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Sunday, November 17, 2013

It Won't be Pretty

It is often said that we live in a Democracy.  Not so.  We live in a ‘Representative Republic’. 

A Democracy is basically ‘mob rule’, where those seeking entitlements gather together to vote themselves endless benefits at the expense of the taxpayer.

A Representative Republic is where the taxpayers vote for representation of the common good. 

Good examples of Democracy are Chicago, Detroit, New Orleans, New York and San Bernardino.  (Although San Bernardino is a ‘recovering’ democracy)  All these cities would not exist were it not for subsidies from the rest of the U.S..  Each and every one is in serious economic, moral and civilized decay, held together ONLY by the largess of Big Government.

Problem is: this crisis of decay has extended itself to the states, and alas, the Federal Government, where mob rule has ran out of benefactors and now must rely upon extortion, coercion, outright theft and the printing press to quench the thirst of guzzling, misguided and ignorant voters, who continue to reinstate a government determined to bankrupt itself by throwing away money to charlatans, embezzlers, fraudsters, miscreants and enemies of this country.

The only question that remains is:  Is there an end to this saga?  Yes, my friends, there is an end.  But it ain’t gonna be pretty.

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