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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

So, what do WE think?

So, what do WE think, about the Madness in Madison, we know what the pundits think. We know what the protestors think, because they have made their incoherent comments painfully unclear on the air. We know what the MIA Democrats think, because they have phoned in from their roving motherships, somewhere in Illinois.

And we know what the Governor and remaining State senators think, because they have clearly stated their predicament, objectives and remedies, then patiently await to do the job the majority of voters sent them to do last November.

No, the question here is, what do WE think. That is if we have the ability to arrive at conclusions on our own, without the “talking points” handed down by Obama, his Organizing for America, and the union hacks(threatened with extinction if their sacred cow is gored by those tired of force-feeding it and them with cash).

It will be Wisconsin, not New Jersey, California, Florida or New York to tip over first, on their perch in the insolvency coal mine. And their collective deaths cannot be blamed on foreign wars, the military industrial complex or Wall Street “fatcats“. Their demise will be historically linked to public employee unions, “collective bargaining”, gold plated healthcare benefits and the mother of all societal suicides the “defined benefit pension plans”.

You see, unlike Washington D.C., the states cannot simply print money to cover up their fiscal foolishness. They must raise taxes and/or rob the non-union private sector until Madison happens. And as you can see Madison has happened.

And try as they may to obscure their “extorted” pay and benefits with demands for debate with tepid concessions, offers to “sit down at the table” and claims that collective bargaining is a “civil right“, in the end it is five decades of abuse of 90% of Wisconsin taxpayers by 10 % of the public sector union employees that has brought Madison to its knees. And no amount of protest, abandonment of duty, flagrant violation of law, placard threats or union goons will ever change that.

Parasites Unite

So who would have thought, two weeks ago, that Wisconsin would be the first State to go “Egypt” over their public sector pay and benefit packages? To be more specific, excepting police and firemen, the unsustainable “defined benefit” pensions and Rolls Royce health plans are facing the axe in the “Forward State“. Who could have predicted the hypocrisy, the irony and the sanctimonious un-holiness of the blathering bloodsuckers that have invaded the Statehouse in Madison.

You see, even the lowliest parasite knows that it’s a fool’s errand to kill the host. And in this case, the Wisconsin taxpayers, last November, figured out that they were in a losing battle with the financial fiasco that is the public employee packages, that were extracted through what is affectionately referred to as “collective bargaining”.

In fact, if they ever decide to delete “armed robbery” and “extortion” from the dictionary, Webster could quite easily insert “collective bargaining” without any contradiction whatsoever.

Wisconsin’s governor is now at the epicenter of a storm brewing throughout most of the “57” states and the common denominator, not mentioned, in them are these unsustainable pay and benefit packages, secured for them by union thugs, more concerned with power and greed than keeping the Host alive and well. And the first symptom of the coming epidemic is, unfortunately, the Cheese Head State, where union supporters celebrate over 50 years of union organizing.

So impressed with the state employee protests, the Community Organizer-in-Chief is cheering them on as beacons of the Democratic process. However, he might have forgotten that last November was the Democratic process. Today it’s the union thug process, in which, victory will spell disaster for the State.

You see, as so appropriately addressed by MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough, “this isn’t about worker’s rights. It’s about math“. You don’t kill the Host.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Dumbplumber’s Trickle Down Theory

Seems that Michele Obama, stretched for something new to say, has come up with the novel concept of giving tax credits to mothers that breast feed.

Hello! Or should I say, what the Hell--o? Tax credits for breast feeding!

Well then, I have an idea, I want men to get tax credits for whizzing outside. Yes, you heard it here first. If a woman gets a credit for breast feeding, a man gets one for pissing outside. And if you think about it, it makes more sense than for breast feeding.

Cutting loose in the out and about saves water, it conserves energy and lowers water bills. I mean if you save 1.6 gallons of water with every whiz, and whiz 6 or 8 times a day (depending on how many cups of “Joe” or beers you drink) well then it adds up to a (not to twist a metaphor) boatload at the end of the year. Or put another way, how much water does a woman save when she breast feeds? Waiting, waiting….. still waiting.

Let’s face it, the planet has just so many flushes in it before all hell breaks loose. But every woman on the planet could breast feed and all you would have is a bunch of guys gawking and rubber necking, on their way to the nearest tree.

And talk about stimulus, Holy Moly. If, like former Speaker Pelosi says, “unemployment and welfare stimulates the economy”, well Hell, then tax credits for whizzing members is pure gold. I mean, this is ‘Manna from Heaven‘, and not to state the obvious, the original “trickle down theory“. We’re talkin’ Unicorns, Yellow Brick Roads and Golden Showers, oh my!

There may just be no end to the cold cash that could be ‘poured’ into our economy. Get it? Poured. Ok, I’ll move on.

No folks, Michele may have inadvertently stumbled on the very thing that will take America out of the doldrums. Half naked women flashing their ‘perkys’ and guys waving their wankers for cash. What could possibly go wrong! Dumbplumber

Dear Classic Trucks

After much irritation and annoyance....The Dumbplumber finally blows a gasket.

To: Classic Trucks
P.O. Box 420251
Palm Coast, Fl. 32142-7251

Gentlemen: I have stopped my home based plumbing business, come into my house, turned on my laptop and put on hold everything I was doing to draft this letter of notice.

Enclosed is my check #2425 for one years subscription, a copy of last summer’s invoice, this year’s “service interruption” notice, along with your “Urgent” notice of interruption and an additional call for me to up the ante to a 2 year subscription to avoid this repeat next year.

Well folks, this is what I’ve been waiting for.

By your own admission, you have been sending me the subscription alerts since Sept. (five months). I would have you notice that my last subscription was paid by a check dated July 19, 2010, which meant that I had probably only received the August issue before you started carpet bombing me with subscription requests last Sept.

Well, last month I had had enough and finally located your phone number in your magazine, since you fail to include it with your notices. Please note also that, as I told your nice young man, “Raoul“(or what the hell ever his name is) “Classic Trucks” does NOT appear in the Palm Coast, Florida phone book, or information for that matter. Raoul calmly told me that every subscriber gets the notices, when there is a sale. Ok, I bought that.

But today’s notice of interruption in March, (by my count, a full 5 months prior to my 12th issue) blew that out of the water. Therefore, I am keeping copies of all this info, for future reference and sending you a check for 12 months instead of the 24. When you figure out that “Our Years” are 12 months long you will get a check for 24 months. Additionally, I am posting this all on my website for all to see. Get your act together down there.

A really pissed off Subscriber

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

A Sobering Fact

Here’s a sobering thought, while we witness our political leaders tearing our Constitution to shreds:

Given the opportunity, most of the 535 folks on Capitol Hill could not write, or even given the document as a model, rewrite the Constitution they hold in such contempt today. In fact, given their unholy allegiance to lobbyists, financial backers and their own campaign managers, these folks could not do in decades, what the Founders--absent ratification-- did in months.