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Thursday, December 26, 2013

Spanking the AP

It isn’t often I stop and analyze the incompetence, ignorance and complete disconnect on a news story about which the author knows little or nothing.  But it was Thursday’s tripe concerning the struggles within the Republican Party written by Associated Press staff writer, Bill Barrow that finally ground my gears.  Let’s take the first two paragraphs of this story to task:

    “Republicans see the 2014 midterm elections as a chance to capitalize on voter frustration   with the problem-plagued  healthcare overhaul, but the GOP must first settle a slate of     Senate primaries where conservatives are arguing about the best  way to oppose President Barrack Obama’s signature law.”

Personally, I would have made that ‘run-on’ into two sentences at “healthcare”, then placed a comma after “primaries”, but hey, I’m just a plumber.  Maybe they have different grammar and punctuation rules at the AP.

But as a writer, Bill needs to know the difference between “healthcare” and health insurance and the difference between “problem-plagued” and abject, total and complete abysmal failure from the moment a Democrat led Congress voted on this POS without having read the bill. 

And finally, he represents all Republicans as “conservatives”, which is a little like saying all women are Phyllis Diller.

It is clear by this first paragraph, Bill doesn’t have a friggin’ clue what he’s writing about.  But wait, there’s more!  He goes on:

    “In ‘intra-party’ skirmishes from Georgia to Nebraska, the GOP’s most strident candidates and activists are insisting on a no-holds barred approach.  They accuse fellow Republicans --including  several incumbent Senators-- in being too soft in their opposition to the Affordable Care Act and to the president in general.”

At least Mr. Barrow restrained himself from referring to ‘strident” candidates, as Teabagging loons, like many on the MSM.  And it would be far more illustrative to say from Maine to Florida and from New York to California, because no state is immune from the coming 2014 massacre.  As for the “No holds barred”, that’s simply pointing out just how ugly Obamacare is and what it is attempting to do to the United States of America. 

 And it’s particularly telling when a writer refers to it as the “Affordable Care Act”, which is about as accurate as, “You can keep your doctor“, “You can keep your plan” and the mother of all lies…“It will lower the cost of your health insurance“, as we all now know isn‘t going to happen.  The nom de plume is the antithesis of the developing rollout nightmare.

No, what we have here is a writer blindly weaving an inaccurate and misleading article from whole cloth.  It mischaracterizes the relationship between Republicans as a strident vs. too soft.  In reality it is Conservatives vs. RINOs, with conservatives believing in smaller government, lower taxes, adherence to the Constitution and personal responsibility, while the RINOs are siding with Democrats for the exact opposite. 

So you will forgive me when I lurch to the Right when reading such nonsense.  It is patently deceiving, misrepresents the situation and only drives readers to the Left. 

Because if you can’t write it Right, don’t write it at all. 

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

The Second Revolution

Maybe it’s time for some clarity on the political split that divides the Right these days.  True Conservatives are now being referred to as Right Wingnuts, the Radical Right, TeaNuts and Whack-o-Birds, depending on which Republican RINO you are listening to. 

Yes my friends, being a true Conservative is like the toxic waste left behind at a vintage gas station.  We just have to get it (them) outta there. 

So let’s be clear.  When some wobbly Republican Senator or Congressman brags about crossing the isle to work with the other side, what he really means is that he has packed his bags and abandoned every moral and ethical quality he ever possessed, just so he can brag about selling out America once again in the name of ‘consensus’. 

So tell me Pilgrim, when was the last time a Liberal crossed the isle and supported a Bill that led to:  Smaller Government, Lower Taxes, Honoring the Constitution or endorsed Personal Responsibility?  Go ahead, I’ll wait!

When you hear cries for consensus, bi-partisanship or political civility, just remember, we have yet to see it happen on the Left. 

No, in fact, you cannot cite one example of a successful Bill that contain ‘ANY’ much less than every pillar of the above Tea Party platform.  Nevermind that virtually every law passed and signed by the Marxist-in- Chief, is classic Alinsky.  We have less freedoms, more government and higher taxes….wash, rinse, repeat.  And they call us “Whack-O-Birds!

So you will forgive us on the Right, who no longer trust, believe or vote for the ‘least evil’ on the ballot.  Hell, most of us won’t vote at all for lack of one principled candidate on the ballot. 

Yes, it has gotten so bad that the most qualified has been shut out in the primaries for lack of funding, to spread the Word to an electorate, arguably too stupid to vote.  They have been intimidated, had their character’s assassinated, had their reputations callously decimated and their families threatened, all in the name of politics.

It has gotten so bad that this Conservative could make a good argument that America’s salvation will NOT be at the ballot box, but at the end of a very violent second revolution, not unlike what brought us the U.S. Constitution.  A Constitution, which our Congress spurns now, every day they are in session.

Long ignored is the greatest governing document ever written, the U.S. Constitution.  Our Founders made every effort to guarantee individual rights and responsibilities FIRST, states rights SECOND and federal responsibilities LAST.  Tell me, after Congress and the President take their Oaths of Office in Washington, how that's working out.

In fact, it was the Brit’s move to confiscate the guns that sparked the first American Revolution and most likely it'll be Washington D.C.’s similar efforts that will set off the second.

But you won’t read a whit about this possibility from the chattering class of Media Morons too blinded and distracted by the Justin Biebers, the Kardashians or the Duck Dynasty clan to see what’s right in front of them.

No sir, they will be blindsided by what’s right in front of us all, when the first shot is fired against an enemy America voted into power and who abused it at their peril.

We Are So Screwed

Saturday, December 07, 2013

Flying Failure

Once again we are assaulted by yet another concept of “flying cars”.  Nevermind that we were introduced to the notion of the flying cars since before Bob Cummings had one in a T.V. show, in the late 50‘s, complete with detachable wings and tail.

Now some Chinese ‘rocket scientists’ have produced preliminary drawings of “THEIR” version, which has front and rear lifting fans, along with center control fans, but nowhere to put either seats, fuel or a motor.  Now I don’t want to go out on a limb here, but the absence of a control center or motor system is starting to sound a lot like an Obama solar panel company.  No plan or end game.

And since these geniuses apparently didn’t see my last post on this preposterous concept, I will again attempt to interject some common sense.

First, we should look at who is the logical customer for this contraption:  The suburban/executive commuter?  Ah, I don’t think so.  Anybody near suburbia knows that a vehicle firing up at 6 A.M. that sounds like a mating of a 50 HP weed whacker and a wind tunnel, will not make the neighbors happy.

How about the gentleman rancher bouncing around his numerous holdings.  Uh, I don’t think so, again.  First these scientific wet dreams fail to mention that they have a very limited flying range.  So, if you think they’ll fly from Montana to Big Sur, you need a reality injection.  Besides, these soaring thrashing machines will scare the Hell out of the cattle and the sheeple. 

As I wrote a few years ago, the flying car crowd will have to deal with being too low for FAA regulations and too high for traffic laws.  They will also have to deal with radio towers, high fog and low clouds, overpasses, bridges, helicopters, tall buildings, power lines, buckshot and the occasional 30-06 round, trying to silence the cacophony.  

Actually it would be more instructive to figure out who WOULD use this vehicle and WHERE they would be used.  Not in cities, not in the Burbs, not in the outback, which leaves the lonely plains inhabited by a population of overindulgent, very wealthy, techno-challenged, elitist, narcissistic, A-holes, bent on showing off to their neighbors.  Hardly a target market for any manufacturer, much less than one craving a profit.

I can just see one lifting off next door to Joe Biden's house on Sunday morning.

So you can now go back to thinking about things that work and not waste any more time on the pending failures of a flawed plan, without provisions for control, fuel or power.  Just because you can build something doesn't mean you should.


Tuesday, December 03, 2013

Evolutionist Conundrum

It must be noted that about 450 million years ago our planet was a ball of ice.

Then about 400 million years ago, well after the melting of the ice and much longer after earth’s creation (est. at 4 billion years), Pangaea emerged as the single landmass on the planet.  Since then the climate has evolved, as the landmass has split into several continents surrounding the globe.
The climate has changed, the planet has changed, the plants, animals, insects, fish and every other creature has evolved in one way or another to accommodate changing environments and necessities of survival.

Fast forward to today.  Evolutionists, have for centuries preached the changing of every element of our world, condemning the notion of creationism along the way.  But now Progressives, Atheists, Liberals, Left-Wingtards and other assorted Moonbats are on a mission to STOP what they profess has been going on for a few billion years…..climate change (aka: global warming).

Specifically, climate moonbats have branded C02 as an evil greenhouse gas that must be eradicated.  Nevermind that it is plant food, which energizes the growth of plants and increases fruits, nuts and vegetables, with less water. (I always thought that was a good thing) 

Now you can add to that the blaming of cow farts for elevations in methane gas levels, even though the number one producer of methane is …..wait for it, termites.  I also guess the re-writers of history forgot the 60 million buffalo that wandered the Midwest, before evil white men slaughtered them, almost to extinction.  But maybe buffalo are too sophisticated to fart.

Now however, these same Moonbats are promoting the notion that man made global warming (or Anthropogenic Global Warming AGW) is promoting the devastation of man through, rising seas, shrinking of ice caps (even though they are getting bigger) as well as any other bad thing they can imagine.  Nevermind that this fluxuation has been occurring since forever. 

No my friends, weather is one thing, climate is quite another.  And for a group that cannot predict, with accuracy, the weather next week, the arrogance of them to control what happens next year or the next decade is lunacy.  And to destroy an economy trying a achieve this task is lunacy cubed.