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Monday, December 04, 2006

Real Wars

The Iraq War….. Come on, there is no war in Iraq. Iraq is just a place where a bunch of sand monkeys are going around blowing things up to put fear in the populous. There hasn’t been a real War since Vietnam and that wasn’t a war either because our Congress didn’t have the sack to declare one even though 50 thousand or so of our sons and daughters died there. Korea…. that wasn’t a War. It was called a “police action” and claimed over 32 thousand lives.
No… these weren’t Wars in the legal sense. We have to look back to WWII where 62 million that perished, or WWI with over 32 million total casualties to find a real war. Hell, Iraq couldn’t carry water for a real warrior’s bourbon, when it comes to a War. Jesus folks, more men perished in a single day, in the U.S. Civil War, than in the 3 years we have been in Iraq. It was not uncommon for 5 or 10 thousand men to die during one or two day battles. Now those were wars.

Iraq isn’t a War. It’s a bunch of Islamic zealots taking a page or two out of the IRA handbook in Ireland. The IRA knew the folly of engaging the British Army face to face. So about 200 courageous souls supported by thousands of sympathizers engaged in guerilla tactics and held off the British for decades.

On top of this, America and coalition forces are waging a “politically correct” war, where we go house to house and knock to see if anybody is home. Sort of like letting Avon ladies with guns go door knocking to see if the owner has the latest in eye shadow, lipstick and grenade launchers. I swear, we would probably be better off turning the Jehovah Witnesses lose in Baghdad, the residents would probably just kill themselves after the 3rd or 4th visit.

No, wars are where a lot of the dead are not the warriors. Wars are where the will of the people is broken through sheer devastation, where the will to survive overwhelms any perceived political ambitions. And, if and until we are prepared to wage such a War, Iraq will forever be the most expensive failed attempt, by the West, to secure liberty to a nation that has never had it and wouldn’t know what to do with it if they did.