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Monday, January 13, 2014

The Traveling Class

It’s one of those things you might not notice, if it were not for the season.  The trees are bare, the wind is blowing, the sun is nowhere to be seen.  But yet there is nary a space open at the dozens of camp trailer parks from Mt. Shasta to Eugene, Oregon on the I-5corridor.

We first noticed the unseasonable RV gatherings while driving down the freeway in Redding a few weeks ago.  The parks were bustling with campers and motor homes, complete with potted plants, hanging clothes, piled possessions and other signs of permanent inhabitants.  But then again, Redding is much warmer than say Old Station or Burney.

However, in our recent trip north to Oregon, these facilities were crammed with tenants everywhere along the way.  Some spaces even had more than one vehicle, like multiple tenants or families in one location.  Clearly these weren’t ‘snow birds’ hop-scotching their way to Arizona.  These were most definitely folks transitioning from their previous lives to the realities of living in bliss under the thumb of Big Government.

So, not to point out the obvious, but it appears that the “economic recovery” isn’t leaving everyone under bridges or in government housing.  It is an economic tsunami pulling the middle class out of their conventional homes and shoving them into portable housing and quasi-permanent terra firma, where the fixed incomes stretches further and blacktop stretches forever.

And no matter how much smoke the government blows under our trailer skirting, this is the realities of the future and the consequences of highly misleading campaigning combined with low information voting.  About the only good news is that without 'Voter ID' these folks will be able to vote all up and down the Interstates.

And no matter the gathering chatter to, “kick them all out”, you can bet your permanent foundation that they will vote most of them back in.  So, given that every two years the majority of voters forget the pounding they took the previous two, a good argument could be made for ‘voting dementia‘. 

We get the government we deserve and vote for.