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Thursday, March 30, 2017

Do the Crime Do no Time

Anybody else notice recently that the FBI has been busy arresting bureaucrats caught accepting bribes in return for gifts?  You know those lowlifes that shuttled classified documents to Chinese and Russian officials in return for trips, jewelry, money and hookers.

Well, I’ve not seen the same treatment used against Hillary or Huma. 
In fact, while the FBI has been busy spending millions of dollars getting dozens of additional offenses against scofflaws at the State Dept., the Defense Dept. and the Justice Dept.  They already have Hillary and Huma lying dozens of times to Congress, on tape.  And since they always plead down the felonies to one or two, Hillary already has enough charges to get her 10 to 20 years in Federal lockup. 
Now I don’t want to go out on a limb here, but if Hillary escapes prosecution, we should all get the same treatment in the future.  

Do the crime, dodge the time. 

Sunday, March 26, 2017

Global Nagging

Wow, what can I say?  In the last few billion years, our planet has gone through many changes.  And yes, while many of these changes include Global Warming, none, if any of them, were caused by man.  Therefore, none of them can be changed by man.  

 Global Warming is a natural occurrence, be it volcanoes, algae, bovine emissions, termites or a score of other causes.  So man’s contribution is mostly to the bank accounts of Al Gore and the environmental community.

What has brought me to this scribe was yesterday’s failure of our ROKU to connect to our favorite programs.  We, had to instead, fall back to our regular satellite system. 

Beyond our hatred of ‘commercials’ we were forced to land on something that didn’t include any references to “safe spaces”, “trigger warnings” or the mother of all leftist memes,  Global Warming.  So, National Geographic it was. 

 After at least three consecutive programs there were at least six references to……… Global Warming. 

From ancient foot prints in Greenland muck, to buildup of algae in Louisiana lagoons, to the evaporation of the Mediterranean Sea, Global Warming seemed to be the reason of the day.   

Never once did the announcer confess that the Atlantic Ocean connects to the Mediterranean Sea.  Never once did any of the environmental elite mention that these environmental changes had happened tens, if not hundreds of times BEFORE man came on the scene.

Nevermind that the Himalayan Mountains and the Swiss Alps were once under the sea, the lack of a smog pump on my ’72 Chevy truck has doomed us to a climactic Armageddon.

Now I don’t want to go out on a limb here but if those of us who still live in L.A., but also complain about the air quality, or those that live in Beijing, China, and complain they can’t see across the street and are still living there, they deserve what they get.  I can see across my street just fine, but I don’t need Nat Geo sticking Global Warming in my face five or six times a night.

Time was that we watched television for entertainment or knowledge.  Now we watch it for political persuasion. 

Memo to L.A. and Beijing:  If you don’t like it there, move.  Leave the rest of us alone and stop using Nat Geo as a cudgel.