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Monday, April 05, 2010

Green Shoots

I am really starting to hate all those “ever optimistic” folks that think things are turning around. It is mostly among Obama supporters that I hear of things getting better daily, but there are some Conservatives that are doing it as well. Now don’t go all Galt on me here, but when a fire is put out, there is always a new beginning as well. It is at once the End and the Beginning.

By America’s very nature, we always are looking to rebuild, whether it be hurricane, fire, earthquake or financial holocaust. Like beavers, without explanation hopeful people begin putting things back together, picking things up and cleaning in the corners, looking to bring some sense of order back into their lives. And this financial tsunami is no different.

The ‘green shoots’ everyone talks about are more obvious in the vacant parking lots of closed factories, but never-the-less is being touted as sprouting up in all sorts of places, places no one would have ever suspected 6 or 8 months ago. By our very nature, Americans are industrious and creative. And at the same time, not every American is living week to week.

Many simply stopped spending when things went Dixie and now are again jingling the coin in their pockets thinking about starting to live normal lives. Time to clean up the yard, slap on some paint, fix that gate, even maybe buy a new car, or at least paint the old one. You see, most folks didn’t lose everything in this calamity. What they lost was courage. They pulled in their horns, folded their hands, put their marbles back in the bag and went home. But now, bored to tears, looking at all the great deals available and seeing their neighbors out barbequing and polishing their cars, they are beginning to see some stability and ready to dip their toes back in the pool of life.

No folks, this isn’t about a turn around in the economy, due to efforts by Congress or the White House. You don’t turn around an economy by placing more obstacles in front of it. It’s about people with money, ideas and ambition being bored out of their wits and ready to get back in the game. But when they get in this game, it’s with a new understanding that government has far less interest in their success and more interest in their taxes. So, it’s just a matter of how well we increase one and lower the other

Thursday, April 01, 2010

Senseless Census

Under the, “You can’t make this up department”. I asked at our local Post Office today, when we were going to get our Census Forms. The nice lady behind the counter said she didn’t know. Because she has returned hundreds of forms back to the Census Bureau, due to them using the physical locations instead of P.O. boxes.

You see, the U.S. Post Office will not forward mail addressed to a physical address, even though the recipients are known to the Post Office. Apparently, the U.S. Census Bureau didn’t get the memo, because they sent tens of thousands of Census workers around America jotting down every physical location, then sent out the Census forms to those addresses.

As for bureaucracies not recognizing P.O. boxes, this isn’t my first rodeo. Many regulatory agencies will NOT send documents to P.O. boxes. But yet the U.S. Government spends hundreds of billions every year maintaining tens of millions of P.O. Boxes they won’t send mail to. Go figure.

So, instead of sending people out to actually count the folks on the first go-round, they accumulate addresses, mail out forms then wait for the forms to come back undelivered, then go back and count the folks, which they could have done the first time. Rube Goldberg would be proud.

Now, these little clicker people are going to come to my house, in the middle of the day, while my wife and myself are off working (like millions of other self-employed people) and leave a cute little bag hanging from my door handle, with hopes that I will actually care enough to sit down and fill it out completely. Yeah right.

Other than about 150 quail, several dozen other welfare recipient wild birds and one schizophrenic cat, there are just two Americans living here. And the neighbors could have told them that….on the first trip.

But not to worry, with 2900 pages of regulations, 159 new agencies and hundreds of thousands of new full time government employees, I firmly believe that Obamacare will go much smoother.

Dumbplumber Prognostications

Dumbplumber Prognostications

Get the News Here 2 years in advance

This just in from Fox Business, “Government workers have 70% better benefit programs”.

Gee, who could ever see this coming. Well, the Dumbplumber did….2 years ago. He elaborated on the excessive pay and benefit packages that were being extorted by the unions from the public sector. But that isn’t the only news that’s coming to you late.

Dumbplumber posted about the same time that abuses in Medicare and Medicaid would bankrupt these programs. Specifically, Dumbplumber made reference to the 400lb. Twinkie popping, chain smoking, scooter jockeys and all their kindred spirits would bankrupt the finest health care system in the world. Well, don’t look now but Medicare and Medicaid are trillions out-of-round and sinking fast.

And as little as 3 months ago Dumbplumber predicted that our Treasury auctions would start slipping, beginning a climb in interest to stimulate sales. Hello!! It is now cheaper for Lowes and GE to borrow money than the U.S. Government. You might check and see when the last time that happened.

Now, Dumbplumber will go a step further and predict that some time soon, buyers of our debt will insist on backing bond sales with gold.

And last but not least, we are learning that Native American sex offenders will continue to get taxpayer provided Viagra, under Obamacare. So I am expecting that sex change operations for misunderstood, cross-dressing Muslim taxicab drivers couldn’t be far behind.

Our Living Monopoly

It is becoming rapidly apparent that differences between the Obama Administration and U.S. citizens will have to be settled at the business end of a bazooka or over a marathon session of Monopoly. And since Barack has inherited a heavily subsidized railroad system, holds the mortgages on everything from Baltic Ave. to Park Place, and completely controls all utilities via administrative and environmental regulation, I think that the bazooka may be the only way to go.

Now, we are being inundated by Liberals, who have suddenly developed an aversion to harsh criticism and aggressive rhetoric, demanding Republicans conduct themselves with decorum, reason and civil debate. Seems to me that train left the station well before Obama bought and paid for his election with fraud, corruption, intimidation and illegal campaign contributions.

But with Obamacare we apparently have the element that is galvanizing freedom loving Americans. The 2,900 page Obamacare Bill, that was passed without one legislator reading it, is revealing itself as NOT what was represented by the platoon of siding salesmen “Yesmen” recruited to peddle it. Nevermind that not one Republican, Conservative or politician with an IQ above a turnip would support it, nevermind that the vast majority of Americans vehemently opposed it, nevermind that the financial track record of government bureaucracy successes reads like the survivors list of the Heavens Gate trip to the Mothership, the U.S. Congress, in Pelosi and Reid, steamrolled a few weak-kneed, back stabbing weasels to get it passed.

One wonders what happened to common sense. But with the wheels coming off the Pennsylvania and B&O, while the Reading and Shortline both jumped the tracks, due to some shenanigans by the Unions, common sense was never in the game. This was Chicago Style extortion, fraud and bribery, plain and simple.

About the only thing left to save this game is the taxpayer’s Community Chest, represented by the Tea Party. And about the only thing left for Obama is his bullet proof limos and his ‘Get Out of Jail’ Free cards.

First Day for the Rest of Your Life

Now let me see, bribery, extortion, vote buying, intimidation, violation of Oath of Office and some could argue treason. So tell me again why aren’t these people in prison. Oh yeah, it’s politics.

Guess the moment got the best of me, when I was witnessing the biggest heist in the history of the World, all in the name of politics. Obama, Reid and Pelosi are about to screw the entire United States and the taxpayers won’t even get a kiss. Obama is about to go where no Democrat has ever gone before, giving over 50% of Americans entitlements and government jobs.

So tell me again why I can’t go out and shoot a Congressman in the name of politics. In fact, why don’t we all just stop obeying laws and treat THEM with the same respect as Congress and the President.

You can sue everyone you want to stop the madness in Congress. But no amount of high powered lawsuits can get near what a few well placed high velocity rounds can accomplish.

If there are any skilled patriots out there, that have taken their Oaths of Office seriously, we should see some real casualties of this “Obamanation” soon. On the other hand, if we don’t, then they aren’t the patriots they would have us believe.

And for those of you who have not yet figured this out, let me put it to you this way. Pelosi, Reid and Obama are drinking Champagne, but they’re serving the rest of us Kool Aid.

Let the games begin.
Seems the pinheads are spinning today. Apparently some “ethnic” House leader thought he heard an overzealous Tea Party participant say, what the rest of them were thinking. And if that weren’t enough, Barney Frank (the Hose Monster of the House), overheard someone refer to him as a “Faggot”. Or was that Homo. Or maybe Queer. Or was that Fudge Packer. Well, it was one of them, but they are all accurate. Now the Libs are screaming racism and homophobia to the high heavens. Like that’s going to turn heads away from the biggest heist of personal wealth in the history of man.

Apparently the eco-Left forgot about their behavior at the Obama Inauguration where they left behind some 20 tons of garbage. Guess they forgot all about the “Die Bush Die” chants from the Left over Iraq. It must have slipped their minds that an army of Left Wingnuts were calling for the assassination of Bush and Cheney. And who doesn’t remember the “Idiot Chimp” description of Bush, even though his grades and IQ was higher than his “Lurch” impersonator opponent, John Kerry.

But what is most amusing is that while putting the “SEIU” boot to the little man selling “Don’t Tread on Me” flags in St. Louis, landing him in the hospital with serious injuries, barely made the MSM news, uttering “nigger” or “homo” seems to cross the line of Liberal tolerance.

Heaven forbid someone should utter, “It’s a Baby Killer”, even though that is exactly what will be provided from the der Leader, who has actively sought funding for late term abortions, as U.S. Senator.

No folks, you cannot make this up. It cannot be argued that the chasm between the Left and Right is getting larger. But the ability to satirize the spread between reality and lunacy is getting harder and harder.