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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Ignorant Liberals

You want evidence of how ignorant Liberals, Progressives and other Left Wingers are? Here it is.

We live in a capitalistic society. Ergo, if you want to change something, don’t buy it. If you don’t like Big Macs, don’t buy them. If you don’t like Chinese goods don’t buy them. If you don’t like gas guzzlers, don’t buy them. And if you only want to use ‘renewable’ energy, shut off your electricity master switch.

Here’s the bad news for the arrogant, hypocrites of the Left: Nearly 50% of the electorate identify with the Liberals, however, they’re still driving SUVs, they’re still eating at McDonalds and they’re still plugged into the electrical grid, because they don’t practice themselves what they insist the rest of America should be doing.

You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to figure out that Big Box stores, chain restaurants, Detroit auto companies along with coal and natural gas electricity generators could remain viable if half of America weren’t using their goods and services. It just couldn’t happen. But do they thrive? You betcha.

Enter the hypocrites of the Left. While they, as 50% of the population, could single handedly make the Volt, Prius, Leaf and other alternative autos huge hits, they in fact don’t. They could support huge chains of Vegetarian and Vegan restaurants and Juice bars, but they don’t. They could become self dependent on solar, wind and bean fart energy technologies, but they don’t.

They don’t do any of these things because they are basically hypocrite Communists, Socialists and Fascists that want everyone else made to do what they won’t do themselves. And the most obvious evidence of this is that if they did band together to adopt this lifestyle, the shear number of participants would made these adoptions more likely successful.

No, in the name of the protecting the environment, health and welfare, the Left has left a mark on history that will not be erased anytime soon. Unfortunately, like the rest of world’s socialist societies, these systems are unsustainable in any country.

Let Us Be

There is clearly no antidote to the mental disorder of MMCC (man made climate change). If there were, it would be a best seller. The notion that bankrupting a county, state or nation with unsustainable environmental policies will, in any way, change the climate of the world is apparently as pervasive and infectious as syphilis in Bangkok.

Instead of jeopardizing the livelihoods of everyone in a county or state in furtherance of an unrealistic goal, maybe the tree huggers should venture to China, Russia or India and launch these arguments in countries that have environmental policies of our ‘50’s. If you think imposing a fraction of these policies in this country is frustrating, just try it in one with a billion people desperate to claw their way into the 20th century, forget the 21st.

California’s enviro-Nazis closer resemble a room full of monkeys with Kazoos trying to play Mozart, than any realistic movement to change the climate. And just think of the level of arrogance it takes to believe we mere humans have a hammer over mother nature, who has volcanoes, water vapor and hurricanes at her fingertips.

Yessir, cleaning up our air and water are things we CAN do. But fighting something as big as the earth’s climate by making everyone in California drive a Prius or Volt is just plain stupid.

The economic cudgel is wielded by those that do, not those that protest. Get a clue or buy a vowel, you Enviros should all live by the rules you want the rest of us to follow….first. If you insist on living on renewable energy ONLY, turn off your electricity for a few months and see how that feels.

Better yet, shun all goods and services made available by gas or diesel vehicles. See what happens when you can’t have your lattes, granola or hemp jackets.

Until then leave the rest of us, the uninfected, alone.


Sunday, October 21, 2012

Polling Logic

Millions are wondering what thousands of us already know, in the final weeks of the 2012 presidential campaign Mitt Romney is either breaking even or, heaven forbid, pulling ahead in the polls.

This isn’t brain surgery or even rocket science. It is the prevailing willful ignorance of the electorate combined with a looming deadline and the unbending laws of self preservation.

Monday, October 01, 2012

Campaign Finale for Idiots

In case many of you have missed it, there is a presidential election right around the corner. Seems that a lot of “undecided voters” remain on the fence as to who they are going to vote for. Well, let the Dumbplumber give you a clue or two as to who NOT to vote for. For emphasis, he will make specific comments to attract the attention of those that are IDIOTS.

For instance, if you believe ANYTHING said favorably about Obama or against Romney, by the MSM, MSNBC, the Liberal blogs or the NEW YORK TIMES, You are an Idiot.

If you think that bailing out union pensions while ignoring non-union pensioners is okay, You’re an Idiot.

If you think bailing out public sector union pensions with non-union, private sector taxpayer funds, You’re an Idiot.

If you think the White House using private emails to conduct public business, in order to avoid transparency through the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA), You’re an Idiot.

If you think borrowing money from China to give to Egypt is a good idea, You’re an Idiot.

If you think borrowing $160 billion dollars to build a high speed train to nowhere, in California, is a good idea, You’re an Idiot.

If you think it is a good idea to hand every nickel of “Stimulus Money” to union companies, that support the current president, You’re an Idiot.

If you think, like the Enviro-Nazis, that America not only has the ability to stop climate change, but have, in fact, the ability to change the climate, You’re not just an Idiot, but an unmitigated lunatic, with mouth breathing, slack jawed, pinheaded parents that should have aborted you early.

If you think that America can convert their transportation, electrical grid and manufacturing energy sources from natural gas, coal, diesel and gasoline to renewable wind and solar electric, hydrogen and bean farts, and remain competitive with the rest of the world, You’re an Idiot.

If you think taxpayers spending $1.5 billion per presidential term for the First Family to fly for pizza in Chicago, date nights in New York City and multi-million dollar vacations around the world, during an economic recession, is a good idea, well then you are a Pin Head and an Idiot.

If you think it is okay to support illegal voting by prohibiting mandatory photo I.D. at the polling station, while depriving our soldiers the right of the vote, who are the ones defending our Right to vote, you’re not just an Idiot, but a commi rat-bastard as well.

If you believe that carbon dioxide pumped into the air by wildfires is okay, but denying licenses for co-generators converting the same fuel into energy while scrubbing much of that Co2 out before exhaust is okay, You’re a bicycle seat sniffing Idiot.

If you believe that “Middle Class” means union jobs and benefit packages that are bankrupting America is a good idea, You’re a Fascist Idiot.

If you believe you have seen the worst of what Obama can do, You’re a raving loon and a Useful Idiot.

If you believe Mr. Obama won’t sell out America to the Muslim Brotherhood, China and Russia in some misguided belief that he will be crowned King of the World, you are an unrepentant, unsalvageable, unforgivable Idiot.

If you have read all this and still are on the fence, about the best candidate, please, I’m begging you Don’t Vote. Go buy a rope, tie a hangman’s noose or borrow a friends gun and do the right thing.  At least the world will have one less Idiot.