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Friday, August 31, 2007

Fred's Bid

Is it just me or has Fred Thompson’s announcement of a pending bid to run for president taken all the oxygen out of the room. Must have, since the daily drumbeat of criticism for his “testing the waters” campaign has not only been quelled, but replaced by a deafening silence about all things Fred Thompson.
It is unclear whether the pundits and potential contenders are suffering oxygen deprivation or just taking a few hours to reload. My suggestion is that they seek higher ground as there is about to be a Fred Thompson tsunami.

The “business as usual” political landscape is about to change and woe be the critics, who have, so far, underestimated the quiet, soft spoken, pragmatic Thompson. He has carefully and purposefully scrutinized the fabric of middle America, the self absorbed Left and the uptight Right. I suspect his analysis is that they all have one thing and only one thing in common…..survival.

And his message to America, in this election cycle will be that the “tax and spend“, Big Government and Big Nanny society we have wrangled from a twisted, mangled and mutilated U.S. Constitution is about to be our undoing.

Come September 6, we will be handed a huge dose of reality from someone who has unrivaled respect of our Founding Fathers and more than a few examples of the consequences, when their good intentions are ignored.