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Friday, February 26, 2016

Trump Winning

What too many people DON’T talk about is that if Trump wins, we all win. He has everything invested in “INCOME” producing properties.  Yes, he loves America and wants us all to prosper.  When we win, He wins too.  It's simple logic.  Because HE has the most to lose.

However, if he loses, and some assclown becomes president, he will lose big time, right along with America.

Conversely, if Rubio, Cruz or Clinton win, we will continue down the slow, agonizing road to oblivion.  But if they lose they just go back to being the useless blood sucking losers they were when they started.

They have absolutely NOTHING to lose, but other people’s money. 

Thursday, February 25, 2016

Depends Who You Are

If you are 20 years old, you are not thinking about who will be the next president.  Still stuck at 15, you’re thinking about your next text, sext and who you’re going to the mall with.  All this because the notion of getting a job takes you out of your “safe space” and mom yelling about a job is a “trigger warning”.

If you are 30 years old, you have been looking for full time work for about 8 years and blaming Geo. W. Bush for your go-nowhere part time job.  You are still driving your 1980 Ford Fiesta and living in your parent’s basement.  And in your heart of hearts, you know that giving Obama one more shot would turn everything around.

If you are 40 years old, you’re still clocking in at the job you had in the heady days of 2004, because you chose to waive a raise instead of going part time.  You’re 401k is in the shitter; you haven’t saved a dime; you are driving that 8 year old Volvo your dad gave you.  And your wife and two kids have you living week to week.  You’d like to chuck it all and go to the Caymans, but you can’t afford a ticket.

If you are 50 years old, you yearn for bell bottoms, leisure suits and Farah Fawcett.  You discovered too late that Al Gore’s life was the inspiration for Love Story and you will never forgive Lee Majors and Ryan O’Neal for letting Farrah die.  

 Through hard work and some shitty investing, you managed to go bankrupt in the 90’s but are doing well now with the death of your rich aunt.  Your third wife has the reins on your trust and you on a short leash, because she saw how you treated the first two wives.  She did let you finally buy that Mercedes roadster, but it was used and it is in her name.  Both your kids are grown and gone and your son will be eligible for parole soon.  Your daughter moved into a commune 5 years ago and keeps asking you to forward her trust to the resident Guru.   

Just like Joe Biden you had your bald frontal planted with plugs, and just like Biden the back forty is as bare as Kim Kardashian's ass.  You long for a Hillary presidency, but wifey is a Republican whose parents will leave her millions.  So Walker, Jindal, Fiorina, Christie, Huckabee, Paul, Santorum, Graham, Bush, Cruz it is in 2016.
If you are 60 years old, you remember Kennedy, Johnson, Reagan, Clinton and the Bushes.  Kennedy and Reagan because they actually made a difference, Johnson and the Bushes for getting us into wars we had no business in and keeping us there.  And Clinton for nailing his ‘server’ in the Oval Orofice.
You know who most of the political bad guys are and how they got there, by lying, cheating and stealing their way into the opportunity to screw the rest of us.
And while we have entered our third trimester of life, don’t think for a moment that we haven’t learned anything.  We all now know (except for Bernie Sanders) that socialism doesn’t and has never worked.  We know that Hillary Clinton will lie, cheat and steal, then kill anyone that gets in her way.  And we now know that the entire U.S. Congress and the Secret Service has violated their Oath of Office in that this president is a traitor, who violates his Oath almost on a daily basis and no one around him does a fucking thing about it. 
And given that Hillary has already demonstrated, on more than one occasion, that she is an incompetent liar and traitor, she will most likely replace the current Traitor-in-Chief, unless someone (not already violating their Oath) wins the Office through the will of the governed.  (Pray that he will not be removed one way or the other) 
In any event, the People will get what they either deserve or need desperately.
And if we are so lucky to get what we need, to remain a Representative Republic, we should expect a tsunami of changes to the size, direction and purpose of the government, that has been systematically bastardized into nothing our Framers intended.

Tuesday, February 23, 2016

I Robot for President

The Establishment Republicans are moving to Marco Rubio, after the exit of Jeb Bush. 

My question:  Has any one of the Establishment RINOs watched Rubio butcher an answer to a question?  I mean, an operating slot machine makes more sense than this schmuck.  If his last debate debacle wasn't enough, his appearance on O'Reilly should have ended any doubt of his off script inability to field tough questions. 

But I guess with Ted "The Canuck" Cruise as your only other backup, it's no wonder Reince and Repeat is going whole hog for Rubio.  Geesh.

Monday, February 22, 2016

Get the Bastards

With no disrespect to American Thinker, the Heritage Foundation or Trevor Thomas, if you use the term "Conservative" in relation to the GOPe, any of the remaining (or beginning) candidates for president, or any of the leadership of the House or Senate, do yourselves, and us, all a favor and STOP.

"Conservative" has been hijacked, bastardized and prostituted to an extent that it no longer remotely resembles anything Wm F. Buckley or Ronald Reagan represented, back in the day. The notion that Mitch McConnell, Kevin McCarthy, Paul Ryan or even John McCain is conservative is laughable.

With the introduction of candidate Trump(who I have never heard use the term), who is proud to be an American, I began to think of myself as an American, who loves America.  This rather than a RINO or a democrat, who are both actively destroying America. And don't make me add footnotes, it takes up too many pages.

In the future, please just refer to yourselves as lying, backstabbing weasels, as that is the best description I can come up with, without four letter words. says I am of Scottish descent. And as such, I'm with the majority of America when I say, "Get the Bastards".

Sunday, February 21, 2016

What's Left

Well the S. Carolina primary is over and here's what we have left:

A Culled Canadian, a Corrupt Cuban, a Carnival Barker and the son of a Carrier of mail.

On the other side we have a Commie and a Carpet Muncher.

Saturday, February 20, 2016

Says Hillary

Hillary says she will release the text of her Wall Street speeches when everyone else running releases theirs.

So, I guess I will stop lying to government officials, cheating on my taxes and stashing unreported cash, when she does.

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

GOPe A Sea of Shit

So now we get a front row seat to the sea of shit that represents the GOPe.  Yes my friends.  Once the slime is scraped off the bowl of crap, we refer to as Establishment Republicans we can see all the grand turds bobbing around telling us, that the front-runner of our Party, the one person that has the Felon-in-Training shaking at the thought of herself in handcuffs, is not qualified to lead this country. 

And it cannot go without mention that the very folks that have brought this nation to the pit of despair with $20 trillion in debt; that has made us the laughing stock of the world; that cannot stop a band of sand niggers, in stolen vehicles, from taking over the most god forsaken useless piece of real estate on the planet; that has allowed the tattoo laden, river jumping, cocaine smuggling, taco bending assholes to invade our country and add billions to our debt, while murdering our innocents in the name of “love”; and has ballooned our government into the biggest, least productive and most obnoxious, anti-capitalistic, bunch of jack-booted assholes since Nazi Germany, is now engaged in the destruction of the only candidate to challenge and promise the end to our destruction since Ronald Reagan. 
In my 66 years, I have never been so incensed at the behavior of Republicans, beginning with the tampering of the 2014 elections.  Now this same group of jackals have banded together to besmirch, debase, defame and vilify the one person that tens of millions believe can stop and reverse the systematic ruination of the greatest nation on the planet.  And they are trying to do it under the cloak of “conservatism”, which they hijacked then prostituted and bastardized into an attempt to lure the Tea Party and Independent Americans onto their sinking ship.

No my friends, I was wrong when I predicted that there would be a revolution under a Hillary Clinton regime.  It will never get that far if the Establishment has its way.  They, the Establishment, will become the targets of a militarized movement, who never realized their own Party would decide to undermine and cannibalize their own, to guarantee a Clinton or Sanders victory. 

You see, if there is to be a revolution, the just and righteous targets of the movement will be those who, by their own ignorance and avarice decided to sabotage the people’s chosen candidate to represent them in a constitutionally legal election. 
We will never forget that the Bushes marched us into a war to protect their oil barron buddies, then plundered Americas coffers and sacrificed our soldiers, under “Rules of Engagement” in an unholy alliance with our Progressive Left and the Muslim Brotherhood, to ensnare us into a protracted action that could have been ended in months instead of years.  It would have been handy if only we understood we were fighting against a 7th Century ideology, that doesn’t recognize the difference between a government and a religion.  An ideology that believes goats and women share the same rights and obligations. 

And the spark of the coming revolution will not be unlike the Firing on Ft. Sumter or John Brown’s Raid.  The same people that tampered with the 2014 elections, will be the one’s fingered for the blame of the coming conflagration under the name of politics.  Because if lying, cheating, stealing and fraud are the hallmarks of today’s political class they can take a bow for what is about to befall them.
Not unlike Hillary Clinton, and all her ilk, that believe telling the truth to federal officers, federal agencies and the U.S. Congress is just for the little people, wait until they can see what all the little people can do to them, when lying and breaking the law’s tables are turned. 

We won’t be missing anyone on the Supreme Court, because not one Justice will ever see these charges under the likes of the Establishment and corrupt political bosses. 

At some point the overwhelming wave of Justice will overcome the political will of those sworn to uphold it, and a human tsunami will crush the Establishment and all who shill for them.
Soon these political Turds will be coming home to roost.