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Sunday, February 24, 2013

Devil in the Details

This is a response to a Silas Lyons' editorial that slaps around the Redding City Council for NOT mortgaging Redding's future......

Silas, among your metaphors, you might have missed 'streets paved with gold', 'water into wine' and 'Happy Days are here Again'. What you miss is the 'Devil is in the Details', ask Stockton, Ca.

And if you even bothered to review the landslide of grants coming down from Big Brother, you would see that the strings attached put rural America’s most precious resource, water, into complete control of environmentalists, urban power grabbers and the ‘behind the curtain’ boogeyman, the United Nations.

So I would caution you to spend some time with the “Tinkerers” before you start writing future sensational stories about how Big Brother snuck up on rural America and stole its future.

Those “Tinkerers” are fighting to keep OUR water rights, and how they are NOT going to surrender a portion, NOT going to be forced to meter it all and NOT be told how it must be used in the future.

And I find it amusing that none of the “Agenda” calls for cutting 20% of the water in swimming pools, cutting 20% of the irrigated landscaping or cutting 20% of the pressure from big city water systems. No, control and regulation is only for the Mountain People.

So Silas, before you rale against those that refuse to mortgage our future any further, perhaps you might ask those that did it in the past and ask them how the auction is going.