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Sunday, December 14, 2014

Entering the Abyss

Nancy Pelosi insists that she never knew about the ‘Enhanced Interrogation’ techniques used by the CIA after 9/11.  If she’s lying, she’s an incompetent boob.  If she’s telling the truth, the CIA agents are guilty of war crimes.

Pelosi also claimed on live TV that congress had to vote for Obamacare to see what was ‘in’ Obamacare.  ANYONE voting for that monstrosity, without reading or understanding it, should be either arrested, recalled, summarily dismissed or shot on sight.  It singularly erodes the dictates of the Constitution, while legitimizing rogue behavior.

Dianne Feinstein has made claims that the CIA tortured detainees (some of whom planned on making people jump to their deaths or face a terrorist's inferno), to discover who and where the masterminds of 9/11were hiding.  She did so without benefit of testimony of those she is accusing or context in which she made these allegations. 

Feinstein has just made us aware, that as a sitting U.S. Senator, she has the ability to paralyze our defenses, while extracting revenge for a personal intrusion into her life and office.  This again elevates her feelings about the CIA from secret meetings in back rooms, to a catfight in the middle of the street.

Her efforts neither intimidate the CIA, nor increase America’s security.  It is the maniacal ravings of a vindictive, dwindling and decrepit old power broker.  And still she remains mute about IRS intrusions into our personal lives and the politicization of the Justice Dept., both far more harmful than the CIA's efforts to protect us.

Meanwhile, we have a whole cadre of elected and re-elected political representatives, who based their campaigns on stopping the Amnesty of illegal aliens and shutting down ObamaCare.  Imagine my shocked face(sarcasm alert), when I learned just today that the U.S. Congress, especially the House, just passed a $1.1 trillion bill that fully funds ObamaCare and begins the Americanization of over 5 million (and believe me it will be well over 5 million new democrat voters) who jumped to the head of the line of our Immigration System. 

The whole point here is the desecration of the U.S. Constitution, the Oath of Office and the Rule of Law. 
Because if I have learned anything, it is that under Obama and Eric Holder, you can be violating a law, for which you could be arrested, at any given moment or you can be violating a law(s) that will never be enforced.  The difference being, who you are, where you are, who you know or what Party you are in.  The disparity of law enforcement, under these two mutts, is mind-numbing.

So what is the point you say?  The point is my friend, we have “cammed- over“.  We have digressed (as opposed to progressed) well beyond the point of no return.  Our descent into the societal and governmental abyss makes a black hole look almost cartoon-ish.

Obama, the Contradiction

Obama, the Living, Breathing, Contradiction

Far be it from me to every say that no Republican has ever lied.  Hell lying is an art form in Capitol Hill, on K St., even in the White House.  But usually lying is kept in the dark, behind closed doors and among fellow liars.

Obama, on the other hand, is the consummate liar.  He can’t give one public address without spouting not only numerous lies, but lies that are so well documented, there is video tape loaded and ready in seconds, detailing graphically, his lies.  Some lies are long, most are short, but they are all lies, none-the-less.

For instance, his latest lie is that “the abuses of government must be exposed and remedied”.  Whoa, was that ever a whopper, given the rash of recent scandals that have NOT rocked 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.  You see, a scandal is a scandal if Obama says it’s a scandal.

Fast and Furious…Not a scandal.  Nothing to see here, move along.

Bengazi…..Not a scandal.  Hillary had everything in control.  Yada, yada.

IRS Harassing Conservatives….Whut?  We heard she called here, like over a hundred time, but we can’t find anyone who took her calls.

Union Leaders visiting W.H…… So!  We renamed the Lincoln Bedroom after the union president who visits us twice a week, the Richard Trumka Bedroom.  So!  But we beat a lawsuit looking for the W.H. visitors log.  What does knowing who visits us make a safer, more transparent government?  We don’t get it. 

And the most often spoken lie is when Obummer tells us that, “No one is above the law”.  OMG, that’s the grand daddy of lies.  He is violating, not only the law, but the U.S. Constitution while he’s doing it. 

But without the media lapdogs continued support, Obama will continue his march to either Armageddon or a revolution, whichever comes first.

Thursday, December 11, 2014

Clearing that Up

It appears that ‘der Leader‘, Senator Dianne Feinstein, most of the Libtard congress and all of the Libtard Media have a tingle up their legs with the release of the Senate Intelligence Committee’s CIA Report on Enhanced Interrogations.  They claim America deserves the open and transparent truth about techniques used to gain information from terrorists after 9-11.

Well how about that?  Are you as spellbound as I am as to what should or should not be released to Americans by our elected leaders?  And I would remind all of you that Feinstein and Pelosi were screaming “Get the Bastards” on 9/12.

Perhaps we should also get the low-down on a few other things while these self-appointed do-gooders still have the gavel in the Senate. 

We might start with how much was raised by Obama’s campaigns in ‘08 and ‘12 from foreign donors (against the law, by the way).  It might be informative to know, just why Obama gifted America’s biggest unions with almost $1 trillion bucks, disguised as a stimulus package, when it was clearly a payback for their campaign support. 

Then we could move on to all the communications Lois Learner had with the White House about the Tea Party groups.  Now that we’re going somewhere, maybe they could release all the inside dope on where Obama was during the Bengazi raid and why our men were left to die.  And since we’re on a ‘Truth Roll’ maybe they could throw in what Jonathan Gruber was really doing for Obamacare, since he has developed a convenient case of amnesia during Congressional hearings.

And what about the real reason Eric Holder’s regime has kept a lid on the details of Fast and Furious.  And let us not forget the real reason Obama and his personal eaves-dropping network, the NSA is gathering information from everyone in America and all those communicating overseas, but why they can’t stop identity fraud and financial scams, by Nigerian bankers.

On the other hand, it would be refreshing to see just one RINO demonstrate half the outrage as Ms. Feinstein has shown for the abuses our government has exacted upon our citizens.  Maybe their lack of outrage is Freudian cover for the lies they told us while they were trying to get elected and re-elected, never intending to pursue their promises.

Friday, December 05, 2014

Faux Government

Now here's some good news:  The House of Representatives have made a FAKE vote on the Illegal Immigration action of the president.

Meanwhile, it has been discovered that Der Leader has submitted NO signed Order, Executive or otherwise, allowing illegal immigrants to stay in this country.

This is perfect.  North Korea couldn't do it any better.

Thursday, December 04, 2014

Levine Rants

Mark Levine has some interesting questions for Congressional RINOs, in his recent rant:

“If you had no intention of defending this republic, of defending the constitution, of defending Congress’s powers under Article I, and as such, defending we the people, why did you run for reelection? If you had no intention of repealing Obamacare, why did you campaign and say you would? If you had no intention of supporting amnesty, why didn’t you campaign and say that? If you truly believe that you don’t have the power to stop a lawless president, why didn’t you campaign and say that?”

Tuesday, December 02, 2014

Stop the Decline

Well, it’s happened again.  Some barking mutt, working for one of the RINOs in D.C., has come out of his cubicle to announce to America that Republicans don’t want to impeach the president, because it would martyr him.  REALLY!

Oh yes, letting this serial lying, burr headed, jug eared Socialist continue in the Oval Office is a great idea.  Let me count the ways.

A)  The man is incapable of telling the truth.  His version of the truth is rolling a lie in sugar, injecting it with hope, sprinkling it with change, then selling it as the greatest thing since sliced bread for the middle class.

B)  Speaking of middle class, since January ‘09 the president has been waving the term, “the middle class” like a hooker waving at the boys at Scout Camp.  However, his version of the middle class is either America’s unions, which he endows with hundreds of billions of our tax money, or the middle America of hard working business owners, who he is systematically destroying with his draconian regulatory policies.  But be advised, he only flaunts the unions, because they are a solid voting block and provide Democrats with tens of millions in campaign contributions.  Does anyone else smell the conflict of interest her?

C)  Our National Defense is in shambles, because he is systematically dismantling our military.  He is allowing Iran to build a nuclear bomb, he is openly supporting the Muslim Brotherhood, who openly threatens the existence of both Israel and the U.S. and he is infesting the military with pansies and Muslim sympathizers.

D)  While our cities burn from racially inspired riots, the president hosts the Race Baiters like Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson at the White House, who drag along the aggrieved ‘victims of the moment‘, for emotional support.  He then militarizes American police agencies, the exact opposite of what he should be doing to quell the tensions.  But then again, he thrives on conflict.  Never lets one go to waste.

E)  Memories are short, which is why everyone has forgotten the energy shortages of the recent past.  They will return however, when Obama has shut down critical power plants for emitting essential plant food, Co2.

Now you can argue all you want, but the facts above speak for themselves.  Why else would one man have to appoint over 26 Czars to make sure every day is a new and controversial day in America.

No, not impeaching Obama seems to be working just fine for Obama, not so much for America.

Saturday, November 29, 2014

Making Law

Perhaps the Dumbplumber needs to give everyone a refresher course in Constitution 101.  In 'MAKING' law the President of the United States has no more power LEGALLY than any other citizen. 

It is the President's job to ENFORCE the laws that Congress makes, and he, or any other president has signed.

Therefore, as we hopefully will soon discover, as a result of planned lawsuits, this simple fact will reveal itself during some very long and expensive court proceedings.

Meanwhile, Mr. President, I will obey the laws with the same respect as you enforce them.


Wednesday, November 26, 2014

The Secret Service Oath of Office

The Secret Service Oath of Office:

“I, do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic; that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same; that I take this obligation freely, without any mental reservation or purpose of evasion; and that I will well and faithfully discharge the duties of the office on which I am about to enter. So help me God."

Now before everyone gets all twitterpated, this is how I would rewrite this oath to reflect today’s reality:

“I, stand here with my left hand on the Bible and my right hand in the air, and don’t have a clue why.  I will support and defend the parts of the Constitution, my boss says I will defend and ignore the parts he doesn’t like against some of our enemies, both foreign and domestic; that I will clean my gun and collect my check, while trying my ‘damndest’ not to get hit by a bullet meant for my boss;  that I take this obligation for a boatload of money, a Cadillac healthcare plan and an opportunity to write a book, when my term is over; that I have many mental reservations, but they are so overwhelmed by the perks, I would be a idiot to not do this; that I will make every attempt to follow the law, when I can, and discharge my duties just enough to keep the checks coming.  So help me Allah.”

Of course, the president doesn’t allow his bodyguards bullets, as they might use one, at close range, to defend the REAL Oath of Office.

Let’s face it folks, the Oath is a joke and is taken by everyone from the President on down to Notary Publics.  But since there is no enforcement of the Oath, it is meaningless. 

Mr. President, I will begin obeying the laws as soon as you begin enforcing them.

The Dumbplumber

Rebuilding Ferguson

With all the hoopla, bomb throwing and car rolling, there isn’t much time left in the news cycle to highlight the real victims of Ferguson, Mo., the business owners who have been burned and demolished out of business, through no fault of their own. 

Those ambulance chasing attorney ads, the vacation spots in the Bahamas and a parade of free catheters for Medicare patients ads seem to block out any time for attention to the folks who have witnessed the total destruction of businesses they have spent years, even decades building, go up in smoke.

So where are the do-gooders when we need them.  Hell, Mark Zuckerberg could rebuild all of Ferguson out of his lunch money.  Amazon could deliver every scrap of construction material, on UPS, by tomorrow.  And Donald Trump could put it all together from the leftovers of one of his office towers in less than a week.  But what do we hear from these Putzes…..crickets!  Which is really sad because each and every one of these schmucks have the other's number on speed dial.

No sir, what it has taken the bus loads of rabble rousers, shipped in from the ghettos of nearby cities and incited by our der Leader weeks to accomplish, could all be rebuilt and back in business in a few days with the assets and resources of a few CEOs and their minions.  Of course firms like Blackwater would have to provide security, lest the local lowlifes would be perusing construction materials to return to Home Depot for cash refunds, to sustain their drug, tattoo and alcohol habits.  But hey, that cost would just be a rounding error for Blackwater.

Unfortunately, the MSM wouldn’t cover this event, like it didn’t cover the Bengazi hearings, the real reason Obama swapped high level Al Qaeda operatives for a deserter or the Machine Gun mouth of Jonathan Gruber, who spilled the proverbial truth behind Obamacare either. 

And I would be remiss if I didn't point out the denial of outrage from locals, when their rampage allows them to complain that nobody wants to rebuild in Ferguson, denying them somewhere to spend their EBT cards and ill gotten gains from drug dealing and welfare fraud.

But you can bet your last few megabytes of storage the Internet would be all over it.

Sunday, November 09, 2014

Pot Calling the Kettle

Choke on This

FEMA is asking disabled, elderly residents to repay aid given them after superstorm Sandy.  Yes, this would be the same folks from Belle Harbor Manor, who spent four miserable months being shuffled around to emergency shelters, after surge waters flooded them out of their assisted living shelter in Rockaway, New York. 

And given that they didn’t squander their few thousand dollars on hookers, gambling in Atlantic City or tattoo parlors, I say they should give the money back.  Hell, who needs food, medicine and clothing after a natural disaster, when you have FEMA taking care of you?

No sir, if you’re gonna insist on them giving back the money, well then I have another short list of scofflaws that should give back as well, and long before the aged and disabled have to.

We can start with the $300 to $400 billion a year defrauded from Medicare and Medicaid.  And yes that number would easily pay an army of indigent detectives vast rewards for the effort.  Then we might ask Hillary Clinton to pony up the $6 billion unaccounted for over the past 5 years she was at the State Dept..  Nevermind the hundreds of billions lost to foreign aid, for countries that can’t find themselves on a map.

Then we might perform a little forensic auditing on the labor unions, who cannot account for hundreds of millions spent influencing elections and paying off goons, well beyond conducting political ads, or any other legitimate exercises in elections.  And it’s well beyond time to look into the spending of over 7 years of Continuing Resolutions, that have little or no accountability whatsoever.

And I would be remiss if we didn’t go after the Green Monster that has swindled hundreds of billions more from hard working taxpayer for energy boondoggles that boggle the mind and would have been nixed by any half competent Eight grader. 

Then and only then would I even begin to test the integrity of those shut-ins who look forward to Jello and Bingo as extravagant pastimes.

Wednesday, November 05, 2014

Now What?

Well those pesky 2014 midterms are over, now what?  With all the pandering, pontificating and political maneuvering, one would think that nirvana is just around the corner.  One would think that reason, common sense and responsibility is about to set in and America can start to heal and rebuild from years of Liberal abuse and neglect. 

One would think that the new Congress would get to work passing the over 300 bills crammed in Harry Reid’s desk.  But I believe ‘One’ would be wrong. 

I will reduce my observations down to so simple a list that any ass-backwards idiot can understand it:

How long will it take the New Congress to shrink the size of government? Now I don’t mean just the flotsam and jetsam bloat of the Pink Elephant, Affordable Care Act.  I mean reducing the entire federal government by the 20% it has ballooned to since the Lawn-Jockey-in-Chief parked his patent leather dress shoes on the “Resolute” desk in the Oval Office. 

How long will it take to the New Congress to begin rolling back the tax increases?   How long will it take before Congress begins to adhere to the U.S. Constitution, that they swore to uphold when they took office?

And how long is it going to take for the New Congress to send a message to America’s loafers that the gravy train is over?  How long before the New Congress stands before the cameras and tells all of America that the age of Personal Responsibility has arrived? 

So, while all you RINO douche nozzles regale in the midterm successes, I am sitting in my comfort zone, sipping on some single malt and awaiting the above changes. 

Mind you, I will not hold my breath while I’m waiting.  I have far less confidence in John Boehner and Mitch McConnell than you do.

Saturday, November 01, 2014

Voting RINO

What Republicans Won’t Do

With all the blather running up to the November midterm elections, I thought it might be instructive to point out all the things Republicans won’t do if elected.  Oh, they talk a big game, with ending the war on women, securing the borders, stopping Ebola and cleaning up our voting fiascoes.  But what they really will do is nothing. 

Now that the assassination of Tea Party opponent’s characters are over in the primaries, the bullying of Conservatives into voting for RINOs is in full swing.  “What you gonna do, vote Democrat or just stay home and watch them win”, is now the mantra.  Yeah, like it’s going to make a difference once they’re elected.  

Take for instance, the Repeal of Obamacare.  According to many sitting Republicans Obamacare is here to stay…in one form or another.  Forget that it is nothing that was represented to us to get it passed.  Forget that it is bankrupting many hospitals, insurance companies and letting the most vulnerable twist in the wind, waiting for treatment.  It is here to STAY.  Say it with me….It is HERE TO STAY.

Okay, how about border security.  Well, funding was approved to complete some 1700 miles of border fence, some 8 years ago.  But has work progressed?  No, no and Hell no!

Well then, I guess we will look forward to ending deficit spending.  Yeah, about a soon as we stop pissing away government studies on fat Lesbians and mating gerbils in space.  Ain’t gonna happen.  Ditto with shrinking government.  Like that’s gonna happen.

I must add that it was discovered that production of ethanol wasted precious water and squandered corn crops in the name of saving the planet, while proving that you can destroy about one third of the nation’s internal combustion engines and fuel systems by burning the crap.  But has the subsidies stopped from the Republican House?……NO!  Will they stop with both Houses in the Red….No, no and Fuck NO!

The House couldn’t even stop the ban on incandescent light bulbs for Christ’s sake.

Congresswoman Marsha Blackburn promoted the ending of the ban on incandescent light bulbs, but couldn’t get that one through Committee.  Nevermind that the “squiggly” replacement bulbs are a proven hazardous waste and cannot be trusted to live up to their promises.  Forget moronic low flow toilets unable to flush mini-turds and shower heads that won’t clean off bat guano, squiggly bulbs are here to stay. 

So, if you think voting Republican is going to change the world, just remember that the new Congress won’t even stop the bass-akwards logic that supports unsustainable subsidies for the raptor killing solar and wind projects dotting our country. 

No, you go ahead and waste your time voting for these twatwaffles.  Government won‘t get smaller, citizens won‘t gain more liberty and our debt is likely to get larger.  Despite what they say to get elected, prepare yourselves to be disappointed. 

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Dear Dr. Ben Carson

Dear Dr. Carson:

Having received your solicitation for money disguised as a survey of my opinions, I was floored by your cover letter.

The Letterhead startled me first:  “Renowned Pediatric Neurosurgeon”.  But it didn’t hold a candle to the opening greeting:  “You may recognize me as a world famous doctor”.

Reading that opening in the seat of my truck, I nearly blew Diet Pepsi out my nose.  Jesus H. Crist, who writes this shit?

Then it all started to hit me.  The Dumbplumber isn’t necessarily a world famous plumber.  He isn’t even a State, County or City famous plumber, but he knows more about medicine than this arrogant grunt knows about plumbing.  In fact, this plumber knows that if Dr. Carson had the voice of James Earl Jones, instead of Pee Wee Herman or Gomer Pyle, he would already be President.

The Dumbplumber also knows that if Americans ate balanced meals, stopped smoking, drank alcohol only in moderation, exercised regularly, got adequate sleep and refrained from taking illegal drugs, it would cut Medicaid and Medicare expenditures by over 30%, or over $100 billion a year.  This has been confirmed by several doctors.

He also knows that if every citizen receiving taxpayer money, in any form, were obliged to take random drug tests, the consumption of illegal narcotics would plummet, driving the drug trade back into the nooks and crannies of society, instead of out on the boulevards.

And while the Dumbplumber would never consider himself a good source of medical advice, his experiences providing services to doctors, lawyers and stock brokers, leaves him to believe all these professions should avoid pipe wrenches at any cost.

In short, Dr. Carson, if you want something (like the White House) just say so.  Camouflaging it as a poll, demeans your intentions.

Respectfully, The Dumbplumber

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Flying Pork


According to the Daily Caller blog, Senator Tom Harkin paid over $50,000 to fly Hillary and Bill to his big Cook-off Kissoff.  Yes my friends, the only item costlier on the expense side of the soirée was the food.

Or another way you could look at is that the ‘Pork’ couple was the most expensive thing on the menu.

Wednesday, October 08, 2014

RINOs vs Libtards

Never force the Dumbplumber to choose between the lesser of two political evils.  It will not end well for RINOs, nor will it end well for our country. 

Monday, October 06, 2014

Are You Shitting Me

Are you Shitting Me? 

Headline:  We May be Fighting ISIS in the Middle East for 25 years!!!!
With that revelation it is entirely probable that a woman raped today in Syria will have a child we will be fighting in 2029.  Meanwhile we will be shipping back our own in body bags and on stretchers for the duration.  Can’t wait for the next batch of wounded to show up on television begging for rehab dollars, while the Preezy flies around golfing.

Funny how nobody mentions the Rules of Engagement.  How about this:  We suspend the Rules of Engagement tomorrow.  And if we catch you hiding behind a skirt or in a grade school, or in a hospital.  We will level the aforementioned skirt, et al, and blow your ass into Islam heaven.

Better yet, before we lose one more soldier, let’s notify a few select cities in Iraq of a pending bombing, then while dropping the MOABs (Mother of all Bombs), pick off those cave dwelling, mutton munching Islam loving bastards as they scurry away.  If you don’t think that will work, try asking a survivor of Dresden, Berlin or Nagasaki. 

Has anyone ever asked how come it is that we can shut down a $10,000 used Cadillac with OnStar, but cannot shut off a Million Dollar tank we lost to ISIS?  Why is it we have launched a few hundred drone strikes on suspected ISIS training camps and terrorist picnics, but can’t shut down the fueling, support and repair capabilities of their army? 

If I know anything about tanks, they are thirsty and need constant repairs.  How hard can it be to shut down these assets?  Obviously pretty hard.  But then again, I’m just a plumber and not a brilliant military strategist, or the U.S. President.

The Dumbplumber

Sunday, October 05, 2014

Going Chapter II

A Case for U.S. Government Chapter 11

Maybe it’s time that us folks that pay our nation’s debts had a talk with those that spend our money.  Better yet:  I’ll talk, they can listen.

America is well over $17 trillion in debt and going deeper at over $100 billion per month.  Our national debt has now eclipsed our gross national product and at last count we have over $150 trillion in unfunded liabilities, thanks to the U.S. Congress and State governments (who’re allowing the explosion of federal and state agencies), public employee labor unions and several administrations run amok. 

Now one would think that numbers like that would sober the most irresponsible among us.  But nooooo.  All we hear is that our government can spend like junkies, because our creditors have are promised “The Full Faith and Credit” of the U.S. government (read as the American taxpayers). 

You see, there is no limit, there is no cause, there is no study, there is no foreign or domestic catastrophe immune from taxpayer support.  And the notion of a Budget is now but a memory.  Like budgets are just for the little people.  The U.S. hasn’t had a budget since I can’t remember when, even though we, by law, are supposed to have one every year.  Budgets have been replaced by Continuing Resolutions (CRs). Which means: Damn the Torpedoes, Full Speed Ahead.

Dumbplumber says: Horse Hockey!!!!

Time to jerk the chains of those that have allowed us this disaster.  Time to file Chapter 11, and reorganize to live within our means. 

What does this mean.  Well, first it means there is going to be some pain. 
(Oh, I don’t mean for the taxpayers.  Taxpayers aren’t what got us in this mess, a whole lot of stupid voters did.  Most of which survive on entitlements, are functionally ignorant or are a combination of the two.)

I mean pain for those that have sucked at the government teat way too long, those that have abused our entitlement systems and, YES, for those that were dumb enough to keep buying our debt well after we became insolvent and still believed Timothy Geithner, when he said ‘Full Faith and Credit’.  

And it’s well beyond time to reign in what the U.S. government needs, what it owns and above all, what it owes.  Never-mind that during the past decade government has overreached into our refrigerators, our bedrooms, our bathrooms, our gas tanks and most of all into our healthcare.  Hell, they’ve even been poking around in our kid’s lunch pails.  Time to take a little bureaucratic time-out.  Let’s rewind the legal clock and unwind about 50,000 abusive, obnoxious and financially obscene laws and regulations.

Let’s not forget the tens of millions of acres the Feds own and cannot control, protect or reasonably manage.  If a space is not worthy of being a significant point of interest, National Park or deserving forest preserve, let’s peddle it.

Big Brother is attempting to destroy our automobile engines with emissions controls and corn-gobbling ethanol, while starving our plants and trees of carbon dioxide, they sit in their government issued, climate controlled cars, pickups and fire trucks and watch millions of acres go up inflames each year, because they lack the will or initiative to manage the forests and wild lands and create barriers to starve fires of fuel. 

Meanwhile bureau-weenies are bound and determined to eliminate nuclear power, yet they spend billions on creating adequate dumping ground for fuel waste, then billions more shutting them down.  Guess they think those decaying barrels of WWII waste off the Farallon Islands may be the best solution.

Let’s clean up our air, water and terra firma, but not one more penny goes to Al Gore or the eco-Nazis for carbon credits or anything else.  Turn trial lawyers loose on industries NOT protecting their workers, but shut down OSHA and every State version existing. 

Building inspectors should, in the future, be responsible for building failures, not harass contractors into bankruptcy or business into oblivion.

And STOP creating bureaucracies for every new industry created from whole cloth.  We are literally fashioning an industry police force of folks that have NO idea what they are policing.

Okay, now that I have made a short list of things to do in Chapter 11, I can wad it up and shove it where the sun never shines.  Because if I know one thing about government, it never gets smaller. 

I think I will go into my shop and smash my fingers with a ball-peen hammer, then I’ll know the rest of my day will only get better.

Continuing the Thread

Continuing on my rant against the RINOs trying to humiliate Conservatives and Tea Partiers into donating and voting for other RINOs who want to continue the losing policies of the present RINOs.  Are you getting the feeling that I am having an issue with RINOs?

Well, let’s cut to the chase.  How many sitting RINOs have authored or co-sponsored legislation shrinking the size of government?  How many RINOs running for office or running for re-election are promoting our Constitution or demanding that the Congress, the Administration and the Justice Dept. adhere to it? 

Okay, how about this one, how many RINOs are suggesting and promoting the lowering of our taxes, or even demanding that government explain where our hard earned taxes went or why they waste as much as they do already?  And given that the gubmint admits to wasting, misdirecting or losing hundreds of billions every year, why aren’t the RINOs finding that money and taxing the assholes that have it?

And finally, when was the last time you heard a RINO demand more personal responsibility from those spending our money, receiving our money in the form of entitlements or squandering our money in execution of their duties.  Anyone!  Bueller!  Anyone! 

So the next time you hear someone threatening us Conservatives for NOT supporting, nor voting for establishment Republican douche-nozzles, tell them the Dumbplumber says you can kiss his ass. 

Put up qualified, responsible and conservative candidates, or go fuck yourself.

Saturday, September 27, 2014

Vote or be condemned

Well Pilgrims, it must be close to an election.  The RINOs are all busy telling Conservatives we can’t stay home, we must get out and vote.  Realllllyyyyy!  Perhaps at the same time, why don’t they tell us who to vote for and why, while they’re at it. 

Suddenly, it’s our obligation and duty to vote.  Reallllllyyyyy!   What obligations did these RINO bastards have while the Liberals were running the country into the ground?  What duties did they not perform when they had the chance to perform them?  Who did they NOT choke the loving shit out of when they were sitting next them in Chambers or drinking next to at those lofty cocktail parties? 

I need to stop for a minute and have a straight shot.

These so called “Conservative” websites really piss me off, especially when I can’t respond to the verbal vomit I’m reading.  They make it really, really, really, difficult to register, then condemn a posting.

Maybe these assholes can tell me which candidates will stop the madness and turn this country around.  Or am I to NOT believe that any qualified candidates that offered these remedies are already in the crapper of history.  (Sarah Palin, Gary Johnson, Tom Tancredo, et al.) 

In case these clowns haven’t noticed or cared to self-ignore, anyone, ANYONE who challenges the unsustainable policies and practices that is taking us down the rabbit hole to Socialist Hell is immediately labeled as a nut job from the New York Times to the Republican National Committee.  Then they are condemned when they won’t climb on the rat-infested gut wagon to electoral defeat.

These  self styled patriots forget that when you vote for the Best Loser, you are also responsible for the results.  And being the last Leader into the abyss isn't something I want to identify with.

That is the one of the blessings of this country.  You have the right to vote for the best candidate.  You also have the right to NOT vote for the worst candidates.  And yes, Mitt Romney really looks good right now.  But he only looks good against Barack Obama.  Hell, Hillary looks better than Barack, but I wouldn’t vote for that broom riding Cruella DeVille if she were the only person on the ticket.

If I wanted to do that, I would move to North Korea.

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

More fundraising

From the desk of the Dumbplumber

Dear Mr. Fitton:

In response to your recent solicitation for money to fund Judicial Watch, I wish to make a few observations, comments and recommendations.

First, I did not request that you send me either your first letter nor your second.  You gathered my name and address, as has dozens of others, from a donation I sent to support a conservative running against that pompous asshole Mitch Mc Connell of Kentucky.  Thanks to that candidate, a small forest has been sacrificed to yield the paper sent me since.  The postage alone dwarfed my modest contribution.

Second, before I continue, I wish to commend Judicial Watch for their efforts to expose and condemn all those prostituting their positions of power to feather their personal nests, while entrenching themselves in the ‘establishment’ political positions they ran against to get elected, all at the expense of those they pretended to represent.

But having said this, your roster of politicians from Bill and Hillary down to Maxine Waters have either retired in luxury or retained their political offices despite your best efforts.  And in the case of Bill and Hillary continue to influence the electorate, despite their transgressions.

Third, words cannot describe what the current president has done and intends yet to do to this country.  However, throwing tens or even hundreds of millions of dollars at conservative movements, conservative think tanks and corrupt democrat exposés will do little if nothing to bring a halt to our demise.  Remember it was just recently that the voting fraudsters were tried and convicted….from the 2008 elections.  And with only a little over 2 years left on this ’jugged eared’ socialist’s  second term--and with Eric Holder’s corrupt Justice Dept. backstopping his crimes--what exactly are the chances of any meaningful prosecution for what amounts to TREASON and treachery on the part of this Administration?

Fourth, as great as you are at Judicial Watch you are but a thorn in the side of what is the greatest threat to this country in its entire history.  But the sad reality is you are merely aggravating your base, which is me and every other patriot, helpless to do anything to stop the madness.

 Fifth, no Mr. Fitton, as good as you and Judicial Watch are, you are but a steer in a field of bulls, impotent to act without the support of the Criminal Justice system.  You are fighting a war you cannot win, no matter your resources. 

When the majority of the electorate cannot name the three branches of government, cannot name three of the Supreme Court Justices, willfully re-elect candidates who openly act against their best interests and blindly walk into their futures believing our current path is sustainable, we have not just lost the battle, we have lost the war.

No sir, Mr. Fitton, as an amateur political junkie, I know when I am beat.  If there are to be future donations to a cause, it will be to fund bullets for patriots who wish to prosecute those who have violated our Constitution and their Oaths of Office.

Have a good day and take me off your donor list.  Good Luck in your future endeavors.


Sunday, May 11, 2014

Selling Cars on Craigslist

For sale:  1972 Pinto w/ Firestone 500 tires  ($250k)

I have this piece of crap ‘72 Pinto wagon, with 350,000 miles, three bald tires, rust in both quarters and running on 3 cylinders, for the incredibly low price of $250,000.

It has original paint, or what’s left of it, ripped upholstery, a place for a radio, drain hole in the floor and duct tape on both vent windows.  And yes, it’s a classic.  Never needs smog!

And many wonder why I am letting go of this creampuff for so little.  Well my uninformed friends, after seeing a butchered, rusted-out ‘65 Chevy 4X4, ¾ ton pickup listed at $6,500, a rusted out, dinged up ‘52 Chevy coupe, with busted out windows, and an empty hole where the engine is supposed to be, for $5,900 bucks, well then the Pinto is beginning to look like a bargain. 

Nevermind that on any given day I see listings for cars that insults everyone’s intelligence.  For instance, I see offerings of $6 or $8k, that would lead to a total investment of $30k to yield a $20k vehicle.  Yes, do the math and you too can go bankrupt building classic vehicles. 

And of course none of this financial wizardry would be possible without the help of reality tv and America’s collector car auctions, who are ginning up the values of “project” vehicles to the stratosphere, while the producers of these tv shows are subsidizing the project build-ups and the auctions are catering to clientele doing their damndest to spend grandpas millions, before grandma finds out. 

To be fair, I haven’t seen such mauling of reality since our president told us Obamacare would lower the cost of our health insurance.   Dumbplumber

Friday, April 11, 2014

U.S. Bovine Patrol

It has come to the Dumbplumber’s attention that the U.S. Bureau of Land Management is vigorously enforcing laws and regulations on BLM land.  They are seizing and killing cattle for no other reason than the cattle are eating and pooping on U.S. property, without paying fees.

Well folks, I suggest BLM change places with the U.S. Border Patrol, who have no problem letting illegal aliens do the same thing, while Uncle Sam extracts tens of billions from the pockets of honest hardworking Americans to support them once they arrive here. 

The cattle are being held without bail at an undisclosed location and could not be reached for comment.

No, You Cannot Make this Up.

Tuesday, April 01, 2014

the Sheeples Testicles

A recent posting on perfectly characterizes Obamacare and the Obama administration. 

Seems that a man from Malawi, Zambia allowed a hyena to eat his testicles, because a medicine man told him it would make him rich.  All it really did was put him in intensive care in a Zambian hospital.

Now I don’t want to go out on a limb here, but I believe it was a Kenyan politician, not a Zambian medicine man, that sold this bill of goods to the victim, which also cost him his freedom, liberty and any chance of future prosperity. 

Not to worry though, under the tutelage of the Kenyan politician he will forever be screwed, even without his testicles. 

Welcome to Amerika, comrade.

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Politically Obvious

I recently commented that if Allan West sounded more like James Earl Jones, he would already be president. 

Well that got me to thinking.  If Rand Paul sounded more like Trey Gowdy, he would be a presidential shoe-in.  Instead he sounds like Mike Huckabee during a sleep over at Gomer Pyle’s house.

Paul Ryan would be better at selling Veg-a-matics than hawking his tax reforms.

And Nancy Pelosi would make a better loony ‘street artist’ than anything out there.  In fact, loons everywhere complain she makes them look sane.

But the clown car driver slot is in heated contention between Henry Waxman, Harry Reid and Joe Biden.  Pee Wee Herman was not available for comment.

And we can’t leave without commenting on the Conservative credentials of Senators Lindsey Graham and minority leader Mitch McConnell.  When they’re not touting their ‘conservative’ credentials, they’re making backroom deals with Obama and Harry Reid.  Think of them as the Neville Chamberlin of the U.S. Congress.

Saturday, March 22, 2014

My Rudeness

Okay, this tears it!   Yesterday our regional newspaper editor referred to me as “rude”.  So after about 6 years of engaging with his rag-tag band of trolling Libtards, with rational responses to hysterical, lame-brained assaults, I have now officially hit the bottom of Commenter Hell.

How about this folks:  After you have exhausted all avenues of reason, to vicious, vacuous comments; after you have attempted every common-sense, historically referenced, rational attempt to persuade the rabid dogs of Progressivism; after the Train-of-Logic has left the rails and headed into the abyss of doom, in the final throes of futility, in a fruitless attempt to inject some sanity in an otherwise unhinged and loony adversary, then and only then is it necessary to revert to “Rudeness” to make your point.

Well, in a word, I’m SORRY my rudeness has somehow injured your dainty and fragile sensibilities.  I’m sorry I put decorum on the back burner, next to civility and dignity.  But my rudeness was the last stop on my trip to save you from yourself and your kind. 

If I am ignorant of a ‘successful industrialized’ country with a socialized government, we are attempting to emulate, perhaps you would enlighten me.

In the alternative, if you can muster the courage to supply me with your formula for survival and success, while we continue on with policies, procedures, ‘knuckle-headed’ tax and spend strategies and the UNSUSTAINABLE and endless union march to national bankruptcy, where 12% of the population will receive gold plated pension and health benefits, paid for by 100% of the working class, all of which currently has accumulated unfunded liabilities in excess of $144 trillion, well then I will be the first to apologize. 

And if an accomplished newspaper editor doesn't recognize sarcasm, irony and satire as being different than "Rudeness", well then he really needs some introspection. 

Until then you will pardon me my rudeness.  I have no more time or energy to debate with STUPID people.

Oh, was that RUDE?

Friday, March 21, 2014

Transparent Flight 370

It’s now official.  We know virtually everything about the crew of Malaysian Airlines flight 370, that recently went missing. We know everything about the flight crew's families, friends and girlfriends.  We know about their hobbies, where they bank and their religion.  We know their work history, their politics, their personal foibles and their favorite colors. 

We know that two Iranian men, who entered Malaysia on their own passports, used stolen ones to board the plane. 

We know the names, addresses and personal histories of everyone on board. And we also know that at least 5 people had boarding passes that did not use them.

Yes folks, it’s now official.  In two weeks we know more about the 273 folks that were on a foreign flight, than we've learned about our own president in 5 years.

Monday, January 13, 2014

The Traveling Class

It’s one of those things you might not notice, if it were not for the season.  The trees are bare, the wind is blowing, the sun is nowhere to be seen.  But yet there is nary a space open at the dozens of camp trailer parks from Mt. Shasta to Eugene, Oregon on the I-5corridor.

We first noticed the unseasonable RV gatherings while driving down the freeway in Redding a few weeks ago.  The parks were bustling with campers and motor homes, complete with potted plants, hanging clothes, piled possessions and other signs of permanent inhabitants.  But then again, Redding is much warmer than say Old Station or Burney.

However, in our recent trip north to Oregon, these facilities were crammed with tenants everywhere along the way.  Some spaces even had more than one vehicle, like multiple tenants or families in one location.  Clearly these weren’t ‘snow birds’ hop-scotching their way to Arizona.  These were most definitely folks transitioning from their previous lives to the realities of living in bliss under the thumb of Big Government.

So, not to point out the obvious, but it appears that the “economic recovery” isn’t leaving everyone under bridges or in government housing.  It is an economic tsunami pulling the middle class out of their conventional homes and shoving them into portable housing and quasi-permanent terra firma, where the fixed incomes stretches further and blacktop stretches forever.

And no matter how much smoke the government blows under our trailer skirting, this is the realities of the future and the consequences of highly misleading campaigning combined with low information voting.  About the only good news is that without 'Voter ID' these folks will be able to vote all up and down the Interstates.

And no matter the gathering chatter to, “kick them all out”, you can bet your permanent foundation that they will vote most of them back in.  So, given that every two years the majority of voters forget the pounding they took the previous two, a good argument could be made for ‘voting dementia‘. 

We get the government we deserve and vote for.