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Sunday, July 26, 2009

Whitehouse Wood Shed

Obama’s recent invite of Officer Crowley and Professor Henry Gates to the Whitehouse for a cold beer and some conversation, was probably the first logical, reasonable and ethical decision Barack has made since taking office. And while he was doing it for purely political reasons--like this blunder is killing me in the polls--it was still the first mano-a-mano moment since Jan. 26th, even though it was for all the wrong reasons.

Well why stop doing the right thing for the wrong reasons? How about we start doing the right thing for the right reasons?

For instance, why doesn’t Barack invite the head of the Indiana Teachers Pension Fund in to have a little chat with Turbo Tax Timmy Geithner about their getting the shaft when their investment in GM was ignored and they lost $6 million bucks in the “Prepackaged” GM Bankruptcy. Now I know that Six Very Large is small potatoes to a guy like Timmy, so we can step up and bring in the several billion denied thousands of bondholders shafted by this administration like operators at an elevator convention.

Or we could bring in Ron “Middlefinger” to explain why the UAW is going to receive about $6.5 billion from EVERY taxpayer to prop up his shortfall in the UAW Pension fund-- that everyone know is just a big piggy bank for the Mob--when only .0001percent of America is a member of the United Auto Workers. Or better yet, we could invite in a few dozen other Pension fund managers to get told why they didn’t receive a bailout as well.

We might as well bring in the American Bar Association to explain why it is that they are the biggest drain on the American Medical Industry, but aren’t even in the running for cuts to their income, which is reported to be somewhere north of $500 billion per year.

Oh hell yeah. Barack better get in touch with a few breweries if he plans on dragging in every offended, wrongly maligned and innocent victim of his grand schemes for a little chat and a beer. You ask the Dumbplumber, there isn’t enough beer in America for this bash.

Friday, July 24, 2009

An Inconvenient Confusion

It never ceases to amaze me when politicians get their knickers in a wad trying to explain why solutions to problems are so very difficult because the problems are “complicated”. I disagree. Problems are only made “complicated” when ingredients to the problem’s recipe are made up of supporters or potential voters for the confounded politician. Memo to the “confused” elected leaders: The answers are simple, do the right thing. Stop CYA and you will be better for it.

Take healthcare for instance. The Pols are pixilated with how to pay for the NEW Healthcare Plan. To tax millionaires only or to lower the bar to $250,000 household incomes. The rest would come from the “savings from the yet to be described smoke and mirror disco moves” that will generate billions in savings.

Funny how we never look at the most costly drains on our problems before we start nibbling away at the taxpayers, who have contributed nothing to the problem. For instance trial lawyers take home some $500 billion annually in malpractice settlements and awards. Yes, that’s half a trillion for those of you already wondering what comes after a trillion.

Well, you would think that we--a rhetorical reference to our elected leaders--should be taking a look at why this piracy is allowed to continue. Also, waste, fraud and corruption accounts for about $50 billion annually, but you don’t hear any clarion calls for tougher penalties or focused efforts to nip that problem in the bud. But Nooooo. We just keep looking for more income instead of staunching the outgo.

Yes folks, as long as our elected officials are “confused” we will continue down the toilet bowl. Unfortunately, society is so busy debasing those with the simple answers-- because they hunt moose and fish with nets-- America will continue the march to a dismal destiny.

Obama Destroying the Constitution

The Dumbplumber finds inspiration in strange places. So it was just a few days ago that he read that healthcare demands in Utah are far lower than other parts of the country. Gee, whoda thunk it?

Let’s review:

A Utah has a large population of Mormons,

B Mormons, for the most part, don’t drink alcohol; don’t smoke; don’t do drugs; don’t eat to excess; don’t consume junk food, soft drinks and many are vegetarians.

C Mormons tend to family life instead of a wild and crazy single life. They are often active in sports, civic activities and recreation. They take care of their own instead of relying upon public financed handouts, programs or entitlements.

D Mormons, for the most part, are very self reliant, industrious, and hard working.

And they don’t tend to fight, but if Obama tries to shove his Obamacare down their throats, they will fight to the end. They have every right to resist a “one size fits all” federal penalty, when their healthcare costs are a fraction of the rest of the nation.

So there you have it. Besides the Muslims--who believe that insurance is a form of gambling, the Christian Scientists--who believe that God will heal them and now the Mormons--who will be penalized for staying healthy, there are probably millions more reasons that this Plan is a farce and unconstitutional on its face.

But in this day and age--as compared to 7 months ago--we will probably have this travesty pressed upon us and enforced with the threat of arrest, fines and incarceration. God, it sucks to be us.

Tuesday, July 07, 2009

California: Eureka, I have Found It

Eureka, I have figured it out! It wasn’t easy though. I, quite by accident, shot off my mouth, when ANOTHER Republican fund raising robo-caller
darkened my phone line. He went into his prepared script, spouting conservatism, calling for a halt to the Democrat scourge, decrying the Obama machine, begging for anti-Liberal dollars, groveling to stop the madness in Sacramento.

That’s when it hit me. I told my new robo-friend, “Screw em, bankrupt the sucker, start over“. “Oooooh noooo“, says my new friend “We can’t let that happen“.

“Why the hell not“, says me. “We could start over, rewriting every contract we have in the state. Renegotiate every entitlement obligation, every lease, bring down every retirement package that is in the stratosphere, reign back every union pay and benefit package into low orbit, negate every idiotic environmental provision that has halted business in California“. We could stop the lunacy and kickstart California back into the right direction. Because the direction we have been going for the last 20 years or so is straight down.

Bankruptcy isn’t just an option, it is the only option for our success. And here is the kicker. Obama has just opened the door for this option, with the bankruptcy of GM and Chrysler. A prepackaged option that would keep the doors open while we burn a few creditors, suppliers and employees for the common good. Nothing would stop this dead bang winner, but the lack of will to do it. Whodathunkit?

Yes my friends, If we bankrupted California today, we could be seeing green tomorrow. If it was good enough for GM, it’s good enough for us. They say you can eat an elephant if you take one bite at a time. But you can’t save California by nibbling around the edges. You need to cut off the rotting tumor with one fell swoop, then begin the healing.

Sunday, July 05, 2009

Sarah, Say it ain’t So

Now, wait-a-hold-it a minute. Sarah Palin announces that she is stepping down as Alaska’s governor and the media goes bonkers. Political wonks on both sides of the isle quickly abandon HER prepared and carefully crafted remarks to speculate on her TRUE intentions. And one lonely serial complainer in Alaska is now out of a job, having spent much of the last year filing numerous, but baseless, ethics complaints, which all have found to be frivolous.

No folks, Sarah is doing the only thing a smart political operative can do, stop wasting Alaska’s money (and tell them so), step back take a deep breath and give the American electorate a swift kick right in the ass. Like Sarah said, “No more business as usual”.

Her prepared statement is cited here- But it hasn’t prevented the talking heads of proposing everything from her political obituary to a move for a presidential run in 2012.

I read the whole statement and it spells doom to many old style, hose the public, tax and spend, backroom dealing, business as usual professional politicians. But instead of offering up a reasonable explanation based upon her statement, as I write Cable News has scrambled their 1st stingers back from an early July 4th getaway, to grind out the reason’s de jour. Nevermind that her stated reasons are far more serious and dangerous to would-be political hacks than anything speculated so far.

No folks, Sarah figured out early on, what the rest of us should have figured out today. She doesn’t want Alaska to squander any more of their money fighting with uber-Liberals paid to destroy her at any cost, while she can make more money in two weekends making speeches(think $100k per Clinton sputum) than she can make all year as Governor. And, and this is a big “and”, she can do this while flying all over the U.S.--not just Moose Jaw, Alaska--selling her vision of Conservative America.

A vision, I might add, that might just be the savior of the Greatest Country