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Saturday, August 27, 2005

Gas Prices are Bush's Fault?

GAS PRICES ARE BUSH’S FAULT?If I have learned nothing else, it is that Liberals have the longest penises AND the shortest memories and do not hesitate in displaying either. Time for a little history and economics lesson. For you Liberals, I-am-going-to-say-this-real-slow, so-you-get-it. Oil not unlike other commodities is priced on availability. During a glut,oil is cheap. During a shortage, it is expensive. But despite this well acknowledged axiom, high priced oil is BUSH’S FAULT.

Emerging economies, China, Indonesia, India and others are driving the shortage, as they are buying unprecedented amounts of oil to support their industries and societies. At the same time, foreign producers are manipulating production, to which we add hurricanes, pipeline bombings and petro-politics and you have a complicated formula all of which drives UP the oil’s futures market. But it’s BUSH’S FAULT.

For example, eco-Nazi’s protest offshore drilling, exploration in ANWR and construction of refineries ANYWHERE within the continental U.S.,while their lawyers file lawsuits at the first hint of Nuclear Power Plant construction, a proven alternative for energy generation. Utilities then must leap legal hurdles, staged protests, and slanted media coverage after they have complied with mountains of Environmental Impact requirements and assorted roadblocks designed to thwart all but the mightiest of Energy producers. But high priced oil is BUSH’S FAULT.

The Kennedy’s trash windmill projects off Martha’s Vineyard, movie stars quash off shore drilling in California, and bird watchers shut down windmills, while environmentalists are scouring the barren tundra to discover the latest endangered species of algae, lizard, or pond slim,to stall exploration, in the most remote locations. But high priced oil is BUSH’S FAULT.

Democrats comprise over 60% of the voting public. If only half of them would practice, what their leaders and sycophants are preaching, we wouldn’t have an oil shortage or high priced gas. And for some elitist irony, Robert Kennedy Jr.,( the Kennedy ‘guilt complex’) can’t get his own family to do voluntarily, what he proposes as legislation for the rest of us......But, it’s all BUSH’S FAULT.

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