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Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Maybe We were Wrong

It has not escaped the Dumbplumber that with recent revelations by the MSM that: Things are going to plan, but not the plan we expected, is about to come home to roost.  That whole, “I am going to change the country” thingy by Comrade Obama isn’t panning out as they had expected.

No, “I am going to help the middle class” has ended up making billionaires out of millionaires and shackled the lower class into persistent poverty, subsidized by EBT cards, faux healthcare and Section 8 housing.  Not one finger has been lifted to enable the entrenched poor into any semblance of self determination, beyond voting for democrats and continued entitlements.

The middle class ‘help’ has been limited to unions dependent upon ongoing economic stimulus to guarantee less than 10 percent of the population short term employment and a modicum of relief to unfunded promises writ as liabilities run amok.  Not one penny has been spent or promised in the form of regulation relief, which were designed first for government control and second as a financial fix to money junkies. 

The Fed printing money from nothing and giving it to the Big Banks, has increased our debt from under $10 trillion to almost $18 trillion in under 7 years, completely prostituting the notion of “Trickle Down” economics.  Our record unemployment has been masked by a stampede of faux disability claims opening the spigot of unfunded Medicare and Medicaid to full force.

Unfortunately, the addiction has overwhelmed the cure.  Austerity has taken a back seat to both entitlements and ‘Establishment Politics’ and has all but destroyed free will.  Never mind that reason, common sense and historical reference left the stage in February 2009.  Those of us who saw the Left turn into oncoming traffic were run over by political and media bulldozers locked in high gear and at full throttle. 

Only now are we hearing the shell cracking on eggs laid by Liberal power brokers, who forgot that the oncoming generation may have the ability to think for themselves, in the absence of sustainable hereditary parenting.  The end will not come tomorrow, but every day it doesn’t will only increase the pain yet to come. 

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