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Tuesday, January 31, 2012


I see that Congress is about to pass a law that says members cannot profit from insider information learned by way of their office. Hookay, but it does not impose the same rules for their spouses, relatives, friends or business associates.

Don’t hold your breath awaiting the awakening.

Feeling Better Now:

So now that Obama has stopped the wars, turned around our economy, retrieved our status as Leader of the Free World and healed the political divide in America, he is at a loss to fill his days. So, during a recent interaction at an online quizzerama, Obama offered to peruse a resume from an unemployed engineer, to discover why the applicant couldn’t find a job.

Well, a man’s gotta do something between golf outings.

Feeling Even Better:

Time was that every state had a primary election and a convention to determine who would run as a party’s nominee. Well, thanks to instant polling, Super PACs and 85 percent of the Main Stream Media the contestants are now anointed before Super Tuesday. It’s like Iowa, New Hampshire, South Carolina and Florida are now the acid test for America’s future.

Feeling all warm and fuzzy:

With about 46% of America as Democrats and the rest arguing over whether or not we should be more sensitive, caring, non-violent and considerate of our Democrat critics, you can pretty well resign yourself to a second term for the Community-Organizer-in-Chief.

We are so screwed. Dumbplumber

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