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Saturday, August 27, 2011

Selling Newspapers

This is a response to recent newspaper accounts critical of the new Community Services District Board and Management, who are acting in the best interest of the Community:

Seems that every family has a crazy uncle, however, ours happens to own a newspaper. And ever since the publisher of the Mt Echo took it upon himself to pick and choose his own facts instead of asking for clarity from those he has targeted to malign, one must wonder if his tinfoil hat is experiencing some interference.

Sensationalizing a headline is one thing. But willful ignorance and fabrication in a story is quite another. I have attended several Community Service District (CSD) meetings and my one observation is that he asks far more questions in his articles and editorials than he does at the meetings. In fact, at the last required ‘public input meeting’ for the Municipal Service Review (MSR) the Echo publisher asked NO questions at all. Perhaps honest, direct answers stifles his creative juices.

And while he asks no questions, he does spend considerable effort phoning government officials, sticking his nose into their fiefdoms, requesting comments on documents generated for the benefit of the CSD and the citizens of this valley. Nevermind that the controversial document (the MSR) was intentionally developed to go far beyond the scope of the ‘offended’ agencies, due to its many other purposes, as detailed by Valarie Lakey the week before. I make no apologies for fees paid to a private consultant, when they are less than government lackeys with an agenda.

The MSR wasn’t added into law until 2000 under Govt. code 56000 and is, in part, “designed to capture and analyze information about governance, structures and efficiencies of service providers and identify opportunities for greater co-ordination and cooperation between providers”, (Contra Costa LAFCO). YES, EIGHT YEARS ‘BEFORE’ OUR RESCUE BEGAN.

So, for those little bitty minds at the Echo and Shasta LAFCO, the Fall River CSD in general and John Van den Berg in particular was acting, not just within their jurisdiction, but under the laws governing Special Districts when they reached out to other districts for ‘co-ordination and co-operation‘, as untimely as it may seem.

Therefore, I apologize for the Mt. Echo NOT discovering the incompetence, fraud, embezzlement and irresponsibility of previous CSD administrations sooner. Terry Briggs

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Our Contenders

Oh, I don’t know, of the top Republican presidential contenders, which ones are campaigning on:

A) Adherence to the Constitution,

B) Shrinking the size of government,

C) Promoting personal responsibility,

D) Cutting regulations?

Yeah, I didn’t see one either.

Monday, August 08, 2011

Sound Advice

If Obama heeds Rahm Immanuel’s advice to, “Never waste a crisis”, I suggest you buckle up. Because Barack is gonna hand us a “Doozy“.

Thursday, August 04, 2011

Palin's Opening Salvo

Dumbplumber has taken the initiative of drafting an opening salvo for President Palin. It was originally written for a State candidate, but revised for the position of president:

Good Evening ladies and gentlemen,

I shouldn’t be here tonight. I shouldn’t have to be. I should be home watching a hockey game or having dinner with my family. But I’m not.
I have forsaken my family, my favorite pastimes and many think my sanity to be with you tonight, not because I want to be here, but because I need to be here.

America is NOT in the tank because our political leaders care, but because they don’t care… for the taxpayers, they don’t care… about the future and they most certainly haven’t learned anything about history.

No, I’m here because I must be here. I must be here to give all of you some idea of what it would be like to once again live in a country where everyone could be optimistic about their futures, where everyone could depend on their leaders to look out for their rights, welfare and security. Folks, we are well beyond the time to consider the needs of lobbyists, special interest groups and gratuitous environmentalists and begin to consider the best interests of the taxpayers that make our government engine work.

With wild abandon, we have sped our way to the edge of the abyss, but it’s time to slam on the brakes and claw our way back to something that resembles reality and let American ingenuity, productivity and creativity work its time tested results. Time to resurrect America from the dustbin of failure and let it rise from the ashes of a fire that was ignited by those with more ambition than consideration for the citizens.

It is a matter of record that while ecological activists, union bosses, the barons of the bureaucratic process and corporate lobbyists were stampeding Washington for their pieces of the economic pie, America was being elevated from the world’s largest economy to a balance sheet more resembling a European socialist nation.

It doesn’t take a Wharton economist to know what was taking place. We were spending and spending and taxing and spending until, we were bowing and scraping to our enemies, begging them to lend us money.

And how did the voters react? First, they voted for a change of course in 2010. It was a landslide statement to Washington that business as usual had to stop. But did Congress hear you? No, I didn’t think they did. They did however slow the runaway race to the edge.

So, not heeding the ring of the recession bell, what did Washington D.C. do? Well, it kept doing what it has always done, tax, fine, fee and penalize its citizens to raise more money while simultaneously spending itself into the toilet. They learned nothing from their predicament and their voting records prove it.

The question is whether you folks have figured it out. This election isn’t about me, it’s about you. It’s about your future here in America.

What this election means to you is a chance to start climbing out of this hole and doing it with the support of those elected to represent you, not the collective leeches of society, who have sucked all the air out of the room and all the money out of the treasury. It is far beyond the time to recognize what makes this Country work.

It is time to take our Nation back, scuttle what has been sinking us while adopting what has historically made us great. We aren’t sunk yet, but the waves are lapping over the gunnels. The paying passengers are leaving in droves and the vultures are circling to gorge on the morsels who refuse to leave. Make no mistake folks, there are vultures who fully intend to engorge themselves with the assets left behind, by those seeking self preservation rather than enrichment, assets that will be sold to the highest bidder, no matter how low it is.

I am fully prepared to start bailing the water from the ship. I am willing to do whatever it takes to set America right, no matter whose feelings get hurt. Time to let new leaders do the work that hasn’t been done for decades.

Thank you.

Tuesday, August 02, 2011

Buying it Forward

Buying it Forward

It hardly does justice to observe that Liberals share much, if not most, of their DNA with raving Loons. Evidenced by Jimmy Carter‘s tenure. After losing his second run at the presidency, it could not be ignored that millions still voted for him, and they were allowed to breed afterwards, even though to vote for him you had to be inbred already.

What else can account for the mental acuity that believes you can borrow yourself to prosperity, spend yourself out of debt and drink yourself into sobriety.

For example: If there is NO risk of borrowing and raising the Debt Ceiling why doesn’t the government just borrow 50 or 60 trillion bucks, then cut million dollar checks to every American? Talk about a party. And pay it back? Hell no. We’re not paying it back now!

Another example: If unions are such a great deal (understand, corrupt union pensions are already trillions under funded) then why isn’t every American unionized. Yes, paper boys and window washers with negotiated wages, full health and pension benefits. What could go wrong?

No, for Liberals, Progressives and other assorted Socialists and Marxists the trick is a careful balancing act of buying enough votes to win elections, (who either already are entitlement junkies or are members of unions easily directed by their thug representatives) but not buying any more than you need to win. All of which is evidenced by the last few trillion being thrown at public and private sector unions to fully fund their jobs, health plans and pensions.

Problem is, non-unionized Americans are onto the scam. While they represent over 80% of America’s taxpayers, they realize 0% of the stimulus/investment/infrastructure spending spree, but only represent about 48% of active voters.

Which brings me to the Libtard notion that government creates jobs. Except for street vendors, perpetual yard sales and E-Bay mavens, we are already working for the government. Try not paying your taxes and see how much you have left when Uncle Sam is done with you.