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Saturday, January 30, 2010


The SOTUS (State of the Union Speech) last night kind of reminded me of the guy that jumps out the top floor window of a hundred story building. On the way down he sees a guy looking out from the fiftieth floor and says, “I’m OK so far”.

That’s about what we witnessed with Obama’s first SOTUS. Only Obama’s approval is “less” than half way from the bottom.

And he didn’t help himself when he threw the SCOTUS (The Supreme Court) under the bus over the recent ruling allowing corporations to fund campaign advertisements. Nevermind that Obama didn’t utter a word about the millions he received in illegal contributions. It was a petty, unprofessional, amateurish and ill conceived attack on the SCOTUS, especially when they were trapped front and center, below him, like fish in a barrel.

It wasn’t that he was beating on the SCOTUS like a rented mule, but he was doing so, as a “constitutional attorney” who completely mis-represented and mis-stated the case and resulting opinion. So much was he in error that he is being chided by the MSM, MSNBC and Fox News resident legal analysts. Yes folks, even the blathering idiots that make up Obama’s unpaid supporters know the difference between a horse and a jackass.

Unfortunately, Obama doesn’t know the difference, but it doesn’t stop him from making a complete ass of himself on his way to the bottom. So much is he out of touch, that he followed his decision to “freeze” spending with an order for Congress to fund an $8 billion dollar study to plan a high speed rail line on the east coast. Yes sir, there is a man that knows the meaning of “FREEZE”.

To Obama “freeze” means: To stop paying money out to anyone BUT, his financial supporters, unions, government employees and political stooges.

Well, I guess we cleared that up.


SOTUS observation 1
A lot of ink has been spilt over the recent SOTU speech by POTUS. (I just love using those acronyms) Seems that POTUS really stepped into the horse puckey when he sideswiped the Supremes during SOTU. As if a drive-by assault wasn’t good enough, the poor Supremes had to sit there and take it like truants in the Principles office. Now they know how it feels during an IRS audit. However, as good as POTUS thought it made him look to spank the Supremes, he really underestimated the backlash, he has, and will receive for this breach of decorum.

But really now, the self-righteous, pompous, elitist goober we refer to as president, who claims to be a “constitutional lawyer”, only made a few subtle, hardly noticeable, barely perceptible, inconspicuous, bone-headed blunders of gargantuan consequences. Even the talking heads and their paid political and legal experts have leapt on the president for a faux pas of unprecedented proportions. But I digress.

Dumbplumber, on the other hand, has a slightly different take on this gaffe of galactic stupidity.

First, der Leader somehow decided it was a good idea to bitch slap another Branch of our government (which by the way will come back to haunt him)in front of about 100 million viewers, with the Supremes shackled to their chairs, like Hannibal Lector on a furniture dolly, at a preliminary hearing. Yeah, well maybe that wasn’t the best moment for the Executive Branch to unload his displeasure, over making the election playing field level for everyone, by the Judicial Branch. This ain’t leadership people.

Second, he somehow underestimated the fact that he was before a roomful of other lawyers witnessing a shellacking of judges who have forgotten more about the law than THE WON will ever know. Nevermind that a first year law student knows that you NEVER misrepresent an argument and you SURE AS HELL NEVER misrepresent a decision by the Supremes.

Now, all Dr. Utopia has to do is stop digging in that steaming pile of Road Apples, because despite what he proclaims, there’s no pony in there.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

A Golden Rule

So about that whole “Buy Gold” thing that is being carpet bombed on the cable channels. What’s up with that? Buy Gold to hedge on inflation. Buy Gold to secure your portfolio. Buy Gold because I’m a washed up actor, has-been spy/radio talk show host with a serious asshole fetish or former head of Fort Knox with a cash flow problem. Geesh.

Hey folks, has anyone but me wondered why all these shysters are hawking gold? Well, I have a few questions.

One: If gold is going up so fast, why are companies selling it? Remind me again, why I would sell my collector car, if it’s value is going through the roof? Wouldn’t I hold on to it if the predictions that it’s price would double again within 3 to 5 years? Or, on the other hand, if I sold it, wouldn’t I be the dummy in this transaction?

Two: Who is it exactly is selling Gold anyway? Is it the mining company? Is it the refiner? Is it their proprietary broker? Is it just some ex-carnival barkers hammering us “Marks” to purchase a commodity on top of the market?

If there is one thing the Dumbplumber has noticed about gold, it is that it is easy to buy, easy to sell, but hard to use… as money. Just try to buy a slab of bacon, bag of beans and a gallon of milk with gold. Try to take a little dust or scrapings from your gold bar down to Papa Johns Pizza for an evening of fun and frolic. Better yet, slide on in to your local Chevy dealer with a few ounces and make a deal with Fast Eddy for a new Silverado. See how that works for you.

But back to selling gold. Given the pitch to buy gold because of its potential future value, explain to me just why would anyone with a brain larger than a gnats pecker would even consider selling it. You know, I know, now let’s tell everyone else. You can’t buy anything with gold, but money. And once you buy money, you’re just a loser like the rest of us.

So now you know what this is all about. You use gold--you bought with money--in a hope that gold goes up faster than money goes down, so that you still have the ability to buy breakfast before cash is completely worthless.

Pots and Kettles

Now comes the caterwauling. Liberals are all apoplectic about the Supreme Court’s overturning most of the McCain/Feingold Act. (Yes that McCain, who couldn’t get out of Sarah Palin’s way, when it really counted) All the whining and sniveling seems to be that Corporations will now be able to donate to political candidates. You know, those big, bad, evil corporations that remain, while the rest have packed up and moved to India, China or Indonesia, thanks to excessive taxes, regulation and oversight.

Funny how Liberals are all concerned, all of a sudden, about campaign finance reform. Yes, those Liberals, who thought that receiving bags full of money(affectionately referred to as “bundled”) funneled to the likes of Hillary and Barack, supposedly from dishwashers, waitresses and shoeshine boys donating the maximum of $2300 each for their favorite candidate. And we didn’t hear a peep about the $100 million or so from donors far and wide, that came to Obama, through the Internet, from those whose names contained no vowels, from cities not found on any map. Thank goodness some clever wirehead figured out how to disable THAT nasty filter.

And we’re still waiting for the hammer on the millions upon millions shoveled to Wild Willie, in the late nineties, coming from rogue businessmen and bankers in Indonesia. Or will we ever forget the millions in “known dirty donations” returned from Hillary’s coffers, to donors without a mailbox. (Actually, I’m still waiting to see the canceled checks) Funny how quickly a candidate returns money to someone without a mailing address. So, don’t even try to assuage my angst with the few thousand they threw at some charity or another.

It’s funny how Liberals never commented on all the non-financial support they got from the Mainstream Media Corporations, who prostituted themselves shamelessly for Liberal candidates, but who now writhe in agony over cash donations to Conservatives, who will now spend it with….you got it, Liberal media corporations for campaign advertising.

Now if that ain’t the Pot calling the Kettle black.

I Already Gave

Dear Dr. Utopia,

It was so nice of you to interrupt my news program for YOUR message on Haiti. In fact, you interrupted a three day, non-stop, 24hr. Infomercial on the suffering and dire need in Haiti, to give me YOUR message about the suffering and dire need in Haiti. Hey, Mr. President, don’t you watch T.V.?

I particularly want to thank you for mentioning that America is so giving. Perhaps you hopped into the Way Back Machine(think Prof. Peabody of Rocky and Bullwinkle) and were reminiscing about the good ole days--you know before the Clinton-Bush-Obama administrations--when Americans had more than two nickels to rub together. Unfortunately sir, those days have gone the way of our discretionary dollars…far away.

So here’s the deal. If you want to rake in some serious bucks, you might try CNBC or Fox Business Channel, to speak to the Wall Street Bankers and other assorted Money Changers getting hundreds of billions in bonuses; TVLand, QVC and Animal Planet for all the Union goons that have survived your Spending and Stimulus plans virtually unscathed and ESPN and Pay-for-Porn for the multi-millionaire felons of the NFL, NBA and PBA looking to spend more of their obscene salaries foolishly.

As for the rest of us, we have already gave. It was sent to the IRS, who handed it over to 536 clowns to piss away in D.C.. It was cleaned out of our 401k’s by the likes of Barney Frank, Chris Dodd, who let bankers play fast and loose with our money, while giving houses to people that couldn’t afford used cars. It was handed over to OPEC (most of which are evil dictators) for their oil, while many of us watched Tree Huggers, Libtard Greenies and Eco-Nazi’s have their lawyers tie up our energy resources in some sort of perverse march back to the stone age. And our money is still being shoveled into New Orleans, to people not smart enough to know it is just plain stupid to live below water level.

No sir. If you want more money for this pet project, you will have to go where the money is. And for your information, it isn’t here.

Monday, January 11, 2010

Starting Over

Ok, here’s an idea. Let’s roll back the political calendar about 40 years and reset what America is all about. Yes Pilgrims, time to not only stop the train to Socialist hell, but time to send it back to the station for some refitting. This isn’t the country of John Adams, Abraham Lincoln or Ronald Reagan. Hell, it isn’t even the country of John Kennedy. Sadly, we are becoming the country of Hugo, Fidel and Mao.

No, Barack did us the biggest favor of our lives, just short of a complete meltdown--that some contend was his aim all along. He cut to the chase on his quest for the Socialist utopia. You know, where everyone is the same, except for some, who are more the same than others. Yes folks, it has been tried, again and again, but there isn’t one Socialist gov’t that has succeeded. But that hasn’t stopped the Socialist movement from trying, over and over.

My plan--and I haven’t heard a better one-- is to cancel every bureaucracy, program, entitlement and, above all, tax that has been imposed since the Kennedy Administration. For Christ’s sake people, we have thrown over a trillion dollars at poverty and there are more poor people today than ever before. Go figure. And talk about counterproductive, we have spent hundreds of billions on a “War on Drugs” and there are more drugs here than ever before, and they are more expensive than ever. Good for drug dealers, bad for taxpayers.

The Dumbplumber’s plan: make ALL recipients of taxpayer money (be they the “entitled“, doctors, lawyers, farmers or law makers) take drug tests. You test positive, you get nada.

So don’t get me started on the Farm Program, Foreign Aid and Corporate Welfare. But what of Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid? Well, here’s the deal. We go back to the original text, intention and promise of these programs and start over, with the specific legislation that would NOT allow any future Congress to meddle, expand or bastardize the programs. We crafted promises to provide a “safety net” to our elderly and infirmed, not a lifestyle.
America is a “working” capitalist country. If you can do something, you will do it, and to the best of your ability. On the other hand, if all you can do is pickup up your Welfare, SSI or Unemployment check on your way to the bar, tattoo parlor or home to watch Jerry Springer, you really need to find another country.

You see, “Working America” has figured out what is going on. And what is going on is not good for a working America. Ergo, the Tea Party.

Of course there is resistance from both the Left and the Right. They are so entrenched in their own wallows, they don’t want “no stinking Tea Partiers” messing up their little fiefdoms. It isn’t about representing their districts. It’s all about control people. If they aren’t in control, they’re unhappy.

If it were about representing their Districts, we would have a thriving, vibrant economy. We would have lower taxes, more revenues, lower unemployment, more opportunity, lower barriers to success, more entrepreneurship, less intrusion into our business and personal lives and more admiration from the rest of the world. You know, like it was about 40 years ago, before social discontent and redistribution became more important than individual Freedom and liberty.
No my friends, Dr. Utopia--aka B. Hussein Obama--may have finally let the genie out of the bottle. His prescription for a Socialist takeover hit bottom and has bounced back like a bad Burrito. We have finally began to choke on his utopian vision of life after Liberty. And it couldn’t have come any too soon.

Much damage has been done in the name of redistribution, compassion, stimulus and bailouts. But not nearly as much as would have been done had Rick Santelli, of CNBC, hadn’t shouted the rallying cry, of a Tea Party, from the floor of the Chicago Exchange, when he asked the nation if they wanted to pay their neighbor’s house payments.

America is Rising people. The only question is, is whether you all will be part of the problem or part of the solution.

Sunday, January 03, 2010


You MUST watch this video and pass it along to everyone you know who loves America.

Below is the embeded link to the video on the site of the creator. Watch it before it is taken down by the Obamabots. They don't want truth or dissenting opinions so they delete the video as fast as it is re posted. The above video has been captured and is copied on my hard drive so, I can put it up as many times as I want.

You can run, you can weasel, you can delete and delete, but you can't hide.



The Last Round-up ‘09

Ok, we’ve all heard the highlights of last year. The good, the bad, the ugly… the terminally stupid. We’ve been carpet bombed with the best and worse of entertainment, sports, politics and religion, not the least of which was the high priest of the Environment, Al Gore. Al has taken bows for many awards (none he deserves) since he has won the Nobel, the Oscar and is in the lead for a Grammy (whining about the weather)and a Pulitzer (for his fictional work on Global Warming).

But there is no category, celebrity nor event that comes close to the incompetence displayed by our Anointed Leader. Of course he had the advantage of commanding MSM airtime, at the drop of a whimper, when he deemed it compelling to make an announcement to the Nation. You know, saying things like, “I’m making it my top priority”, the ever present, “I’ve directed my….” and the Omni-present, “As I’ve always said” to let America know he was on the job and taking care of business.

Of course his business was usually directing America’s hard earned money to his campaign supporters, union goons and government agencies, not to mention trillions to Big Banking. Meanwhile he attempts to legitimize illegal aliens, extends unemployment--into infinity and beyond-- and last but not least expands unionization of America, just to enlarge his voting base. Like that is going to make us any more free, independent and prosperous. I’d like to see the numbers on this business plan.

Look folks, I’ve got bedroom slippers older than this clown. And I’m a lot more comfortable with them than him. You see, this isn’t my first rodeo. I’ve seen a few flim-flam artists, but this guy takes the cake. He has the charm and charisma of JFK, the oratory of Reagan and the ambition of Kim Jong Ill. And to prove it, he has already BS’d his way into the White House while making us totally dependant on China. Your serve.

Make no mistake people, if you liked ‘09 you’re gonna love ‘010. With Card Check, Cap and Trade, Immigration Reform and a wind up to Obamacare, 2010 is going to be the political blood bath predicted. Because America is now wise to “Death Panels”, unfettered power grabs and Socialism. About the only thing Dems have left to do is convince us that we don’t understand what they are doing to us in our own best interest.