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Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Stealing an Election

I have often commented that Obama stole the 2012 election.  To which I am criticized as a loon:  They say, “You can’t steal a presidential election”.

Well, let’s review.  Since I’m no Poly-Sci professor, just bear with me.  (Please note that I don't mention the lies, fabrications or soon to be broken promises of the candidates.  That's just a given.)

A)  First you isolate the swing states:  Colorado, Iowa, Florida, Wisconsin, N. Carolina, Nevada and Virginia.  The rest are already gone to one candidate or the other.

B)  Then you mobilize the unions, what’s left of ACORN, political action committees, the MSM and every dog with fleas to focus on those races. 

C)  Then you funnel cash into the hands of every voter registration fraudster, corrupt poll worker, voting box courier, and ballot box stuffer you can bribe into saving the election. And we can't forget the computer voting hackers. (There wasn’t one vote for Romney in 59 districts in Philadelphia)

D)  Then you have the IRS investigate, intimidate and stonewall all opposition organizations into depression, while courting the favored party with, illegal information access, rapid tax exemption and non-audit status.

E)  Don’t forget the wheelbarrows of cash from all those bankrupt energy companies that were given billions to fail.  And yet again, deny the military the opportunity to vote.  (We can’t have our bravest involved in this business)

F)  Make sure to expand entitlements, bloat bureaucracies, hand out free phones and EBT cards in the millions to buy every enabled vote.

G)  And the ‘coup de gras’, have your flunkies fudge, fabricate and misreport the ‘employment’ numbers, the job growth rate, the GDP and every other factoid that makes it appear the country is growing while it is actually sinking like a rock.

H)  Don’t forget to enlist the ignorant glitterati in Hollywood to drop your name to the mush-heads that buy their movie tickets and music.  Even ignorant votes count. 

See what I mean.  In a close election, theft isn’t just possible (they've been doing it for decades in Chicago), but was most probable in 2012.

Sunday, November 17, 2013

It Won't be Pretty

It is often said that we live in a Democracy.  Not so.  We live in a ‘Representative Republic’. 

A Democracy is basically ‘mob rule’, where those seeking entitlements gather together to vote themselves endless benefits at the expense of the taxpayer.

A Representative Republic is where the taxpayers vote for representation of the common good. 

Good examples of Democracy are Chicago, Detroit, New Orleans, New York and San Bernardino.  (Although San Bernardino is a ‘recovering’ democracy)  All these cities would not exist were it not for subsidies from the rest of the U.S..  Each and every one is in serious economic, moral and civilized decay, held together ONLY by the largess of Big Government.

Problem is: this crisis of decay has extended itself to the states, and alas, the Federal Government, where mob rule has ran out of benefactors and now must rely upon extortion, coercion, outright theft and the printing press to quench the thirst of guzzling, misguided and ignorant voters, who continue to reinstate a government determined to bankrupt itself by throwing away money to charlatans, embezzlers, fraudsters, miscreants and enemies of this country.

The only question that remains is:  Is there an end to this saga?  Yes, my friends, there is an end.  But it ain’t gonna be pretty.