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Sunday, November 22, 2015

A few thoughts on ClintonWorld

While our attention over the past seven years has been on the destruction of America, by the ‘now’ worse president in our history, we have not focused on what is happening before our very eyes, under the notion of a President Hillary Clinton.  The Faustian deal struck between Hillary and Obama has, so far, not raised its ugly head, mostly because we have been struggling with the everyday realization that the world is coming apart, not in an unplanned plot to divvy up the spoils between the two greatest evils since WWII, Hillary and Barack.

Has anyone but me thought about the notion of President Hillary pardoning First Dude, weeny wagging Willy, for perjury, thereby exonerating him for Impeachment?  No, I didn’t think so. 

It is not a well-kept secret that Hillary has got her proverbial 'nuts' in a vice.  Her campaign has her dashing to and fro spouting the historical Dem Party lines of “protecting the young and defenseless”, tax the rich, and my personal favorite, “rebuild the middle class”, which is code for rebuild the unions and crush those small business owners.  Meanwhile, that nasty State Dept. ‘email’ thingy just keep popping up.

That nasty email thingy is a small part of the Faustian deal I mentioned earlier.  After her humiliating defeat to Obama in 2008, Hillary needed a new springboard to her rightful position as president.  Unfortunately, she had to establish some street cred while she waited for Obama to either die in an ugly plane crash or be assassinated by a KKK sniper.  But the fates put her as Sect. of State, where she could destabilize the Middle East, for her boss, while fattening the Clinton Global Initiative, with hand-picked six figure donations from world leaders.  This bought a few minutes with Bill, telling them he and the Hildabeast were a team to be reckoned with. 
Meanwhile, Hillary hired (against the direct orders of the Preezy) Sidney Blumenthal, who has a history of staging his allies into situations, just prior to any major crisis, whereby they will financially benefit from said crisis.  And all this being recorded on emails, on a private illegal server, under complete control of Hillary.  Yes, I know it’s getting complicated, but bear with me.

Over her some four years as Secretary she transmitted well over 60,000 unprotected emails (some Top Secret) and failed to account for well over $6 billion dollars of taxpayer money funneled into ‘State’ coffers.  And yet she touts her experience as Sect’y on her resume to be president.  Although she remains a candidate for our nation’s highest office, she is being investigated by the FBI for a number of serious felonies, you can bet will be dismissed by Loretta Lynch. 
It is here I might add that neither former Attorney General, Eric Holder, nor current AG, Loretta Lynch has sought charges against Hillary for crimes against America, for which several similar cases have already been adjudicated against others, under far less serious offenses.  It’s almost like there is another dimension, when it comes to the Clintons.  Hillary Clinton protects her husband, Bill, while she is also protecting Barack Obama.  Obama protects Hillary, Eric Holder, Lois Lerner, John Koskenin (IRS), John Kerry and others for provable crimes, while openly hostile to patriotic Americans like the Tea Party.  Bill protects Hill, because he wants his record expunged.  Winning!

But no one has thought of the consequences of Hillary winning the White House.  Bad Bill will be one ‘willy’ unleashed.  He will be un-tethered from legal restraints for raising un-taxable money.  He will put a bureaucratic end to all those that have haunted him for past indiscretions.  And through mutual agreement, he will surrender his conjugal bed to the likes of Huma Abedin, Anthony Weiner’s wife and occasional visitor to their daughter.  And I'm still not sure Anthony is the father, as I earlier revealed that Hillary has "nuts".

And no one has envisioned Talk Radio under the Hildabeast.  My guess, AM radio will disappear within a year, because Rush Limbaugh will be broadcasting from Rosarita, Mexico, Fox News will be anchored on some freighter 200 miles off the Atlantic coast and Mark Levin, Sean Hannity, Glenn Beck and the entire 2nd tier of conservative broadcast stars will have moved to Canada and checked into Witness Protection.  The cold reality of ClintonWorld.  And I’m just getting started….

You can kiss goodbye to the Internet as you have known it.  Your laptops will be propaganda screens and all sites will be pay-per-view, with a ‘taste’ of everything going to ClintonWorld.  And if you are addicted to Internet porn or gaming, you might look into rehab right now, because the ‘cold turkey’ you are about to witness may require some very expensive drugs.

If I were Obama, on my way out in 2017, I would throw a hefty donation to Hillary’s re-election campaign and gift her with a plain brown envelop with all the dirt I have collected on her since 2007.  And a twist of irony, I would leave it on that park bench Vince Foster stopped using, just after he told Hillary he couldn’t take it anymore. 
It also might be prudent to practice taking your copy of the U.S. Constitution and wiping your ass with it, because that is what she will be doing.  What's left of your Rights under it, after Obama, will be gone in February, 2017. 

Juanita Broaddrick, Paula Jones, Kathleen Willey and the dozens of others, who have accused Bill Clinton of rape or sexual abuse, might as well head for the hills under a Hildabeast administration.  Cleaning up Bill’s mis-spent semen will be a big job, but hey, they haven’t cleaned up the Super Sites yet, so what!  And forget ever seeing President Pants Suit in a blue dress.
I can’t wait to see how long it will take for anyone to notice Hillary’s loss of a southern accent, when speaking to those useful idiots south of the Mason/Dixon Line.  Welcome to ClintonWorld.

And let us not forget our military.  You know, those that have sworn to defend us from enemies, both foreign and domestic, kind of like the one Hillary and all those before her took.  Schmucks.

You might as well be defending and protecting Satan, for all the good she will do you.  Carrying her luggage, flying her aircraft, destroying her personal enemies will be your new battle cry. No, does anyone NOT believe that this tyrannical herridan will unleash the power of the Oval Office upon all those who have scorned her over the decades?  Have you not heard of the Enemies List?

No, you folks will not recognize what’s left after Obama has escaped to his new digs in Southern California.  Hillary's going to look like Obama ‘cubed’, when she parks her abundant ass behind the Resolute Desk. 

 Welcome to ClintonWorld.

Saturday, November 21, 2015

Political Transparency

It may as well have been Black Tuesday.  Wifey returned home from a doctor’s appointment, a week ago, in great spirits, as a skin lesion turned out to be just about nothing.  Then yesterday, she receives in the mail a “courtesy announcement” that she had ran a red light, while making a right turn.  Yes, it came with several photos.  It also said clearly at the top of the page, “This is not a ticket”, but buried at the bottom was an invitation to contact the police, to make an appointment for an interview. 

Nevermind that the police are over 75 miles from our home.

Now I watch TV like most of you and the first thing I learned from every cop show I ever saw was that more people talk themselves into jail than talk themselves out. 
But this is not the point of this posting.

The point is, is that some mid-level manager of a ‘red light’ racket in Phoenix, Arizona has forwarded Wifey a courtesy warning, not to be confused as a notice ‘not’ to enforce the law.  And here is where the rubber meets the road.

Let’s face it folks, red light cameras cause more accidents than they prevent.  It’s a proven statistical fact.  Red light cameras are a revenue source, NOT a law enforcement tool.  But I digress.

If we are to suddenly begin to enforce the laws already on the books, we need to look no further than the seats of government, from top to bottom.  To begin instilling respect for our law enforcement system, heads need to roll from Washington D.C to the smallest villages of our great nation.

We could start by using available, confirmed video, emails and first hand testimony to arrest, charge and prosecute one of our current presidential candidates for perjury, lying to investigators and Congressional committees, as well as aiding and abetting our enemies and tampering with government documents in furtherance of evading prosecution.  As well as, allowing government secrets to be exposed, while violating federal laws on securing Top Secret communications. (These are not idle accusations, but already established fact on record).  I would love to refer to her as Inmate 015-699345 for President.

 So why no prosecution?  Yeah I know, they are still investigating……much like the grassy knoll in Dallas.

On the lower end of the scale, our local District Attorney could move forward with violation of State Law as to the operation of one of many of our local Commissions, in that conflict of interest and conspiracy in furtherance of illegal annexations and most likely bribery of a government official(s) by private citizens or business interests.

Meanwhile, our current administration has a stack of felonies to answer for, beginning with tampering with a political website to allow foreigners to donate to a political campaign, to aiding and abetting illegal immigration and failing to prosecute those that allowed government money to be distributed to those that didn’t qualify for it.  (In the tens of billions, I might add).  And should I mention of an abject failure to enforce laws, already on the books against voter intimidation (with video), voter fraud, and refusal to prosecute political cronies for multiple felonies.

Closer to home, the same violation of immigration rules by Sacramento has shoved illegal immigration into high gear.  Driver’s licenses for illegals, then allowing anyone with a driver’s license to vote in California elections has combined both violations for illegal immigration and election fraud, as a twofer. 
Or put another way, if we were to violate the campaign and immigration laws of Mexico the same way we are allowing them to violate our laws, us little people would be eating tortillas and beans for years to come, while rotting away in a Mexican jail.

And who among us can forget the IRS bureaucrat, Lois Lerner, who single-handedly approved many Liberal 501c3 organizations tax exempt status, while denying Conservative organizations the same right, during the last couple of election cycles?  Yeah, more investigations.  And all right up in the face of a Republican led congress.

 But you don’t need to remind me of the felonies that are condoned in the name of politics.  And Congress still doesn’t understand why Americans have given them a 6% approval rating.
No, the Red Light racket is just a small part of what pisses Americans off with government, government control and government over reach.  Personally, I think if you shoved a red light up a politician’s ass, his eyes would light up.

I guess that’s what they consider transparency. 

Friday, November 20, 2015

So, Trump's an Idiot

So, Lindsey Graham says, "Donald Trump is an idiot".

Let's review:  The Donald has amassed billions of dollars building things people want.  He employs thousands of people, many minorities.  His name is emblazoned on projects around the world.  He has a family, including ex wives, who support his run for president.  His support hovers around 40% of GOP and Independent voters.  He is self-financing a candidacy, that if he wins, will cut his income by about 95%.  And by my personal experience, The Donald has rave reviews from some local, flaming Liberals.

Lindsey, on the other hand, is a single, lonely, wine-swilling, RINO ass kissing, gravy dripping goober, that has stabbed patriotic Americans in the back, on several occasions, with the help of fellow RINO assholes, like Mitch McConnell, John McCain and Thad Cochran.  He routinely crosses the isle to aid fellow Liberals in creating bigger government, more corruption and less concern for the Freedom and Liberty of our citizens.

And this back-stabbing, shaft yanking, blowhard has the balls to call Trump an idiot!

Thursday, November 19, 2015

Other Voices

From a friend of mine:

"Before this last batch of Syrian refugees stepped on U.S. soil, we already had over 1000 on our terrorist watch list.  But if you asked President Golf Cluster, he couldn’t tell you where one of them were today."
"It’s like telling the Highway Patrol they can’t arrest a drunk driver until they kill someone in an accident."

I might add that he also suggested:  "We should contact Mr. Obama and request that he send 50 or 60 of the refugees up to our little slice of heaven in NE California.  And when they come, be sure to send body bags for each of them."

I like the cut of his jib.