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Thursday, December 15, 2005

Behind the Blue Curtain

Wait!… Don’t pay the ransom…. We have escaped from behind enemy lines and are now ensconced safely at home. Our recent trip to an affluent west coast ‘Navy Blue’ enclave was a cold awakening to the Liberal mindset of their local media ,and those that read and contribute to it.
Make no mistake, this community reeks of wealth, with it’s boutiques, coffee houses, specialty restaurants, and high-end jewelry and designer furniture stores. It has banished big box stores to surrounding communities, but fortunate chains like Safeway and Trader Joes are camouflaged into historical obscurity.
But first, I must take credit for not starting a familial ground war, by not spouting my conservative views on any number of subjects, routinely abused by the performing Lefties.
Arriving on Friday, it wasn’t until Sunday that I had opportunity to access a local newspaper and the fringe Whackos, who are published there. I will neither honor nor acknowledge the paper or writer, by supplying their names. But suffice it to say that the column in question is a flaming diatribe deprived of substance, support, historical reference, or anything else that would qualify it as logical. Basically the author alleged that our military is hopeless and powerless, our economy is in shambles, our standing in the world is degraded and the French don’t like us. Never mind that our stock market is nearing all time highs, unemployment is lower than during any Democratic administration, inflation is on hold….bowing to runaway energy costs, Iraq is nearing it’s third national election, our military is all volunteer, we are in the midst of a global war on terror, and in the last 5 years 7.9 million people, from all over the world, immigrated here, the highest rate in 35 years. You have got to wonder, where did this person( I will call Jane Doe) get her information, to write such a piece of crap, and what irresponsible and ill-informed editor chose to print it.
I can just imagine the typical day for Jane Doe. She rolls out from between her 400 count India sheets and trundles across her Turkish carpet in her Pakistani slippers. She showers in her Italian marble bathroom, dries off with her Chinese towels, before dabbing herself with French perfume and moisturizer. She dresses in the latest Milan fashion before slipping on her Italian knock-offs from Indonesia, while sipping on her first Evian of the day. Ms. Doe takes a few moments to bark orders at her Japanese gardener and Mexican day laborer, before munching down on her breakfast of Honduran grapefruit, Nova Scotia herring and French Brie. Decked out for the day in her Italian and Austrian designer jewelry, Jane jumps into her BMW and heads down the street, jammed with vehicles from Germany, Italy, Sweden, France and Japan to her office, which was designed by the Dutch and owned by the British. Once there, she turns on her Taiwanese word processor, then wraps herself with the only things from America… righteous indignation and the First Amendment… and crafts a story about how bad things are in the U.S.. Does Jane Doe have a clue? I doubt it. She is most likely a trust fund baby, very affluent divorcee, or golden parachute momma, blessed with Prop. 13 real estate. Her needs are few, but wants are many. Her instincts demand that she protect and nurture someone, but she hasn’t decided who. She is a Streisand, Moore, Sarandon, big Media devotee, looking at the world through rose colored glasses, like a myopic Mr. Magoo. Ms. Doe needs to get outside the political insulation of the coastal fog belt and take a deep breath. She needs to learn that the citizens of the Red States, counties and districts are the ones that move and shake this country, pay for the promises and staff the armies that carry out the orders that make us safe. And while they can’t always purchase items made in the U.S., at least they don’t make a game and practice of buying products made from anywhere but here. Ms. Doe should stop for just one minute and realize that her oblivious attitude towards America, Americans and those that love America, makes her part of the problem, not part of the solution. But in her wildest dreams she should never forget that we Red State patriots will fight to the death for her right to disgust, disrespect and dismiss those, that love this country.