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Sunday, September 27, 2015

A Few Words about Volkswagen

Seems that the enviro-Nazis and their government dictators are all butt-hurt over VW being caught cheating.  Dumbplumber says: So What!

The rules they were caught cheating were pulled out of thin air anyways.  It’s like cheating in Monopoly or Scrabble.  So what?  It’s not like a car that gets 50 mpg is going to end mankind as we know it.  

Volkswagen should just tell America to kiss their ass.  The game was rigged from the beginning, by folks that want us all back in caves, eating sticks and twigs and walking around in hemp sandals.

No, what is revealed here is a movement that got caught making the rules without the Consent of the People.  It is the whims of the environmental Left that are exposed, not the rational, sensible and logical efforts of a great car company that builds the most economical vehicles in the world. 

Go demand the UAW to build a 50 mpg vehicle next month, then prepare for the sharp stick up your sphincter, until you get it.

It is time for the auto companies to man-up and tell the uber-Left to stop pulling the environmental dictates out of their asses and start acting like real Americans.  There is nothing in our Constitution that supports what the EPA says or does.  It is the notion that fuel efficiency and reduced tailpipe emissions have taken a back seat to the wet dreams and drug induced fantasies of a small group of people determined to return us to the dark ages, all in the name of “Protection”. 
I say Volkswagen should team up with other auto companies (not owned, lock stock and barrel by the U.S. government) and demand the EPA STFU. 

Friday, September 18, 2015

Going full Donald

You may list this under your Hypocrisy.  Establishment Republicans, the Left and the Media are all carping about Donald Trump (and they are carping louder and longer now that he is in first place) as being a clown, a sideshow, a con man and about every other disparaging description you can name.

However, I would suggest that 'The Donald' is a creation spawned by non-other than those that now condemn him.  For if it were not for the trifecta above there would not be a Donald in the race.  He may be a clown, but he is our clown, made by you. 

You see, we tried to send a message to everyone in 2012, with the Tea Party, but were poo-pooed by the Establishment and Media.  Then we sent a stronger message in 2014, by taking control of the U.S. Congress, but those that we trusted stabbed us in the back.  Now you are feeling the pain of your treasonous ways. 

There is nothing the Donald can do to lose our support, because you made us callous to your protestations.  You created this candidate by underestimating the commitment we have to our Constitution and this country.  Now you're going to have to live with it. 

But remember this, we know the Donald is not perfect.  No one is.  But a bad day with Trump will be better than the best day with Obama.  You are about to realize the error of your ways.  Live with it. 

Monday, September 14, 2015

Fox's News Fairy

Recently Fox New’s Shepard Smith went all sideways on the Kentucky clerk, Kim Davis, who refused to attach her name to a marriage license for a pair of ‘carpet munchers’.  Seems that Shepard is okay with the president tearing up the Constitution, changing laws with a phone call and making laws with his pen.  But ole Shep gets all pixilated when a couple of lesbos don’t get to allow a divorce lawyer another fat fee. 

But this isn’t new.  Shep has popped his head up out of the ‘Whack-o-Mole’ machine before, when he didn’t think that Bush 43 was moving fast enough to save some folks stranded on a bridge in Katrina Land.  Guess he thought that W should have parachuted some Dasani from Air Force One upon Smith’s first utterance.

Of course we all know that Shep’s been swinging from the other side of the plate for some time now, like it was something we must know.  Nevermind that Shep makes about a bazillion bucks a year reading a teleprompter.  So, a memo to Sheppard:  Just read the fucking news.  If we want anything else out of you, we’ll kick it out.  Stop with the editorializing.  If you want to pontificate kick O’Reilly to the curb a couple of times a month, so you can make an ass of yourself, with guests.  WDGAF.

The world is going to Hell in a handbasket and you’re acting like Ms. Davis has just violated the Constitution, which has NO mention of marriage in it, whatsoever.  And I hate to mention this, but less than 1% of our population gives a flying fuck about homos getting married.  Yes, most gays, don’t give a rat’s patooty about getting married.  They’re just happy to munch on each other’s privates and not be assassinated, like in the Middle East. 

So Sheppard, be glad you still have one show left.  You’re about one or two tantrums from losing this one.  Because folks like me are happy just to listen to the news.  And what’s left of your capital should be focused on the one thing you do well.  So STFU about anything else.

Friday, September 11, 2015

Yes Elizibeth, there is a God

On the 14th anniversary of 9/11 a crane collapsed at Mecca just prior to the annual pilgrimage.  Over 100 people, mostly cave dwelling, mutton munching, goat fuckers were killed.

The best part.....the crane was owned by the bin Laden family!

Yes, there is a God and he has a sense of humor.

Hellbent Hillary

Looks like Hillary is feeling frisky, claiming she looks forward to debating 'The Donald' before the general election.

 Well Hillary, in the words of 'Raylan Givens', from Justifed, "why wait".

There is NO rule that says two candidates cannot debate, just because they are in different parties.  Let's get it on and you can answer questions from Trump, sooner rather than later. 

Hillary, think taking the 5th.  That is right after you stop drinking just before speaking.