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Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Democrat Contenders

There is nothing quite so enlightening as witnessing a group of Liberal T.V. commentators discussing the sled dogs that are the Democrat presidential mushing team. Watching the run-up to the latest MSNBC sponsored debate, Chris Matthews looked more like a slobbering Rottweiler eying his dinner bowel than anything resembling a credible news anchor.

I understand that trying to fill an hour before a Democrat debate is not an easy job. Trying not to point out that this is Hillary’s nomination to lose is even tougher. Commentators cautiously dance around the differences between the “Big Three”--Hillary, Barrack and Edwards--while trying to keep the rest of the pack somehow in the race. It is like the Iditarod with three Huskies, four Cocker Spaniels and a Dashchund.

Clearly, Richardson, Gravel, Biden and Dodd only have a chance if Hillary, Obama and Edwards are caught in a ménage a trois. And Kucinich, the lone rodeo clown, could only win if there is multiple nuclear strikes, on the U.S., while he is on one of his historic “fact finding” missions to Syria or Venezuela.

Let’s face it folks, absent Hillary having a Howard Dean moment, she will be the Democrat contender in the ‘08 election cycle. The Clinton campaign team is in high gear and fully prepared to crush any opponent or obstacle before them. The team is already looking forward to their Republican opponent and consider most of the immediate Democrat contenders as little more than unavoidable road kill.

And when Hillary is the Democrats choice--God forbid-- there are a few issues she will have to deal with, that she hasn’t faced in the primary. Among them: If she becomes President--Will she return the silverware she took, when leaving with Bill, in 2000? Will she pardon Sandy Burger, her foreign affairs adviser, for stealing classified documents from the National Archives? And finally, will she keep a short leash on her big dog, Bill, who desperately needs something to do, but with his sexual proclivities and history, is not qualified to run a Girl Scout camp?