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Monday, November 21, 2005

Plame Game

The Dumbplumber writes letters to the local fish wrap that sometimes rings somebodies chimes. This is a rebuttle to a bozo who thinks that Joe Wilson walks on water.... and his proof is....get ready.....Joe's own book.

Far be it from me, an amateur political junkie, to question the reliability of Mr. Bob Walden’s sources on the veracity of Joe Wilson. However, using Mr. Wilson’s self serving book, chapter line and verse, is like using Fahrenheit 9/11 to praise Michael Moore or Mein Kampf to endorse Hitler
Mr. Walden might want to review the Senate Intelligence Report, July 2005, which establishes who sent Joe Wilson to Niger, and why. In his own book Wilson claims, "Valerie had nothing to do with the matter…..She definitely had not proposed that I make the trip." According to Clifford May in his article ‘Our Man in Niger, National Review Online 7/12/2004, from which I excerpt: ‘In fact, the Senate panel found, she was the one who got him that assignment. The panel even found a memo by her…… Now that we know that Mrs. Wilson did recommend Mr. Wilson for the Niger assignment, can we not infer that she was working at CIA headquarters in Langley rather than as an undercover operative in some front business or organization somewhere?”
Mr. Walden protests my questioning Mr. Wilson’s credentials that qualified him for the assignment to Niger. May writes, “He was assigned not to Cairo, Paris, or Moscow, places where you put the best and the brightest, nor was he sent to Bermuda or Luxembourg, places you send people you want to reward. Instead, he was sent to Gabon, a diplomatic backwater of the first rank…. According to my sources, during most of his diplomatic career he… was the guy who makes sure the embassy plumbing is working and that the commissary is stocked with Oreos and other products the ambassador prefers.” ”Wilson should not have been given this assignment, that he had no training or demonstrated competence as an investigator, that his inquiry had been obviously superficial and that, far from being a "centrist," he was a partisan with an ax to grind.”
True to his anti-Bush rhetoric, Mr. Walden parrots the party line that Bush lied in his State of the Union Address in ‘03, but…..May says: ‘The Senate report says fairly bluntly that Wilson lied to the media……the panel found that, "Wilson provided misleading information to the Washington Post last June. He said then that he concluded the Niger intelligence was based on a document that had clearly been forged because 'the dates were wrong and the names were wrong.'"
“So, when Wilson said, ‘that President Bush was lying, in his 2003 State of the Union address‘, about the British discovering Iraq’s weapons procurement, We now know for certain that Wilson was wrong and that Bush's statement was entirely accurate.“, says May.”
Given the sub-plots, counterplots, forgeries and international innuendos, even the most credentialed journalist or politician will have trouble unraveling the layers of truth and facts from the flotsam and jetsam, much less a humble plumber speaking his piece. But before anyone puts their ignorance in print, placing blame at the doorstep of an entire political party, I would at least Google ’Joe Wilson ,Iraq’ and do some research.
Clifford D. May, a former New York Times foreign correspondent, is the president of the Foundation for the Defense of Democracies a policy institute focusing on terrorism

Saturday, November 19, 2005

HooRah for the House

The Friday night fights weren’t on ESPN, they were on C-SPAN. It’s about time we got our money’s worth from the overpaid gasbags we send to Washington. And it’s a great moment in history, when Republicans, reached into their Congressional toolbox and cranked the screws down on Democrat hypocrites. So, before the Liberal spin machine turns this event into something unrecognizable, here is the Dumbplumber’s take on what happened.
Tiring of Democrats blasting the War effort and our President 24/7 on every news outlet, then voting to support the War, to appease their constituents, Republicans turned up the heat , with a bit of political gamesmanship of their own.

It was worth the price of a ticket just to watch the Liberals scurry for cover when the House lights lit up in an effort to thwart a vote to pull our troops from Iraq. In essence the vote ‘to vote’ was a party line tussle designed to expose the double talking Democrats that protest the War on Sunday then vote to fund it on Monday.

Then like rats from a sinking ship, Democrats went across the isle and voted down the measure 403 to 3. In this comedic farce, Democrats joined Republicans as much to save their political butts as to support the Iraq War. With this sort of shenanigans, it’s no wonder that Democrats have such a hard time getting elected, especially in Red States.

And before Ms. Pelosi gets her knickers in a knot over what she describes as a ‘political stunt’, I would remind her that it was Senate Democrats that shut down ‘that’ body just a few days ago, using the same toolbox.

Pelosi and Recruitment

Jesus, Nancy Pelosi canÂ’t help herself. She lies when telling the truth is easier. When questioned about her position on Military recruitment in schools, she said she wasnÂ’t against it because she just wanted recruiters to tell prospects the truth about their enlistment. Hello,Â…Thatthat isnÂ’t what the proposition was about. The proposition would PROHIBIT the recruitment on campuses. Pelosi either doesnÂ’t know what she is talking about or knows and is intentionally misrepresenting the facts.

Well, not one to ignore an obvious faux paux on the part of any Lefty Whacko, the Dumbplumber is weighing in on her truth-in-recruiting remarks. First, it is not lost on the Dumbplumber that military recruiters should be held to the same high standard that politicians adhere to when fulfilling promises they make during campaigns. That having been said, perhaps the following questions to potential recruits should be mandatory.

Question 1: Does your mommy still wipe your ass and tell you what shirt to wear?

Question 2: Are you joining the Service to get back at your Left Wingnut mother or father for making you a panty wearing punk?

Question 3: Are you a man or a punk -ass -bitch just trying to see a bunch of naked guys in the shower?

Question 4: Do you consider a paper cut or a self inflicted shrapnel wound sufficient for a purple heart?

Question 5: Does being yelled at by a tight assed, skin head, buffed out, jarhead just trying to save your ass, make you cry?

Question 6: Do you think you can spend a month or two in a combat zone, then get sent home with three purple hearts for a sunburn, a paper cut and sandpaper crotch rot, so you can run for the U.S. Senate as a war hero?

This should pretty well cover the questions that Ms. Pelosi would demand from Recruiters

Thursday, November 17, 2005

O'Reilly and Donahue

It is so amusing to see the Whacko Left's take on the train wrecks between Bill O'Reilly and Phil Donahue.(there have been several)

Donahue, (the perennial, shit disturbing, whining, Whacko's whacko) hates our President and lives to appease every bloodthirsty dictator on the planet. O'Reilly invites Donahue on his show to argue the latest Lefty protest dejour and the event NEVER settles anything.

On the other hand, Donahue never invites O'Reilly on his show. Oh yeah, I forgot. Donahue doesn't have a show and couldn't get one if he wanted it. He had about the same ratings as Air America has now and couldn't keep a slot. That should tell you something about who listens to Donahue.

The Liberals should support nut jobs like Donahue, so we could have interesting debates instead of whining little ankle biters like Donahue grubbing for 10 minute segments where he can find them

The Yellow Electorate

So, President Bush’s approval rating is down to 39%. Time for us to review. Every major T.V. network, save one, is running negative stories, 24/7, about the President. With such a concerted effort to undermine public opinion, could the results be any different?

The Left, the far Left and the Left that swam out beyond the buoys, still disgruntled over the last election believe they have found his Achilles Heel. Never mind that the negative stories are based wholly on the opinions of politicians and opponents to the War, now playing to their anti-War base. Never mind that there is not one shred of evidence that our President plotted to falsify evidence, in concert with the military, to launch an attack against Iraq, or he would have by now been indicted. Never mind that the waffling Left politicians, armed with the same intelligence, were outspoken in supporting the invasion, over the past 3 to 13 years.

Mind you, most of these stories are partisan politicians and well financed professional protestors, starved for face time, making disparaging statements about the War, while being enabled by ratings starved networks.

But what we have here, my fellow Americans, is a ’blue’ colored yellow-electorate latching onto an issue very near and dear to our President and force-feeding false and misleading information to alienate and decimate a sitting President and his party, at the expense of our National Security.

In the face of far more preventable deaths and billions more squandered by our Congress within our borders, the witnessing of this systematic disassembling of our ‘Separation of Powers’ and ‘Chain of Command’ should be a wake-up call to all Patriots.

Yapping Liberals

Living in a small rural community is an experience unlike anything in the cities. We get to absorb moments forever foreign to our urban spirits. Just today I witnessed an episode between six dogs in two pickups parked at our local auto parts store.

Three dogs in one truck were barking fiercely at three dogs in another truck parked nearby. I couldn’t help thinking they were Democrat dogs, as they strained at the confines of the bed, barking and snarling, dripping saliva,baring teeth, while threatening bodily harm to any interloper that would think of invading the 40 foot aura around their masters truck.

But as true Democrat dogs, they wouldn’t make the move over the bedrail to silence their perceived enemies, or savage them into submission They just sat there and yapped, and yapped and yapped.