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Friday, March 20, 2009

Obama: Carnival Barker in Chief

While everyone is all busy gnashing and whining about the 170 million bucks shoveled around to a couple hundred AIG execs, there is nary a whimper about the additional 2 or 3 trillion Obama and Company have committed, and are about to commit, to a new electric grid, universal healthcare, boosting union membership and the duplicitous funding of thousands of earmarks and programs, on top of the Porkulus Bill.

Nevermind that Obama has spent more of our money, in his first 50 days, than Bush spent on two Wars and Katrina. Nevermind that Obama is spending money right now, that no one alive today, on this planet, will ever see paid off. And never mind that he did all of this with the support of the same people that just spent 5 years condemning Bush for bankrupting America.

What each and every one of us should realize is that this deluge of debt has happened in less than two months of Obama’s first term. Which leaves about 46 months for Obama and the Congress to figure out how to screw us out of trillions more dollars to start paying for it. Perhaps you have heard of “creative financing”. Well, what has happened in the past won’t hold a candle to what is about to come down on us. But not to worry. There will always be a “bogyman” crisis to keep our attention focused elsewhere while they not so subtly shaking us down.

You won’t see or hear any MSM stories on the systematic pocket picking of Americans, but you WILL see the daily drumbeat of “manufactured” crisis designed specifically to distract us from coming revenue enhancing policies. Believe me it will have us plundering our piggy banks, scavenging under the sofa cushions and scrounging burger change from our auto dash trays, for years to come.

What we are witnessing now is the biggest most expensive side show in history. However Barney Frank, Chris Dodd and yes, Obama himself, will provide us the comic relief. Not unlike when one of the occupants cuts a stinky one in the clown car. If we weren‘t in the car, it would be a lot more funny.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

What I learned today 3-15

A lot of noise is being made over the “Nan” Pelosi’s use of military, luxury G5 Gulfstreams to taxi her back and forth to San Fran and to other points of interest on weekends and holidays. Seems that Fran is costing us a little over $5 mil a year in expenses.

Well, for $5 mil we could save a bundle if we bought her a mansion in D.C. for $3 or $4 mil and amortize over her term. Then she could either video conference, “Webinar” or “GotoMeeting” with her 5 constituents and her former buddies of “E” wing at the asylum. Or better yet, we could just jet her 5 constituents back and forth, first class, and save even more.

After one night as a guest of the U.S. Government at the Federal Detention Center in New York City, Bernard Madoff wants bail and release until his sentencing in June. I’m sure that his counsel underestimated the ambiance, when they told Bernard about the “piece of cake” the next 90 days were going to be before he was shipped off to Club Fed.

Well folks, there is some bad news for Bernard coming down the pike. First, since he bilked tens of thousands of people out of tens of billions, the only shadow he will be seeing for the next several years, is his own. His life is worth zip in general population. Second, while he is trying to fall on his sword, as the only perp in this fiasco, the victims and Feds aren’t buying it. Wifey and the sons will be stripped clean in Civil Court if the Feds don’t do the right thing.

And under the “I told you so” dept., word has slipped out that buried within the 1,100 page Porkulus Bill are provisions that ALL jobs created under the Bill would be “prevailing wage” jobs. Which means that all jobs from the highly technical or trained to the lowly ditch digger and cleanup man will be paid union wages, whether union or not.

Now, that is not only one great way to increase the union flock and make your tax dollars shrink, but a real slap in the face to all of us non-union taxpayers, who will be paying the higher wages of the union counterparts.
Gee, who could have seen this coming? The Dumbplumber

Obamacide, 95% Bullcrap

It seems that every day, Obama throws a handful of bull puckey against the wall, then talks up everything that doesn’t move. However, what he isn’t talking about are his campaign promises, and the wholesale breaking thereof. And what he talks about least are his “revenue enhancements“.

So, while he and his Kool Aid drinking little bobble headed minions maintain that 95% of Americans “will receive a tax break”(think income), what he doesn’t say is that he is all about raising taxes, tolls and tariffs on all Americans across the board. But you won’t hear about this on the MSM.

This isn’t unlike the pre-Prop 13 California politicians who, on one election cycle, would promise that property taxes would not be raised, then watched with mock surprise when property assessments would skyrocket. Then in the alternate election cycle promise that assessments would not increase while witnessing tax increases. Technically correct, but morally reprehensible.

What is different today is Obama enjoys an over-52% approval rating, which translates into, “over half of America is still brain dead and would follow him over a cliff if he were wearing a clown suit with his hair on fire“.

Whether it is duties, tariffs, or taxes on phone calls, tires, gas, deaths or perks, they’re all going up. And with the nation in a tailspin, States are taking the same cue and raising sales taxes, fishing/hunting licenses, auto licenses and every permit they issue. Everybody will pay more, a lot more, under Obama. But you will not hear this in the MSM either. They are too busy listening to the daily ejection of White House excrement to actually look into what is being done to us, quietly and behind the scenes.

And if anybody is suffering under the illusion that this draconian, opportunistic, systematic pocket picking by bureaucrats and politicians will NOT result in a taxpayer backlash, they are either sadly ignorant or one of the 52%, in a dead run, to follow him over the cliff.

Monday, March 09, 2009

Emperor Obama

Some say that we are in the midst of a giant game of “Whack-a-Mole”. You know, that’s where these little fuzzy mole muppets pop up from a field of round holes, and you whack them down with a little mallet.

Others have likened this administration to a five year old running around in a fireworks factory with a book of matches, lighting them along the way.

I disagree. I think that Obama should be compared to an arrogant 12 year old that just inherited a See’s candy store, a Ben and Jerry’s Ice Cream shop and a Bubba’s Burritos Shop from good ole aunt Mabel. Well, this 12 year old is in way over his head.

I don’t care if it is the ginormus “Porkulus Bill”, the 9000 earmarks, closing GITMO, shutting down offshore drilling, killing nuclear power development, gutting the defense budget, continually propping up AIG (because they underwrite Congressional benefit packages), or the largest expansion of government in our history, no one would argue that this administration has launched an outright assault to America’s security and prosperity. And has done so in a campaign that would elevate Mr. Obama to Emperor of (what’s left of) the World at the expense of whoever’s left to finance it. And Mr. Obama has done most of this in just the first month in office.

On the other hand, there have already been some cracks in the support for Mr. Obama and his heavy handed actions to date. You see, those Liberal loonies who voted for the above changes and opulent spending have been receiving emails, letters and phone calls from those who voted them into office saying, “What the Hell were you thinking, your flying us into the ground, so pull back on the stick you f%#king idiot“.

There are some that believe that Obama will burn out before the 2010 elections. I say, the way he’s going, he will be lucky to salute our flag on July 4th. And if he is saluting it, it will be as upside down as he is.


A) You whined and gnashed about Bush spending our grandchildren’s money, but you didn’t say a word when Obama spent more on a Stimulus Package in his first 30 days, than Bush did over the past 7 years on two Wars and Katrina. Are you a Conservative or a Liberal?

B) You spent the past 8 years complaining about secrecy and private conversations between Bush and his advisors, staff and intelligence organizations. But you haven’t said a word about Obama refusing to release his original birth certificate, his Harvard Thesis or his college records. You also think that Obama has emerged from the most politically corrupt swamp in America, as clean and pure as a newborn’s butt. Are you a Conservative or Liberal?

C) You witnessed Bill Clinton fire his entire 50 plus U.S. Attorney staff and didn’t utter a word, then screamed to high heaven when George Bush fired 9 U.S. Attorneys. Are you a Conservative or Liberal?

D) You are quick to label this the “Bush Recession“, but you can’t wait for Barney Frank and Chris Dodd to pull us out of this mess, even though they were responsible for the financial fiasco that got us here in the first place. Are you a Conservative or Liberal?

E) You continue to assert that Bush stole the 2000 election, but can’t bring yourself to question why, Obama would disable safeguards in his campaign website that would allow tens or hundreds of millions in illegal contributions--many from overseas-- to sneak through. Or that for a bus ride, a pack of cigarettes and a cold beer, Obama received votes from folks that didn’t know who Joe Biden, Nancy Pelosi or Harry Reid were. But they knew that Sarah Palin was the moose killing Governor of Alaska, mother of a pregnant teen age daughter and the wife of an oil field worker, who had the audacity to think that she was more qualified to run for office than the former Community Organizer, who had spent more time campaigning than he did as being a U.S. Senator.
Are you a Conservative or Liberal?

F) You disagreed with George Bush’s policy positions, but you are not a racist. Were you called a racist? Your answer will reveal if you are a Conservative or Liberal.

G) In the middle of a recession, you think it is a good idea to fly a 747 with an entourage of hundreds, at a cost of tens of millions to Denver, Colorado, to sign a piece of paper, that you could have signed in the Oval Office for free. Are you a Conservative or Liberal?

H) The Commander in Chief, must dedicate time in an inordinate amount of his speeches blaming his predecessor for his problems, then fully expect his target audience to believe he is just a victim of circumstance. Are you a Conservative or Liberal?

I) You believe that flying the aforementioned 747, from D.C., in the middle of the aforementioned recession, at the cost of the aforementioned millions, with your family on board, to have dinner in Chicago and play some hoops with your basketball loving buds, is not an unreasonable extravagance. Are you a Conservative or Liberal?

J) You believe that silencing the criticism of our current President is necessary, while you spent 8 years cheering the overt and outright condemnation, castigation and damnation of the previous one. Are you a Conservative or Liberal?

K) You just spent several years comparing Bush to Hitler, but think that Obama’s new “Civilian National Security Force” will be a great addition to our horizon. Of course we wouldn’t want to call them “Brown Shirts”, so how about CafĂ© Latte Mocha Carmel Shirts. Are you a Conservative or Liberal?

If you haven’t figured this out, you are most likely a Liberal and a hopelessly unrepentant, unsalvageable, incorrigible Liberal at that. Thank God that you are receiving an unending entitlement from those that still believe in a day’s work for a day’s pay, or are the sole survivor to your rich uncle’s estate. An estate, by the way, that is worth a whole lot less today than it was in November 2008.

Sunday, March 01, 2009

Looking for a Bigger Brother

So Mr. Obama should have been told, “Careful what you wish for. You might just get it”. You see, it’s one thing to be a community organizer, but it’s quite another to be President.

As a community organizer, it is your job to get money, permits and permission from someone else higher up on the food chain, for the benefit of your community. Even as a State senator and later a U.S. senator it is your job to get “things” for your constituents from Big Brother. But now, you are Big Brother, so who are you gonna get things from?

Well, that’s the “Careful what you wish for” part. Because the White House will accommodate both the brilliant leader and the bungling dung heap. It will be the people that decide which is which. (Think Jimmy Carter)

So now that the Community Organizer is getting his ham sandwiches made 24\7 downstairs, who does he think will provide all the cash it’s gonna take to pay for his trillion dollar campaign promises. Well, that chicken is about to come home to roost. With roughly 10 trillion dollars sitting on the sidelines waiting for our runaway government to settle down and another 19 trillion setting offshore awaiting some sane tax policies, I have little hope we will see any of it anytime soon.

No folks, The Community-Organizer-in-Chief has bitten off a lot more than he can finance, without a major revolt of those he depends on…the producers. You see that while every politician talks about lowering or halting tax increases, in the spirit of Ronald Reagan, to bring us out of this recession, not one of these overpaid dirt bags will confess that we are subject to hundreds of more types of taxes, levies and duties today than when Reagan was president. So everyone needs to stop tooting that horn.

My take: the Barterers and Amish will be kings before Barack Obama is respected as President.

Wally World Wonder

News Flash: Walmart is making record profits in a down market. While their competitors suffer, Walmart is banking billions in cold cash.

Well really, that’s not news. What’s news is HOW they are making record profits, while being harassed by unions, bombarded by Congress and belittled by elitist snobs.

Walmart parking lots are crammed with BMWs, KIAs, the occasional Prius’ and Chevy pickups with “Buy American” stickers on their bumpers. There is literally no end to the hypocrites shopping at Walmart today. And while there is nothing new about the elites, union lackeys and eco-Nazi’s shopping at Walmart, what’s new is that there is now a tsunami of these folks passing the greeters, they have mocked for years, to pick up bargains.

Folks, while his competitors ignored and ridiculed his business model, Sam Walton quietly went about his business of building an empire with a simple plan, buy in volume, buy the best, pay cash and pass the discount on to the customer. This blueprint has created the world’s biggest business, therefore the world’s biggest target.

So the next time you are cruising around Wally World dodging the scooter jockeys, the center isle cart parkers and the scrums of illegal’s moving about like the South Park kids, you might look for those gals in Prada, guys in Carhart and the occasional hemp wearing Earth Groovers. And when you find one, tap them on the shoulder and tell them that the union friendly, whole earth, elitist snob store is over at the mall and they’re needing your support. Wally World will get along just fine without you, thank you very much.

Bad enough that we endure the packed parking lot, the masses clogging the isles and lines waiting for checkout. The stench of the hyena hypocrites is more than I can take.