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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Whining in the Big Apple

Whining in The Big Apple

So, Glenn Beck gets assaulted in a park in New York City, so what? People get assaulted in New York every hour and we don’t see it on the front page.

For the past 3 years, Beck has been the History-Teacher-in-Chief on Fox News. He has illustrated in painful detail the inner workings of Marx, Lenin, Stalin, Che and Soros. So it is with some surprise that he is surprised that he got his day spoiled by some street thugs.

Doesn’t he know that Soros hires people to watch, follow and basically screw with him? I mean, George knows what Glenn had for breakfast and what he didn’t get between the sheets last night. He hires people to screen his scat for any signs of bleeding hemorrhoids or Tapioca pudding. For Christ’s sake, Beck is rich and influential, but Soros is uber-rich and spills more than Beck makes. I mean, Glenn doesn’t make enough to cover Media Matter’s Christmas (oops, I mean Winter Festival) bonuses.

Beck is supposed to be a really smart guy, he knows all the Amendments to our Constitution, he can name every vice President since Washington, he can cite the preamble backwards in three languages. Hell, he’s so smart he decided to take himself off Fox News and go to an Internet format program with about 2500 viewers. (Well okay, maybe that’s not so smart). So why did he not cogitate that Soro’s many political army soldiers would be laying in wait for just such a moment.

Glenn, buy a vowel, get a clue. You are a walking, talking enemy of forces well beyond your defenses. Time to step back or step up to a position where either you become completely obscure or actually hire some bodyguards like a lot of people well below your means do every day to protect their safety.

I mean, it’s not like you are wandering around some city park in Bohunk, Iowa. It’s New York City, dummy. The cesspool of Liberals, not smart enough to live anywhere else.

So if you insist on living there, don’t complain when you get your lunch handed to you. Don’t make me call you a ‘Mucking Foron’. Dumbplumber

Sunday, June 26, 2011

No Threat of Palin

Having sworn not to write any further rants involving Obama, I was considering to do the same about Sarah Palin. I mean what ‘new’ comments can one say about someone that has been scrutinized with a microscope, slammed from both sides of the political isle, and mischaracterized, not just by the Left, but by virtually every elitist RINO, MSM commentator, political pundit and hack comedian in the country.

But through the fog of controversy, Dumbplumber may have stumbled upon one aspect of Mrs. Palin that no one has bothered to cover. That being, who does Sarah Palin NOT threaten? Now for those of you who consider themselves speed mis-readers, I offer you that last sentence again. Who does Sarah Palin NOT threaten?

Of course she threatens the Left, because she believes in the Constitution, personal responsibility and smaller government. She threatens elitist Republicans, because she has a history of rooting out greed, corruption and waste, no matter what side of the isle it is from. And she threatens the slackers, scammers, professional deadbeats and anyone wrongly ‘milking’ the system for personal gain. But let’s look at who she doesn’t threaten.

Like anyone else, I started looking at home. Does she threaten me? Not hardly. I work hard, pay my taxes, don’t suck off the government teat, don’t ask for much of anything but a level playing field and enjoy the fruits of my labor. So next I looked down the street at my neighbors. Does she threaten any of them? Not hardly, from an elderly neighbor on my left, who is enjoying his retirement, that he invested into for over 5 decades, to the one on my right who is a Highway Dept. employee, who is an essential element in our rural transportation system. Then it was time to look farther afield.

About 300 yards to the east is our Community Hospital. About the only changes she threatens them with is a cutting of the senseless bureaucracy that haunts hospitals all across America. Under her leadership, we could probably expect more money spent on patient care and a whole lot less on lawyers, which have helped make our medical system the most expensive on the planet. More resources devoted to equipment, medicine and services and a lot less on unfathomable, unreadable reports, surveys and duplicitous documents.
To the west, we have our commercial district. I seriously doubt that cutting taxes, removing barriers to success and streamlining the permitting, inspection and planning processes would be a threat to any of these businesses. Not to mention putting a screaming halt to endless, mindless and indefensible environmental obstacles, meant more to halt commerce than preserve the environment. Nope, no threat there.

I can’t even imagine our local Liberal, Obama loving, tree huggers being threatened. Beyond the fact that their feelings get hurt when they discover that Chris Matthews, Rachael Maddow and the entire MSM had been lying, distorting and fabricating criticisms about Palin ever since she took the stage in Ohio as McCain’s running mate. You see, most of America thinks Palin said, “I can see Russia from my porch”, when it was actually Tina Fey that coined that often repeated, but never disputed, stupid comment.

In fact, with a profound lack of bureaucrats, investment bankers, activist lawyers and environmental whackos among our ranks, our little community will most likely fare pretty well under President Palin, that is except for a few entitlement and welfare junkies whose only skill seems to be collecting their checks on the 1st and the 15th ,adding to their beer can castles and making pot holders out of their empty cigarette packages.

Of course, we have a few lost souls that need our support, but every community does. But it cannot be argued that the further away from Washington, D.C., the State Capitals and urban centers you get, the fewer ‘dependent’ citizens you find. And we are further than most from the cesspools of social engineering.

No folks, it isn’t about who will suffer under Palin. It is about the vast majority who will live, prosper and thrive under her leadership. A story that has sadly been lost under the barrage of criticism fabricated, amplified then broadcast across America, as the gospel according to Leftists, Liberals and the ‘Scared Shitless of Sarah’ would have us believe.


Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Dumbplumber Shorts 18

Let’s see if I’m getting this straight.

I’m told it’s un-Constitutional to withhold legislative pay to lawmakers who fail to produce a balanced budget. However, it IS Constitutional for those same lawmakers, against our objections, to encumber, indebt and otherwise shackle, not just taxpayers, but generations of descendants with obligations they will NEVER be able to pay off.

Under the “It’s Good for the Goose Dept.” : We are told daily that Public Employee and Union benefit packages must be honored because they were ‘negotiated contracts’, nevermind that these benefits are unsustainable, constantly renewed, negotiated under threat of strike and paid for by ‘all’ taxpayers, not just the 12% that receives them. I say, “Hot Damn Goober”.

Dumbplumber believes that if this is such a great deal for America, in the future every benefit negotiated by union thugs for their membership should be extended to EVERY worker in America. That should speed up the inevitable end game that we are seeking to reach now…. at light speed.

Liberals would have us believe that we are all in this together. So to prove that they are NOT dividing America, that everyone is equal, and that they care about the ‘little’ people, they should be jumping all over this concept. Can we all say G-R-E-E-C-E together.

So here’s what the liberal blogs and the MSM write when they can’t get their way:

“Sarah Palin’s bus is plastered with a mockup of the U.S. Constitution. But her entourage — both the three-vehicle motorcade that includes the bus and the smaller, two-SUV version she uses for smaller events — hasn’t been very respectful of the traffic laws.
They speed. They run red lights and stop signs. They make last-second lane changes to get off the highway, sometimes without signaling.”

Well now, did it occur to anyone else that Sarah isn’t driving the bus? Does it remind anyone of what it’s like to drive in urban traffic, Sarah’s bus notwithstanding? Geesh.

Dumbplumber Shorts 17

Dumbplumber Shorts 17

Hee, hee, hee. So Paul Ryan’s proposal was voted down in the Senate. Seems that looking into it, Republicans and Democrats alike saw the end of their careers staring them back in their face. Nevermind that it is a more reasonable plan than either the one we have or the nothing put forth by the Democrats.

But the sweet irony is that if Congress had looked into Obamacare half as much as Ryancare, O‘care wouldn‘t have seen the light of day, nor have been handed $105 billion in seed money. No, you can’t make this up.

A friend reminded me today that our Founding Fathers risked everything. They risked their property, their wealth, their families and yes their lives to draft, circulate and promote and pass what is today the greatest governing document ever created, our Constitution.

But today, with all we have accomplished, all we have created, all we have done for our country, our fellow man and those from other countries, today’s politicians won’t risk a vote to defend it.

Today I disagree with the award winning Dr. Charles Krauthammer. He claims that America is a nation of laws. Yes, in a way that is true. However, I would submit that we are a nation with a lot of laws AND SOME OF THEM THEY ENFORCE, depending on who you are and just how high up the Totem Pole you perch.

Under the ‘You’ve Got to be Shitting me Column’, The People’s Republic of California’s Assembly bill 887 is working its way through the Sacramento morass of twisted sisters and is about to be the first State that will protect workers that wish to cross-dress during working hours. Yes, you’ve heard it here first folks. Those once socially constrained transexual, tattoo ladened, copiously pierced, cosmetically altered to look like the ‘Swamp Thing’ day care hall monitors can soon don the latest in Parisian eveningwear, at work.


Monday, June 20, 2011

So Long Suckers

To my close friends and email buddies:

This is to let you know that I will no longer open, read or be otherwise dazzled by a new email revelations about our White House occupant. I have been witnessing shocking accounts about this man since well before his inauguration. Then, as the political junkie I am, have witness the drip, drip, drip of actions, appointments, authorizations, declarations, directives, decrees, dictates, commands and mandates that have, each and every one, gone to divide, diminish, devalue and otherwise destroy this country.

Long story short, you can no longer shock me, you can no longer inform me, you can no longer alarm me, for damn sure, you can no longer convince me that Mr. Obama is anything but a socialist/fascist/Marxist, narcissist, bent on reducing this great nation into his version of political panty wearing pussies.

I have determined that those who have the easiest access to solutions to correct our spiral into the abyss, have neither the will nor the courage to act on the opportunities, but rather choose to sit by and watch Liberals, the MSM and cocktail circuit RINOs grind into dust anyone with the courage to do so politically. Yes, that means that NO viable Conservative will ever sleep in the White House, short of a revolution.

Yes folks, there exists plenty of selfish, greedy and provably stupid people that will line up and vote for whichever guy is giving away the most ice cream, even though we will be borrowing money from China to buy it. You see, government employees, the habitually unemployed, entitlement junkies, most union members and professional scammers all know that the Liberals and RINOs are their ticket to the lush life, nevermind that this system is unsustainable on any level.

So as long as the majority of the 40% of America that bothers to vote continues to cast ballots for a non-Conservative leader, we will be sliding further into the socialist utopia. I, fortunately, have better things to do with my time than watch the show. Good Luck America, you’re gonna need it.

Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Fools of Felony

Fools of Felony
Dumbplumber often reads of the gnashing, screeching and caterwauling by folks critical of the overcrowding in our prison systems, California notwithstanding. The cost, the waste, the corruption, the overwhelming size of the problem is almost incalculable. But it is not without solution.

First, we currently treat prisoners, wanna-be prisoners and prisoners-in-training in a bottoms up fashion. Stated another way, adjusted statistically, we have a lot more street thugs in the jug than we do Harvard graduates. And some, like myself, think that that just might be part of the problem.

You see, many offenders, no, most offenders, no, all offenders suffer from one symptom: respect for other’s rights. Now this may be manifested in many ways. But one way seems to be prevailing: Lack of fear of the consequences of what they are doing, which is really just shorthand for, “hey ‘they’ got away with it”.

Yeah, yeah, I know. Love, Hate and Greed rank right up there for motive, but lack of fear of the consequences is the bottom line for everyone. About the only folks that violate this formula are the serial killers, sociopaths and narcissistic political leaders. But in the big picture, we could park those inmates in one county jail and have room left over for the drunk tank.

Case in point, how many hours go by in the 24/7 news cycle that we don’t hear about some bureaucrat, mid-level flunky or city manager that has gamed the system out of hundreds of thousands of dollars through graft, corruption or union contract, that loses their job, but cannot be denied a million dollar golden parachute, because of “contractual” obligations?

Yes folks, everyday somewhere this picture plays out to the dismay of millions, disgusted with the inability or lack of will to thwart it. Ergo, you build disrespect and universal animus. I submit that if you begin whacking those at the top, just as hard as those at the bottom, you will build a pyramid of respect that will trickle down to the lowest of street thugs.

Stated another way: If you show those at the bottom, that those at the top will not get away with crime, they will begin to respect the system a lot more than they do now.

Dumbplumber 16

Dumbplumber Shorts 16

Dumbplumber’s new rule: If I must engage a Liberal in a conversation about politics, I will forthwith, in the future, demand that they pull their heads from their sphincters, clean the brown off their noses and blow the wax from their ears….first.

I often wonder why Liberals have such a disconnect to logic. For instance, if Sarah Palin is such a knuckle dragging moron, incapable of putting together a cognitive thought, or say, chewing gum and walking at the same time, why do they disparage her so much? Logically, the Libs should WANT to run against such an unqualified, moose killing goober from Wasilla.

On the other hand, they seem to want to run against the likes of the muskrat wearing Donald Trump, the Ken Doll/Obamacare Lite, Mitt Romney or the Gravy Dripping Mike Huckabee, none of whom could muster more than 40% of the general election vote. Go figure.

And it can’t go without notice that much of the things we hate Obama for was started by George Bush: Auto Bailout, Bank bailouts, Prescription Benefit Plan, etc. However the reality is that Bush just got tired of the Pelosi/Reid Congress pounding him into dust the last two years of his presidency and succumbed to the “across the isle“, “bipartisan” angle that has brought us at least another $8 trillion farther in debt.

Long story short, if you like where we are now with the whole bipartisan thing, you’re gonna love another 4 years of Obama. I’d say a police state, government operated everything and another $10 trillion of debt should just about do it. Or stated another way, well beyond the point of NO return. And the added bonus of Obama pressing for a 10 year term for president. Of course that takes further mangling of our Constitution, but with 60 or 70 percent of our future voters being dependant on government, it should be a piece of cake.

Funny how the ‘establishment’ Republicans say that the $1.5 trillion dollar annual deficit cannot be eliminated overnight. Funny because with the passing of Obamacare, Porkulus and the never ending “QE’s” we got there almost overnight.

Dumbplumber Shorts 15

Dumbplumber Shorts 15

So now we don’t have ‘just’ democrats slamming Sarah Palin, but seems that Republicans are now jumping on the bandwagon. It is amusing to witness the RINOS quibbling about what is wrong with Sarah. How did she get so low in the poles and what is it about her that scares the living bejesus out of Liberals and moderate Republicans alike? Well, just look at the negative stories generated about her….. every day.

There are entire websites dedicated to destroying Sarah Palin, one drip at a time. There are authors that do nothing but write books, provably inaccurate, that do nothing but slam Palin. And you cannot go more than a day or two that the MSM doesn’t do a story critical of one thing or another she has done, said, or intends to do.

But keep this in mind, no matter what they do or say, Sarah Palin’s approval ratings continue to be twice as high as the U.S. Congress and at least even, or above, with the entire crop of GOP hopefuls. Let’s see them face the onslaught that Sarah has endured and maintain half her ratings.

Hot damn, Bin Laden had a stash of porno in his bedroom. Now that’s a hoot, ain’t it. I can see it now, this guy has 4 wives and needs a monthly fix of “The Busty Ewes from Farmville”, “The Nasty Nannies of Ogden Utah” and every Muslim’s favorite “Camel Hustler”. With a little more digging we might find his golden stash of the “Burkas of Beverly Hills”, “Behind the Green Teeth” and my personal favorite, “Deep Goat”.

You gotta give it to bin Laden, that boy knows how to party.

One of the great things about being a Constitutionalist is that the things you have a right to are spelled out. It’s referred to as the Bill of Rights; if it isn’t in there, you don’t have a right to it. Period.

For instance: You have a right to free speech and assembly, but you do not have a right to free food. You have a right to own a gun, but you don’t have a right to a free house. You have a right against unlawful search and seizure, but you do not have a right to free healthcare. You have a right to due process, but you do not have a right to a free college education. Get it?

Dumbplumber Shorts 14

Dumbplumber Shorts 14

Is being reported that the Oregon legislature is going to debate the legalization of the “Suicide Kit”. Yes folks, time’s a comin’ that you will have the opportunity to check out on your own schedule.

There is, however, no truth to the rumor that it will be marketed as, “In Case Obama Wins Kit”.

Under, ‘If I’d told my Daddy‘…. Back in 1965, if I’d told my Daddy that in 2011 we would be told by the government what light bulbs to use, what toilets to buy and that we would be grinding up corn for gasoline, he would’ve looked at me like I just dropped in from Pluto and told me I was nuts.

Hang on to your bibb overalls, because we are about to see the ‘Pigford’ Settlement cubed with the recent Mississippi river floods. While tens of thousands will spend years filling out forms for relief, ‘Pigford’ farmers will simply claim their “Farmville” keyboards as crops and reap millions in ‘virtual’ losses on what they meant to harvest next year.

The Energy Dept. has announced that gasoline prices will remain high through 2012. Well now, that certainly is an interesting statement. Since the market determines the cost of energy, how is it that the Energy Dept. can ‘assure’ us of high prices unless they have their “fingers on the scale” guaranteeing that will happen. This assurance only works if the government ‘controls’ energy, which apparently their prediction reveals.

After John Boehner announced loudly that any Debt Ceiling increase would have to be connected to equal or larger cuts in the budget, it is being announced that these “budget cuts” would be spread over 5 or 10 years. Well now, ain’t that special. It is starting to sound a lot like Wimpy, who famously quotes, “I would gladly pay you on Tuesday for a hamburger today”. Nevermind there will be plenty of opportunity to rescind the cuts during Obama’s second term. We are so screwed.

Sunday, June 05, 2011

Resonse to Jim Reed Sunday Letter

Response to Jim Reed’s Sunday Letter to the Editor

Dumbplumber writes:

It occurs to me that, while many of you want to get down in the weeds over policy and taxing proposals, most of you never step back and look at the big picture. Here are a few questions that most of you should consider before you embarass yourselves taking a stand on how we should be governed, or what it should cost those of us paying for it.

A. Can 300 million people be GOVERNED on $250 billion a month? Yes or No will do.

B. Can we protect America with less than the 759 military bases scattered around the globe?

C. Should taxpayers be forced to subsidize people who WILL NOT (I didn't say CANNOT) work?

D. Does the government owe anything to an "illegal" alien beyond a trip back home? Do they owe them more than American citizens?

E. Is it fair for our government to treat union workers differently than non union?

F. Should our government enforce any law differently than any other law? Or should laws that are not being enforced be deleted?

G. And finally, is anyone else offended when some politician, in righteous indignation, brazenly waves a copy of our Constitution while whining about some perceived slight, meanwhile willfully violating that docmuent every day?

Now this isn't a test beyond that of whether or not anyone of you are living without principle. It is really a test of common sense, reason and some level of personal responsibility. And it is open book for those of you who don't know the answers.