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Saturday, May 19, 2007

The Politician's War

Has anyone else noticed that the War is tearing this country apart? The question is, just in how many pieces. Politicians on both sides as well as over and under the isle, who claim to represent their constituencies are themselves fragmented as to what to do about the War.

Just in case you are wondering, I am referring to the Iraq War. You know, the one where the former leader was a bloody dictator, who not only terrorized his own people, but had exercised a will to take over the entire Mid-East region and dominate the rest of the world by cornering the oil market with it’s massive reserves. After two failed attempts at expansion, Saddam was bottled up in Iraq, where he wiled away his days building palaces, gaming the “food for oil” program and raping and murdering his own people, when not shooting at U.S. aircraft. Yeah, that War.

First, there are the anti-War politicians, you know the ones who wouldn’t support conflict if their lives depended on it and are absolutely opposed to it from the start. Second, the Left, who voted for the War, because they were “lied” to, even though they had the same intelligence as France, Canada, Germany and Israel, and fully supported the invasion, but now are looking more for votes than conflict resolution.

Then there are the “…I support the troops, but not the War” types, who believe that we need soldiers to wear all those uniforms, drive those Humvees and operate the tanks we bought from contractors that finance the elections of D.C. politicians. Heaven forbid we should send them to a foreign country where bullets are flying. No, we should maintain cute little bases for them in countries that we pummeled into submission during WWI and WWII, that are now tourist destinations.

Of course, there are the “win at all cost”, but “don’t alienate the civilians” hawks, who actually thought it was a good idea to imbed reporters in a War zone with more than a pencil and note pad. The political opportunists pay for this little stroke of genius with the nightly body count and critical sound bites.

Then there are the scorched earth politicians, who firmly believe that “collateral damage” was a phrase invented in the 60’s and has about as much to do with a real War as “attention span”.

So while the decision makers bicker about how we should conduct ourselves in this War, Red State America hasn’t forgotten Sept. 11, nor the terrorist leaders, who have clearly spelled out “their” vision of Westerners in an Islamic State.

Monday, May 14, 2007

President's Approval Ratings

Well, the President’s approval rating has finally landed below 30%. It’s about time.
First of all, we have always known that over 50% of Americans were Democrats, Independents, Greens, Peace and Freedoms and a few Klingons thrown in for good measure. We also discovered that John Kerry couldn‘t lure sufficient voters from their caves, condos and communes in ’04 to crush the evil empire of Geo. Bush and Karl Rove. Fewer than 48% of registered voters wandered into the polling stations that year, less than voted on American Idol this year. I guess you get what you don’t vote for.

Secondly, for the remaining 20 some odd percent of turncoats, many were just fair weather friends anyway, always going whichever way the wind blows, possessing the principles of a carnival barker and spine of a jelly fish.

The relentless negative Media reporting can take credit for many others, whose wobbling moral compass is pointed far more toward self preservation and profits than any concern for God and country.

But more than a few points are the product of Hollywood, the major Networks and more than a few political zealots with dark and questionable connections to a financial force, whose hobby is bankrupting countries, by manipulating their currency.

No folks, we have purged the flotsam and jetsam from our ranks and those that remain will do as they always do, get the job done. While the whining, sniveling and gnashing consumes those paralyzed with inaction, the final one quarter will continue protecting, serving and providing for the rest.

Friday, May 04, 2007

Hear Ye Hear Ye

Hear Ye, hear Ye, take note and be advised.

Whereas, the President of the United States is the Commander in Chief of the military and,
Whereas, the Congress has power to declare War and is responsible for funding the War, the People find Congress wanting.

Inasmuch as, Congress, the President, the United Nations, including France, Israel, Britain, Germany, all “independently” concurred that Iraq had used weapons of mass destruction, possessed weapons of mass destruction and were pursuing development of atomic weapons, were in violation of numerous UN resolutions and had refused further UN inspections of sensitive weapons sites, were in violation of the terms and conditions of their surrender in the first Gulf War and,

Inasmuch as Saddam Hussein repeatedly violated the No Fly Zone with attack jets and missiles and breached the terms of the “food for oil” program, erstwhile starving his own people while building palaces for himself while raping and murdering his own citizens and,

Inasmuch as Congress, apprised of these violations and conditions, voted to go to War against Saddam, granting the War Powers Act to the President of the United States and,
Inasmuch as the State Department is the “diplomatic” arm of the Executive Branch and therefore endowed with the task of negotiating, clarifying and exercising the goals and objectives of the President of the United States, they have no burden of abdicating this responsibility to any other “Branch” of our government and,

Be it concluded the Speaker of the House as well as the leader of the Senate have both abused their positions to undermine the President, the War and the Warriors in addition to aiding, abetting and providing comfort to the enemy as well as breaching the division of powers as stipulated in the Constitution of these United States are guilty of treason, sedition and treachery of the highest order.

Thursday, May 03, 2007

Evolution Revelation

It was in the wee hours of the morning that it came to me. Scientists, pseudo intellectuals, Left wing commie scholars and half witted, highly educated atheists, along with a whole cadre of highly misinformed, but clueless agnostics, all have it wrong. They all dismiss ‘intelligent design’ or a higher power having created the life and the living we have today.

Now don’t confuse the Dumbplumber with the Born Again Right, the bible thumping do-gooders or the theologically adept. The Dumbplumber is just a simple observer. And on this subject he has observed that those who are supposed to know, don’t know diddly.

Oh, I have listened to the highbrows debate the theory of intelligent design against the science of evolution. In those debates, they both are wrong. Evolutionists believe and declare that there is NO science that supports intelligent design, while they cannot reproduce one speck of evidence how life began. On the other hand Creationists still can’t summon God to turn Michael Moore into a pillar of salt or have Rosie O’Donnell just sit down and shut up.

Now I don’t want the evolutionists to lay out the path from pond slim to the inner workings of Steven Hawking. But I certainly believe that some sign of their beliefs, should be reproducible. The ‘degree packing’ disbelievers are most likely struggling more with professional envy of ‘intelligent design’, rather than any real effort to reproduce it.

Now, I don’t expect today’s scientists to develop a complete human from clay and ashes, nor do I expect them to reproduce, say the human eyeball. But, is it too much to ask those that pooh, pooh ‘intelligent design’ to, say, conjure up a single cell amoeba or at least a small bowl of algae. It isn’t like they have to do it by guessing, for Christ’s sake, (no pun intended), they already have the finished product. They have the advantage over the original creator, in that they can reverse engineer it. (For those of you from the Blue counties, that means take apart the finished product and see how it was made)

Let’s face it, today’s engineers, biologists and scientists have the distinct advantage of the latest technologies, like lasers, fusion, fission and all those glass thingies with the colored liquids bubbling in the labs. On the other hand, life’s engineers only had water, dirt, lightning, nitrogen, oxygen, some methane gas, maybe some space aliens, and a few billion years to conjure up pond slime (which has often been mistaken for the legal community).

So, in the interest of fairness, the Dumbplumber will not speculate one way or the other on intelligent design or evolution. First, because that decision is well above his pay grade and second because it is a waste of his valuable time having a shoot out with an unarmed opponent. Because, if you can‘t reproduce some sort of life from all of today‘s scientific advances, don’t deny the existence of someone who already has.

Billionaire to Millionaires

Does anyone but me wonder why the Left, most likely funded by George Soros, under, doesn’t form their own T.V. network, so there would be secular progressive and socialist programming 24/7.

Just imagine, Rosie, Barbara Streisand, Sean Penn, Alec Baldwin, Sarandon, Sheehan, Robert Kennedy Jr. and Academy Award winner Al Gore, with guest appearances by Ted Kennedy, Nancy Pelosi and Presidential candidate Dennis Kucinich. I bet corporate America will be lined up to sponsor this all-star group.

On the other hand, Al Franken and Air America comes to mind. Isn’t turning billionaires into millionaires what the Left is all about?

Welcome Muslims

My dear friends and enemies,
There is some concern about the coming days, as it is clear that radical Islam is on the warpath. Militant Islam has, as it’s stated goal, declared war on all infidels, particularly Israel and America.

To Islams’ credit, they have immigrated to many countries on the globe and have set up shop. Not unlike other foreigners, Muslims cluster together in communities of other Muslims. But unlike other immigrants, Muslims maintain an iron fist on their wives and children, not letting them adjust to the ways, customs and cultures of their host countries.

Taking over many countries will not be a problem for the militant Muslims, as their governments are run by a bunch of panty wearing liberals. If at first the sheer number of Muslims protesting local customs is not enough to get the changes they want in laws and ordinances, they can always kill a few innocents to get the rest in line.

On the other hand, when the Muslim terrorists attempt these tactics here, some of our more famous American family members will be here to greet them. The Winchesters, the Remingtons, the Savages, the Marlins and the Smiths and Wessons are looking forward to their arrival.