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Thursday, March 29, 2007

What's Going On

Somebody needs to tell me what the hell is going on. We have the most sophisticated army on the planet, who overwhelmingly wants to complete the mission in the Middle East. But at home anti-War forces are busy breeding discontent, under freedoms not available to the citizens we are trying to defend, all to the peril of the soldiers defending them.

For the past 4 years, Network News, television and movie projects replete with anti-War and anti-Administration themes have dominated the airwaves 24/7, pounding home the cut and run agenda, all to the benefit of our enemies. Then in faux astonishment Big Media “reports” that polls show overall support for the War is dwindling. Gee duh. If this were a Network financial analyst predicting the Market down turn, then benefiting from the plunging Market, he would be in hand cuffs for “market manipulation“. Not so for the 4th estate or the freedom manipulating Network television.

And what’s with illegal immigration. Somehow we found ourselves with 12 million Illegals in this country, so what do we do? We create a completely separate set of rules for them or ignore the laws we have. Illegals are not supposed to be here, much less than work here, drive here, have bank accounts here, use credit cards here or not pay taxes here… but they do. In fact, we are so against them being here, our government gives them medical gold cards, social security and welfare just to tide them over until the inevitable amnesty kicks in. Oh, perhaps someone could explain to me how that 1986 amnesty--to end all amnesties--for “those” 2.8 million illegals worked out. That clearly sent the right message.

And while we’re on special laws for Illegals, why does having 12 million lawbreakers justify a double standard? What if 12 million U.S. citizens decided robbing banks was a great second career? Or how about 12 million of us suddenly decided we didn’t want to pay taxes, get auto insurance, a drivers license or obey any number of laws “Illegals“ violate every day. What about us?

Here’s what about us. We can expose the Liberal agenda at every turn and let the elected leaders of both parties know that if they don’t support the laws concerning illegal aliens, there will be consequences at the Ballot Box.

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