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Tuesday, April 24, 2007

A Match Made in Hell

The match made in hell

Who’d ever thunk it. An emotional cripple with a God complex has brought to the alter the most unlikely couple.

Ladies and gentlemen, I give you the NRA and the ACLU.

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Goodbye Mr. Cho

Much has been said about, and by, Mr. Cho, the Korean whack -job that massacred 32 fellow students and instructors at Virginia Tech. But what has been said, speculated or inferred is dwarfed by what is not being said. The Dumbplumber is here to fill in the sensitive, politically incorrect gaps.

In typical knee-jerk reaction, families, reporters and lawmakers are trying to speculate where “the system” went wrong in detecting and “counseling” the emotionally flawed “prince” of the Cho family. Cho himself left behind a rambling manifesto of perceived grievances against the “you people” where he laid blame directly at the feet of EVERYONE but himself for his pending carnage.

Now that all the experts, psychiatrists and talking heads have blathered on ad nauseum about the signs that should have been read, should have been seen and all the things that should have been done to intervene in this young killer’s life. Quiet, morose, sullen, angry and loner have been over used and abused describing his life. But I remind you, none of these are a criminal offenses.

There is a good reason that the parents of this monster have gone into hiding. My guess is they if not were directly to blame for the developmental stages of his madness, they had a front row seat. Now I am going out on a pipe wrench here, but many studies have shown that withholding love and affection in a child’s early years contributes to anxiety, loneliness and sociopathic behavior, among other worms in the can. Treating him like a “prince”, as family members claim, merely fed his sense of entitlement rather than any obligations to personal responsibility or self-determination.

My guess, and this is only a guess, there wasn’t a person throughout Cho’s developmental years that didn’t notice bizarre behavior from him. Indeed, the recent news cycles have developed a whole host of doctors, counselors and instructors that had direct contact with him and to a person said he needed counseling, psychological help and, oh yeah, more counseling.

No, what this man needed was a swift kick in the butt at an early age. He needed to learn respect for others and what it means to be a productive member of this society. Cho may have well been a casualty, a victim of parents who had high expectations but low parenting skills.

Forget Cho’s behavior just prior to the executions or even back in high school. You can bet the dye had been cast, well before then. But let there be no mistake, Cho is just today’s point man in an army of twisted sisters that like to characterize themselves as angry young men.

High Value Targets

With all the high value targets--like Rosie, Moore, Sheehan and Pelosi-- wandering around fomenting discontent, promoting anarchy, flaunting authority they do not have and insulting the intelligence of all but the Looney Left, why waste bullets on college students.

Sunday, April 15, 2007

The Rich Getting Richer

The Liberals are at it again. They--the Liberals--are ranting and screeching at the top of their lungs that the upper five percent of America is making too much money, while the “little Pipples” are making less. There is nothing quite like Nancy Pelosi, a multi, multi-millionaire telling us that the upper 5% are making most of the money. She ought to know.

Just how do the Libs think those stinking filthy Rich got rich? How about, everyone, Libs included, bought the goods or services the stinking rich had for sale. Yes, the CEOs of Microsoft, Google, General Electric and Citi Bank get paid oodles of money because the public--Liberals included--put billions of dollars in their cash registers or stocks to justify the obscene compensation. So now the Liberals want to penalize the rich they help make obscenely rich.
Does anyone actually believe that the top 5% make each other rich, without the help of the lower 95%?

First of all, Liberals have never made the distinction between wealth and income. Wealth is money that has already been taxed and is therefore off the table in terms of taxes. Income on the other hand is the taxable profit penalty for a better mousetrap, a more popular song, a cheaper shovel or a more efficient car. And who do we have to blame for the taxable profits? You got it, the consumer, Liberals included.

If Liberals are so concerned about some CEO’s salary and benefit packages, all they need to do is rally their fellow Liberals and boycott the companies they so despise. Then they need to seek out the “Little Pipples” that sell the same product or service and then patronize them. Voila, the little guy’s income goes up and the big guy’s goes down.

And who among us actually believes that Walmart--the most despised among “The Big” in America--would be such a success without the support of Liberals. And the ultimate irony is that “Unionized” America, who absolutely hates Walmart, jambs their parking lots with Toyotas, Mazdas and Kias to take advantage of the low priced non-Union made products sold there.

No, what Liberal politicians want is to “take” the profits away from Walmart and the other big Corporations in the form of taxes and then dole it out in the form of entitlements to the chronically poor, habitually unemployable and otherwise un-ambitious members of our society.
Clearly it is far easier to take money away from big companies than it is to let the “Little Pipples” earn it themselves, as it is far more difficult to prevent Nancy Pelosi in paying more in taxes than she must.

Friday, April 13, 2007

Silencing White America

Is it just me or is White America being systematically silenced?

Today"s latest victim, Don Imus, is probably the least likely victim, as he has made a career of insulting and offending everyone, whites included, for years. Most of his off color remarks were concealed in hair shaking rants resulting from perceived stupidities on the part of some celebrity, politician, activist leader or news subject. But make no mistake, Imus never ever focused his rage based upon race, but rather on those that deserved it.

Ever since the Civil Rights movement of the late 50's America has been salving the wounds of slave owning America. Never mind that the Civil War took hundreds of thousands of white casualties in a conflict to end this policy in America. Sslavery and to a larger extent racism exists to this day in many other countries of the world. But to this day, America is the sole pinata for the race baiting hysteria that has swallowed Don Imus whole.

While white America cowers and cringes at the slightest hint of a racist remark or ethnic joke, "Ethnic America" flaunts and broadcasts racial mysogynistisc lyrics and death threats for our Leaders and law and order that makes Andrew Dice Clay blush. And, they get very rich doing it.

So where is the outrage, protests and calls for firing of these voices. I don't know where they are, but they certainly aren't buying Rolexes for Al Sharpton or paying for maintaining Jesse Jackson's girlfriend or his child by her. That privilege is extended to those they prefer to extort for their personal gain.

Be advised, when it comes to wholesale hate, selected slurs and accepted explicative, you will not find a more pervasive platform than Liberal America. Here anything goes as long as you are condemning Conservatives, bashing Bush or assaulting America. All this at the expense of common sense, personal responsibility or National pride.

Pundits, Politicians and Patriots are all fair game for personal attacks by the Liberal Left, without fear of reprisal, But Don Imus alone made the most egregious error. He made fun of someone that didn't deserve it.

Sunday, April 08, 2007

More Global Warming Hysteria. Taking the long view.

In response to a pretentious statement from "Ice Climber" the Dumbplumber weighs in on the lates hysterical outburst about the melting glaciers and global warming:

"We're in touch with the natural world like few people are. We can see the changes better than most people can", (Mark Bowen to the American Alpine Club. )

Well Mark, here's a newsflash for you. While mountaineers are whining about the loss of a few thousand years of ice to global warming, anyone that drives in the mountains gets a visual front row seat to hundreds of thousands if not millions of years of global change...if they take the time to look.

The cut banks on highway 299 alone reveal a tale of millions of years of atmospheric, seismic and geologic events that precluded all but the most basic of life's creatures. Indeed, diatoms, which in life are not visible to the naked eye, died for millions of years to create the great chalk walls near the Hat Creek Rest Area, east of Burney.

Oh, and by the way, diatoms exist only in the sea, so the earth had global warming back then. Mark, you might want to talk to Geologists and Paleontologists about the Miocene and Eocene eras-- some 30 to 50 million years ago-- before you get your panties in a wad.
Memo to snow skiers and ice climbers: Geologic history of the earth goes back some 4.5 billion years. Yes, that is Billion with a big B. But the timeline of man goes back but some 4 million years, when they were still scratching their butts and picking their noses in public and long before the first ski resort in Tahoe.

I submit that while man may be contributing Co2 to the atmosphere, the current Global Warming alarmists will be hard pressed to explain why today's 370 parts per million of Co2 were dwarfed by the 1000 to 2000 ppm of the Mesozoic era some 65 to 259 million years ago, far more than can be attributed to Hummers, hot air in Washington D.C., or the Limousine Liberals flying around in their G4s. That is unless you dial in dinosaur farts as a contributing factor.

Time for Al Gore to find a new hobby and for the drive-by Media to punch up Google, before creating the next hysteria.