big Business leaders abandoning ship, thousands of shuttered businesses, tens of thousands losing rock solid retirements, hundreds of thousands driven back into the workforce because of inflation and reduced retirement and millions facing bankruptcy, through no fault of their own, the GOP began believing their own rhetoric.

A Nevada Odds Makers could not have staged a more believable outcome--in fact most didn’t. The Chicago thug, the Community Organizer, the Campaigner in Chief and America’s biggest apologist has forfeited seven tenths of his last victory to eeck out another. Wow, who could have seen this coming except his unions, his political thugs and a campaign machine who knows how to win…one way or another.

Forget the Wednesday morning quarterbacking and second guessing. While the Economic Wunderkind and the GOP, wearing black arm bands, will never understand why they lost. Licking their wounds, The GOP will forever be trying to figure out how come they lost an election by 3 million votes, when they considered the Tea Party--a movement of 15 million-- as irrelevant and too conservative. Nevermind that 'moderate' Republicans have lost the last two presidential elections, one would have thought Paul Ryan, the numbers guy would have seen this coming. We are STILL so Screwed.

Tuesday, November 06, 2012

Disastrous History

You know, history is a hoot. Take disaster relief for instance. Whether it be earthquakes in Italy, Greece, China or Upchuckistan, floods in So. America, the Philippines, or Costa Rica or volcano eruptions in Venezuela, Chile, or the Mediterranean, America has planes in the air and on the ground in the affected area within hours.

In fact, there is nowhere in the world experiencing a natural disaster that America isn’t first in line providing food, water, clothing and shelter via an air force second to none in the world. Our capacity to move goods and personnel within hours of a disaster is unparalleled among all the developed countries, and in fact often provide services relief into another developed country before they can…..until now.

Seems that Coney Island, Rockaway and parts of Long Island have become parts of inter-galactic orbs, since hurricane Sandy came on shore less than two weeks ago. Incredibly, federal disaster relief is virtually non-existent for the victims, who are mere miles from the financial capital of the world. It is also curious that the networks, who didn’t have to cart equipment and personnel half way around the world to capture the desperation and devastation, are suspiciously silent on the White House incompetence, during this historic disaster. Our current administration notwithstanding.

Now to be fair, whilst fresh water and abundant food is available less than 100 miles away, the mere fact that semis bearing these relief supplies don’t have the toll clearances, proper permits or union drivers to deliver these vital supplies to hurricane victims, 10 days after the storm, speaks volumes. Nay, even the National Guard has been banned from assistance to victims because they carry guns to maintain order in the mean streets owned by gangs and thugs. And that is just the union goons.

No, America is lost if we can’t get Spam and Sparkletts from Pennsylvania to Long Island in 10 days, or close air support just 45 minutes away from a seven hour massacre, but somehow can manage to get the Commander-in-Chief from a historic disaster on the East Coast to the Las Vegas Strip in less than 4 hours, for a fundraising event.

We are So Screwed.