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Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Observations on the Southern California Fires

Some observations about the So. Cal fires:
A) Million dollar homes are burning when there are home fire prevention apparatus that would have saved them, costing just a few thousand dollars.

B) How is it that many of the catastrophic losses were uninsured, when fire insurance is required on every mortgage? And how can you afford to pay your home off and not afford fire insurance?

C) How is it that these homeowners never conceived of their homes being in harm’s way, when they are living in the middle of the “Information Highway”?

D) How long will it be before someone mentions that this could have been avoided by reducing wild land fire fuels to make electricity, instead of a spontaneous tinderbox?

E) How am I to feel sorrow for some multi-millionaire eco-Nazi’s, who just lost one of their several homes, when they were the problem in the first place?

F) Could this be a buying opportunity for some of those nasty foreclosures?

G) You have got to wonder how much food, water and emergency supplies are being donated by that nasty, profit mongering Wal-Mart to those poor, devastated, displaced, eco-hippies, that are every bit as responsible for the eventual devastation as the guy who lit the match.

H) And finally, why is it that So-Cal residents are saving their dogs, cats and horses, while Katrina victims were saving their beer, vodka and cigarettes?

Saturday, October 20, 2007

Loonies Losing the Media

Morgan Stanley’s recent divestiture of their portfolio of New York Times stock suddenly made me ponder: Can a publicly traded company with outspoken Liberal policies survive without the support of Conservative stockholders? Could have Oz existed without Dorothy or Kansas?
Clearly the emergence of Fox News, in the cable news wars, is a reflection of the contempt viewers have for the Alphabet Networks and has dwarfed viewership of MSNBC, CNBC and CNN combined. Indeed Fox News now rivals CBS, the weakest link in the evening news slot.
To counteract this viewing dominance, CNN and MSNBC have launched Glenn Beck and Tucker Carlson shows to attract more “Independent” viewers to the networks.

But the printed news is the favorite target of Cable News. Not an evening goes by that O’Reilly, Beck or Hannity doesn’t point out the outlandish bias of several major U.S. newspapers or Networks, naming them and their most recent offending columnist or anchor for ostracizing.
But is it fair? Oh yeah and it is selling soap like crazy. Viewership of these programs is skyrocketing at the expense of the more Liberal programs, whose prime format is bashing Bush, 24/7.

Perhaps the Morgan Stanley move is an indicator of things to come. If the Liberal oriented media doesn’t attract the Conservative businesses that advertise on their programs, or in their papers, why should we believe that their future will be sustained with Conservative shareholders.

On the other hand, is it possible to sustain your stock value when your only customers and shareholders are Looney Leftist Socialists? You might ask Howard Dean, who pulled the curtain back and exposed the Wizard, Mr. Soros. And as rich as he is, even he cannot afford all the strings holding up the stock values or the flying monkeys.

Hilliary Gets Her Cookies

Just when we thought that the funding scandal of Senator Hillary Clinton’s campaign was over, here comes the East Coast edition. She still hasn’t found the sources of several hundred thousand in questionable West Coast Asian contributions funneled through Norman Hsue, so now comes Act Deaux.

So blatantly are these practices ignored by the Main Stream Media, it begs the question: What would happen if paperboys, car washers and lawn mowers began bundling $1000 donations for the top Republican Candidate?

Meanwhile, Asian dishwashers, busboys and street hawkers are heaping $1000 and $2000 contributions on Hillary by the droves. I couldn’t help but notice that there was no mention of $25 and $50 donations, but I digress. And again, much to my surprise, the donors are either difficult to locate or confused as to why they donated, when located. Something about local “business associations” gathering and bundling these contributions. Never mind that these same “associations” usually confine themselves to providing labor with “hazy” documentation, “insurance policies” with premiums due,-in cash- weekly and enforcement of business infractions enforced with Louisville Sluggers.

No, what we have here folks is wholesale campaign finance fraud. This fraud is so shady and convoluted that unwinding the scam could take years, by which time offenders hopefully will be pardoned from the Clinton Oval Office. Hillary’s blanket avoidance of these fundraising issues speaks volumes about her management style and priorities of her potential administration.
These donors live in crowded hovels and apartments in areas of mystery where the highest profits come from Mahjong gambling, Opium, Sex Slaves and counterfeiting. And with suspicious millions coming at Hillary from these neighborhoods it gives a whole new meaning to “Fortune Cookie”.

Sunday, October 07, 2007

The Maaco -Over Candidate

With Hillary’s well documented profane tirades on her staff, bodyguards, Secret Service agents and assorted underlings, she is far more suited to be a longshoreman or logger than President. She’s demonstrated unadulterated contempt for any and all, who’s job it is to make her life easier, but you wouldn’t know it by her spontaneous emotional explosions.

No wonder Bill seeks affection outside the marriage. I can’t imagine the criticism der Schleekmeister receives while attempting to engage in his husbandly duties with the former first lady. The rolodex of his past indiscretions must serenade the infrequent conjugal opportunities that most assuredly pass in the night.

But the “made over” candidate Clinton has little in common with the former First Lady. Paul Rubens resembles Pee Wee Herman far more than candidate Hillary does the past Mrs. Clinton. So, it is no surprise that the “new” Hillary is enjoying such a wave of popularity among her fan base-- those with short attention spans--who have heaped the adoring dollar upon her. They simply don’t have any idea who she really is, or what she is about.

Clearly we are faced with quite a character juxtaposition. Tens of thousands have heaped tens of millions upon an image created by the Madison Avenue “Maaco-ver Paint and Body“, while those who have been closest to her are documenting the outrageous behavior of a Cruella de Ville.
Therefore, it is incumbent upon all of us to decide whether to trust our future to someone who tucked away her blind ambition, festering contempt and outrageous behavior, to temporarily adopt the necessary temperament demanded of the Commander in Chief.

But if history is any indicator, voters will pick a leader who is more predictable and less a Jekyll and Hyde.

Friday, October 05, 2007

Paraphernalia in the Park

A News Flash from the Bay Area that you will never hear on a San Francisco radio or T.V. station. It comes from a friend, who is preparing his phd thesis, while living adjacent to Golden Gate Park, where he occasionally visits to decompress from his project.

Seems that my friend routinely comes upon discarded hypodermic needles and the occasional crack pipe strewn about the park. As any good citizen, he reports these sightings on the Park website, provided so that Park employees can dispose of these potential hazards.

However after a recent sighting his findings remained for several days ignored. Subsequent to his repeated reports with a defined location of the offending hypos--the last with GPS co-ordinates, which would put one within a foot of the items--he was informed that he was free to remove the items himself if it bothered him so much.

Not one to take a slight lightly, my friend responded with chapter, line and verse of the Park ordinances which specifically prohibits anyone other than Park employees, government officials or law enforcement from removing anything--trash included--from the Park. Additionally, he pointed out that while it wasn’t his job to either “police” the Park trash, or cite Park regulations to Park officials.

And as an interesting and poignant aside, he asked the Park Director if she would bail him out of jail, when he was arrested for possession of drug paraphernalia, even though he would tell the arresting officer that he had just found the hypo and was disposing it, or was she prepared to provide health care to a child who infected themselves with a contaminated needle?
Needless to say, park employees were observed the next day picking up the offending debris, while the Park Director forwarded this final message:

"This ‘parkscan’ does not have sufficient location information to instruct aworker to find one glass crack pipe. I am going to assume that it is gone,through normal cleaning. If it is still there, you can let me know with morespecifics. I asked you to please consider throwing it away yourself, to savethe multiple steps involved in ‘parkscan‘. Many people do contribute to thecommon wellbeing by doing a little extra on occasion. I am sorry that youwere offended by my suggestion."

No folks, you cannot make this up. Your tax dollars at work.

Returning the Money....Hsu Thing.

Returning the money….

Ok, now we have all heard about the Norman Hsu contributions to the Democrats. How they were questionable, because Norman bundled tens of thousands of dollars from individuals-- who were people of modest means, clearly not able to throw that much money at a campaign--into hundreds of thousands. How he was a con man who swindled tens of millions from investors in Ponzi schemes. How the Liberal campaigns were returning the money, because they wanted to distance themselves from Norman.

Now wait-a-hold-it a minute. I was with you… right up till then.
Mr. Hsu has, or had, an address in New York City, even though he was a fugitive for the past 10 years. During these years he has been photographed with a number of prominent politicians, not the least of which was Hillary Clinton, who is surrounded by Secret Service agents 24/7. All, while he was a fugitive in flight?

Now that is speaking volumes about the Secret Service in particular and law enforcement in general. Nothing quite like hiding in plain sight hugging the former first Lady and shoving money down her cleavage like a drunken bride at her wedding party. But I digress.
The $800,000 Hillary’s camp claims they are RETURNING needs to be followed. IE: If I write you a check and you never cash it, the money remains in the bank, unredeemed. Or, if I write a few hundred checks to the bundled donors directly--and it wasn’t their money to begin with--they now have an IRS issue. Moreover, the Bundled donors receiving money actually bilked from people through Hsu’s Ponzi schemes perpetuates the tragedy and makes recovery almost impossible.

No, what is NOT being said and done here is far more important than, “we are returning the money”. I say: You “are returning the money”, prove it. I want to see the cancelled check(s). And, I want to know if it was their money in the first place. The complicated effort of “returning the money” has been seemingly swept under the carpet with a blasé press release designed to end the conversation.

Wouldn’t work for Conservatives, shouldn’t work for Liberals.

Hillary, That Sweet Lady


"Where is the G-damn f***ing flag? I want the G-damn f***ing flag up every f***ing morning at f***ing sunrise."-From the book "Inside The White House" by Ronald Kessler, p. 244 - Hillary to the staff at the Arkansas Governor's mansion on Labor Day, 1991

"You sold out, you mother f***er! You sold out!"-From the book "Inside" by Joseph Califano, p. 213 - Hillary yelling at a Democrat lawyer.

"F**k off! It's enough that I have to see you shit-kickers every day, I'm not going to talk to you too!! Just do your G*damn job and keep your mouth shut."-From the book "American Evita" by Christopher Anderson, p. 90 - Hillary To her State Trooper bodyguards after one of them greeted her with "Good morning."

"You f** *ing idiot"-From the book "Crossfire" p. 84 - Hillary to a State Trooper who was driving her to an event.

"If you want to remain on this detail, get your f***ing ass over here and grab those bags!"-From the book "The First Partner" p. 259 - Hillary to a Secret Service Agent who was reluctant to carry her luggage because he wanted to keep his hands free in case of an incident

."Get f***ed! Get the f**k out of my way!!! Get out of my face!!!"-From the book "Hillary's Scheme" p. 89 - Hillary's various comments to her Secret Service detail agents.)

"Stay the f**k back, stay the f**k away from me! Don 't come within 10 yards of me, or else! Just f**king do as I say, Okay!!!?"-From the book "Unlimited Access", by Clinton FBI Agent in Charge, Gary Aldrige, p. 139 - Hillary screaming at her Secret Service detail

"Where's the miserable c*ck sucker?"-From the book "The Truth About Hillary" by Edward Klein, p. 5 - Hillary shouting at a Secret Service officer

"Put this on the ground! I left my sunglasses in the limo. I need those sunglasses. We need to go back!"-From the book "Dereliction of Duty" p . 71-72 - Hillary to Marine One helicopter pilot to turn back while en route to Air Force One.

"Son of a bitch."-From the book "American Evita" by Christopher Anderson, p. 259 - Hillary's opinion of President George W. Bush when she found out he secretly visited Iraq just days before her highly publicized trip to Iraq .

"What are you doing inviting these people into my home? These people are our enemies! They are trying to destroy us!"-From the book "The Survivor" by John Harris, p. 99 - Hillary screaming to an aide, when she found out that some Republicans had been invited to the Clinton White House

"Come on Bill, put your dick up! You can't f**k her here!!"-From the book "Inside The White House" by Ronald Kessler, p. 243 - Hillary to Gov. Clinton when she spots him talking with an attractive female at an Arkansas political rally.

" You know, I'm going to start thanking the woman who cleans the restroom in the building I work in. I'm going to start thinking of her as a human being" - Hillary Clinton-From the book "The Case Against Hillary Clinton" by Peggy Noonan, p. 55

"We just can't trust the American people to make those types of choices.... Government has to make those choices for people "-From the book "I've Always Been A Yankee Fan" by Thomas D. Kuiper, p. 20 - Hillary to Rep. Dennis Hasert in 1993 discussing her expensive, disastrous taxpayer-funded health care plan.

"I am a fan of the social policies that you find in Europe " Hillary in 1996" -From the book "I've Always Been A Yankee Fan" by Thomas D. Kuiper, p.6

This ill-tempered, violent, foul mouthed, hateful and abusive woman wants to be your president and have total control, as commander-in-chief of our Military, the Secret Service, White House employees, personal staff, servants and anyone else within earshot, when she launches a tirad. Surely the people of the The United States can easily do better than this. An observation: Hillary has topped Obama in fundraising and polling, again. Seems those that know her least like her best….. And visa versa.

Sherrif Arpaio Has It Right

Why is it that Joe Arpaio, sheriff of Maricopa County, Arizona, is the only law enforcement official in the U.S. that “gets” it?

While the whining Liberals complain about prison overcrowding, the lack of job training, insufficient rehabilitation and denial of completion of sex change operations also crowds the list of grievances against the California prison system. Now I may be going out on a limb here, but none of these issues are likely to be resolved soon.
However, Sheriff Arpaio has addressed these complaints and resolved them long ago: “You don’t like it here, don’t come back”. So, why doesn’t California adopt some of these measures, to discourage incarceration?

You see there is only one reason someone is in prison in the first place. It isn’t because they are uneducated; an education is provided free in this country, at least through high school. It isn’t because there are no jobs; jobs are everywhere for those who are looking for one. It isn’t because you grew up in poverty, as many who have are very successful today.

The reason you are there is because you were never taught right from wrong when growing up and couldn’t figure out that “do unto others“, meant you as well. It may mean that you decided to take the path of least resistance, when met with the slightest obstacle or shady opportunity. It may be a sign that for whatever reason, genes or environment, you are a hopeless sociopath that needs locking up. California prisons have moved from being a penal institution to someplace to go between offenses. It’s not a rehab facility folks……it’s supposed to be a P-E-N-A-L-T-Y.
Society is fixated on the conditions within our prison system, while they don’t care a twit, why prisoners are there in the first place. Liberals have moved to ban almost all corporal punishment for children, actually making it a crime in many areas for spanking. Strangely enough counseling makes about as much sense to a 3 year old--with an “I am the center of the universe complex”-- as it does to a 30 year old with a history of bad choices and little

incentive to change them. Likewise, the Liberal remedies for boredom, irresponsibility and laziness are entitlements, endless counseling and gaming the system.

No, if you want to start to see a drop in inmate population, you need to start at home. We need to stop enabling “irresponsible parenting” with endless entitlements and government hand outs and start expecting them to face the consequences of their actions. We need to give these people a leg-up not a handout.
Joe Arpaio has it right. If you don’t like baloney sandwiches, pink underwear, working on a chain gangs, or serving your time in conditions comparable to our soldiers in Iraq, “don’t come here“. Arpaio might be the closest thing these folks get to a responsible parent and I suspect he commands far more respect and a lower recidivism rate than most other counties in the U.S.