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Sunday, October 25, 2015

Roasting Trump

The time has come that the chattering class is conceding to the notion that The Donald may be here to stay.  His staying power, as the Dumbplumber sees it, it isn't in his being an insufferable blowhard or self described business genius.  But rather someone who is revered for his ability to get things done, on time and under budget, despite obstacles.  And while most of the anti-Trump a-holes really envy his success, his real power rests with those lacking 'Envy' or most of the remaining six deadly sins.

Nevermind that Pride, Greed, Gluttony, Sloth, Lust and Wrath beds daily with those criticizing The Donald.  The 'projection' of their own shortcomings speaks volumes with those of us just looking for someone who has the cojones to take on the D.C. establishment and Wall St. power brokers. So when viewing or reading anything produced which condemns Trump, use a mirror to reveal what they are really saying.

As a test of your convictions, remember the MSM's talking heads defending the lies told by Hillary at the Benghazi hearing.  Her wholesale list of felonies and misdemeanors, were not only allowed to continue, under oath, but were loudly and ONLY decried by conservative outlets and those imprisoned for crimes far less than what we witnessed between commercials.  The silence of calls for charges of perjury were deafening.

At least when Bill lied nobody died.  But when Hillary lied a little bit of America died each and every moment she was allowed behind her microphone.  Her non-responsive, evasive and fabricated testimony will go down in the history books and set precedent for all who follow her.  But not to worry, Mrs. Clinton is poised to be coronated as the democrat candidate for president.

So we will be left with a felon in training, serial liar, with a trail of dead bodies from Chappaqua to Little Rock verses a braggadocios developer, who loves his country, his family and his business.  And who at least possess the most powerful incentive of all to lead this country, the primal instinct of survival.