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Wednesday, May 02, 2012

Smelling a Rat

Dumbplumber is really steamed at all the accolades and cheering for the newer cars, the accessories, the performance, the fuel efficiency and the emissions, oh my.

However, there is a reason Dumbplumber has four pickups over 40 years old and two others over 30 years old….. parts. I can buy every part, piece and assembly of my 40 year old trucks from a catalogue. I can even upgrade my engines and transmissions to the more efficient designs and still be compliant.

Try to do that with a 1989 Ford, Chevy or Dodge. (I won’t even talk about the 15 year old, worthless rice grinders, fighting refrigerators and washing machines everywhere, for lawn space) Accessory parts, smog components and most trim pieces are virtually unavailable for most of them, unless you own a wrecking yard (Oops, I meant recycling center).

And as an added bonus, I can license and insure four of these trucks for less than one new truck capable of the same tasks as mine. So explain to me again how I save money buying a new one.

Our exalted leader is working on that though. He is trying to sideline about 2/3rds of America’s vehicles by upping the ethanol in our gasoline, thereby removing older cars and trucks from the roads. I believe he believes that by default we will have to buy new vehicles and support Obama Motors Inc.

He may have gotten away with handing unions hundreds of billions of our money. He may have gotten away with ObamaCare. He may have gotten away with campaign fraud. But if anyone believes he will get away with shutting down the Hot Rod hobby, they are sadly mistaken. Nothing sounds better than a fire breathing V8 in the morning. And nothing smells better than nitro on a Sunday afternoon.

But when I drive by thousands of otherwise perfectly good vehicles disabled by lack of parts or unrepairable emissions systems, I smell a Rat.

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