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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Let Me Put It This Way

Okay, let me put it this way.

When was the last time you put up with an habitual liar? Now I don’t mean little white lies like, your mullet looks great or that green tie looks really hot with that yellow shirt, or my ¾ ton SUV gets 40 miles per gallon. No, I mean verifiable whoppers.

When was the last time you invited this liar into your home? When did you let them have some quality time with your kids? Did you ever let this liar take over your finances, determine which car you were going to buy or which doctor you went to?

When was the last time you let a certified liar determine who your friends would be?

And so I say to you, “Well my smug, smarmy, smiley toothed devil, they don’t know about you, but I do. I have lived long enough to have met a platoon of disingenuous hucksters just like you. And to a man they have been constantly moving targets, never staying in one place very long, having burned bridges and made fools of themselves with every one they have met.

No folks, what we DON”T have here is a healthcare crisis, an energy crisis, a banking crisis, an auto manufacturing crisis or an environmental crisis. All these manufactured crises have proven solutions (ie: bankruptcy or intellectual honesty). What we have here is a “lack of control” crisis. Yes, my Obama loving friends, he wants total, or at least majority, control.

So there you have it. You have been warned. If you let this Fool and his Minions have their way, it is your fault, not his. He can take only what you let him take. And if you let him have what he wants, it will be you who are the dummy, because the Man, his mission and those he was closest to was always there.

It is YOUR duty to decide if you would have this man as your neighbor, much less than the leader of your country.

His Grand Vision

It is always nice when someone leads by example rather than fiat. Unfortunately, that is not the case with the current administration.
What we have here is a Socialist ideologue plowing ahead damn the torpedoes, full speed ahead. OR, don’t do as I do, do as I say.

You see our Fearless Leader has an agenda that will NOT be denied. He is going to mould his vision of what He wants to see this country become--think Socialist--and nothing is going to stand in His way, not Republicans, not Conservatives, not moderates, hell, not even those that believed His campaign BS and voted for Him, but have since seen the error of their ways. No, it is His way or the highway. And if He can’t convince you of His objectives the easy way, on one his chosen media outlets, He can always have some of His goons from the SEIU, the UAW or the Chicago mob drop by and tune you up, until you see the light.

You know, kind of like He did to the Congressional Budget Office official that contradicted the costs of His healthcare fantasy. Seems that the CBO economist was just a few trillion off on his estimates on what it would cost to implement the biggest boondoggle in American history. Glad we got that one straightened out before somebody got their nose bent.

The grand vision of 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. is that us working class folks will be shackled down with taxes to pay for healthcare for everyone, the “greening” of America and unionization of most of America with enough left over that He and Michele can cavort around the world in Air Force One, with an army of Secret Service and enough support staff to populate a small city, all in the name of progress. Meanwhile, He will showcase America to the rest of the world as the workingman’s paradise.

Of course “They” won’t be driving electric or solar powered cars, those will be reserved for the proletariat. No, Barack and Michele will be sporting SUVs and limos with a compliment fleet of security vehicles flown in on C5s to insure the Leader’s safety. God it’s good to be King.

Well folks, there’s the thumbnail sketch of what we are headed for. See, that wasn’t so hard was it.

Liar, Liar

There’s been a whole lot of controversy over President Obama’s lying, to the point that one Congressman has had his tushy spanked over yelling it in the House of Representatives. Now that’s a hoot, you’re in a building with 435 professional liars, being slapped around for telling the truth. That’s like the pot calling the kettle black. Since when has it been a violation of decorum to stand in Dante’s Inferno and yell FIRE?

Joe Wilson just said what every other person in the House(and working America) was thinking. It’s just that the majority of them are cocked and ready to sell out America in the name of Socialism. And lying about it is just a means to an end. I’ve seen more sincerity at Honest Joe’s Used Car Lot.

And as a result there was a whole lot of gaggle when the President was to speak directly to America’s school children. (As an aside, Obama dropped his plans to have the little “chilluns” send him recommendations on how to get his agendas passed, as an after-school assignment.) Well duh. So all that was left was him telling the little mush heads to stay in school, listen to your teacher, do your homework, work hard and keep your Democrat voting card current. Well, er, uh, maybe not so much the last one. But you get the picture.

Meanwhile, a huge chunk of America’s parents took a pro-active posture. Tell me again should I expose my child to a serial liar? They wouldn’t let them take counsel from anyone else they met, who was exposed as a liar, why the President? Just because he lied his way into the White House doesn’t mean we have to listen him or any other stretcher, bender or dodger of the truth. Let’s face it folks, while Liberals deny it, Obama is a dyed-in-the-wool Socialist/Marxist/Communist, depending which prism you see him through.

He is on the record--on video, in sound and in print--as contradicting himself on many, many, many different issues. From Capitalism, to Liberty, to Defense, he is a living contradiction. So the only question that is left is just how long it will take everyone to figure this out.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

I Don’t Hear You

With all the gnashing, sniveling and ranting about Obama’s policies, proposals and pontificating AGAIN it is what we are NOT hearing that is important. This theme is a recurring one where we are continually bombarded with “red herring” issues to cover up what is really going to happen.

For instance while we were all tuned in to the megalopolis GM and Chrysler bailouts, we completely overlooked the billions siphoned off to the UAW to prop up the fraud and abuse loses of their pension funds. And I would be remiss if I didn’t point out that there have been NO reported audits of these funds to discover where the losses went. But then again taxpayers won’t miss a few billion.

And while we bemoan the squandering of the $787 billion Porkulus Bill, we don’t hear a peep about the systematic siphoning of contracts to Union companies, the entitlement “sinkhole” and corrupt government agencies, also unionized. Nevermind that only 18% of America’s workers are unionized, the remaining 82% have the privilege of supplying the “voluntary income taxes” to pay for it. But Americans won’t miss a few more billion.

But the biggest gorilla in the room is the Obamacare health plan. Now we can’t ignore that NO plan has been put forth, but is rather a compilation of several proposals--none of which has a prayer in either the House or Senate--which have varying verbiage designed to place 1/6th of this nations economy under the control of the U.S. Government. Nevermind that Congress and the President, who will not participate in this “Obomination” because they have their own health plans, will be deciding this for the rest of us.

However, what we are NOT hearing that combined with the existing government employee unions, other organized unions, entitlement junkies, the auto industry and, later to come, control of the energy industry, Washington D.C. would be very close to the magical 51% of America’s voting population. And with that majority, you could be assured that Liberals would be in control of Washington and ergo America for decades to come or until what’s left of America rises up and burns D.C. to the ground.

Double Damn Sorry

The recent demands by House members and subsequent capitulation by Joe Wilson to apologize to the Teller-of-Lies-in-Chief has got me to thinking. Perhaps I have been looking at this all wrong. We all know that politicians are routinely “truthfully“ challenged, so why should now be any different. Time for some perspective.

First I want to apologize to Mr. Obama for ever thinking that he had an honest bone in him. After all, I knew he was from Chicago, a Community Organizer and enabler of ACORN. I knew his best friends were Marxists, Socialists, Communists, mobsters and terrorists. It was foolish of me to lower the bar for this one man, especially since he is such an accomplished liar. In fact, he is the most accomplished liar of our time. Just look at his presidential campaign funding.

So, I want to apologize for ever thinking that he could raise so much money from donors that had no vowels in their names--and in some cases, no consonants--sending multiple maximum donations from cities not registered on any road map within the U.S.. Damn me for forgetting that his campaign machine disabled all safety systems that would have prevented such donations. And double damn me for ever thinking that the FEC would so much as glance at these clearly illegal contributions, even the millions from overseas dictators, narco-terrorists and Muslim fanatics.

Next, it cannot go without notice that “You” were making promises on the campaign trail that only a flaming idiot would make--or the anti Christ--without so much as a sniffle from Main Stream Media. I mean as soon as
“You” told us that America was the greatest nation on Earth and “You” were going to change that, I should have figured “You” out. Me Bad.

I entered the spectatorship of Mr. Obama with a double WOW factor after listening to one of his early campaign speeches in Springfield, Ill.. I truly believed his charisma was on a plane with John F. Kennedy. For that I am profoundly sorry. Kennedy backed up his proclamations with action. Obama backs his up with thugs, oppression, threats and Rahm Immanuel.

No my gullible, na├»ve friends, we have been bamboozled by not the black JFK, but by the Arthur Fonzarelli of Socialism. He has elevated himself to the Emperor of Cool, admired by all those still stuck in the Middle and High school social order. And in this case, it isn’t exactly a good thing.
Pge 2

To his credit, Mr. Wilson’s apology had all the sincerity, honesty and candor as the “canned” acceptance by the Whitehouse. Nothing quite like two shills playing Three Card Monte.

No Mr. President, like an itch with no known cause, I overestimated the intelligence of my fellow man. Who would have ever thought that you could buy votes with easily provable lies, cans of beer and packs of cigarettes, not to mention glittering generalities and vague innuendos.

But like a dog chasing a car, what does the dog do when he catches it. Even the best laid plans have unintended consequences. And it still puzzles me that You had to fly all the way to Minneapolis to speak to 15,000 when you had about a half million in your back yard to sell your plan to.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Monday Morning Quarterbacking

Has anyone but me noticed that in the “Healthcare” debate doctors seemed to have been left out but lawyers have been left in?

And on an unrelated subject, President Obama is going to have a little talk with our children today. Or rather he is going to talk and about half the kids will listen. He will tell them to stay in school, do their homework and pay attention to their teachers. He will emphasize that success isn‘t easy, so they must knuckle down and work hard to be successful.

What he won’t be telling them is that while they are so busy studying diversity, ecology and sexual aberrations, they most likely will graduate not knowing how to balance a checkbook, make change at a McDonalds, or write an understandable, ledgible letter to their Aunt Pookie. But by God they will graduate, come hell or high water.

Most that make it to graduation will not go on to higher education because they cannot fill out the admissions form to even a junior college, nor tell you one of the framers of our Constitution. But they most likely can tell you how many grams are in an “Eightball” and the current street price for a bag of weed.

And no doubt, our high school graduates are well versed on the latest battles in World of Warcraft, the most recent downloads of Mily Cyrus’ Facebook and just how hard it is to get their pants that low without loosing them altogether. But the intricacies of creating a meal beyond microwave Mac and Cheese, doing a load of laundry or actually answering the front door still remains a mystery.

So the new and mostly truncated address to our nations young will now come with a wink, nod and promise to see them later after the feces storm calms down on his first idea of creating Executive Branch homework for those little mush heads who really like the idea of being a hall monitors, family snitches or contestants in dancing with the Brown Shirts.

Porkulus Palooza

Seems we hear a lot about the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act and how it is supposed to “stimulate” our sagging economy. Like we would expect the Act to actually make life better for 90% of the businesses that make our country work. Or won would think, wouldn’t they. But let’s review.

The Act pumps money into:
Extensions of Unemployment Benefits… Social Welfare Programs Education… Healthcare… And, oh yeah, Infrastructure and some Green Energy programs. (Source, Wikipedia) The Act also includes some, ”non-economic recovery related items”, what the hell ever that means. And Congress wonders why their credibility is in the tank.

To translate this for those living in Manhattan, San Francisco and Hollywood, we are taking money FROM 90% of America’s business’s and further rewarding those that couldn’t or wouldn’t find another job after, in some cases, months of not looking for work. It crams more money into entitlements for those who have discovered the virtues of having NO intention of ever being productive again and to pay exorbitant medical bills inflated by trial lawyers bent on sucking every nickel out of the system. And from what I am seeing, the rest will go to Unions(ie: teachers, construction and service employees). Of course a “taste” goes to pay off political contributors who fall under the “non-economic recovery related items”. But I don’t see a whole lot going to the 90% that makes America work.

And unless I miss my guess, there’s less than 1% of this Act going to companies that are non-union, which is 82% of America.

What I see is graft, corruption and cronyism on a level that would make Al Capone blush. And Congress--both sides of the isle--just sit there and either makes or lets it happen without so much as consideration of who is going to pay this bill.

And you can argue a lot of issues around the economic slump, but you cannot argue that the people working to pay for the biggest boondoggle in the history of man had no part in creating or profiting from it.

News at a Glance

Looks like the Chappaquiddick Lion bit the dust. The irony is that he shunned the health care system he proposed for the rest of us (MassHealth) and ran quickly toward a system he was trying to destroy. Neither one could save his sorry butt, but he ran to the one he trusted the most. Looks like God may have had the last vote on Teddy’s ambitions.

The Post Office is crying poor once again. Seems they just can’t raise stamp prices fast enough to satisfy their bloated labor costs. Don’t believe it, ask America just how many of us would happily process and deliver mail for 70% of the labor costs they pay now. You do the math.

So, Obama now says that unemployment and deficits to be far worse than expected. Seems that the shadow of George Bush just keeps haunting the accomplishments and legacy of The Won, while he borrows, spends, borrows and spends some more. Nevermind that the Office of POTUS 44 is larding up the private sector with regulations, taxes and fees, the effect of which is not unlike shackling a bowling ball to Michael Phelps ankle before a competition.

Looks like Charlie Rangel must have had his vision prescriptions renewed because he just found another $780,000 in assets he didn’t know he had. This on top of an offshore resort and other vacation properties and an apartment building in Harlem he forgot about last year. I wanna invite Uncle Charlie to my house so he can find some stuff that I forgot about too.
The man is a gold mine.

Memo to Republican Robo Callers

Memo to the next Republican Robo-Beggar seeking contributions from me:

Dear Sirs, I really respect you for going to bat for Republicans. Your enthusiasm, tenacity and loyalty to a party is admirable, although misguided. Even in the face of reasonable argument you have no reservation to ask me to open my wallet for the “Conservative” party trying to take back the Congress.

Well my cubicle bound, Prozac induced, former Wire-House or Boiler Room robo-caller, you have disturbed my good nature and disrupted my dinner for the last time.

The next time one of you clowns call, here is what you’re gonna get.

You: Hello Mr. Briggs, how are you today?

Me: Fine.

You: Mr. Briggs, can we get your response to a question?

Me: Go for it.

You: Do you think that John Boehner should take over as Speaker of the House?

Me: You’re calling a Conservative and asking a stupid question like that?

You: Well Mr. Briggs, that’s why I’m calling. I want to be assured that you will continue your support for the Republican Party. Can we count on you for a $200 donation?

Me: Well Pilgrim, this is where the rubber meets the road. You see my ill informed, highly motivated, money grubbing leach, Democrats and Republicans-for the past 6 decades- have been party to the biggest boondoggle in American history. Neither of you have been able to lower the national debt by a penny, and instead have been burrowing us into financial oblivion since Franklin Roosevelt.

So let me be clear, both Democrats and Republicans have both taken the helm several times over the past 60 years, yet you each have witnessed our National Debt spiral into stratosphere and beyond. Moreover, as a result of the Roosevelt and Johnson administration’s “New Deal” and “Great Society” programs respectively, with restructuring, expansion and ever increasing adaptations approved by every Congress and Administration from Truman through Bush 43, we have collective, unfunded liabilities in excess of $54 trillion dollars and counting. And you, you ignorant drone, have the temerity to call me and ask for more.

To put this into perspective, each man woman and child owes something north of $800,000 each or we could just give up every dime made in the U.S. for the next 4 ½ years. But that might put a little crimp in tax collections.

I’m sorry Pilgrim, but you need to bone up on your spiel before embarrassing yourself by claiming to be a Conservative. Because any serious Conservative would be apoplectic at this figure, if not suicidal. So you can take your “canned” grovel and share it with someone who hasn’t watched Fox News for say, EVER. Oh, you haven’t seen this on Fox. Well I haven’t either. Probably because that would start a revolution, wouldn’t it?

So now that I have brightened your day, you can get off my phone, so I can enjoy what’s left of my cold dinner. Click.
The Dumbplumber