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Saturday, September 29, 2012

Obama's Middle Class

It’s time for some straight talk about the “Middle Class”. Oh, there’s talk. Congress talks about the middle class, T.V. commentators talk about the middle class and the President talks about the middle class. But are they the same middle class? I think not.

The middle class once meant those folks making more than minimum wage, folks that owned small businesses, folks that worked in skilled labor, folks that had a 3 bedroom, 2 bath in a quiet neighborhood, with 2 cars in the garage and could choose to take weekends off. But that isn’t the middle class of Barrack Hussein Obama.

No, Obama’s middle class is the “union wage earners” that have a choke hold on government, a death grip on big business and direct conduit to every penny taken from taxpayers and given to less than 2% of America, rebuilding the infrastructure under the Porkulus Act.

Yes, my misinformed, naive friends, unions receive every penny of the multi-trillions spent on the economic recovery, paid for by the 88% of non-union America. And under a second Obama regime that union number would increase dramatically, while those that pay for it would shrink, not because they ‘want’ to be union, but because they would have to be union to get a job.

You see, most union workers don’t want to, but need to to get all the representation that guarantees them healthcare and pension benefits paid for by the rest of us. Proof of it was the recent repeal of the union dues paid by the State of Wisconsin ‘directly’ into the union coffers, rather than voluntary contributions by the membership. Dues collection plummeted right after the repeal, because the union faithful is a minority of the membership. The rest just want a job, not a bunch of goons paid for by the boss, extorting unsustainable pension and benefits, killing America's economy.

So the next time you hear Obama proudly exalting the “middle class” remember he is glorifying the very union membership that is doing his dirty work and bidding in this, and the last, election. We should all remember that the union of today isn’t the union of your grandfather. Your grandfather wanted fairness, Obama’s unions wants control and power over the rest of us.

We are So Screwed

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Global Warming Hoaxters

Again Dumbplumber has had to take the Searchlight editor to task over his zealous pursuit of Carbon Dioxide and its demise.  Posters were uniformly behind deniers of Global Warming as a Hoax.

Well then, maybe we should talk about things that are not part of a “Hoax”.

First, the number ONE greenhouse gas, indeed over 98% of our atmosphere, is….wait for it….water vapor. Yes my na├»ve, misinformed friends the biggest blanket around the globe is clouds, moisture, dew, steam, vapor trails, and for all you firebugs, humidity is water vapor. Go ahead, look it up.

Water vapor, the bane of climate alarmists everywhere. So much so that when this well known fact was introduced to climate crazies, they immediately began a movement to “tax” water vapor. That would be geysers, steam generators, jet planes, home canning systems, and yes, hydrogen powered cars, the darling of mouth breathing eco-Nazis everywhere.

Carbon dioxide, on the other hand, comprises less than one half of one percent of all greenhouse gases.

Two, while we’re all twitterpated about carbon dioxide, I might mention that our recent fires, from Weaverville to Mt. Lassen to Dunsmuir have released more Co2 in one month than Redding Electric Utility and all the other co-generators combined will release over the next 10 years.

Three, the eco-Movement we face now is not about Co2, but about taxes and regulation. Plain and simple.

And not to point out the obvious, but our climate has been changing since the beginning of time. Or put another way, it has never stopped changing, so who are we to think we can stop it. Clean it up maybe, but stop it changing, NO.

Oh by the way, you might ask historians what Great Britain thought about global cooling in the late 1600’s. It wasn’t pretty. Millions died from lack of food and exposure to cold.  A wake up call if you don't like it warm.


Monday, September 24, 2012

Mitt's First Day

On Mitt Romney’s first day in office we’ll learn that gas prices have doubled since Bush left office. We’ll learn that all those windmill and solar fields are both a waste of time and money and that we are woefully short of electricity, since many of our coal fired power plants have been shut down.

We’ll learn that electric cars in general and the Chevy Volt in particular are, what we all knew they would be, a colossal waste of money. They are only good for commuting short distances, in good weather, with light loads on flat ground, when it’s neither hot or cold. Not a stellar recommendation for transforming our transportation industry or a good business decision by the union owned General Motors.

We will have learned that of all the trillions we went in the hole, none of it went to non-union, privately owned businesses that didn’t back the 44th president. But looking on the bright side, all the tens of thousands of regulations that were heaped on the private sector, most were directed at either small businesses or layered upon big business that could pass their punitive costs onto the consumer, will remain in effect.

We will have learned the Obamacare will be renamed something about as vague and disarming as the “Affordable Care Act” and be a financial pinata benefiting the ‘Havenots’ at the expense of the Haves.

We will have learned that all those that violated the Constitution, during the previous four years, are now ensconced in large law or consulting firms, milking the very government they once guided, secure in Executive Privilege or with Presidential Pardons for their previous sins and crimes, not to mention full healthcare and pension benefits intact.

We will learn that, with few exceptions, most of the bureaucracy and regulations grown in the last four years will remain and that there will be some variances, exceptions and waivers granted to those most egregiously affected, given the hiring of the aforementioned consultants to raise awareness among those Congressmen who oversaw the making of these burdens, in the first place, and who ran for re-election on promises of smaller government and personal responsibility.

You know, I just punched the keys, but this thing really wrote itself.

We are So Screwed, Dumbplumber

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Wave of the Future

Times are fewer and fewer that some slick talking semi-executive gets the Dumbplumber’s goat, but last Friday was one of those times. You see, Dumbplumber is, well, a plumber. And as a specialist within this occupation, he is also a water pumping aficionado, with over 15 years of experience, from a master, in domestic water pumping and plumbing systems.

So it was with some chagrin that Dumbplumber was taken to the woodshed about, “The Wave of the Future”, three days ago.

You see, the advantage of entering your third trimester of life is that most likely you have been exposed to many waves of the future. You know like polyester leisure suits, Yugos, Betamax video players and Buns of Steel exercise devices, all well buried in landfills, all over America, for decades now. So I’ve become sort of a cynic when it comes to “waves of the future”. Let me explain.

For those of us who have not forsaken our technical roots for a life of high pressure management skills, this is the path we take to restore water in rural America. First we establish that we have no electrical issues like a blown fuse, popped circuit breaker or malfunctioning control panel. Then we reactivate the system to pursue the problem. Well last Tuesday, I discovered that my problem pump was pulling 85 amps (12 is normal) just prior to the overload protection system shutting down. A sure sign that the pump had seized or motor had wiring issues. Either way, this puppy had to come out.

I then contacted a colleague in a neighboring community to refer the replacement to him, because my dance card was full with three other jobs, started but not completed. The funny thing about ‘service’ is that you have to finish something before you get credit for a job well done or paid for it either. So as a favor to this client, who has a habit of using and needing water on a daily basis, I called in reinforcements who had fewer obligations at the moment, than I.

My obligations on Wednesday prevented my helping my friend, but by Thursday I was able to cut loose and assist in the installation of the new, improved, not to be outdone ‘Variable Speed Pump‘. The variable speed pump, the ‘wet dream’ of engineers sitting in cubicles and climate controlled testing centers, but the nightmare to installers and field technicians everywhere.

You see, when the stars align, the moon is in Aquarius and you hold your mouth just right, the ‘Variable’ is the greatest thing since sliced bread. But have one little glitch in your water system or try to operate the system in an unusual way, you will meet head on with management and technical assistance like two trains going in opposite directions on the same track. It is not a pretty site, just like last Friday.

Installing the pump and operating was a breeze on Thursday, pipe on pump and pump in hole, then switching out the old controller with the new, more sophisticated ‘Variable Controller’ went off without a hitch. About 4 p.m. we kicked it on and water was going, like we knew what we were doing, right up and until 6 p.m., when I got the first call that they were out of water.

Fortunately, I live only a few miles away and took the call, so that my veteran installer friend wouldn’t have to trek 30 miles for a five minute adjustment.

The ‘blinking trouble code’ on the controller said it was ‘low water pressure’, which is techno speak for, “the pump is out of the water”. Thing is with this well, the pump is setting in over 100 feet of water. But the geniuses in the cubicles didn’t take into consideration that their computer controlled fetus can’t tell the difference between low water in the well and a high volume demand from one or two stations of the lawn sprinkling system. Wow, hooda thunk it.

Re-adjusting the air pressure in the holding tanks, the amperage cutout on the controller and rebooting the computer and I was on my way, right up and until 6 a.m. the next morning.

Now flummoxed with an unreasonable and inexplicable shutdown, Dumbplumber trundles back out to the scene of the crime.

Armed with an installation manual written in Chinese, translated to Hebrew, then into East Congolese and back into English by some Somalian refugees, I found it impossible to understand the gibberish that passed for information.

That is when I made the fatal call to our district manager, that spawned this posting. It was like having Rod Serling spouting a biscuit recipe over a speaker phone. I was to determine in the future that the well “draw-down” had to be done before installing a new pump. (Which would take days and considerable expense). And I was to have the customer bring in sprinkler experts to down size the orifices of the offending stations to cut down the consumption. Oky Dokey then.

Nevermind that replacing the old pump with the same style required none of this. But we wouldn’t be installing the most dependable, efficient and most importantly, Wave of the Future pumping system. Visions of Ford Pintos with Firestone 500s floated before my eyes.

It was then that I noticed the “low pressure cut off” button on the controller. Relaying this revelation to the ‘Manager of the Moment’ I was met with a wave of caution of exposing the pump to low water or the evil of all pumps the dreaded “Cavitation Syndrome”, where pumps exposed to air in the water while running could make the pump fail. And such a failure would not be covered by warranty, like it was the magic wand of the pump industry.

So I made the Dumbplumber diplomatic decision to shut off the low pressure cut out and advise my friend over the mountain and let them hash out the details of the consequences.  Meanwhile I would get on with my life of restoring water and my faith in my fellow man, without the intrusion of Waves of the Future. You know, like ‘Governing without a Budget’, ‘Spending yourself into Prosperity’ and the mother of all waves, buying an electric car that will go about 30 miles on a single charge, when in a subzero snowstorm, with the wipers, and heater on to keep you from freezing to death.

And yes, you can get one of those Variable Speed Controllers to set in the seat next to you, to show your ‘homage’ to the brilliance of both.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Mega Nitwits

You know, this whole “renewable energy” thingy is getting real complicated. Oh, not the complicated you are thinking, but the complicated that is making sense of something you cannot make sense of. Let me explain.

I wrote, some months ago, that when the windmills on Hatchet Mountain are running, the Pit One Powerhouse near Fall River Mills is shut down or cut back to accommodate the extra power generation. It is still unclear whether it is because the infrastructure cannot accommodate both power sources at the same time or whether PG&E is stifling the Pit One power to adhere to a mandate that 40% of our power must be from “renewable” sources, which is the bone I’m chewing on.

You see, somewhere in the bowels of a building in Sacramento or in a courtroom in San Francisco, forces we may never understand, are writing rules that are ambiguous at best and indefensible to anyone with an IQ above their shoe size. It has been determined by these individuals that only hydro generation, 10 megawatts or less, is considered “renewable”. Thus any power plants over that are NOT renewable. This is where the rubber leaves the road.

For instance, our Pit One power house is about 25 megawatts and other than short shutdowns for maintenance or retooling, this power plant has run continuously since the early 30’s. It is fed by a diversion dam on the Fall River, then runs through a tunnel dug through a lava rock mountain, then down penstocks to the power house. Now except for considerable water loss through the tunnel, this system has provided a clean, continuous source of energy for 70 years. Now I don’t want to go out on a limb here, but if this isn’t renewable, somebody needs a new tinfoil hat.

No, what this IS is an attempt to rewrite the definitions of ‘common sense‘, ‘reason’ and ‘logic’ in the name of conservation and the Green Agenda.

And if you believe this garbage, you’re just as dumb as the doofus writing the rules.


Sunday, September 16, 2012

These Are the Days

Now don’tcha just love that ‘Green’ movement? Like when you enter your hotel room and find those cute little cards that ask, in the name of ‘conservation’, you turn off the lights and TV when you exit the room and “to save water” you hang your towels between showers, so that staff won’t have to launder them. Oh yeah, these are the days.

So it came as a surprise to wifey and I, that fate intervened, and we rented the exact same room at La Quinta Inn last Thursday night and discovered that the toilet that we complained about 3 months ago, was still cycling water every 5 to 7 minutes. It was, as we told staff then, very annoying to try and sleep with the water valve opening and closing at about the same time we were dozing off, not to mention a huge waste.

And I, as the ever outspoken Dumbplumber, was particularly outraged, because, as with many of my clients, they did not heed my earlier warnings of a failing flapper in the toilet (costing about $4) and then returning me to the scene of the crime, for another night of annoyance. So much so that at about 3 A.M. I turned off the water supply to the toilet, for a few hours of quality rest.

And this is where I determined that the “Green Movement” is just a bumper sticker, a sound bite and a label on a coffee mug. In reality, it is anything but a movement. You see, once you do the math, you realize just how stupid and a hysterical movement it is. For while they get great press for annoying the living crap out of us folks that like a single flush toilet, 100 watt light bulbs and real cars that you can buy parts for, from a catalog, when you start doing the math, they are just headlines and catch phrases, not anything near a green movement.

With pencil, paper and a $3 calculator, wifey and I determined that that one toilet was leaking a gallon about every 5 to 8 minutes or about 280 gallons a day or about 105,000 gallons per year. Now I don’t want to go out on a limb here, but if this one 100 room motel has just 10 weeping toilets, that is over 1 million gallons per year. Which you could easily multiply by at least 20% of the motels in Redding.

You do the math, my calculator won’t go that high. But beyond being an intergalactic waste of water, you could wash a hellofa lot of towels with that.

Then, adding injury to insult, the motels up-charge the room rates to compensate for their own negligence. Where’s the outrage?

No, while the rest of us rubes are being bombarded with “Conservation” initiatives, those idiots that are buying into it are looking the other way on the reality of living with ‘greenies‘. Of course you will never hear this one little tidbit of fact, but you will hear the cacophony of, and have to live with the ‘man-behind-the-curtain’ that is the Green Giant, for the rest of your days.

Because nothing says hypocrisy quite like the Limosine, Lear Jet Liberals telling the rest of us how to live.

We are so screwed. Dumbplumber



Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Speaking My Piece

This was supposed to be a 'Speak Your Piece' article to be posted in the Record Searchlight.  But forces more concerned with procedure than principle intervened. 

Bye all accounts, it was a bad day at Black Rock for the Shasta LAFCO board of directors in general and LAFCO Executive Officer (EO), Amy Mickelson in particular at last Thursday’s, Sept. 6 meeting in Anderson. About the last congenial moment was when everyone stood for the Pledge of Allegiance. After that, it was all downhill.

The group of commenters were from several different districts and areas of the County, but their complaints to the LAFCO board were the same, “stop wasting our time and money and do your job“.

IT IS HERE THAT MY POST AND ANY FURTHER ASSISTANCE TO THE FRCSD ENDS.  Forces at play, that are used to manipulating resources at their will, can get someone else to prance around like a show pig at the County Fair.

Apparently now, they are suffering from a delusion that if you attach your lips to the enemy’s ass, you will get back your unicorn, your document approvals and all the tens of thousands you have pissed away.  Yeah, good luck with that.

On the bright side, I have divorced my self from any further involvement with the FRCSD, conversations about the CSD or debating the credibility of Shasta LAFCO.  It is a very liberating feeling.

I am done with all of them.  I cannot recover the time I wasted, squandered and pissed away supporting the FRCSD, but I can redirect my energies to my home, old trucks and business.

Good Luck Suckers


Sunday, September 09, 2012

Honey Bees and Vengeance

It may always surprise me what it takes to make the news. Apparently there are some little people riding on the shoulders of those who make that decision, arbitrarily deciding which stories makes the cut.

For instance, at the Mt. Echo, farting in a Community Services District meeting calls for, not only, a front page story, but an editorial comment as well. Meanwhile, the local hospital cannot get its District expanded, the local schools are throwing away about two thirds of the food they prepare and the ever vaunted windmills on Hatchet Mountain, when running, force PG&E to shut down the cheapest power producing system on the planet. But somehow that’s not as newsworthy as inadvertent gas passing.

So could it be they are not informed? No, that’s not it either, because both the Record Searchlight and the Mtn. Echo have been briefed on some of these issues, but neither thought them worthy of ink. It could, therefore, be reasonably chalked up to willful ignorance.

Take for instance, last Thursday’s Local Area Formation Council’s (LAFCO) meeting in Anderson. Both newspapers knew of the meeting, because the Searchlight had been given a heads-up of the coming ‘train wreck’, while the Echo is joined at the hip with the LAFCO Executive Officer, Amy Mickelson. The Searchlight either didn’t show up or didn’t care that this government agency was ripping off taxpayers, while the Echo wouldn’t have printed this story even if the meeting involved gunfire.

No, nobody but those that attended got to see several representatives of different Districts emotionally complain that the Executive Officer has cost them tens of thousands of dollars, trying to force her to do her job. Then, counsel hired by Fall River CSD handed the Executive Officer her ass with a detailed, points and authorities, repudiation of recent demands she had sent the CSD, to which LAFCO counsel agreed. A LAFCO council member even quizzed the EO and got her to admit that she was imposing these illegal demands without advise of legal counsel. Ooops.

No, we won’t be reading any of this, because the Echo is emotionally invested in the destruction of the CSD. And the Searchlight didn’t have space left after announcing the upcoming Honey Bee Festival. Call them what you want, but don’t call them newspapers. Dumbplumber

Sunday, September 02, 2012

Facing Principle

As an arch fan of Sarah Palin and the Tea Party, I am often criticized for not supporting Mitt Romney. I won’t send him money and I don’t plan on voting for him if he doesn’t do the right thing and embrace Palin and the Tea Party. To this end, I have told more than one campaign solicitor that if he does the right thing, I will send a check the next day.  Now this isn’t a hard decision for a true Conservative, just one that isn’t politically correct, especially if you are an isle crossing RINO.

I continually remind my wifey that not voting for someone is also my right, which has launched more than one heated debate on compromising.

Of course the constant reminder from wifey and otherwise quasi-intelligent people is, that if you don’t vote for Romney, you might get Obama. To which I respond: It’s like trying to decide to get shot in the ass with a .357 or a .38., neither is desirable, but one or the other is going to happen, for sure.

I like to remind folks that this is what happens when power hungry political hacks back people with principles into a corner. You always run the risk of failure when making the wrong choices. And if you don’t know the difference between winning an election and saving the Country, well then there’s not much I can do to help you.

Saturday, September 01, 2012

Making My Day

Uh, wait-ahold-it.  Am I hearing the multitudes of ill-informed, age deprived twatwaffles complain that Clint Eastwood has a tooth missing on his sprocket, he hasn’t a clue what the Convention was about and he is just an old man with bad hair and an empty chair?

Well, my well intentioned, shoot-from-the-hip, info lacking dipsticks, if you had taken more than 30 seconds to research what he was doing, instead of trying to internalize his shtick, you wouldn’t have made such as ass of yourselves.

Mr. Eastwood was simply executing a type of “performance art” that has been around since before television. Let me serve you with the masters of what Clint was doing, long before he did it. Sid Caesar, Milton Berle, Jackie Gleason, Red Skelton and the late Bob Newhart all used this vehicle to convey a story line, long before most of you were squirting yellow in your didies.

No, what we have here is a large group of small minded elitists from both sides of the political isle condemning something they know little or nothing about. If you are only forty something, you were born in the 70’s, not a very good year for cars or television. You can claim historical ignorance as your reason to blast Mr. Eastwood, but you can’t blame him for doing your job before revealing your ignorance.

For those of you who think time began when you were born, think again. Rowdy Yates was putting down bad guys before most of you were spewing creamed corn at your mothers. Get over yourselves, the seventies wasn’t the beginning of time or history.