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Tuesday, July 21, 2015

This Blows the Mind


Busting the Myths

Most of what you were taught in school about the Civil War or the War for Southern Independence was a lie.  History written by the North in order to justify their own actions, make the South look bad and taught by teachers who brainwash instead of teaching the true history.

‘The South Was Right’…in the introduction the book busts up some of these myths.  There is much more detail and eye opening facts, supported by bibliography resources from which to do research.

The South was a poor and backward place. 

Wrong. “In 1860 if the South had been an independent country it would have ranked as the third largest on the European and American continents.” The South bought 23% more advanced farming implements than the North.  According to the 1860 census, the South had a per capita income 10% higher than all states west of New York. The South had 1/3 of all the rail lines in the US and more navigable river with ports that didn’t freeze than the North.  The South exported more goods than the North. (This will be significant and is a main part of the run up to the War.) (Pg 21)

Lincoln was a humanitarian and promoter of liberty.

Wrong.  Lincoln was a white supremacist.   Here is a quote of a debate that he did in 1858

“ I will say, then, that I am not, nor ever have been in favor of bring about in anyway the social and political equality of the white and black races—that I am not, nor ever have been, in favor of making voters or jurors of Negros, not of qualifying them to hold office, nor to intermarry with white people….”   There is more like this.

In addition, the Great Emancipator….his proclamation only freed the slaves who were in the States that were ‘in rebellion”.  Not the slaves who were still in the Northern States and not even the slaves that were in the conquered Southern territory.   The North had many slaves before, during and AFTER the Civil war.   Lincoln didn’t free the slaves in the Southern States for humanitarian reasons.  He was hoping that they would rise up against the white people and make the conquest by the North easier.

If he was truly a humanitarian, Lincoln, would have included ALL slaves in the proclamation and would have stopped the slave trade in the North.  This trading went on all during the War enriching the pockets of the Yankee traders.

Lincoln was not a nice man. In fact he was quite a despot and ordered the deaths of his political opponents and authorized mass execution of a tribe of Indians in Minnesota, even picking out some of the victims himself.  (Pg. 31)

The South Fought the War to Keep Slavery

Not so.  It was a small percentage of people in the South that owned slaves.   The big plantations with many slaves were not the norm.  Most people were not slave owners.  It is estimated that only 6% of people owned slaves and of that number about 1.4% of the 6% were large slave owners. 

Plus it wasn’t just whites who owned slaves.  There were many instances of ‘Free men’ of Color owning black slaves.  Many of the small slave owning farmers or families, had a few slaves who worked right alongside the owners and were treated well.  Again, many, many slaves, once emancipated, returned to their former owners and resumed working.

No, the southern fight wasn’t to preserve slavery, but rather to preserve their rights, property and money.  Why would the mass of the people who didn’t own slaves or who were not wealthy fight for the rights of the small percentage of the wealthy who did own slaves.

In looking at the letters that survived from the solders sent home the majority of the sentiment is for Southern Independence.  (Pg 35)

The REAL reason for the war.

Economics.  Greed. Taxation and Tariffs that the centralized government put upon the South. Follow the money!!!  (Pg 49-51)

In 1859 the export of cotton, alone, from the South was valued as $161,434,923 (a staggering amount of money for that time)  Compare to the total of ALL exports from the North in the measly amount of $78,217,202.

The South was a money machine and the Northerners wanted a piece of the action, so they put tariffs on the exports of goods.  The money went into the central, federal pot.  The public treasury.  Since the South exported more, had more ports and access to the seaways, the lions share of the money came from Southern Exports.

George Lunt notes in his book Origin of the Late War:

“In 1833 there was a surplus revenue of many millions in the public treasury which by an act of legislation-- unparalleled in the history of the nation—was distributed exclusively to the northern states to be used for local public improvements.”

President Buchanan made a message to Congress:

“The South has not had her share of money from the treasury and unjust discrimination had been made against her.”

In other words….the South pays and pays and then when the money is given out…..they get stiffed.

When Lincoln was asked why not let the South secede, he responded:

 Let the South go?  Let the South go!  Where then shall we get our revenues?

Yup … follow the money.

On March 30, 1861 the New York Times had a lengthy article (pg 52) that to summarize……Said that if the South were to be successful in seceding and the tariffs were not imposed by the Confederate States then manufactures from England and elsewhere “would be fools” to not avail themselves of this advantage.  New York would become a ghost town while New Orleans would thrive.  They summarized that they “were divided and confused until our pockets were touched”.

In other words the North was afraid that if the South were to secede all trade coming into the West and from the West (recall at this time the west meant Ohio and possibly Texas) would go duty free through the rivers, and rails of the South.  The Mississippi would become the artery of trade for the South and the North would not only lose their source of revenues, they would also lose the trade that they had.

They could NOT let the South be independent.  As Lincoln said…where would they get their money?

Follow the money.

Much, much more. 

Get the book.  Read it and get educated.

Forget the indoctrination, the lies the public schools have told you. 

The SOUTH was Right……and so are we in Northern California who are now in the position that the South was before the War.  Our water is being taken without compensation and we are being forbidden to use our own resources and assets.   We have minimal, neutered representation in the legislatures of the State of California and in Oregon.  The urban areas (like the North in the pre War days) make the decisions for us.  We live under the rules made by those who have no interest in our lives or livelihoods.

This book will piss you off in ways I cannot describe.  Get it now before Amazon takes it down, due to the Confederate flag on the cover.  Big Nanny is watching.


Friday, July 17, 2015

Lost In Space


I see that the spacecraft New Horizons has passed Pluto.  Scientist say that it will continue into an uncharted territory of 'nothingness', as it buzzes into deep space. 

Or as Dumbplumber likes to think, it will be beaming back all the positive things Obama has done for America the seven years New Horizons has been traveling. 

Nada, Zip, Zilch.

Growing Old Together


Last June, Dumbplumber turned 66.  So it occurred to the Dumbplumber yesterday that his Teddy Bear--given to him on his first birthday--was now old enough for Social Security and Medicare. 

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Latest from the Liar in Chief

“I give you peace in our time”, says Obama on the Iran nuclear bomb deal.  

 This coming from the same lips as, “You can keep your doctor”, “You can keep your health plan” and “My plan will reduce your cost of healthcare”. 

We are So screwed.

A test for Progressives/Liberals/Leftards

If you ever encounter someone you believe to be a Liberal, who is itching for a debate ask them these questions:

1)     Do the words “sustainable”, “logic”, “common sense” and the phrase “historical reference” mean anything to you?
2)     Have you ever read the Declaration of Independence, The U.S. Constitution or The Ten Commandments?
3)    Does the notion of “States Rights” confuse you?
4)    Does the concept of 100% of the working population paying for 15% of the working population’s retirement and healthcare seem like a cool idea?

If the answers to 1 and 2 are NO and 3 and 4 are YES, you are a hopeless moron and should kill yourself immediately.

If the answers to 1 and 2 are YES and 3 and 4 are NO, you may avoid debate and join me in a beer.

If any other combination of answers exist, return to your high school, slap your teachers and demand a do-over.

There, that simple test will allow you to avoid wasting your precious time talking to useless assholes.