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Sunday, January 29, 2017

Today I Realized

Today I realized that all of man’s ingenuity and inventions would have meant nothing were it not for advanced communications-- from the telegraph to the computer-- to spread the word.

Saturday, January 28, 2017

The Great Secession

So the word up here in the hinterland—that’s anywhere north of Stockton—is that California wants to secede from the US of A.  In fact, they have gone so far as to start up a petition that somehow will make it so.  Because petitions, as you know, somehow trump State and Federal laws when you want to get things done.  Yes, now that Trump is president, Hollywood can no longer stay in the U.S. 
Now, I don’t want to go out on a limb here, but Northern California has been trying to secede from California since 1941 and hasn’t been able to because of WWII, retiring PERS employees, potholes, water, timber and the fact that most of Southern Californians send their worthless, lazy, pot-smoking, bathing deprived kids to Humboldt State University, for degrees in French feminist literature.  You know the 8 year, four year degree that other colleges are clamoring for. 

And who would have guessed that a wrinkled, saggy Susan Sarandon, backed up by Cher--what's her name, could move the American borders with just the screeching of their walkers?

Someone ought to tell the State of Jefferson folks that they forgot to get a petition going.  All those fair gatherings, town halls, tailgate rallies, BBQ's and radio show appearances are doing it all wrong, for well for over 70 years.
There’s a lot of money up here, but we can’t compete with one or two has-been actors for secession.  I mean, we get the first breath of fresh air in the White House and lower El Segundo and all of Glendale are up in arms.  Hell, who would have guessed it would be that easy.  Trump should have ran in 1980 and everything south of Bakersfield would be part of Mexico.
Meanwhile, the folks in the State of Jefferson are awaiting their petitions, just as soon as I finish typing them up.  
 Our Forth of July display

Thursday, January 26, 2017

A few thoughts about the existence of voter fraud.

Who hasn’t heard of stories about:

  • Dead people voting, 

  • Counties that had more votes than people,

  • Illegal aliens voting,

  • People registered to vote in more than one state,

  • People bragging about voting more than once,

  • College students registered to vote at home and at college,

  • Unions strong arming members to vote a certain way,

  • And buses taking voters to multiple polling stations?

In fact, at least one vote recount (Michigan) could not be conducted because the vote counts did not reflect actual voting counted.  Yeah, try to make sense of that.

Also, California issued 397k driver’s licenses to illegal aliens, in 2015, while 12 other states also offer driver’s licenses, most of which are “blue” states.
Liberals, and some Republicans, shout that there is NO evidence of voter fraud.  Well, how much evidence does on need to convict a murderer.  Far less that what is at hand.

And since our vote is “secret” it makes it very difficult to detect vote fraudsters.  However, all the results, especially in blue states, tells a much different story.
Ironically, Mexico has voter I.D. requirements for every voting Mexican.  So, why is it racist here? 
No, Donald Trump did not make this up.
It doesn’t take a village to raise a kid, but it does take village idiots to vote for president---two or more times.