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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Let Us Be

There is clearly no antidote to the mental disorder of MMCC (man made climate change). If there were, it would be a best seller. The notion that bankrupting a county, state or nation with unsustainable environmental policies will, in any way, change the climate of the world is apparently as pervasive and infectious as syphilis in Bangkok.

Instead of jeopardizing the livelihoods of everyone in a county or state in furtherance of an unrealistic goal, maybe the tree huggers should venture to China, Russia or India and launch these arguments in countries that have environmental policies of our ‘50’s. If you think imposing a fraction of these policies in this country is frustrating, just try it in one with a billion people desperate to claw their way into the 20th century, forget the 21st.

California’s enviro-Nazis closer resemble a room full of monkeys with Kazoos trying to play Mozart, than any realistic movement to change the climate. And just think of the level of arrogance it takes to believe we mere humans have a hammer over mother nature, who has volcanoes, water vapor and hurricanes at her fingertips.

Yessir, cleaning up our air and water are things we CAN do. But fighting something as big as the earth’s climate by making everyone in California drive a Prius or Volt is just plain stupid.

The economic cudgel is wielded by those that do, not those that protest. Get a clue or buy a vowel, you Enviros should all live by the rules you want the rest of us to follow….first. If you insist on living on renewable energy ONLY, turn off your electricity for a few months and see how that feels.

Better yet, shun all goods and services made available by gas or diesel vehicles. See what happens when you can’t have your lattes, granola or hemp jackets.

Until then leave the rest of us, the uninfected, alone.


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