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Thursday, December 15, 2005

Behind the Blue Curtain

Wait!… Don’t pay the ransom…. We have escaped from behind enemy lines and are now ensconced safely at home. Our recent trip to an affluent west coast ‘Navy Blue’ enclave was a cold awakening to the Liberal mindset of their local media ,and those that read and contribute to it.
Make no mistake, this community reeks of wealth, with it’s boutiques, coffee houses, specialty restaurants, and high-end jewelry and designer furniture stores. It has banished big box stores to surrounding communities, but fortunate chains like Safeway and Trader Joes are camouflaged into historical obscurity.
But first, I must take credit for not starting a familial ground war, by not spouting my conservative views on any number of subjects, routinely abused by the performing Lefties.
Arriving on Friday, it wasn’t until Sunday that I had opportunity to access a local newspaper and the fringe Whackos, who are published there. I will neither honor nor acknowledge the paper or writer, by supplying their names. But suffice it to say that the column in question is a flaming diatribe deprived of substance, support, historical reference, or anything else that would qualify it as logical. Basically the author alleged that our military is hopeless and powerless, our economy is in shambles, our standing in the world is degraded and the French don’t like us. Never mind that our stock market is nearing all time highs, unemployment is lower than during any Democratic administration, inflation is on hold….bowing to runaway energy costs, Iraq is nearing it’s third national election, our military is all volunteer, we are in the midst of a global war on terror, and in the last 5 years 7.9 million people, from all over the world, immigrated here, the highest rate in 35 years. You have got to wonder, where did this person( I will call Jane Doe) get her information, to write such a piece of crap, and what irresponsible and ill-informed editor chose to print it.
I can just imagine the typical day for Jane Doe. She rolls out from between her 400 count India sheets and trundles across her Turkish carpet in her Pakistani slippers. She showers in her Italian marble bathroom, dries off with her Chinese towels, before dabbing herself with French perfume and moisturizer. She dresses in the latest Milan fashion before slipping on her Italian knock-offs from Indonesia, while sipping on her first Evian of the day. Ms. Doe takes a few moments to bark orders at her Japanese gardener and Mexican day laborer, before munching down on her breakfast of Honduran grapefruit, Nova Scotia herring and French Brie. Decked out for the day in her Italian and Austrian designer jewelry, Jane jumps into her BMW and heads down the street, jammed with vehicles from Germany, Italy, Sweden, France and Japan to her office, which was designed by the Dutch and owned by the British. Once there, she turns on her Taiwanese word processor, then wraps herself with the only things from America… righteous indignation and the First Amendment… and crafts a story about how bad things are in the U.S.. Does Jane Doe have a clue? I doubt it. She is most likely a trust fund baby, very affluent divorcee, or golden parachute momma, blessed with Prop. 13 real estate. Her needs are few, but wants are many. Her instincts demand that she protect and nurture someone, but she hasn’t decided who. She is a Streisand, Moore, Sarandon, big Media devotee, looking at the world through rose colored glasses, like a myopic Mr. Magoo. Ms. Doe needs to get outside the political insulation of the coastal fog belt and take a deep breath. She needs to learn that the citizens of the Red States, counties and districts are the ones that move and shake this country, pay for the promises and staff the armies that carry out the orders that make us safe. And while they can’t always purchase items made in the U.S., at least they don’t make a game and practice of buying products made from anywhere but here. Ms. Doe should stop for just one minute and realize that her oblivious attitude towards America, Americans and those that love America, makes her part of the problem, not part of the solution. But in her wildest dreams she should never forget that we Red State patriots will fight to the death for her right to disgust, disrespect and dismiss those, that love this country.

Monday, November 21, 2005

Plame Game

The Dumbplumber writes letters to the local fish wrap that sometimes rings somebodies chimes. This is a rebuttle to a bozo who thinks that Joe Wilson walks on water.... and his proof is....get ready.....Joe's own book.

Far be it from me, an amateur political junkie, to question the reliability of Mr. Bob Walden’s sources on the veracity of Joe Wilson. However, using Mr. Wilson’s self serving book, chapter line and verse, is like using Fahrenheit 9/11 to praise Michael Moore or Mein Kampf to endorse Hitler
Mr. Walden might want to review the Senate Intelligence Report, July 2005, which establishes who sent Joe Wilson to Niger, and why. In his own book Wilson claims, "Valerie had nothing to do with the matter…..She definitely had not proposed that I make the trip." According to Clifford May in his article ‘Our Man in Niger, National Review Online 7/12/2004, from which I excerpt: ‘In fact, the Senate panel found, she was the one who got him that assignment. The panel even found a memo by her…… Now that we know that Mrs. Wilson did recommend Mr. Wilson for the Niger assignment, can we not infer that she was working at CIA headquarters in Langley rather than as an undercover operative in some front business or organization somewhere?”
Mr. Walden protests my questioning Mr. Wilson’s credentials that qualified him for the assignment to Niger. May writes, “He was assigned not to Cairo, Paris, or Moscow, places where you put the best and the brightest, nor was he sent to Bermuda or Luxembourg, places you send people you want to reward. Instead, he was sent to Gabon, a diplomatic backwater of the first rank…. According to my sources, during most of his diplomatic career he… was the guy who makes sure the embassy plumbing is working and that the commissary is stocked with Oreos and other products the ambassador prefers.” ”Wilson should not have been given this assignment, that he had no training or demonstrated competence as an investigator, that his inquiry had been obviously superficial and that, far from being a "centrist," he was a partisan with an ax to grind.”
True to his anti-Bush rhetoric, Mr. Walden parrots the party line that Bush lied in his State of the Union Address in ‘03, but…..May says: ‘The Senate report says fairly bluntly that Wilson lied to the media……the panel found that, "Wilson provided misleading information to the Washington Post last June. He said then that he concluded the Niger intelligence was based on a document that had clearly been forged because 'the dates were wrong and the names were wrong.'"
“So, when Wilson said, ‘that President Bush was lying, in his 2003 State of the Union address‘, about the British discovering Iraq’s weapons procurement, We now know for certain that Wilson was wrong and that Bush's statement was entirely accurate.“, says May.”
Given the sub-plots, counterplots, forgeries and international innuendos, even the most credentialed journalist or politician will have trouble unraveling the layers of truth and facts from the flotsam and jetsam, much less a humble plumber speaking his piece. But before anyone puts their ignorance in print, placing blame at the doorstep of an entire political party, I would at least Google ’Joe Wilson ,Iraq’ and do some research.
Clifford D. May, a former New York Times foreign correspondent, is the president of the Foundation for the Defense of Democracies a policy institute focusing on terrorism

Saturday, November 19, 2005

HooRah for the House

The Friday night fights weren’t on ESPN, they were on C-SPAN. It’s about time we got our money’s worth from the overpaid gasbags we send to Washington. And it’s a great moment in history, when Republicans, reached into their Congressional toolbox and cranked the screws down on Democrat hypocrites. So, before the Liberal spin machine turns this event into something unrecognizable, here is the Dumbplumber’s take on what happened.
Tiring of Democrats blasting the War effort and our President 24/7 on every news outlet, then voting to support the War, to appease their constituents, Republicans turned up the heat , with a bit of political gamesmanship of their own.

It was worth the price of a ticket just to watch the Liberals scurry for cover when the House lights lit up in an effort to thwart a vote to pull our troops from Iraq. In essence the vote ‘to vote’ was a party line tussle designed to expose the double talking Democrats that protest the War on Sunday then vote to fund it on Monday.

Then like rats from a sinking ship, Democrats went across the isle and voted down the measure 403 to 3. In this comedic farce, Democrats joined Republicans as much to save their political butts as to support the Iraq War. With this sort of shenanigans, it’s no wonder that Democrats have such a hard time getting elected, especially in Red States.

And before Ms. Pelosi gets her knickers in a knot over what she describes as a ‘political stunt’, I would remind her that it was Senate Democrats that shut down ‘that’ body just a few days ago, using the same toolbox.

Pelosi and Recruitment

Jesus, Nancy Pelosi canÂ’t help herself. She lies when telling the truth is easier. When questioned about her position on Military recruitment in schools, she said she wasnÂ’t against it because she just wanted recruiters to tell prospects the truth about their enlistment. Hello,Â…Thatthat isnÂ’t what the proposition was about. The proposition would PROHIBIT the recruitment on campuses. Pelosi either doesnÂ’t know what she is talking about or knows and is intentionally misrepresenting the facts.

Well, not one to ignore an obvious faux paux on the part of any Lefty Whacko, the Dumbplumber is weighing in on her truth-in-recruiting remarks. First, it is not lost on the Dumbplumber that military recruiters should be held to the same high standard that politicians adhere to when fulfilling promises they make during campaigns. That having been said, perhaps the following questions to potential recruits should be mandatory.

Question 1: Does your mommy still wipe your ass and tell you what shirt to wear?

Question 2: Are you joining the Service to get back at your Left Wingnut mother or father for making you a panty wearing punk?

Question 3: Are you a man or a punk -ass -bitch just trying to see a bunch of naked guys in the shower?

Question 4: Do you consider a paper cut or a self inflicted shrapnel wound sufficient for a purple heart?

Question 5: Does being yelled at by a tight assed, skin head, buffed out, jarhead just trying to save your ass, make you cry?

Question 6: Do you think you can spend a month or two in a combat zone, then get sent home with three purple hearts for a sunburn, a paper cut and sandpaper crotch rot, so you can run for the U.S. Senate as a war hero?

This should pretty well cover the questions that Ms. Pelosi would demand from Recruiters

Thursday, November 17, 2005

O'Reilly and Donahue

It is so amusing to see the Whacko Left's take on the train wrecks between Bill O'Reilly and Phil Donahue.(there have been several)

Donahue, (the perennial, shit disturbing, whining, Whacko's whacko) hates our President and lives to appease every bloodthirsty dictator on the planet. O'Reilly invites Donahue on his show to argue the latest Lefty protest dejour and the event NEVER settles anything.

On the other hand, Donahue never invites O'Reilly on his show. Oh yeah, I forgot. Donahue doesn't have a show and couldn't get one if he wanted it. He had about the same ratings as Air America has now and couldn't keep a slot. That should tell you something about who listens to Donahue.

The Liberals should support nut jobs like Donahue, so we could have interesting debates instead of whining little ankle biters like Donahue grubbing for 10 minute segments where he can find them

The Yellow Electorate

So, President Bush’s approval rating is down to 39%. Time for us to review. Every major T.V. network, save one, is running negative stories, 24/7, about the President. With such a concerted effort to undermine public opinion, could the results be any different?

The Left, the far Left and the Left that swam out beyond the buoys, still disgruntled over the last election believe they have found his Achilles Heel. Never mind that the negative stories are based wholly on the opinions of politicians and opponents to the War, now playing to their anti-War base. Never mind that there is not one shred of evidence that our President plotted to falsify evidence, in concert with the military, to launch an attack against Iraq, or he would have by now been indicted. Never mind that the waffling Left politicians, armed with the same intelligence, were outspoken in supporting the invasion, over the past 3 to 13 years.

Mind you, most of these stories are partisan politicians and well financed professional protestors, starved for face time, making disparaging statements about the War, while being enabled by ratings starved networks.

But what we have here, my fellow Americans, is a ’blue’ colored yellow-electorate latching onto an issue very near and dear to our President and force-feeding false and misleading information to alienate and decimate a sitting President and his party, at the expense of our National Security.

In the face of far more preventable deaths and billions more squandered by our Congress within our borders, the witnessing of this systematic disassembling of our ‘Separation of Powers’ and ‘Chain of Command’ should be a wake-up call to all Patriots.

Yapping Liberals

Living in a small rural community is an experience unlike anything in the cities. We get to absorb moments forever foreign to our urban spirits. Just today I witnessed an episode between six dogs in two pickups parked at our local auto parts store.

Three dogs in one truck were barking fiercely at three dogs in another truck parked nearby. I couldn’t help thinking they were Democrat dogs, as they strained at the confines of the bed, barking and snarling, dripping saliva,baring teeth, while threatening bodily harm to any interloper that would think of invading the 40 foot aura around their masters truck.

But as true Democrat dogs, they wouldn’t make the move over the bedrail to silence their perceived enemies, or savage them into submission They just sat there and yapped, and yapped and yapped.

Friday, October 28, 2005

Kids and Guns

In response to a letter by Chris Ewen to the Redding Record Searchlight:

Chris Ewen’s letter to the editor on Friday correctly points out that most of the ‘children’ killed by guns are actually, gang members, thugs, rapists, murderers and muggers, whose numbers shouldn’t be combined with innocent children to ‘fluff’ statistics. This is a very important observation and shouldn’t be taken lightly. Since children will always be killed by guns through accident, mishandling, and gross stupidity, these losses should be minimized by caring parents and not lawmakers. On the other hand, the aforementioned murderers, gangsters, etc., should be required to attend target practice, so that their intended victims will be sporting toe tags instead of filling the jails and hospitals at taxpayer expense, after the inevitable confrontations.
Hopefully the improved aim will severely reduce their numbers and ultimately improve the prospects for the rest of us.

The Magical 2000

Time now for the gnashing of teeth, the wailing and caterwauling over the loss of the 2000th American soldier in Iraq. Bad enough that the anti-war zealots have somehow forgotten the tens of thousands of Iraqi soldiers and civilians, who have forsaken life, in a struggle to regain control of their own country. They apparently also have forgotten the hundreds of thousands slaughtered at the whim of an egomaniacal despot.
Not to make light of the 2000, but they were volunteers in a struggle to wrench the influence of an entire region from the hands of a madman, bent on controlling the middle east, by military force. The bad news is that these 2000 casualties over the last 3 years, were 498,000 shy of those who lost their battle with tobacco related illnesses last year alone. They were 88,000 short of the annual losses due to medical malpractice, or 8,000 less than those lost to shootings and over 10,000 no longer here because of violent homicide. But where is the outrage over these losses? Somehow the curators, in the museum of preventable deaths, have marshaled all their angst towards the losses of life, most comparable to traffic flaggers killed at construction zones in the U.S.. Make no mistake. This isn’t about the magical 2000, it is about hating this administration and all that it stands for. It is about losing the last 2 presidential elections. It is about the Republicans controlling both houses of Congress. And it is about seeing no change in sight. It’s about the Red State Liberals NOT embracing the Howard Dean Democrats and most likely not voting for them as well. The Left really needs to abandon the morally bankrupt condemnation of this war and look at what is really wrong around them. Runaway entitlements, wholesale government rebuilding after disasters, hobbling of energy resources and refining, denial of nuclear power and ecological overkill are just to name a few. In the whole scheme of things, 2000 losses in a three year effort to stabilize one of the most volatile areas on the planet struggles to rise to the number of deaths attributed to college hazing rituals.

Thursday, September 22, 2005

On Abortion--The Dumbplumber's View

The Dumbplumber on Abortion
Here is the straight skinny on the abortion issue:
Liberals say, they want abortion to be legal, because it is the woman’s right.
Conservatives say they want abortion to be illegal because it is murder.
Liberal do NOT say they want abortion to be legal, because they want the taxpayers to pay for it, when the woman can’t.
Conservatives do NOT say, they want abortion made illegal, because they don’t want to pay for it.
I’m of the group that says, I don’t care if it is legal or illegal. I believe that a woman must live with herself, when she has an abortion. I just don’t want my money to pay for it, especially when some Hobags have abortions as a birth control method. Period.

Wednesday, September 21, 2005

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Sunday, September 18, 2005

Newdow's World

Ok, so we don’t have to say the Pledge of Allegiance, or the ‘under god’part anyway, in our public schools. This clearly is a movement to remove all references to a higher being from any and all public and public funded places. But why stop there? The movement will ultimately include money, literature, history and any other offending particle in, on or around the public.

Next, we might remove all references to God from Government buildings, but we will still have to pass through metal detectors at airports, schools and Courthouses, or be barred entrance.

When we remove ‘In God we Trust’ from our currency, so we may pay our bills with currency labeled “in diversity we trust“, “in consensus we trust”, “in Michael Newdow we trust”, or more likely, “we don’t trust anybody”.

We will be forced to purge all references to God in the Constitution,Bill of Rights and Declaration of Independence, while swearing to tell the truth, at trial, by placing our hands on a stack of Martha Stewart recipes.

The blueprint for leading a productive and positive life, the TenCommandments, will be erased from all public places and replaced with the ‘Miranda Rights‘, in chiseled granite.

There will be no more crusades, sermons, or the singing of the Star Spangled Banner within public funded stadiums. Instead the forums will host sensitivity classes, bio-diversity seminars, Love-in’s and concerts performed by remnants of old Rock and Roll groups.

We will no longer be allowed to say “Holy f*cking God” or Jesus H. f*cking Christ”, while witnessing explosions of the Space Shuttle or rockets. Instead, the official explicative will be, “Hot Damn”, “Bubba, did you see that?” and “Cooter, get me a beer”.

While we are at it, we must then remove all reference to Satan, theDevil, Hell and any other anti-God, anti-Christ reference, from public places. For instance, no more Deviled Egg sandwiches in government parks or Devil Ray sports teams. Clearly we will have to rename Hell’s Kitchen, Devils Canyon and Devil’s Tower.

The removal of all references of God and anti-God will take years and leave history, historical sites, and literature unrecognizable. Fortunately, there will be absolutely NO impact on NPR and PBS

Ted Kennedy vs John Roberts

Talk about an insufferable gasbag turning the questioning of Roberts into an inquisition for the sole purpose of Mug time for the Party faithful. Ted Kennedy, in some sort of reality haze, attempted to lock horns with an extremely qualified, knowledgeable, lockbox of endless Supreme Court minutia, and made an incredible ass of himself at the expense of the Democratic Party. Kennedy, reading from prepared statements and questions, provided by his staff, was NO match for the extemporaneous Roberts, who has a commanding grasp of details, dates, memos, arguments, decisions and appeals of this nations highest courts, dating back decades. Ted Kennedy should stick with subjects he knows, like the alcohol content of single malt scotch, what it means when a woman says NO, and the buoyancy of an inverted, submerged Oldsmobile. His Circus performance is just hurting the Party, since his own reputation can be injured no further.

Dumbplumber Rants on Plumbing

This is a post that I did on my original website Since I am now posting using blogger I thought I would repost it here.

Every occupation has it own ups and downs. The Dumb Plumber has a list of irritations.
Disclaimer: resemblance to actual people, living or dead may be entirely accidental....or not.


From: The Dumb Plumber,

To: Lawyers, Doctors, and Stock Brokers
And others holding certificates of higher learning and deeds to vacation property in our fair intermountain community.

The following is a short list of facts that was somehow not conveyed to you during your extensive collegiate experience:

A) Water freezes at and below 32 degrees Fahrenheit. This may explain why, after not winterizing before leaving last fall, the lower floor of your summer home resembled a Louisiana swamp when you arrived.

B) The toilet is neither a garbage can, waste basket, or a sandbox for your two year old. So that feigned look of surprise is lost on me when I fish the toy telephone or other unmentionable, from the goose neck of your toilet.

C) You will be unable to contact your maintenance man on Friday evening of the first three day weekend of the year. He regrets that you failed to let him know of your arrival a week or two earlier and you and your guests have no electricity, water or phone service. He has turned off his answering machine and gone away, so he won’t ruin his weekend doing what he could have done the week before.

D) For those of you who choose to live in the urban cesspools with your traffic jams, signal lights, rude drivers and street gangs, you might appreciate that we do not. Most of us living here were not born here and we like NOT hearing car alarms, panhandlers, and that little annoying beep when car doors lock. You might be shocked to learn that unless we have left our prize retriever or an engraved shotgun in our pickup trucks, we don’t even lock our doors when we go to the post office or grocery store. In fact, in the 20 years I have been here the only auto theft was from a store owner who left his keys in the ignition for the past 30 years.

E) I won’t be repairing that electric oven the day before Thanksgiving that you know has been broken since before Labor Day. (I know you are wondering why a Dumb Plumber is repairing appliances, but up here we wear more than one hat).

F) Please don’t bother reminding me that I could be making $80 to $90 per hour in the city, when I wouldn’t live there for $500 per hour. There are some things more important than money.

G) Please don’t try to tell the Dumb Plumbers wife, in painful detail, what that little that annoying popping sound is like coming from your gas water heater, after she has told you that I will not be home for a few hours. It’s not that she doesn’t sympathize, but her degrees are in anthropology and finance and is politely answering my phone, while busy with her own career. These protracted descriptions will most likely delay any repairs

H) If you have no mechanical abilities whatsoever, please don’t let that cute little babe in the orange apron at Home Depot tell you that you can do this job. The Dumb Plumber gets really annoyed fixing someone else’s screw ups and absolutely livid when trying to repair fixtures with repair parts 75 or more miles away. Always buy critical fixtures with repair parts sold locally

I) When engaging the Dumb Plumber to perform installations or repairs to residential fixtures, please do not tell him that YOU used to be in the “business” or that your brother-in-law knows how to do this. If that brother-in-law knows so damn much, then get him up here from L.A. to do it.

J) For Gods sake, don’t tell the Dumb Plumber about building, plumbing or electrical codes. In my 20 years here I have witnessed that, half of the residential construction in our community over 30 years old is a hodgepodge of materials and workmanship, the envy of 1950’s Appalachia. And to add insult to injury, this hodgepodge was most likely the efforts of your next door neighbor and his cousins performing these tasks over a weekend with the previous owner, involving the better half of a bottle of Jack Daniels.

K) Of course helping the Dumb Plumber is always a plus. He is ever amused when you explain why your main supply of water is delivered by a patchwork of copper, PVC, galvanized, vinyl and black iron pipes (not to mention the occasional heater hose). I know that these eclectic segments were the product of limited time and random resources. However, understand that your explanation is falling on deaf ears and Dueling Banjos is playing in the Dumb Plumbers’ head.

L) The Dumb Plumber just loves late night calls. Yes, that 10 P.M. call that there is a faucet dripping really inspires the Dumb Plumber to jump into his tool belt and respond at light speed to the perceived threat of water loss. Truth is, the Dumb Plumber shuts off his answer phone volume at 8 P.M. and reviews the previous night’s calls the next morning after coffee and the paper.

M) If you don’t know how to shut off your water supply from your pressure tank or the community water system, or if you don’t know where your septic tank or lift station is located, or if you don’t know where your pump or water supply comes from, you need to. Ignorance of these things is a great annoyance to the Dumb Plumber. It will cost you a lot of money to have him do the job that your well driller, septic tank installer, general contractor, real estate agent or previous seller should have done.

Wednesday, September 07, 2005

A Case for Personal Responsibility

The Dumbplumber has, so far, remained silent on the whole Katrina mess, but that is about to end. Katrina is a very complex situation, not made any less so by the 24/7 news grinders, vote hungry politicians and ass saving bureaucrats. My silence on the subject has been cloaked by the whining, caterwauling, and finger pointing by everyone from Ted Kennedy to the Mayor of New Orleans, looking for a sacrificial Republican, on which to place the blame.

So after a considerable period of information gathering and reflection, I had a ‘gray matter’ moment in which I recalled a Federal Judge once telling me that, “you are the master of your own ship, you are, where you are, because of you”. Which pretty much sums up the folks remaining in New Orleans.

Let’s review. For the past 40 to 50 years, due to rising river sediment and sinking land mass, New Orleans has been lower than sea level. This is NOT a closely held secret or matter of national security. It is a well publicized fact. A fact not lost on the first million people to exit the city, prior to Katrina’s hit.

Personally, the concept of living under sea level, protected only by a levy constructed by the U.S. Government, is beyond belief. Remaining there in the face of a category 5 hurricane, with levies designed to withstand only a category 3 hurricane, is comparable to playing Russian Roulette with 5 bullets. But I digress.

Katrina had to be one of the slowest train wrecks in history. Five days prior to landfall, Katrina was predicted to hit the gulf coast and 2 days before, it was predicted to hit Louisiana, Cat 5. What part of, “get out of the city NOW” did these people not understand?

Of course we hear of the poor, the infirm, the young and helpless, not to mention the old and witless. But of the 500,000 remaining during the storm, 400,000 decided to cut their losses and bail out when the levy broke, after the storm. That left 100,000 of the most vulnerable, the least intelligent and the most likely to blame the Government, when the feces hit the oscillating mechanism.

It is amazing to witness the excuses of those, not leaving during the first two Katrina warnings. “I didn’t have a car”, “ I have diabetes”, “there was no one to help me” and my personal favorite, “I had to wait for my (welfare)check” are all phrases used by tens of thousands, who have the energy to loot liquor stores, complain about the temperature of their MREs, be lifted off their rooftops by 4 million dollar helicopters, walk to banks to cash their checks and the hundreds of other things they did prior to Katrina. But lack the will, motivation or mental capacity to realize that they needed to get their sorry asses out of Dodge or die. But now, it is somehow the governments fault.

Please forgive me, but except for the very elderly, the infirm, the disabled, and the lost and forgotten, I shed nary a tear for the tens of thousands, stranded, thirsty, hungry, angry, entitlement sucking losers and slackers remaining in harms way. They had several opportunities to heed the warnings and take personal responsibility, and they blew it. Now apparently it’s Bush’s fault. It’s the Governor’s fault. It’s the Mayor’s fault.

No, my homeless friend, it’s your fault. Now admit it and get on with your miserable, ignorant, money sucking, loser life. Take your helicopter, hummer or school bus rides, to wherever you are going, get a job and start a new life, like the victims of other catastrophes . On the other hand, you can just keep your hand out, whining about your losses on Cable News and take whatever the Government gives you.

Monday, August 29, 2005

Happiness is in the Numbers

Happiness is in the numbers.
I have a 50 year old wife,
a 35 year old pickup
and 18 year old Scotch.

Saturday, August 27, 2005

Gas Prices are Bush's Fault?

GAS PRICES ARE BUSH’S FAULT?If I have learned nothing else, it is that Liberals have the longest penises AND the shortest memories and do not hesitate in displaying either. Time for a little history and economics lesson. For you Liberals, I-am-going-to-say-this-real-slow, so-you-get-it. Oil not unlike other commodities is priced on availability. During a glut,oil is cheap. During a shortage, it is expensive. But despite this well acknowledged axiom, high priced oil is BUSH’S FAULT.

Emerging economies, China, Indonesia, India and others are driving the shortage, as they are buying unprecedented amounts of oil to support their industries and societies. At the same time, foreign producers are manipulating production, to which we add hurricanes, pipeline bombings and petro-politics and you have a complicated formula all of which drives UP the oil’s futures market. But it’s BUSH’S FAULT.

For example, eco-Nazi’s protest offshore drilling, exploration in ANWR and construction of refineries ANYWHERE within the continental U.S.,while their lawyers file lawsuits at the first hint of Nuclear Power Plant construction, a proven alternative for energy generation. Utilities then must leap legal hurdles, staged protests, and slanted media coverage after they have complied with mountains of Environmental Impact requirements and assorted roadblocks designed to thwart all but the mightiest of Energy producers. But high priced oil is BUSH’S FAULT.

The Kennedy’s trash windmill projects off Martha’s Vineyard, movie stars quash off shore drilling in California, and bird watchers shut down windmills, while environmentalists are scouring the barren tundra to discover the latest endangered species of algae, lizard, or pond slim,to stall exploration, in the most remote locations. But high priced oil is BUSH’S FAULT.

Democrats comprise over 60% of the voting public. If only half of them would practice, what their leaders and sycophants are preaching, we wouldn’t have an oil shortage or high priced gas. And for some elitist irony, Robert Kennedy Jr.,( the Kennedy ‘guilt complex’) can’t get his own family to do voluntarily, what he proposes as legislation for the rest of us......But, it’s all BUSH’S FAULT.

Friday, August 26, 2005

Heath Care

Reality check: Many U.S. citizens have spent a lifetime overindulging, under-exercising, and, in some cases, chemically mistreating their bodies. Then after decades of wholesale abuse, they discover that The Government is coming up short in repairing and paying for the damage, in the final trimester of life.
Perish the thought, that Medicare costs could be reduced by tens of billions of dollars if people ate balanced meals, walked or exercised in moderation, stopped smoking and ceased drinking alcohol in excess.
And for those who are too rich for public assistance and too poor for 100% health coverage, this looks like the only available health plan.
What with tort claims and skyrocketing malpractice and liability premiums killing profits for health care providers, not to mention taxpayer supported Gold Cards providing free health care to indigents, it’s no secret what’s killing the Golden Goose. Yet, never is there a mention of personal responsibility, public accountability, or a pursuit of wellness.
Government expenditures for public health care is at an all time high and will only get higher. Yet, who wonders why there is little left over for those uninsured, with true and unexpected medical needs.
So you will pardon me my lack of sympathy, when I hear a 50 year old, 350 lb., chain smoking, Twinkie popping, Scooter Jockey on oxygen, complaining about the quality of health care in the U.S..