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Tuesday, August 02, 2011

Buying it Forward

Buying it Forward

It hardly does justice to observe that Liberals share much, if not most, of their DNA with raving Loons. Evidenced by Jimmy Carter‘s tenure. After losing his second run at the presidency, it could not be ignored that millions still voted for him, and they were allowed to breed afterwards, even though to vote for him you had to be inbred already.

What else can account for the mental acuity that believes you can borrow yourself to prosperity, spend yourself out of debt and drink yourself into sobriety.

For example: If there is NO risk of borrowing and raising the Debt Ceiling why doesn’t the government just borrow 50 or 60 trillion bucks, then cut million dollar checks to every American? Talk about a party. And pay it back? Hell no. We’re not paying it back now!

Another example: If unions are such a great deal (understand, corrupt union pensions are already trillions under funded) then why isn’t every American unionized. Yes, paper boys and window washers with negotiated wages, full health and pension benefits. What could go wrong?

No, for Liberals, Progressives and other assorted Socialists and Marxists the trick is a careful balancing act of buying enough votes to win elections, (who either already are entitlement junkies or are members of unions easily directed by their thug representatives) but not buying any more than you need to win. All of which is evidenced by the last few trillion being thrown at public and private sector unions to fully fund their jobs, health plans and pensions.

Problem is, non-unionized Americans are onto the scam. While they represent over 80% of America’s taxpayers, they realize 0% of the stimulus/investment/infrastructure spending spree, but only represent about 48% of active voters.

Which brings me to the Libtard notion that government creates jobs. Except for street vendors, perpetual yard sales and E-Bay mavens, we are already working for the government. Try not paying your taxes and see how much you have left when Uncle Sam is done with you.

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