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Thursday, May 21, 2009

Sandblasting After the Prez

Has anyone but me noticed that our current occupant in the Half White Out House is not just losing support, but he can’t seem to gain any supporters, while losing what he has. I mean in the six months since he was elected, Obama has made an art of disappointing his followers. Has he gained support anywhere? I don’t think so. Lost some? Oh yeah.

Personally, I want to go take a shower every time I see this clown at a podium. No, make that a high pressure washer or sand blaster to get the slim off. The steady drip, drip, drip of disappointment to supporters, sycophants and MSNBC anchors is palpable. But nothing says, “I love you” like trying to make sense of the nonsense coming out of the Half White Outhouse. But I digress.

From Guantanamo Bay, to the War in Iraq, to the War in Afghanistan, to the release of “torture” photos, to the profound lack of transparency within his transparent administration, to his carte blanch support of late term abortions, to continuation of military commissions, to AIG bonuses, to warrantless wiretaps, to a major political faux pas (s) with the King of Saudi Arabia, the Queen of England and in the hinterlands when he referred to the “57” states of the U.S.. The man is a walking, talking Dr. Erwin Cory.

Folks, what we have here is a front row seat to the unwinding of America and all her values. And if you got a whiff of the dwindling foundation under the Half White POTUS, get ready for the biggest bottle of Dime Store perfume you have ever smelled. The curtain is again being pulled aside from that man behind it, to reveal he is just pulling the levers and turning the wheels that makes everyone shiver with angst. Don’t worry, Speaker Pelosi isn’t anywhere near those missing Courage, a Heart or a Brain. She is busy back at the beauty parlor getting her Botox rebooted and sucking up all the aforementioned qualities she so sorely lacks.

Get used to it people. You can’t stop stupid. And in the case of Pelosi and company, you can’t even slow it down.

Hail to the Disappointer in Chief

You knew it had to happen sooner or later. The Everything-to-Everybody-Hoopmeister has really stepped into it with the Indiana State Teacher’s Retirement Fund. Seems that they were holding a good chunk of Chrysler bonds in their Fund, when Obama and Friends “press ganged” lenders and bondholders into taking pennies on the dollar, violating bankruptcy laws, under the threat of media condemnation and harassment.

Whoa Buckwheat. Yes, I said the Indiana State Teacher’s Retirement Fund, one of many of the Teacher’s Funds that dot our nation, that is made up mostly of Liberal, Progressive, Obama supporting, Obama voting public employees, that have just begun to feel the sting of Obama’s forked tongue.

Yes my friends, this is the top, not the bottom of the iceberg, that just got whacked by the SS Lawn Jockey, while the Fund managers were still orgasmic from the November elections. My, what could go wrong in 120 days? That’s really a rhetorical question, you don’t have to answer it.

Truth be known, between Chrysler, GM, Ford and other major manufacturers, Public and Private employee unions, hold hundreds of billions in bonds and stocks in companies that Mr. Obama is about to makeover or turn to dust. And while this may be a new story, get used to it. There is to be many sequels. I can just see it now.

“Bonnie and Obama--a Love Story”…. Bonnie and Obama’s bodies are discovered in a bullet ridden Prius, in Times Square, during happy hour and there are NO witnesses. They were all drowning their sorrows over financial losses.

“The Wreck of the Obama Fitzgerald”…The Obama Fitzgerald, laden with millions and millions of broken promises, fights its way through choppy waters, seeking solid ground, or at least someone to buy more of our worthless Treasuries.

Stay tuned, The SS Lawn Jockey is unsinkable.

Friday, May 15, 2009

Dear Arnie

Dear Arnold,

Unlike the hero, Lone Starr, in Spaceballs, you do not possess the “Swartz”. That is the mysterious, but unbridled power to right all wrongs, cure all ills, rescue all damsels and save all civilizations from doom. No Arnold, you may be a Schwarzenegger (translation is the dark plowman), but you definitely have no Swartz.

Let me tell you how you got into this mess, then you might get hint as to how you can get out.

A. You have allowed the Environmental Movement to run many of our successful companies out of the State. They have done this by locking up most of the natural resources (ie: timber, mining and agriculture) to protect any non-descript and most times non-native species from extinction here. What’s left has been relegated into near oblivion with draconian regulation.

B. To adjust for the loss of tax revenues as a result of “A”, you have raised taxes on almost everything else to compensate.

C. And in a final coupe de gras, you have allowed the public employee unions to dictate pay and benefit packages to the extent that they have plans, not just well advanced of the private sector, but unsustainable by the private sector, because investment losses experienced by PERS must be made up by the rest of us taxpayers. A really sweet deal if anybody is dumb enough to fall for it. And apparently they did.

D. So now you have maxed out your outgo, maxed out your income(ie raised taxes on everything and more) and you are still in the dumper. What is a Schwarzenegger to do. Oh yeah, I know. Instead of correcting the mistakes of the past, you go out and get a Proposition to bamboozle those that are already paying for your mistakes to pay some more. Into infinity, and beyond.

What next? Maybe do an end run around Prop. 13? Hmm. Hey Arnie, here’s a flash for you. Gray Davis is starting to look good. So when you are next gazing through those rose colored glasses over the tip of your Cohiba, you just might consider that you are starring in the biggest disaster film of all time.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Politically Correct Left

Just when did The Right have to be so “schtupping” politically correct, when the Left spends most of their time smearing the Right with cold, mean, vicious, vile, cruel, attacks more appropriate for foreign terrorists, child molesters or serial killers. Apparently no attack is too low to stifle a chuckle from the Left, the far Left and the Swam out past the buoys, ding-a-ling, frothing at the mouth Left. Of course making themselves all busy foul-mouthing the Right keeps them from actually looking at what’s going on behind the curtains at the Half White Outhouse.

Never mind that the Displeaser-in-Chief hasn’t made one car payment, bought one tank of gas, saved one private sector job, made one rent payment nor put one shaky corporation on sound financial footing, despite shoving about $3trillion in new taxes up America’s butt. But polls say he’s doing great. COMPARED TO WHAT!!!!!

By this logic, we need to release Jeffery Skilling, dig up Ken Lay and round up the old Arthur Anderson shysters and toss them the keys to the old Enron building with our sincerest apologies for any inconvenience. The losses they generated wouldn’t make a down payment on the fraud we are about to experience.

About the only thing the Poser-in-Chief has accomplished is to, all but, guarantee that American unions--only 18% of American workers--will be guaranteed job security at the expense of the rest of us for the next few decades. Whether it be building cars, bridges, a power grid or free housing for the poor-and-trodden-down pipples, workers will be pounding, cutting, pouring and painting to Reggae music, when they’re not taking a “pot” break to plan how to milk this gig a few more years. Hey, not to worry, the private sector will be picking up the tab, no matter how big the tab is.

And the $4 trillion dollar gorilla in the room will be Obama’s version of Hillary’s Universal Health Care. Of course you will correct me with the proposed $1.5 trillion over 10 years, but I can wait to win this bet. Government has never even come close to guessing what any plan will cost, especially one that gets the leaders re-elected.

Go ahead, make my day.

Friday, May 08, 2009

Obama's Chinks in the Armor

What? Do I detect some chinks in the Armor, some cracks in the dam, some wrinkles in the plan? From States rights, to civil rights, to the rule of law, the Community Organizer-in-Chief is finally finding the resistance he has worked so hard for, and so richly deserves. You see folks, this is what happens when you’ve swallowed the bait, hook line and sinker before your boat is even in the water.

Not everyone bought into Obama’s movie trailer. Thinkers knew that “Hope and Change” was just a flashy poster in front of the theatre that had little, of anything, to do with the pending movie. It was the subtext of his grandiose scheme that spelled doom to his overall plans: A new energy grid, healthcare for everyone, college educations, were just some of the pie-in-the- sky promises from Barrack. And the kicker, tax breaks for 95% of America. Damn, he almost had me there.

Do the math people. Ten trillion in additional spending and NO new taxes. Well er, uh, maybe no new federal INCOME TAXES. Of course, every other tax in the nation will go ballistic, but not that shiny income tax over there, behind the curtain.

Who’s kidding who here. I mean there’s a ton of money tucked away on the sidelines, quietly nestled in offshore accounts or in a power crouch in investment accounts just waiting to pounce on the first golden opportunity.
But who in their right mind is going to risk a shekel when they could be facing a government takeover, Presidential intervention or a Congressional slight-of-hand trick that could turn an investment into a steaming dog turd?

No folks, what we have here is the laces coming out of Obama’s basketball shoes. You see, he spent his misspent youth “taking” from Government and “giving” to the less fortunate--of course taking a little taste for himself and his bosses along the way--while building a following. But after years of scamming the taxpayers of Chicago, Cook County, the State of Illinois and the U.S. Government, He now is “The Government”. And the folks he is scamming now are the taxpayers, not a bunch of candy ass bureaucrats. And that isn’t going over very well with either the wealthy Right or Left, who have discovered that Obama’s quest for a Socialist Society, takes no prisoners.

Friday, May 01, 2009

Mr. Obvious

Hello Mr. Obvious

You just have to love the Appeaser-in-Chief. He is busy releasing classified CIA documents on the Fraternity Hazing rituals at GITMO, but won’t release his college transcripts. He is all busy being Mr. Transparency-in-Chief, but won’t allow the release of his wife’s college thesis.

Yes Folks, Mr. Openness won’t release who crippled his campaign website to allow illegal contributions from people living in the U.S. with names that have no vowels, people living overseas that have a vested interest in Obama being President and anyone else that wanted to circumvent campaign finance laws, to get illegal donations funneled into ACORN, the Far Left campaign organizations and Major Media Markets.

In fact, the abuse of words like “transparency, openness, and accountability” has made them virtually useless, inasmuch as their repetition in selective conversations, have NO relationship to this administration as a whole. From Blagojevich, to campaign fraud, to cabinet picks, to voter fraud, to bailout mania, all are rife with concealment, cover-up and smokescreens. Cover-up is about as relevant as “at the end of the day” when it comes to political rhetoric. IT MEANS NOTHING PEOPLE. GET OVER IT.

The fun part is, that while Obama keeps on talking, talking and talking, he is revealing, revealing and more revealing. For example: Obama plans to cripple the American economy with excessive regulation, pro-union policies, taxes and environmental controls, while he supports countries--many of whom do not like us--with foreign aid and trade, when these countries do not respect civil rights, human rights, ANY environmental controls or working conditions. Nothing quite like leveling that playing field.

He was all about getting GITMO shut down and prosecuting those responsible for harsh interrogation techniques, but can’t seem to find a stateside prison--or home country--that wants these dirt bags. Yes, boys and girls it just keeps getting better and better. The deeper the hole, the faster we dig. Soon, we will be getting taxed on the sunlight shipped to us in our underground bunkers. But hey, as they say, WE WON.

Basic Math

It is becoming painfully obvious that America is terminally stupid. Now I don’t mean your garden variety, porch sitting, tobacco spitting stupid, but rather the swallow the gun barrel, deer in the headlights, felony stupid. And the latest statistics on Obama’s approval ratings says it all.

52% of America says that Obama and Congress are spending us into oblivion, while as much as 63% says el Presidente is doing a fine job. Well folks, unless 52 and 63 somehow now equals 100, America is further in the tank than I thought. Jesus people, if you can make sense out of this you are ready to fill a few slots at Treasury.

To be more specific, Obama has failed to keep any promises he made during his campaign, or since. But now that he has spent more money in the last 3 months than all presidents before him combined, with not so much as one success in saving jobs, homes or businesses, he enjoys approval ratings beyond Elvis Presley. Now that is Stupid cubed.

Now I don’t want to go a rant here, but someone needs to tell me what the hell is going on when the majority of our Country doesn’t realize that their heirs will inherit a debt that will shackle every newborn with over $100,000 in debt, just to paying interest, forget principle. And for what. To bailout banks and auto companies who should have gone through bankruptcy as a matter of practice, or to let a few hundred thousand union auto workers go home and watch Oprah at 80% pay, with full health benefits. Geesh, where do I sign up.

No people, what we have here is a front row seat to the undoing of America. When our Administration has the temerity to take money from 82% of non-union workers, who don’t have a gold plated health plan or a diamond encrusted retirement plan and hand it to those who do, just to maintain a solid voting block, well the country has gone off the rails.

Mr. Obama and his minions are about to discover the wrath of America that he had no idea existed. And having the likes of Arlen Specter leaving the life boat to get back on the Titanic isn’t exactly a move that inspires confidence.