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Sunday, January 30, 2011

Who Fears Sarah?

Well, with all the 24/7/365 brouhaha that has been generated about Sarah Palin, one has to wonder, what in Heaven’s name has this woman done to anyone that deserves this much air time, printers ink and expenditure of vitriol. I mean serial killers, Ponzi scheme billionaires and mass murdering dictators don’t get this much attention. No, this is about clammy hands, dry mouth, sphincter puckering, cold, unadulterated fear. So what’s the deal?

It is common knowledge, that Sarah Palin is a threat to those that criticize her. However, it didn’t occur to me until recently just who “THEY” are. Perhaps it’s more important to see who “THEY” aren’t first.

We should realize that “THEY” are not the Liberals stomping around America with Hate Palin signs or long standing Republicans still reminiscing about Dwight Eisenhower. She is not only NOT a threat to them, but they would probably be in total agreement with her on most subjects, were her name not Sarah Palin.

Hollywood isn’t threatened by Palin, because with or without her they will continue to make crap movies and pass them off as entertainment. And the stars, no matter how detached from reality, will continue to be treated as some kind of modern day Gods. So why do they hate her so much? Barbara Streisand has more to fear from a mirror than Sarah Palin

And what of 99% of the print Media? The Associated Press, The New York Times and their ‘trickle down’ sycophants across America who repeat the Palin attacks, without question, without fact checking, without historical reference and without conscience or consideration for the rest of her family, and more importantly without a hint of balance, as to comparable perceived slights by the Left, ignore that they have invested so much in crushing Sarah Palin’s image that they have forfeited any rights to journalistic credibility, if they ever held them.

So what of the MSM talking heads? Katie Couric, Brian Williams and Diane Sawyer have nothing to fear from Palin, other than wrath for treating her like crap. And we would be remiss if we neglected the Left Wing blogs, where once good, then fair, then mediocre writers go to wither on the vine , then die.
As best as I can tell, Palin has done nothing but cheer and promote adherence to the Constitution, lower taxes, personal responsibility and faith in a higher being. Therefore she is already 50% opposite Louis Farrakhan and diametrically opposite the President, so with Obama’s 47% approval, she should have at least a 53% approval rating….Right! Go figure.

Perhaps then, we should look further up the food chain for who fears Palin.

I believe you are just beginning to get warm when you get to the U.S. Congress, those that love them and those that pull their strings. Which, you would think, would be the perfect enemy of both the Left and Right. But nooooo, most of them think Palin is Huey Long, Lizzy Borden and Tammy Faye Bakker, all rolled into one.

Well now that we’ve peeled back the ‘Have Not’s’, let’s take a look at the Have’s, who’ve a vested interest in shoving Sarah Palin into the dustbin of history: How about the President, the ‘Establishment-Entrenched’ politicians (both Left and Right), Big Oil, OPEC, Kst. (from end to end) and their clients, One World Government advocates, “Big Green” and let’s not forget George Soros, who is the Puppet and Pay Master for many of the above. Now we’re getting somewhere.

You see, Sarah is a threat NOT because she is a hard working, non-ivy league educated, moose killing, pom-pom waving, God fearing, Red blooded, patriotic American. She is feared because more of America identifies with her than identify with those that fear her. And therein lies the rub. She is everything most voting America cherishes and nothing like those that control America. And she was all those things right up to and until she signed on with John McCain, when, with a slight pause, the “Establishment Machine” went to work massaging her image.

So America, your first impressions were correct. Only after Madison Ave., the MSM, the Liberal blogs, Hollywood and Print Media got finished, you didn’t recognize what you already knew. Sarah Palin was the real deal, she was you and still is, and you will be gambling your future if you bet against her. Dumbplumber

Snakeoil Obama

Well, our White House Snake Oil salesman backed his wagon up to Capitol Hill and again yammered on and on for over an hour about a lot of things he knows little or nothing about. Now to be honest, Dumbplumber didn’t watch the SOTU speech, but he didn’t need to. He was getting his nails done, trimming his beard and did a little exfoliating. SOTU is a perfect time to spruce one’s self up, especially if Dog Whisperer isn’t on.

When the Socialist Pitch Man was done, it wasn’t so much about what he said, but what he didn’t say. Meanwhile he was burning up his Thesaurus like nobody’s business. Nowhere to be heard were the terms “stimulus”, “unions”, “bailouts” or “more regulation”. Instead we were bombarded with “investment”, “reform”, “clean energy” and “spending restraint”. Like this isn’t all about re-election.

Also out is “shovel ready projects”; in is “infrastructure investment” (short for the ‘shovel ready projects’ that didn’t get built by the unions the first or second time around). And don’t forget PayGo, which was dead the moment Pelosi uttered it.

The big ugly festering boil of the speech was the “Green Energy” tri-fecta of Wind, Solar and Bean Fart technology. Well, bean farts are new and have taken the place of ‘clean coal’, because you can shut down coal mines, but you will never stop bean farts. They are 24/7, night or day, rain or shine, wind or calm. But like dragging your feet on carpet, bean farts could make electricity, only you don’t know what to do with it, when it’s made.

Then take Obama’s electric cars….please. If you live in a rural area, in a Red State west of the Mississippi, or basically north of the Mason Dixon Line geographically, you might want to think twice about one of these ‘Green‘ atrocities. Your 60 to 100 mile radius drops dramatically when your heater, wipers and lights are on and is virtually nonexistent, when you are sitting in a blizzard burning up your mileage to keep from freezing to death.

Yes Sir. Nothing was accomplished at the SOTU. But when this Snake Oil merchant isn’t doing anything, it’s a good thing. Now we just have to undo most of what he’s done so far. Dumbplumber

Darwin Race for Politics

Again and again we have been entertained and enlightened by the International Darwin Awards, where candidates and their final bad judgments are posted for all to see. Like the guy who won his bet with friends by putting a half loaded revolver in his mouth and pulling the trigger. (It’s a safe bet that Devil Liquor was involved)

However, we have ignored, for way too long, the Darwin Awards for really stupid politicians, who are determined to put America somewhere south of Rwanda for economic development, defense and spending taxpayer money. Therefore, it should not go without notice that Dumbplumber awards the Political Darwin Award to:

Nancy Pelosi: Who single-handedly culminated everything that’s wrong with Congress, when she announced that, “Congress had to vote for Obamacare before they could read it“. The really surreal thing about this is that 534 members of congress didn’t have a vote to have the Nan removed from her office in a straightjacket and sent to a secure facility for the insane.

John McCain: He made the unforgivable mistake of introducing the world to Sarah Palin, but has returned to hugging and kissing on his colleagues, like someone returning to summer camp in the Catskills. Nevermind that he and most of his contemporaries were ankle deep in the run-up to the crash of ‘08 and a virtually silent thumb sucking partner to Pelosi’s Big Grab of ’06.

Of course we can’t ignore the lefty loons, Anthony Weiner and Debbie Wasserman-Schultz, who also take the “most obnoxious T.V. guest awards” for their rambling, incoherent, but overly zealous cheerleading of everything Obama.

The entire Democrat and elite Republican leadership, who agree on one thing: Sarah Palin’s ingrained belief that smaller government, lower taxes and regulation, more personal responsibility, accountability to the voters and firm belief in a supreme Creator is enough reason to declare her unfit for higher office.

About the only difference in the Political Darwin Award is that the ones being eliminated are those being ‘represented‘. Dumbplumber

The Dumbplumber is Tired

Yes, the Dumbplumber is tired. He’s tired because a good friend mentioned yesterday that ‘he’ was tired also. Oh, not tired in the physical sense, but rather tired mentally from fending off Liberals on an endless quest for Socialism.

He’s tired of Liberals pissing on him and telling him it’s raining. Tired of listening to Liberal talking heads condemning Conservatives of some perceived social injustice then cheering Liberal leaders for the same offense. Tired of having to explain Econ 101 every day to those that cheer an unsustainable path of governance over an electorate too stupid to vote them out.

He’s tired of George W. Bush being bashed for Iraq and Afghanistan wars, then Obama being ignored for continuing both; tired of listening to a President who freely interchanges the word ‘spend’ with the word ‘invest’ and ‘union’ with ’labor’ or ‘jobs’ , especially when the ‘investment’ is going to less than 18% of America in the name of ‘jobs‘. He’s tired of explaining the Constitution, common sense and logic to someone who graduated 325th of their class, majoring in Women’s Lit and Unicorn Grooming.

Dumbplumber is particularly tired of witnessing about half of the country condemn one person, at the behest of a few squawking heads on Liberal television and the Hollywood illuminati, when the “condemned” sounds a whole lot more like the condemners sitting around their kitchen tables, than those doing the complaining. But hey, that’s just me. He’s also tired of candidates co-opting a popular Conservative movement, just to get elected, then climb in bed with establishment leaders for business as usual.

He’s tired of explaining what the word “unsustainable” means. And finally, he’s tired of promoting Smaller Government, Lower Taxes, Personal Responsibility and Adherence to the Constitution, then witnessing the exact opposite by those that should know better. He might as well be building sand castles in front of a rising tide. It’s enough to discourage any flag-waving patriotic American, much less than the likes of the Dumbplumber.

Monday, January 10, 2011

Today Arizona, tomorrow….

After less than 48 hours of non-stop coverage, speculation, opinion and outright fabrication, America is beginning to sort out the details of what happened in Tuscon, Arizona. No, I don’t mean the shooting. I mean the Media aftermath.

We know, for instance, that some nut bag, with interpersonal relationship issues, somehow managed to gather together what few pieces of reality he could grasp and combined them in a twisted episode of his own version of either “24” or Jersey Shore, with guns. But that isn’t the real story.

Jarred Loughner was just the match that lit the fire of self inflicted ignorance within the electronic and print media around the world. And in the largest case of irony ever documented, many of these media types prefaced their comments with a codicil of impartiality and non-partisanship, just before they launched into a unifying rant of unsubstantiated finger pointing not seen since Richard Jewell DIDN’T set off a bomb at the 1996 Olympics in Atlanta.

Nevermind that it was later learned that Eric Robert Rudolph had planted the bomb, Jewell was forever haunted by the media’s irresponsible branding him a terrorist and died a lonely and indelibly tainted soul in 2007. But the silence and lack of apology by the media for their ‘lust of blame’ is almost deafening.

The cold reality is that Big Media impatiently awaits any opportunity to demonize their enemies (anyone to the right of Saul Alinsky) and thereby support their failing Socialist experiment, into infinity. And in the ultimate incongruity, they are propping up and promoting the very interests that will be their demise. In the end, the socialist’s regime will have a State run media, not unlike today’s New York Times and MSNBC, but not needing their current sycophants to spread and support their propaganda.

No my friends, Tuscon isn’t just a symptom of America’s illness. It is a taste of what we’re facing when those who benefit from America’s greatness hate the ones who are paying for it.